"Doctor Who (23 Nov, 1963; First Doctor) - An Unearthly Child (Coal Hill School corridor) [GIRL] Night, Miss Wright. [BARBARA] Wait in here, please, Susan. I won't be long. [BOY] Goodnight, Miss Wright. --------------------------------------- (Laboratory) [IAN] Oh? Not gone yet? [BARBARA] Obviously not. [IAN] Right, ask a silly question. [BARBARA] I'm sorry. [IAN] That's all right. I'll forgive you this time. [BARBARA] Oh, I had a terrible day. I don't know what to make of it. [IAN] Oh, what's the trouble? Can I help? [BARBARA] Oh, it's one of the girls, Susan Foreman. [IAN] Susan Foreman? She your problem too? [BARBARA] Yes. [IAN] You don't know what to make of her? [BARBARA] No. [IAN] How old is she, Barbara? [BARBARA] Fifteen. [IAN] Fifteen. She lets her knowledge out a bit at a time so as not toembarrass me. That's what I feel about her. She knows more science thanI'll ever know. She's a genius. Is that what she's doing with history? [BARBARA] Something like that. [IAN] So your problem is whether to stay in business or to hand over theclass to her. [BARBARA] No, not quite. [IAN] What, then? [BARBARA] Ian, I must talk to someone about this, but I don't want toget the girl into trouble. And I know you're going to tell me I'mimagining things. [IAN] No, I'm not. [BARBARA] Well, I told you how good she is at history. I had a talk withher and told her she ought to specialise. Well, she seemed quiteinterested until I said I'd be willing to work with her at her home.Then she said that would be absolutely impossible as her grandfatherdidn't like strangers. [IAN] He's a doctor, isn't he? That's a bit of a lame excuse. [BARBARA] Well, I didn't pursue the point but then recently herhomework's been so bad. [IAN] Yes, I know. [BARBARA] Finally I got so irritated with all her excuses I decided tohave a talk with this grandfather of hers and tell him to take someinterest in her. [IAN] Did you indeed? And what's the old boy like? [BARBARA] Well, that's just it. I got her address from the secretary, 76Totter's Lane, and I went along there one evening. Oh Ian, do payattention. [IAN] Sorry. You went along there one evening? [BARBARA] There isn't anything there. It's just an old junkyard. [IAN] You must have gone to the wrong place. [BARBARA] Well, that was the address the secretary gave me. [IAN] The secretary got it wrong, then. [BARBARA] No. I checked. There's a big wall on one side, houses on theother and nothing in the middle. And this nothing in the middle isnumber 76 Totter's Lane. [IAN] Hmm. That's a bit of a mystery. Well, there must be a simpleanswer somewhere. [BARBARA] Well, what? [IAN] Well, we'll have to find out for ourselves, won't we? [BARBARA] Thank you for the we. She's waiting in one of the classrooms.I'm lending her a book on the French Revolution. [IAN] What's she going to do, rewrite it? Oh, all right. What do we do?Ask her point-blank? [BARBARA] No, I thought we could drive there, wait till she arrives andsee where she goes. [IAN] Oh, all right. [BARBARA] That is, if you're not doing anything. [IAN] No, I'm not. After you. --------------------------------------- (Classroom) [BARBARA] Susan? [SUSAN] Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Wright. I didn't hear you coming in. Aren'tthey fabulous? [BARBARA] Who? [SUSAN] It's John Smith and the Common Men. They've gone from nineteento two. [IAN] John Smith is the stage name of the Honourable Aubrey Waites. Hestarted his career as Chris Waites and the Carollers, didn't he, Susan? [SUSAN] You are surprising, Mister Chesterton. I wouldn't expect you toknow things like that. [IAN] I have an enquiring mind. And a very sensitive ear. [SUSAN] Oh, I'm sorry. [IAN] Thank you. [SUSAN] Is that the book you promised me? [BARBARA] Yes. [SUSAN] Thank you very much. It will be interesting. I'll return ittomorrow. [BARBARA] Oh, that's not necessary. Keep it until you've finished it. [SUSAN] I'll have finished it. [IAN] Oh, where do you live, Susan? I'm giving Miss Wright a lift, I'vegot room for one more. [SUSAN] No, thank you, Mister Chesterton. I like walking through thedark. It's mysterious. [BARBARA] Be careful, Susan, there'll probably be fog again tonight. [SUSAN] Mmm. [BARBARA] See you in the morning. [SUSAN] I expect so. Good night. [BARBARA] Good night. [IAN] Good night, Susan. [SUSAN] But that's not right. --------------------------------------- (Totter's Lane) [BARBARA] Over there. [IAN] We're lucky there was no fog. I'd never have found this. [BARBARA] Well, she doesn't seem to have arrived yet. I suppose we aredoing the right thing, aren't we? [IAN] You can't justify curiosity. [BARBARA] But her homework? [IAN] A bit of an