A Danish GPT2 style model trained using Flax CLM pipeline on the Danish part of the wiki40b dataset.

Model series

This model is part of a series of models training on TPU with Flax Jax during Huggingface Flax/Jax challenge.

Gpt models

Swedish Gpt

Swedish gpt wiki

Nordic gpt wiki

Dansk gpt wiki

Norsk gpt wiki

Roberta models

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Roberta Swedish

Swedish T5 model

Data cleaning and preprocessing

The data was cleaned and preprocessed using the following script. Make sure to install depencies for beam_runner to make the dataset work.

from datasets import load_dataset
def load_and_clean_wiki():
    dataset = load_dataset('wiki40b', 'da', beam_runner='DirectRunner', split="train")
    #dataset = load_dataset('wiki40b', 'sv', beam_runner='DirectRunner')
    dataset = dataset.remove_columns(['wikidata_id', 'version_id'])
    filtered_dataset =
    # filtered_dataset[:3]
    # print(filtered_dataset[:3])
    return filtered_dataset

def filter_wikipedia(batch):
    batch["text"] = " ".join(batch["text"].split("\
    batch["text"] = " ".join(batch["text"].split("\
    batch["text"] = " ".join(batch["text"].split("\
    batch["text"] = " ".join(batch["text"].split("\
    batch["text"] = " ".join(batch["text"].split("_NEWLINE_"))
    batch["text"] = " ".join(batch["text"].split("\xa0"))
    return batch

Training script

The following training script was used to train the model.

./     --output_dir="${MODEL_DIR}"     --model_type="gpt2"     --config_name="${MODEL_DIR}"     --tokenizer_name="${MODEL_DIR}"     --dataset_name="wiki40b"     --dataset_config_name="da"     --do_train --do_eval     --block_size="512"     --per_device_train_batch_size="64"     --per_device_eval_batch_size="64"     --learning_rate="5e-3" --warmup_steps="1000"     --adam_beta1="0.9" --adam_beta2="0.98" --weight_decay="0.01"     --overwrite_output_dir     --num_train_epochs="20"     --logging_steps="500"     --save_steps="1000"     --eval_steps="2500"     --push_to_hub
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