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The one feature the iPad is really missing.
I don't care about the lack of camera. I never use the one on my MacBook, and even if I did the angle would be terrible on the iPad. I don't care if third party apps can't run in the background. I don't listen to streaming music. I don't care that the App Store is a closed system. I can jailbreak for myself and I think the closed system works better for most users. The one feature I want is User Accounts and a Guest Account. If this device is meant to be a coffee table computer, it needs to be able to accomadate multiple users.
Dear Sydney Reddit'ers, Would you like any changes made to the style of this subreddit?
I was going to subtly edit the style of the Sydney subreddit but then I found this post and realised that people have very strong opinions about how their reddit should look. So before I make any changes do you have any opinions or suggestions?
I skipped bail, ran away, and never got caught. AM(A)A.
Long/short story, I went to work in the United States in the last 90s and was busted in a major drug raid. I risked up to lifetime in jail if caught since I was associated with so many crimes; at the bare minimum, said my attorney, I was looking at 7 years in jail, and much more likely more than this. My attorney said I was in a lot of trouble. He was the first to bring it up. I did not want to lose 10, 15 or 25 years of my life in jail, especially at my age. Since I was not a United States citizen, I should simply skip bail and run away. And never come back. My bail was initially supposed to be $300,000 but my attorney managed to get the judge to set a final bail of $100,000. He explained I was a trustworthy person, lawfully employed, who never did anything wrong and never committed any crime. He portrayed me as someone trustworthy and intelligent who could take care of his responsibilities. The judge agreed and decided on a very low bail, especially for the crimes I was accused of. I still did not have so much money and had to hire a bondsman, who agreed to cover my bail for $15,000. It took three days to manage to get the money to pay both him and my attorney (I had to pay my attorney, or he would have revealed my plan to authorities). I got as much cash as I could, as quickly as I could, mostly pawning most of my stuff (even some stuff I was not done paying), and getting away with a simple bag. I had no passport (confiscated), but a few friends on the not-so-right side of the law. It costed me quite a bit, but I was able to take someone's identity long enough to make it back to a country next to mine, and then take a train to my country. I destroyed evidence and promptly reported to my government, got a new passport and, very quickly, a new job. I never came back to the United States or even thought about going back there. Last time I heard about the people who were arrested along with me, they were all convicted, and in jail. I consider myself very lucky, and happy. I've been living for over 10 years now happily and freely. It's crazy to think I could have spent this last decade in jail. I consider couldn't even imagine what my life would have looked like had I been convicted. It's crazy to spend so much of your life in jail, all due to a stupid mistake. I don't make excuses for my crime, but I do smile thinking about it. I've never been extraded/harassed in any way or shape (not even from the bondsman). AMAA.
Here's an idea: Left 4 Dead Jurassic Park
After the power to the park goes out and the dinosaurs break free, 4 survivors must make it from their broken down tour jeep to the chopper.
Thought you might be able to drop some insight on me.
I am a huge music fan, i really am open to anything under the sun. But if i am being totally honest my hands down favorite bands are Phish, String Cheese Incident, and so forth and so on. I was just trying to get some insight as to why (generally speaking) people don't give bands/music of this type a fair shake.
Programmers, do you put your comments (before|after) the related code?
Inspired by: In the several years I've been writing code, I have never seen someone write comments after code until that comment. The thought of doing that had never occurred to me either. On reading the comment's code snippet, it seemed to make more sense to me having the comment after the code. Ie, "here's the code, now we'll explain" instead of "here's what's going on, now here's the code". Do you put your comments before or after your lines/blocks of code?
[TOMT] Animated movie (warning: very vague)
The main character is female and it was animated, maybe Disney. I had the play-doh set of it in the mid 90s, but I think it's older. The only scene I remember is some sort of chase scene on a train. Like I said, vague. **Solved**: Anastasia!
Since we're on the topic of Australian Politics, and electoral systems...
I was curious, can you cast a "non-ballot" here? And if you can, does it result in a forced reform/ dissolve of current political parties? Edit: "Casting your vote" was wrong, (shame), apparently I was looking for "Donkey vote", and in finding that, my first question was ultimately answered. Edit: The term I was looking for was "casting a non-vote".
Had a couple questions about diet
I am trying to cut down on the chub I've gained. The chub mostly accumulated in my lower stomach. My friend recommended that I do a fruit diet and lots of cardio. Are there better ways to help the chub go away? I don't want to do anything as extreme as the master cleanse.
How sure are we that there were never any intelligent dinosaurs?
I'm posting this under a throwaway account so my friends don't learn how retarded I am by posing this question. I was thinking the other day about how humans are responsible (either directly through hunting or indirectly through climate change/deforestation) for the extinction of a whole lot of species. If we keep growing at this rate, we'll have issues of overpopulation and maybe even a mass extinction, no? And intelligent humans have only been around for far less than a million years. Secondly, 65 million years is a really, really long time. How long will it take for all remnants of human civilization to be erased from the earth? Thousands of years? Maybe a few million, at most? The World Without Us says that "After 500 years all that would be left would be aluminum dishwasher parts, stainless steel cookware, and plastic handles." How long until these legacies are also destroyed? Third, we're still discovering new species of dinosaur on a pretty regular basis, aren't we? And if an "intelligent" dinosaur only existed for a short period of time before reaching overpopulation and going extinct, there would be pretty slim odds of fossilization, no? Finally, I'm not discussing a civilization that is exploring space and building computers. But could dinosaurs have existed that engaged in primitive agriculture or herding practices? Maybe even had a spoken language?
I'm confused, is Obama for offshore drilling or not?
It seemed during his SOTU address he was for offshore drilling but repeatedly during his campaign he bashed Bush and McCain for their pro-offshore drilling stance...I've done a little of my own research and found his clip where he was saying no to offshore drilling and I've got this quote from his SOTU address: >It means making tough decisions about opening new offshore areas for oil and gas development. It means continued investment in advanced biofuels and clean coal technologies. But I was hoping some people more knowledgeable than myself could help me find some answers. Thanks!
