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If you want to use this style , the prompt: wgz style

I trianed this weight by using dreambooth
There are three models in the library, V1, V2, and beta
V2:wgz v2.ckpt
BEAT :wgz beta.ckpt

Let me introduce these versions ,

V1 is the earliest. use 512 resolution for training,

Advantages: the generation logic is good, text2img is used well

Disadvantages: There will be less screen details and less imitation of strokes. The whites of the eyes turn red easily.

V2 adjusted the training set and used 768 resolution training

Advantages: more details, better facial portrayal

Disadvantages: Eyeballs tend to generate green, and the logic of text generation is not good, resulting in poor usability of text2img.

BETA: A version of the training map that is relatively complex has poor logic, but sometimes satisfactory results can be obtained in the img2 img. Try if you want!

Next, I will show the nice output of V2, which is made by using the img2img. I will also give the configuration I use.


Prompt :wgz style,portrait of a beautiful women highly detailed,perfect femine face,Classical oil painting,by masamune shirow, by William-tae Kim

Negative prompt: old,men,two poeple,Three dimensional facial features,deep shadows on the five senses,tall nose,Eye shadow,[High bridge], [narrow nose],Deep orbital fossa

Steps: 20, Sampler: DPM++ 2S a Karras, CFG scale: 9.5, Denoising strength: 0.51, Mask blur: 4
I hope you guys enjoy this model and create works that satisfied


Below I will show the nice output of a beta. I like its abstract color swatches, but the production rate is not high


I hope you guys enjoy this model and create works that satisfied

Below is the introduction about V1,and some nice output by using V1

Training with the Elden ring Style ckpt (SD1.5)


Training parameters:

steps: 12500 stpes
Learning rate:1e-6
int images number:about 100
class image number :200

There are some samples: sample

PS:I try hard to achieve the painting style I want by using stable diffusion. I have tried a lot, with failures and successes. With my current technology, I can hardly find progress now. So this model will not be updated in a short time. If you have ideas or want to improve together, you can contact me,happy new year guys.

Telegram: https://t.me/hhhyxnh

** More pictures in the image folder

thank you.

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