The dataset viewer is not available for this subset.
The parquet conversion has been disabled for this dataset for now. Please open an issue in if you want this dataset to be supported.
Traceback:    The previous step failed, the error is copied to this step:  kind='config-info' dataset='stas/openwebtext-10k' config='plain_text' split=None---The previous step failed, the error is copied to this step:  kind='config-parquet-and-info' dataset='stas/openwebtext-10k' config='plain_text' split=None---

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10K slice of OpenWebText - An open-source replication of the WebText dataset from OpenAI.

This is a small subset representing the first 10K records from the original dataset - created for testing.

The full 8M-record dataset is here.

$ python -c "from datasets import load_dataset; ds=load_dataset('stas/openwebtext-10k'); print(ds)"
    train: Dataset({
        features: ['text'],
        num_rows: 10000
  • Records: 10,000
  • compressed size: ~15MB
  • uncompressed size: 50MB

To convert to jsonlines:

from datasets import load_dataset
dataset_name = "stas/openwebtext-10k"
name = dataset_name.split('/')[-1]
ds = load_dataset(dataset_name, split='train')
ds.to_json(f"{name}.jsonl", orient="records", lines=True)

To see how this subset was created, here is the instructions file.

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