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This is a fine-tuned 7b parameter LlaMa model, using completely synthetic training data created by https://github.com/jondurbin/airoboros

I don't recommend using this model! The outputs aren't particularly great, and it may contain "harmful" data due to jailbreak

Please see one of the updated airoboros models for a much better experience.

Training data

This was an experiment to see if a "jailbreak" prompt could be used to generate a broader range of data that would otherwise have been filtered by OpenAI's alignment efforts.

The jailbreak did indeed work with a high success rate, and caused OpenAI to generate a broader range of topics and fewer refusals to answer questions/instructions of sensitive topics.

Usage and License Notices

All airoboros models and datasets are intended and licensed for research use only. I've used the 'cc-nc-4.0' license, but really it is subject to a custom/special license because:

  • the base model is LLaMa, which has it's own special research license
  • the dataset(s) were generated with OpenAI (gpt-4 and/or gpt-3.5-turbo), which has a clausing saying the data can't be used to create models to compete with openai

So, to reiterate: this model (and datasets) cannot be used commercially.

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