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AgronomYi is a fine tune of Nous-Hermes-2-Yi-34B, which uses Yi-34B as the base model. I fine tuned this with agronomy data (exclusively textbooks & university extension guides), full training data set here). AgronomYi outperforms all models on the benchmark except for gpt-4, and consistently beats the base model by 7-9% and the hermes fine tune by 3-5%. I take this to mean that even better results can be acheived with additional fine tuning, and larger models tend to perform better in general.

Benchmark comparison

benchmark info here

Model Name Score Date Tested
gpt-4 85.71% 2024-01-15
agronomYi-hermes-34b 79.05% 2024-01-15
mistral-medium 77.14% 2024-01-15
nous-hermes-yi-34b 76.19% 2024-01-15
mixtral-8x7b-instruct 72.38% 2024-01-15
claude-2 72.38% 2024-01-15
yi-34b-chat 71.43% 2024-01-15
norm 69.52% 2024-01-17
openhermes-2.5-mistral-7b 69.52% 2024-01-15
gpt-3.5-turbo 67.62% 2024-01-15
mistral-7b-instruct 61.9% 2024-01-15
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Finetuned from

Dataset used to train gbstox/agronomYi-hermes-34B