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ScholarBERT-XL_100 Model

This is the ScholarBERT-XL_100 variant of the ScholarBERT model family.

The model is pretrained on a large collection of scientific research articles (221B tokens).

This is a cased (case-sensitive) model. The tokenizer will not convert all inputs to lower-case by default.

The model has a total of 770M parameters.

Model Architecture

Hyperparameter Value
Layers 36
Hidden Size 1280
Attention Heads 20
Total Parameters 770M

Training Dataset

The vocab and the model are pertrained on 100% of the PRD scientific literature dataset.

The PRD dataset is provided by Public.Resource.Org, Inc. (“Public Resource”), a nonprofit organization based in California. This dataset was constructed from a corpus of journal article files, from which We successfully extracted text from 75,496,055 articles from 178,928 journals. The articles span across Arts & Humanities, Life Sciences & Biomedicine, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Technology. The distribution of articles is shown below.

corpus pie chart

BibTeX entry and citation info

If using this model, please cite this paper:

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Model size
775M params
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