Why didn't TSA stop me for a lighter?
I'm flying out of Atlanta. I'm sitting in the smoking bar and just realized I have a lighter in my purse. Why didn't they confiscate that? Is it ok now? I've thrown a lot of lighters away needlessly I guess.
Can anyone suggest a desktop book reader for Mac that works similar to Stanza on the iPhone?
Stanza on the iPhone is brilliant. The interface is beautiful and I LOVE the in app access to so many free books in the public domain. Unfortunately I find the desktop version extremely lacking. Can anyone advise on a good program for Mac that is similar to Stanza on the iPhone? Thanks.
DAE hate when women wear shirts with witty sayings on them?
I mean, *I* don't want to look at your boobs for 30 seconds and start chuckling, but it's like you've *forced me*, woman!
Why don't more text based websites consist primarily of darker backgrounds with light fonts?
It may seem like a silly question but given that most of us Westerners spend a significant amount of our days staring at glowing rectangles, it would be much more comfortable on the eyes and seem less mentally fatiguing in the long run. My email is set this way and I wish I had done this a long time ago...
VLC doesn't look "Mac like"? Check out Blackpearl.
These UI mods]( are pretty classy and I'm sure not everyone has seen them. The [Transmission Blackpearl is by far my favorite.
Can someone please explain to me the appeal of 80s splatter films (Evil Dead, Braindead/Dead Alive, Bad Taste, etc.)?
I'm really trying to appreciate this genre of film but I can't understand the appeal. They're not scary, they're not funny, they just feel awkward and weird. They can be fun at times but generally I just can't get into them. What am I missing?
Who lives in a compassionate state?
I was wondering for those of you who live in medical mj states how legislation has changed, if at all, regarding employee drug testing for patients who have obtained a prescription for mj?
Hello reddit. This is a fake account. Thank you for keeping me alive
I have an account here. I enjoy the laughs, arguments, being corrected when wrong. The past years have been devastating to me. I am fairly isolated for numerous reasons. It includes mental health, though for me this has only enhanced questioning. I have to question myself too. I don't need no friends. It's a good idea for me and for others. But reddit has given me something real till a time I may join the world again. If it doesn't, this place has been something outside my bubble. I have learned and felt a real touch to my thoughts. Thank you.
Dear Reddit: what Celebrity do you look like? or have been told you looked like?
Add Pics :) with a beanie.. Collin Ferrel but mostly Adam Lambert.. im not happy about it.. the dude is good looking but having people telling you, you look like some dude who likes other dudes doesnt fly. offcourse, they say the straight version but anyway. Who do you look like? this is me this is adam... dammit
Tournament results for round 2 due by 9:00 PST tonight. (Round 3 map: koth_sawmill)
It seems like a lot of teams haven't reported yet. please get them in by 9:00 PST tonight or your match will be discounted and marked as forfeiture.
Someone knowledgeable in Mausers care to shed some light?
I've been willed some firearms by a family member that passed away. I was given a list of the various items in the lot but there's a Mauser in there and I know nothing about them. This is the description as given to me by the executor of the estate. Manufacturer: DWM Model: M95A Serial#: K5XXX Caliber: 7x57 Place of manufacture: Berlin Year of manufacture: Not known Value: Not appraised Condition: Excellent Notes: Star of David imprinted in wooden stock directly below serial number. Chilean crest imprint on barrel.
I think I'm being taken for granted. What do I do?
I love my boyfriend because he's a good person deep down, very sweet sometimes and cute as a button. However, we've been together 6 months and counting, and he's never really taken me out on a date. We went out a couple weeks ago for our 6 month anniversary, which was the first time we'd ever been out to dinner alone together where he did pay. Other than that, we're usually holed up in my apartment, watching TV and having sex and fighting about nothing. Help me. I love him, I take care of him when I can, and I'm just as broke as he is. I'm not asking for diamonds and fancy dinners, just a date once a week or once in a while. I'm bored. I mean screw dinner if you're broke but you'd think he'd "plan" a night together just once that didn't involve my futon? I feel as if he thinks I don't deserve it or something...
Hey Reddit, what are some documentaries worth watching?
I havent watched any good documentaries lately, what are a few that are interesting and worth a watch? Thanks, C
Am I the only one who thinks my co-worker needs a shot of self-esteem?
My co-worker recently found out that her husband has been cheating on her regularly for over a year with a woman he works with. Works CLOSELY with. And refuses to stop working closely with her. This is the second time my co-worker found out about their affair. The first time was about two years ago and he promised it was over, it was with the same woman. So now he says that they will stop the affair but that they (her husband and his fling) need to keep working together and he's not willing to stop working together. My co-worker says they're going to try to work on their relationship and she accepts this. Am I the only one who thinks she's COMPLETELY FUCKED UP??? This is a second marriage for both of them and they have no kids together. EDIT: Is this one of those train-wrecks you just have to stand by and watch, or is there something appropriate to do or say for a friend and co-worker?
Does anyone else subscribe to the "Trickle down theory" of personal hygiene?
Now lemme preface: I dont do this EVERY time I shower, but probably 3/5 times. So heres the practice: Instead of wasting an extra 2-3 minutes scrubbing my body with a bar of soap, I simply let the soap from my shampooed hair "trickle down". I then use the trickle down as a soap substitute. Edit: I had no idea redditors were so cleanly.
Will be headed to Eastern Europe for Peace Corps service in approx. 4 months. Is anyone else in the application process?
I thought this would be a nice way to get this subreddit going and to potentially see if there is anyone that has done Eastern European service. I will be working with "developmental education" and should recieve my specific country within the next month.
I will be in Lima, Ohio Monday night/tuesday on business. What is there to do, and see in the area?
