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Lit-125M - A Small Fine-tuned Model For Fictional Storytelling

Lit-125M is a GPT-Neo 125M model fine-tuned on 2GB of a diverse range of light novels, erotica, and annotated literature for the purpose of generating novel-like fictional text.

Model Description

The model used for fine-tuning is GPT-Neo 125M, which is a 125 million parameter auto-regressive language model trained on The Pile..

Training Data & Annotative Prompting

The data used in fine-tuning has been gathered from various sources such as the Gutenberg Project. The annotated fiction dataset has prepended tags to assist in generating towards a particular style. Here is an example prompt that shows how to use the annotations.

[ Title: The Dunwich Horror; Author: H. P. Lovecraft; Genre: Horror; Tags: 3rdperson, scary; Style: Dark ]
When a traveler in north central Massachusetts takes the wrong fork...

The annotations can be mixed and matched to help generate towards a specific style.

Downstream Uses

This model can be used for entertainment purposes and as a creative writing assistant for fiction writers. The small size of the model can also help for easy debugging or further development of other models with a similar purpose.

Example Code

from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModelForCausalLM

model = AutoModelForCausalLM.from_pretrained('hakurei/lit-125M')
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained('hakurei/lit-125M')

prompt = '''[ Title: The Dunwich Horror; Author: H. P. Lovecraft; Genre: Horror ]
When a traveler'''

input_ids = tokenizer.encode(prompt, return_tensors='pt')
output = model.generate(input_ids, do_sample=True, temperature=1.0, top_p=0.9, repetition_penalty=1.2, max_length=len(input_ids[0])+100, pad_token_id=tokenizer.eos_token_id)

generated_text = tokenizer.decode(output[0])

An example output from this code produces a result that will look similar to:

[ Title: The Dunwich Horror; Author: H. P. Lovecraft; Genre: Horror ]
When a traveler takes a trip through the streets of the world, the traveler feels like a youkai with a whole world inside her mind. It can be very scary for a youkai. When someone goes in the opposite direction and knocks on your door, it is actually the first time you have ever come to investigate something like that.
That's right: everyone has heard stories about youkai, right? If you have heard them, you know what I'm talking about. 
It's hard not to say you

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