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Fireworks Function Calling (FireFunction) Model V1


FireFunction is a state-of-the-art function calling model with a commercially viable license. Key info and highlights:

💡 The model is also hosted on the Fireworks platform. Offered for free during a limited beta period

⭐️ Near GPT-4 level quality for real-world use cases of structured information generation and routing decision-making

💨 Blazing fast speed. Inference speeds are roughly 4x that of GPT-4 when using FireFunction hosted on the Fireworks platform

🔄 Support for "any" parameter in tool_choice. Firefunction is the only model that we're aware that supports an option for the model to always choose a function - particularly helpful for routing use cases

✅ The model is also API compatible with OpenAI function calling.



Intended Use and Limitations

Primary Use

Although the model was trained on a variety of tasks, it performs best on:

  • single-turn request routing to a function picked from a pool of up to 20 function specs.
  • structured information extraction. See blog post for more info on FireFunction.

Out-of-Scope Use

The model was not optimized for the following use cases:

  • general multi-turn chat,
  • parallel and nested function calls in a single response. These can be broken into multiple messages.

Example Usage

See documentation for more detail.

from transformers import AutoModelForCausalLM, AutoTokenizer
import json

device = "cuda" # the device to load the model onto

model = AutoModelForCausalLM.from_pretrained("fireworks-ai/firefunction-v1", device_map="auto")
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("fireworks-ai/firefunction-v1")

function_spec = [
        "name": "get_stock_price",
        "description": "Get the current stock price",
        "parameters": {
            "type": "object",
            "properties": {
                "symbol": {
                    "type": "string",
                    "description": "The stock symbol, e.g. AAPL, GOOG"
            "required": [
        "name": "check_word_anagram",
        "description": "Check if two words are anagrams of each other",
        "parameters": {
            "type": "object",
            "properties": {
                "word1": {
                    "type": "string",
                    "description": "The first word"
                "word2": {
                    "type": "string",
                    "description": "The second word"
            "required": [
functions = json.dumps(function_spec, indent=4)

messages = [
    {'role': 'functions', 'content': functions},
    {'role': 'system', 'content': 'You are a helpful assistant with access to functions. Use them if required.'},
    {'role': 'user', 'content': 'Hi, can you tell me the current stock price of AAPL?'}

model_inputs = tokenizer.apply_chat_template(messages, return_tensors="pt").to(model.device)

generated_ids = model.generate(model_inputs, max_new_tokens=128)
decoded = tokenizer.batch_decode(generated_ids)

Demo App

Check our easy-to-extend demo chat app with function calling capabilities built on Firefunction model.

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