Ill be there for a Federal Railroad Administration class on Tuesday; I will be arriving Monday night around 6pm and staying at the Holiday Inn (I am guessing it is ghetto, since the company tends to find the cheapest rooms). What is there to see and do that is cheap? Just need to entertain myself monday night and I have no clue what is down there.
In twelve hours, I'm going to start a two-week substitute teaching gig at the local jail. Computer literacy is my subject. Any advice?
I'll be teaching two men's classes in the morning and afternoon. On Monday evenings, I'll also be teaching the women. I've observed all of the classes with their normal teacher. The students are some tough mofo's, but they were respectful and engaged for the most part. I'm still a bit apprehensive as I've only taught ESL up to this point. Does anyone have experience teaching in jails or prisons? Do you work in a jail? Have you been a prisoner who's had a good teacher while you were locked up? Any advice would be great.
DAE have a systematic series of abdominal flexes they use to make as much poop come out as possible?
at first i let the main poop come out normally, then i arch my back and crunch while pushing my hands on my stomach, then i sit up straight and push my hands on my lower back (this one i only figured out a few months ago and works surprisingly well). usually this gets it all out, but if not then i go for some side crunches as well, and sometimes i'll also sit up really tall and relax (don't know why this works).
DAE: Like you're becoming a communist?
Maybe this is more of a whine about the political situation more than anything, but I went back to read the Communist Manifesto for the first time since my junior year in college. It got me thinking a lot about who I am and what are my ideal world views. I feel like there is a lot more, now, than ever before that I agree with in the analysis about the world works. I feel kind of weird finding a lot of solace in the words of Marx. I think I am going to expand my socialist/communist reading. I don't like his solutions in order to fix the world, at least not the violence per se. Am I alone or being a whiny campus commie?
Has anybody else watched Kings?
I know it's not SciFi per se, but I thought this kind of "big concept" show might appeal to the same group. I hadn't heard of it, but Hulu recommended it to me, and I ended up watching the entire thing over a couple of days. I thought it was absolutely fantastic, and I'm really bummed that it won't be coming back. I've been recommending it to everyone I know, but I haven't found anyone else who's watched it! Did anybody here? If so, what did people think? EDIT: P.S. It's all available on Hulu!
Reddit, what the hell is wrong with me?
I'm a caucasian american guy and I just can't be satisfied in a relationship unless I'm dating an asian woman. I've had two significant relationships with asian girls and since the last one ended (last year) I'm just not as attracted to american women anymore. I'm currently seeing an american girl and we have a lot in common, she is a blast to hang out with but I still can't stop thinking about asian girls and how much I'd rather be with one. I'm worried I won't be satisfied until I meet another asian girl. What should I do reddit? EDIT: I should add that there aren't many asian women in my city. the two girls i dated before were here as exchange students and I was just lucky to have met them while I was out one night.
What shall I do with all my green?[5]
I've recently purchased myself a sizeable amount of green herb for personal enjoyment (and to share with my friends). I've never really had anything more than an 1/8 at any time so I like some suggestions as to what to do with it? Yes, I know, I can smoke it. But what about Brownie recipes etc? Would love some adventurous suggestions.
Is the internet speed in the US really that bad?
I've been seeing a lot of articles about how X country's internet is Y times faster than the internet in the United States or X country proposed new internet legislation that will make their nationwide internet Y times faster than the internet in the U.S. But really, is the internet in the U.S. that bad? I mean, I have Comcast. I just ran a speedtest and got a ping of 53ms, downspeed of 23.03Mb/s, and upspeed of 3.00Mb/s. Admittedly, it's a good day for internet speed, but I rarely get below 12Mb/s downspeed. I don't download media illegally. I enjoy Hulu and Youtube. I play MMORPG's and download Linux CD images. Sometimes I download or torrent games and updates legally, and it takes a little patience, but I don't mind. But for consumer internet, I have no complaints with my speed. I don't know. I got first got the internet when I was in early grade school, back in the early 90's, before anyone else I knew got it. My ISP was IDT. THAT was slow internet. A WEBSITE with PICTURES? You'd be waiting a few minutes. Is our internet really that bad? Do we really need faster internet? I hear a lot of complaints, but I don't see the need when there's so many better things we should invest in like health care or education.
Ask /r/Philosophy: Do you think you are enlightened?
In the shower today, I was recollecting on how very few enlightened persons there are. My personal list includes people like Buddah, Jesus, and Alan Watts. Very, very few people compared to the masses. But then I proposed that perhaps there have been far more enlightened people than I give credit to. There may be many people who are indeed enlightened, but don't step into the spotlight - they live their entire lives and fade away without recognition. So I'm curious if people in this subreddit think they are enlightened? The question is purposefully vague - use your own metrics of what you think "enlightenment" is.
r/gaming, I'm looking for a good quality headset that doesn't cost too much. Any recommendations?
I've been using this crappy little headset that finally broke on me, so I'm looking to get a nicer headset for playing games with, preferably with surround sound, also with a microphone attatched. Any advice as for what to get?
Hey r/Music, does anyone know of a program that I can load a song into and it will tell me what notes are being played?
I am a noob muso, and I always find myself wanting something like this. At the moment I am trying to find the notes for Daniel Lichts' Deb Cries (from Dexter). If anyone knows of anything, can you please let me know.
DAE really look forward to a video game, finally get it and start it up, play for 20 minutes then go do something else?
It never fails, no matter how much I'm looking forward to the game, I can only play initially for 15-20 minutes. Then 2-3 days later I come back and finally start playing. Every. Single. Time.
TIL that Sigur Rós is named after the little sister of Jón Þór (Jónsi) Birgisson
I learned this](#Von_.281997.29_and_Von_brig.C3.B0i_.281998.29) through researching who was featured on the cover of Fanfarlo's album *Reservoir* (also [Sigurrós.
DAE get easily annoyed by cliché answering machine messages in the movies?
