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Text Generation Inference

Text Generation Inference (TGI) is a toolkit for deploying and serving Large Language Models (LLMs). TGI enables high-performance text generation for the most popular open-source LLMs, including Llama, Falcon, StarCoder, BLOOM, GPT-NeoX, and T5.

Text Generation Inference

Text Generation Inference implements many optimizations and features, such as:

  • Simple launcher to serve most popular LLMs
  • Production ready (distributed tracing with Open Telemetry, Prometheus metrics)
  • Tensor Parallelism for faster inference on multiple GPUs
  • Token streaming using Server-Sent Events (SSE)
  • Continuous batching of incoming requests for increased total throughput
  • Optimized transformers code for inference using Flash Attention and Paged Attention on the most popular architectures
  • Quantization with bitsandbytes and GPT-Q
  • Safetensors weight loading
  • Watermarking with A Watermark for Large Language Models
  • Logits warper (temperature scaling, top-p, top-k, repetition penalty)
  • Stop sequences
  • Log probabilities

Text Generation Inference is used in production by multiple projects, such as:

  • Hugging Chat, an open-source interface for open-access models, such as Open Assistant and Llama
  • OpenAssistant, an open-source community effort to train LLMs in the open
  •, a playground to explore and compare LLMs.