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RecurrentGemma Model Card

Model Page: RecurrentGemma

This repository corresponds to the research RecurrentGemma repository in Jax.

This model card corresponds to the 2B instruct version of the RecurrentGemma model for usage with flax. For more information about the model, visit https://huggingface.co/google/recurrentgemma-2b-it.

Resources and Technical Documentation:

Terms of Use: Terms

Authors: Google

Loading the model

To download the weights and tokenizer, run:

from huggingface_hub import snapshot_download

local_dir = snapshot_download(repo_id="google/recurrentgemma-2b-it-flax")
snapshot_download(repo_id="google/recurrentgemma-2b-it-flax", local_dir=local_dir)

Then download this script from the gemma GitHub repository and call python sampling.py with the --path_checkpoint and --path_tokenizer arguments pointing to your local download path.

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Inference API (serverless) does not yet support recurrentgemma models for this pipeline type.

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