No one in movies EVER has a standard "I'm sorry I'm unable to take your call, please leave a message ... " voicemail greeting. It's always something EDGY: * <edgy guy> "Hey. This is Brennan. You know what to do." BEEP * <lovely married couple>"HI! You've reached Jon ... and Beth ... Myers! we can't come to the phone, so please leave a message ... ok, how do you save this to ..." BEEP * <typically a soon-to-be-or-just-has-been-murdered woman/women, in unison> "This is Stephanie and Kayla! We're not here, so leave a quick message! GIGGLE!" BEEP
R/sex, how do you feel about anilingus?
It seems like the new taboo, many would argue for good reason, and I'm wondering how many people have/would consider doing it.
Need some wisdom. Got in my first accident, a hit & run, Friday night.
Its my first accident. The other driver ran a red and hit me in the intersection. Luckily I wasn't injured but none of the other cars at the intersection stopped to make sure everything was fine or stay and be witnesses. The other driver never even stopped his car. I flagged down another car and got them to follow before he completely disappeared. He only went a block away, so I got the license plate number and the police found the car soon after. Now, I don't know anything about the other driver. I don't have his insurance info and I only have liability since I'm a college student and the car wasn't worth a lot (92 Jeep Cherokee). I think its totaled and I won't be able to replace it until (if) I get some money. Pretty much the only thing the officer told me was they found the car, they have a suspect and an investigator should call me this week. I don't know how soon any of this will be settled or what I should be doing now. Can the reddit community offer me any advice or wisdom?
Please help me figure out why it's so tough for me to connect to Valve games. It's driving me insane.
4 times out of 5, when I try to connect to a Valve game (TF2, L4D, L4D2), I'll be able to join a game lobby with no problem whatsoever. Then, once the game starts, the progress bar will stay at 5% and say "Failed to connect after 10 retries". This really sucks when I'm trying to play with clanmates or whatnot and can never connect to their god damn server. Sometimes, after I get that message, I restart my computer, restart my router and modem, and then there's maybe a 30% chance of the connection succeeding. I have forwarded ports 27000-27050 on TCP/UDP to on my router. Settings: Windows Vista connected by cable to Netgear WGR614 v9 wireless router Router is connected to Zoom Cable modem I can connect to the internet just fine otherwise, it's only when actually connecting to a game that it fails. Thanks
I am a white guy dating a black girl, AMA.
I am a 25 year old white guy living in the Chicagoland area dating a black girl ask me anything.
DAE have a dog that burried something gross in your bed?
I have the cutest little 12lb bichon frise dog,named Lilly. However, she has lately done this most disturbing thing: buring her 'treasures' in my bed! Sometimes we find them in other parts of the house, under other beds, but she chooses to physically put them under my covers! I find them when I pull the covers down, so she has to pull the covers down, place the treasure there, and then pull the covers back up over them! I have found, now for the 2nd time, a horrifying site in my bed of 'buried' food! The first time was when she got into some BBQ rib bones in the trash while we were gone, and then she hid them UNDER my covers! It was so horrifying! Then, tonight, I got home, and found my bed messed up, and then I tentatively pulled back the covers to find (uncooked) RAMEN NOODLES under the covers! Has this ever happened to anyone else? Is she hiding them for herself, or for me I wonder..? What stories do you have?
What is consciousness? [10]
Me and a friend were at [10] in my apartment on my work break. Well I'm at work and just out of curiosity, have you ever thought about what consciousness is. I told him that consciousness was a system similar to a computer, but he had some good points against it. What does Trees think consciousness is?
Is there such a thing as 'good' instant coffee?
As a fan of coffee I have the full set up at home. Beans, grinder, various contraptions etc but at work I'm away from a good source of coffee. I was curious to know others thoughts on instant coffee and any good sources.
A point about fine-tuning of the universe
Fine-tuning is often brought up by theologians as an evidence of God's existence. I can respond to anyone who uses this argument in several different ways and I believe that you guys are able to do so too, but I have thought of this new (as far as I know) refutation (or explanation) some days ago and I thought I'd share it with you. so Theologians would say that god is the reason why the constants of the universe are fine-tuned, but what if the constants are the way they are because they are only "results" of an underling mechanism of the universe. A good example of my argument would be the mathematical constant pi, I think it is safe to say that if pi was different by only (10^-1000)% we would not have perfect circles in the universe. Of course, as most of you would point out, circles (perfect ones to be exact) do not depend on the value of pi, it is pi that depends circles. I hope I made it clear enough.
Dear Reddit, what is the nicest thing you have done for your parents recently?
Considering they raised us, fed us and gave us place to live for many years, it seems fitting that we try to give something back to them. What have you done recently for your parents? Personally, I'm still young and am still living at home (only for another few weeks until I move out for university), but ever since we've lived at this current house, our garden has been a shambles. Over the past couple of weeks I've put in many hours of labour to try to bring some order to the garden and to create the lawn we've always wanted. I'm still not finished and have many hours of work still to do but I think it'll definitely be worth it.
what are your spray logo's?
one of my favorite things about tf2 is the spray logo concept. i love it. unfortunately, i can only visit so many servers, and only so many people even spray anything. what are yours? give the links!
Hey kiddies. You can do better than Gaga...
So before I ask you to get off my lawn, can you please do me a favor? Shock me. Seriously - give me something that truly offends my senses. If I wanted to see the last 20 years of pop culture rehashed, I'd turn on VH1. That is all. Get off my lawn.
I'm in the market for a Subaru Impreza and I'm seeking advice.
I've been looking for Imprezas (RS or a WRX/tame STi). I'm in the northeast, specifically Rochester NY, NW CT, or Southeast MA areas. I saw this modified 2004 Impreza on Craigslist in NH close to a friend of mine. I'm interested in it but it's at the very top of my price range and I'm wary of the modifications, and mileage. If I contacted the seller, what questions should I ask? **EDIT**: The listing has been removed. Thank you all for the valuable input, it's still appreciated for my overall Subie search.
Dear, Reddit. What's your favorite cheese?
I worked at a grocery store deli growing up, and I sampled a few different kinds. I keep coming back to the delightfully bitter taste of a good domestic swiss. What about you? I'm looking for something new to try.
Discussion of Toronto pedestrian / driver accidents
I don't know if it answers any questions other than don't be old while crossing a street.
Dear Reddit, what are your hobbies?
I'm currently between school and work and sitting alone in my apartment while all my friends are at school playing video games is starting to get extremely repetitive and boring. I've realized I need to pick up some hobbies to occupy my time. So, reddit, tell me what you do.
[Offer] Round 2: I'll transcribe a song for you on Guitar/Bass
The first offer garnered a lot of responses so I thought I'd try again. I replied to a few requests in the comments and sent out about 10 tabs through PM's. Sorry if I didn't get to your song - there were way more requests than I could possibly keep up with. Feel free to re-request in here. This time I'm going to simplify things. I will tab/transcribe the chords for any song that you can't find the music for online, but I'd like to stick with simpler songs. The idea behind this is to help novice musicians - I had some requests last time for intricate guitar solos, which says to me the person is either trolling or just too lazy to figure it out on their own so I'm not going to waste my time. If you can't figure out a 10 minute guitar solo on your own you probably won't be able to play it anyways, even given a tab. That being said I will do my best to figure out the chords to any song you might like to play/sing along with. Last time I figured out some piano based music and transcribed it for guitar, and I am willing to do that again. EDIT: Before requesting a song Google it. There's no need for me to tab something when it's already available.
Hey reddit, how big is your TV?
Mine is 37" 720p. Bought about a year ago by my wife when I was deployed to Afghanistan. I had never had any thing bigger than a 19" CRT, so at first this TV was awesome. Since she bought it we have moved to a larger house. The living room is pretty huge so our couch sits quite a bit away from the TV, which is makes it smaller. Anyway, I was thinking about getting a bigger one and wanted to know what the average is. How big is your TV?
Solving for a function with variable as both linear term and in the exponent?
I feel somewhat embarrassed to ask but I'm struggling to remember a lot of my basic high school calculus. I have a basic exponential function a*b^t, and wanted to solve for when the integral of it matches a certain value, In other words: c = a/(t+1)*b^(t+1) put in another form, the problem I'm basically trying to solve is: x = ab^x I suppose I could resort back to Newton's method if I need to but is there any way to solve this otherwise?
The sound makes me think the garage is shaking.
I have new carpet and seats to put in my 27 yo car. Plush leather power seats and a nice new carpet that doesn't stink. I put the engine in 8 years ago (twice the the HP, twice the torque)... replaced an in-line 4cyl with a corvette aluminum V8. Why? Why did I do it? Need to get back at it; very boring work and it's a hobby. Isn't supposed to be fun? It would have been years ago. EDIT: I have my PC in the garage hooked up to my amplifier with SOMA FM "Drone Zone" playing; really makes things seem so futile.
Dear Indian Redditors, Please don't hate us. Signed, the non-bogan population of Australia.
We're really not bad, it's just a few rotten bogan apples that are giving us a bad name. After reading this article I'm becoming embarrassed to be called an Australian. This really isn't us. So please, don't lump us together with the halfwit, racist, bogans that make up a small number of us.
I quit drinking soda cold turkey. I'm on day 5.
After reading this thread and the comments under it, I decided to stop drinking sodas as an attempt to begin living healthier. I kept the rules simple: drink nothing I consider to be a soda. Not the most precise way of going about it, but this included a carbonated, sugary drinks laden with HFCS and caffeine. I was a total addict. I would drink about 3 or more cans a day of soda, usually Coke or Dr Pepper. I would feel shitty and upset until I got a soda at lunch, which would make me feel wonderful. I loved the way it tasted, I loved the way my lunch tasted with it. Even though I am skinny, I was afraid that if my metabolism started slowing down, so much soda meant I would quickly pack on weight. Also, with the ridiculous amounts of sugar, diabetes was always a scary but real danger. So I decided begin a healthy revolution for myself by not drinking sodas. Day one went without incident. I grabbed a metal bottle and filled it with water, and this bottle has followed me throughout. I drank water for lunch and meals, but I wasn't particularly thirsty the whole day. I missed the taste of soda. I started getting a headache by the end of the day. Day two was terrible. I was tired, and felt disconnected from reality. I had a constant headache, and it got worse throughout the day. Anti-headache medicines could not fight my body's wrath at the sudden starvation of sugar and caffeine. In a desperate effort to stave off headaches, I got some coffee to see if my body would take the peace offering of caffeine through a medium that isn't soda. This made things worse, as soon I found myself shaking (as coffee usually makes me do) and I still had a headache. I shook myself to sleep. Day three might have been the worst. My headaches from day two carried over, but were dulled a bit. Some excedrin kept them away for a bit. But while in my blessed excedrin-high, I decided to get some sexual release, and I was slammed with the worst headache of my life. I could feel this headache bearing down on the top of my head, like nothing I had ever felt before. I tried to sleep, but laying down didn't seem to stop this monster of a headache. I eventually got to sleep, and when I woke up, the typical dull headaches were back. My body was not happy with me. Day four was better. I had even lesser headaches, and some advil seemed to end them one hundred percent. I started actually being thirsty for water, and not just drinking it at meals because I am American and I have to drink *something* at meals. I drank water and enjoyed it. As the night went on, my headaches seemed to go away. And here I am, living through day five. I haven't had a headache today, and I've had my trusty metal water bottle by my side to keep me hydrated. I didn't talk to any doctors or nutritionists before doing this, and some redditors may find some things that I did very wrong, but I feel like I achieved my goal. I'm hoping as time goes on, I'll feel healthier. My eating habits aren't particularly stellar, but this is a good place to start.
Reddit, what are some good fake/novely ID websites?
My friend and I are looking to buy fake/novelty fake id's and are wondering what some good websites are to buy from.
Request for: Your best pout.
I have a request for ladies to show their best pout along with their poses.
How to rob your opponent of a kill in MW2 in last stand...
Its quite easy. All you have to do is drop a grenade, even a stun/flash grenade, near you when you are in last stand and it will say you killed yourself and the guy who worked so hard to put you in last stand will get nothing. Found this out today on accident.
Okay /r/geek, I've got a case of house-like proportions...
I built myself a new computer this Christmas, and it's been running great. However, in the past week it's developed this slowly oscillating vibrating sound. It's only curious because it's such a slowly growing and diminishing noise. tl;dr Here's a recording, could anyone have a brainblast and try and identify what this noise could be?
Anyone out there in the vast-ness of our world have any local sayings/words/phrases?
Where I'm from we call soda, Coke. I hear in other parts they call it Drink, Soda, Pop, or even tonic. Oh yeah, EVERYONE here also calls this place a shithole. I was wondering if there were anymore of these little phrases where you all are from. *Edit*: Rephraseing
What does it mean when women play games at the start of a relationship?
I met a great girl, asked her out, and we had an amazing first date. Super fun, lots of laughing, and I felt like we made a great connection. I mean it was one of the best first dates I had ever had. Now I think I must have totally misread the situation... (or blown it somehow, even though I haven't seen her since). The problem is communication. Since that date she has barely responded to any of my attempts to talk to her. That doesn't seem like the behavior of someone who is interested in me. I don't think I have been over the top in my attempts either. I waited a couple days, tried calling her, no answer, tried emailing her, no answer, etc. I ended up texting her as a last resort, saying something along the lines of "I want to see you again, but I can't seem to get ahold of you." So finally she texts back saying she has been busy but we should get together again on the weekend. I reply and ask what she is up to on Sat night. She says she might have plans and she will let me know. Then she never even bothers to let me know. WTF! That's just rude. So what's the verdict? Lost cause or worth pursuing? I can never make sense of these games... and I don't know if I'm better off asking her what the deal is or just waiting for her to contact me. Obviously I like her or I wouldn't even care I guess.
A different way to "wake-up" the nexus one?
I just got my n1 today! I have tons of questions, but the main one is "is there a way to wake-up the N1 without having to press that top sleep button again?" Like I want to just click the trackball or touch the screen and the screen lights up for me to unlock. But it makes me press the sleep button at the top to turn the screen on. That's ridiculous.
What's in your pockets right now Reddit?
Here's mine Edit: Thanks for posting pictures of your contents for those of you who did. This was the general idea.
[0] Something I've noticed when it comes to why r/Trees is better than r/Marijuana
I'm subscribed to both Trees and Marijuana and I've seen this type of comment very often, whether it's because of a picture like the one in the link or just a stoner comment that someone decided to post. I find that it's really stupid to say stuff like that because whether we like it or not, the stoner stereotype exists. Pretending that it doesn't exist and insulting those who subscribe to the stereotype is detrimental to the marijuana community. I don't understand what people who make/agree to those comments want in the world. Do they want every stoner to disappear from public? Are we supposed to reveal our marijuana use only if we're people with a disease that's alleviated by smoking weed? Wanting to do so is to want to twist reality and information, which is exactly what happened with marijuana when the government were/is trying to scare people away from it. Do they want this to happen again? This is why I like Trees so much. We embrace the stoner stereotype and we're chill. I love you guuuuuuuuyyyyysss.
Shreddit, do you have a favorite gimmick to go along with your metal?
A lyrical gimmick, silly fashion statements, corpsepaint, some little musical thing? I, personally, am a big fan of lyrics based on literature, especially when those lyrics happen to be focused on H.P. Lovecraft/The Cthulhu mythos or Lord of the Rings. It only makes me happier when it goes beyond the lyrics, too (Like with Summoning for Lord of the Rings, or Portal for the Cthulhu mythos.).
Reddit have you ever read a book that changed your life? What book and how did it change your life?
I am posting this in an effort to find a really great book to read and maybe shake this rut I've been in before my first child is born in 4 months. Oddly enough I just realized the only book that changed my life was Catcher in the Rye. I know realize I will probably get a lot of people saying the same or thinking I posted the question in honour of J.D. Salinger, but I'd love to get some non-catcher suggestions. I've considered reading it again but somehow I don't think it will have the same effect on a 32 year old as it did on a 12 year old (and again at at around 16ish). Actually I'm a little worried reading it as an adult I might enjoy it much less and ruin the memory I have had of it for so long. Anyway looking forward to some interesting suggestion.
What's the best way to watch a demo?
I record demos of all my matches. But typically if I fast forward while watching the demo (using demoui) TF2 crashes. Also some demos crash when I try to open them with demoui.
Holy shit, I found some hash...I think?
Long story short. I lived in Germany for a while, then moved back to the States, and found a baggie of what I think was my friend's hash in a box of old clothes. It's probably 2.5 years old, and hard. I've never smoked hash before. Here are a few pics: 1]( [2 Is it even safe? If so, what method should I use? By myself, or with people? How much should I smoke? Anybody ever have any experience with this Amsterdam shop? Is it any good anymore? Anyone want to come over? I went to the website printed, but it's not there anymore.
Collectors - What do you collect and why?
Curious why we collect things. I have collected various things over the years. Currently I collect die-cast cars - mainly because I love cars, but the urge/need to have all of something seems to take over. I have several hundred of them (of all scales), but have run out of room to display them, so I have stopped. So, what do you collect, why, for how long, and how do you keep track of it?
Does anyone know of any program that would allow me to download this book for school?
We're using this book for my French translation class, and my teacher said we can just use the online version instead of buying the book, and it'd obviously be a little easier if I had it as a pdf or something. I figure it's probably a long shot, though, but I may as well try.
Public laundry: taking out other people's clothes if the machine is done?
What's the decorum here? I have an idea for timers that keep counting when the laundry is done, so you don't take out somebody's clothes that just finished. There should at least be a 30-60min grace period for laundry- if you have to take other people's out. Personally I just wait it out. I think throwing peoples wet clothes on other dusty machines or a table is defeating the purpose of washing clothes.
the first half of the Pro Bowl is over. Does anyone else feel that there is no competition between teams here?
I am aware that everyone isn't running at 100% here, but I am seeing Defensive lineman just give up after a few seconds of the play. It almost seems like the players were told not to hit the QB at all!
Alright, what are some awesome TV Series I've never seen?
I'm a pretty big nerd and get hard over sci-fi/science type shows. I also love a great comedy and usually get hooked on decent documentaries. I've only recently started watching TV again (after about a 5-6 year break, another story for another time) and it's time to catch up. edit: I do not mind if the shows are no longer running since I'm Australian and we'll get them months/years after y'all do.
Did the movie The Book of Eli piss anyone else off?
So I saw this movie and even though it was predictable what it was about I was hoping for some sort of twist at the end. Pissed me off the ending did... here is how it went... *ATTENTION SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW DON'T READ ANY FURTHER, you have been warned* Okay so its in an apocalyptic world, I don't remember any explanation as to what caused the war but since they said people burned all the bibles I can only guess it was a religious war. Okay so you've got Eli, a loner traveling "west" who has the last fucking bible in the world(assumption) and it seems to make him a bad ass motherfucking soldier of god who seems immune to bullets almost. That alone is enough to piss me off, way to go asshole keep one of the most fucked up, hypocritical, terrifyingly nonsensical books alive to promote future delusion and bigotry. My friend stated that wasn't his intention that he wanted to do the opposite to keep its memory alive so that people can see the danger of such beliefs, but no its obvious that wasn't the message of the movie because the guy who memorized the fucking bible is the strongest, the most righteous person in the world. whats further annoying is the scene where Mila Kunis(damn shes hot but it was a bit of a turnoff seeing her in this character) so he teaches her about prayer and god a little bit, and her life seems to have more depth and meaning since. The antagonist who actually sees the bible for what it is, a tool of enslavement, I'm guessing hes the evil and stupid atheist aye. Oh and Eli turns out to be blind, dies at the museum where the fucker preserves the damn thing, and Solara I'm guessing is leaving to spread the message that or to my best guess to go save her mom. This concludes my rant. Probably stupid but hey just felt bored and wanted to post something.
The Grammy's Are A Bad, Unfunny, Embarrassing, Stupid, Joke
I think the Grammy's used to have substance. In 1976, Stevie Wonder and Chick Corea were among the winners. By the 2000s, we have Macy Gray, Greenday, and Justin Timberlake winning. I don't care if you like their music, there is absolutely nothing special about them.
DPS for Ulduar, Naxx, and ICC
I hit 80 as a rogue a few weeks ago and have been running Heroics ever since trying to gear him out. I'm combat and can churn out anywhere from 2.3-2.9k DPS depending on buffs in heroics. My question is, what is the acceptable DPS for people running the different instances? I would like to start running Naxx and Uld but I have no idea if I'm geared enough. Also, is there that much of a difference between 10 man and 25 man versions as far as DPS goes? Thanks.
Would you rather drown to death or die of thirst?
For whatever reason, you find yourself in a sticky situation where you have to choose between a quick but panic-filled drowning or a long, slow, painful death by thirst. I think the logical choice is to choose drowning but I'm not sure I could bring myself to do it.
Apple Computers, MacBook Pro, I need new one! Does anyone know when they will update the current line up?
I was hoping they would announce the updates to the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro lines during the iPad launch. Very sad they didn't. I need a new Portable Mac. Does anyone have any word on the i5 and the i7 Apple Laptops?
An anecdote from someone new to beer snobbery
Today I went the supermarket across the street from my apartment to get some beer, they have a surprisingly wide selection. I remember seeing someone a week or two ago saying their Scottish (?) father always spoke poorly about American beers until he had a select few. I remember seeing Arrogant Bastard Ale on the list of beers that turned him and discovered today it was sold by the pint at the supermarket (which is called Food Dimensions, by the way.) So I bought one pint of it (it's a bit pricey) and a 6 pack of PBR pints because it's cheap and I like it. The ABA was warm so I popped it in the fridge and drank one of the cold PBRs. When I was done, I cracked open the Arrogant Bastard and *hot damn* that stuff is good! Now I have 5 pints of PBR that taste like garbage by comparison. So, /r/Beer, what are some other American brewed beers that can be found with relative ease? I'm willing to try any variety. If the list runs short on American beers start naming off some of your import (or export) favorites. *edit* I live in Brooklyn.
What movie really disturbed the hell out of you as an adult?
This was inspired by this Personally, it was Oldboy - wanted to cleanse myself in the fires of Hell after watching it. Yet I recommend it to all my friends.
Is it legal to take pictures of a minor in a school environment?
That is, if they don't know what you're doing. And what if they do but don't approve? Edit: No I dont want to do this, I'm just curious of the law. And yes, I'm a minor.
I'm not allowed to hold public office in Tennessee!
It's written into the state constitution that atheists are not allowed. From what I gather, there are other states out there with similar laws on the books discriminating against atheists. What are some ways other people are protesting this?
Is there a name for a conflicted erection?
Like when you read a story about a female schoolteacher having an affair with a male student, or even worse/hotter situations where you have to be outwardly all *tsk tsk* but inwardly *fap fap*. Inappropriate arousal? Hard-on of shame? Some of the IAMAs I read include stories of abuse where I know it's just wrong and I should be empathic or outraged, but sometimes it's hottt. And then my boner is conflicted.
TIL that measuring flour for biscuits is an art and best done by weight (108g/cup).
For those who are trying do economize by making food from scratch there is a right way to measure flour. If you do it wrong everything you make will be rock hard. Scoop the flour out and gently pour it into the measuring cup until it overflows. Scrap the excess off with a knife being careful not to pack or tap the measuring cup. Doing it this way should yield 108g of flour per cup. Doing it by just scooping and tapping will yield 156g of flour per cup, biscuits that don't rise and flour tasting cookies. Bon appétit!
