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German ELECTRA large

Released, Oct 2020, this is a German ELECTRA language model trained collaboratively by the makers of the original German BERT (aka "bert-base-german-cased") and the dbmdz BERT (aka bert-base-german-dbmdz-cased). In our paper, we outline the steps taken to train our model and show that this is the state of the art German language model.


Paper: here
Architecture: ELECTRA large (discriminator)
Language: German


GermEval18 Coarse: 80.70
GermEval18 Fine:   55.16
GermEval14:        88.95

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Branden Chan: branden.chan [at] deepset.ai
Stefan Schweter: stefan [at] schweter.eu
Timo Möller: timo.moeller [at] deepset.ai

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Our focus: Industry specific language models & large scale QA systems.

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