excuse, really, isn't it? I've seen far worse. Thetruth is, we're both curious about Susan and we won't be happy until weknow some of the answers. [BARBARA] You can't just pass it off like that. If I thought I was justbeing a busybody, I'd go straight home. I thought you agreed she was abit of a mystery. [IAN] Yes, but I think you'll find there's a very simple explanation toall this. [BARBARA] Well, I don't know how you explain the fact that a fifteenyear old girl does not know how many shillings there are in a pound. [IAN] Really? [BARBARA] Really. She said she thought we were on the decimal system. [IAN] Decimal system? --------------------------------------- (Memory - classroom) [SUSAN] I'm sorry, Miss Wright. [BARBARA] Don't be silly, Susan. The United States has a decimal system.You know perfectly well that we do not. [SUSAN] Of course, the decimal system hasn't started yet. --------------------------------------- (Totter's Lane) [IAN] I suppose she couldn't be a foreigner? No,doesn't make sense. Nothing about this girl makes sense. For instance,the other day I talking about chemical changes. I'd given out thelitmus paper to show cause and effect [BARBARA] And she knew the answer before you'd started. [IAN] Well, not quite. The answer simply didn't interest her. [SUSAN] Yes, I can see red turns to blue, MisterChesterton, but that's because we're dealing with two inactivechemicals. They only act in relation to each other. [IAN] But that's the whole point of the experiment, Susan. [SUSAN] Yes, it's a bit obvious, isn't it? Well, I'm not trying to berude, but couldn't we deal with two active chemicals? Then red couldturn blue all by itself and get on with something else? I'm sorry, itwas just an idea. --------------------------------------- (Totter's Lane) [IAN] She means it. These simple experiments arechild's play to her. [BARBARA] You know, it's almost got to the point where I deliberatelywant to trip her up. [IAN] Yes. Something like that happened the other day. I'd set the classa problem with A, B and C as the three dimensions. --------------------------------------- (Memory - classroom) [SUSAN] It's impossible unless you use D and E. [IAN] D and E? Whatever for? Do the problem that's set, Susan. [SUSAN] I can't, Mister Chesterton. You can't simply work on three ofthe dimensions. [IAN] Three of them? Oh, time being the fourth dimension, I suppose?Then what do you need E for? What do you make the fifth dimension? [SUSAN] Space. --------------------------------------- (Totter's Lane) [BARBARA] Too many questions and not enoughanswers. [IAN] Stupid? Or just doesn't know. So we have a fifteen year old girlwho is absolutely brilliant at some things, and excruciatingly bad atothers. [BARBARA] There she is. [BARBARA] Look, can we go in now? I hate to think of her alone in thatplace. [IAN] If she is alone. Look, she is fifteen. She might be meeting a boy.Didn't that occur to you? [BARBARA] I almost hope she is. [IAN] What do you mean? [BARBARA] Well, it would be so wonderfully normal. It's silly, isn't it?I feel frightened. As if we're about to interfere in something that isbest left alone. [IAN] Come on, let's get it over with. [BARBARA] Well, don't you feel it? [IAN] I take things as they come. Come on. --------------------------------------- (Junk yard) [IAN] What a mess. We're not turning over any of this stuff to findher.. [BARBARA] Over there? [IAN] Blast. I've dropped it. [BARBARA] What? [IAN] The torch. [BARBARA] Well, use a match. [IAN] I haven't got any. Oh, never mind. [BARBARA] Susan? [IAN] Susan? Susan? Susan! Susan. Mister Chesterton and Miss Wright. Shecan't have got out without us seeing her. [BARBARA] Ian, look at this. [IAN] It's a police box! What on earth's it doing here? These things areusually on the street. Feel it. Feel it. Do you feel it? [BARBARA] It's a faint vibration. [IAN] It's alive! [IAN] It's not connected to anything, unless it's through the floor. [BARBARA] Look, I've had enough. Let's go and find a policeman. [IAN] Yes, all right. [BARBARA] Is that her? [IAN] That's not her. Quick. [SUSAN [OC]] There you are, Grandfather. [BARBARA] It's Susan. [IAN] Shush! [IAN] Excuse me. [DOCTOR] What are you doing here? [IAN] We're looking for a young girl. [DOCTOR] We? [BARBARA] Good evening. [DOCTOR] What do you want? [IAN] One of our pupils, Susan Foreman, came into this yard. [DOCTOR] Really? In here? Are you sure? [BARBARA] Yes, we saw her from across the street. [DOCTOR] (aside) One of their pupils, not the police, then. [IAN] I beg your pardon? [DOCTOR] Why were you were spying on her? Who are you? [IAN] We heard a young girl's voice call out to you. [DOCTOR] