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Envy Elven Architecture XL 01

photograph, cinematic color grading, elvish architecture, cyberpunk, wonderous scifi subterranean city beyond the beginning of the multiverse
elvish architecture, steampunk, scifi, Empyrean,solemn fantasy megacity at the beginning of reality
atrium with hanging plants in a dystopian,Ephemeral fantasy megacity edge of time, masterpiece, by Vitaly Bulgarov
elvish architecture, scifi, noon, scenery, in a Lonely Hallucinogenic Mushroom Field
elvish architecture, cyberpunk, anime style, elven, slim,
elven, slim, 1boy, man, ruggedly handsome, golden hour, architecture, "at the Glittering timeless Apocalypse"
elvish architecture, fantasy, fantasy, Tropical Rainforest
elvish architecture, fantasy, scifi, a Preternatural fantasy cosmic arcology at the beginning of the multiverse, masterpiece, by Daniel Dociu
elvish architecture, steampunk, elf, slim, 1girl, woman, beautiful, natural sunlight, interior, in a barren scenic overlook
fantasy, infinite,solemn scifi megastructure outside of time

Model description

Buildings and cities in an elvish architectural style.

There are two ways to use this:

  • Use "elven architecture" as a trigger word and set the power to 1 for a very elvish look.

  • Omit the trigger word and set the power to 5 for more variety.

Trigger words

You should use elven architecture to trigger the image generation.

Download model

Weights for this model are available in Safetensors format.

Download them in the Files & versions tab.

Use it with the 🧨 diffusers library

from diffusers import AutoPipelineForText2Image
import torch

pipeline = AutoPipelineForText2Image.from_pretrained('stabilityai/stable-diffusion-xl-base-1.0', torch_dtype=torch.float16).to('cuda')
pipeline.load_lora_weights('e-n-v-y/envy-elven-architecture-xl-01', weight_name='EnvyElvishArchitectureXL01.safetensors')
image = pipeline('fantasy, infinite,solemn scifi megastructure outside of time').images[0]

For more details, including weighting, merging and fusing LoRAs, check the documentation on loading LoRAs in diffusers

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