/r/ Books, I have an incredibly simple, but all together important e-book question. What is the shell of your reader made of?
I am considering picking up an e-reader, but above all other aspects like DRM control, or price... I need to know what the shell is made of. Much like my iPod, or the last Blackberry I had, I cannot really hold them because they have metal surfaces and parts on them. I react quite badly when I have metal touching me for long periods and if I order an e-book reader that has large metal surfaces, or needless metal junk all over them I wont be able to hold them. tl;dr - Can you tell me what the outer shell of your e-reader is made of? Plastic, metallic, or a combo of both?
What is your greatest gameing achievement?
Dont really care what it is. Weither it be beating sephoroth on kingdom hearts, Getting one of the two secret messages in god of war without knowing,, or even beating Half life 2 with a broken hand on a PC.
One man. One chair. Possibly [NSFW]
"Haven't you felt a peculiar sort of worry about the chair in your living room that no one sits in?" -Nicholson Baker Stare at it for a while, yes that is what you think it is...
Hey reddit, my buddy and I want to build a robot
My buddy and I want to build a robot for a school project, but we can't think of what we want it to do. So far we've come up with a sandwich maker, but we'd love to hear what Reddit has to say.
Integrate the comment preview function of the reddit toolbar into the Socialite extension.
I've been using Chrome and FF interchangeably for a while now, and loved the socialite extension. However, given it's unavailability on Chrome*, I've had to enable the "show links with reddit toolbar" option. Socialite is much better and better looking than the toolbar, except it lacks the very useful comment preview button that the toolbar has. *Will there be a socialite extension for Chrome anytime soon?
Say I wanted get a gps chip, with the antenna, and a controller to communicate with it. How would I go about this?
Take for example this gps chip Where could I find an antenna compatible with this? What could I use to communicate with it? Thanks for any help.
Reddit, my husband won't have sex with me...
I've tried to work this out by talking to him, as well as just shrugging it off, and it has gotten me nowhere. Reddit, it's starting to take its toll on me, and I need advice on how to handle this. Our relationship has been absolutely wonderful; There is 100% trust and honesty, we're completely in love and happy together, and up until about 5-6 months ago (we married 3 months ago), it was beautifully expressed in the bedroom. Frequently. Our marriage was not consummated until days after our honeymoon (though I sure as hell tried). Also, it has been three weeks since our last sexual encounter and he has not once even *hinted* that he was interested in having sex with me. I really appreciate that he reminds me - several times a day, even - how attracted he is to me, but I need physical reassurance from him. When I hint, make gestures, or ask if he wants to have sex, he turns it down. We take showers together occasionally, and that never even seems to faze him. There's never a reason or excuse as to why. Sometimes he offers to give me oral instead, but I know it's out of guilt or pity, so I never agree. I won't enjoy it as much if it seems like a chore to him. When I'm feeling frisky, I'll give him head, but it's rarely reciprocated and it never leads to sex. I am just stumped by this "problem". He's a healthy, happy 23 year old. He's not depressed or on any medication, and I know for a fact that he is not cheating on me. As I stated earlier, we have a very solid foundation. (if you're still skeptical: we recently moved to another state, so there is nobody to cheat on me with anyway.) Even though I know how stupid this sounds, but the more he refuses, the more I feel as if he doesn't find me sexually appealing anymore. I've *always* been confident on my appearances, but to have my new spouse not want to touch me is pretty upsetting. Do you guys or girls have any idea what is going on here? Have any of you experienced this? EDIT:: Thank you thank you thank you. Many of you have been extremely helpful. I will be giving a lot of thought into the advice I've been given. I just want to clear up a couple things. 1) We had sex regularly before the marriage, up until a couple months before. We just hadn't made the marriage complete -hence consummated- until days days after the honeymoon. 2) Still. I stick by the no-cheating thing. I am unemployed, he has work a few times a week. Other than that, we are both home with each other. He doesn't spend time on a computer.. the only one we have is my laptop and he hardly uses it. If I were to ever doubt it, I know his passwords. 3) He's not gay. And I am not naive to this type of thing. Also: I have not gotten fat. I am 5'2 and ~100lbs. Nor is he a shallow person. 4) I will get to replying to some of you, but I have some errands to run.
Question: If some form of string theory turns out to be correct, what technologies can we build with it?
I understand string theory to a mild degree (I've read the Elegant Universe]( know who [Ed Witten, but I don't know it well enough to understand the implications for humanity. Can someone that understands it deeply (e.g. a theoretical physics PhD with a dissertation related to string theory) please discuss the technologies that string theory may enable? Please feel free to be as speculative as possible. Also, if you think string theory is bullshit and buy into another theory of quantum gravity (e.g. loop quantum gravity, please discuss the technological implications of that. Thanks. Edit: This is the *science* Reddit. Go to another Reddit if you want to make stupid jokes. Edit 2: This thread is **not** about whether M-theory is falsifiable. It is meant to be a fun exploration as to what is possible **assuming some subset of string theories are true**.
How should I approach my girlfriend about blowjobs?
I feel really childish and selfish for asking this question, but the truth is that although I'm a 23 year old male who has been going out with my girlfriend since high-school began, I have yet to receive oral sex from her. We have sex regularly and she enjoys it as much if not more than I do. We've crossed many barriers in our relationship and I have kept honesty first. However, I can't seem to figure out how to approach her about getting a blowjob. I don't want her to think I'm selfish, and although conversations have began (of her own accord) regarding "returning the favor" those conversations end quickly and she forgets them. It would help to mention that when she was little she was raped by a close family member, so she may be scared (or something) of blowjobs. She's alluded to this many times as being the reason but her responses aren't sufficient. Am I being a jerk for wanting something in return? Should I just ignore it and move on, or should I approach her about it? How can I do it without seeming like a total dick? EDIT: Thanks, reddit. I got the advice I think I needed.
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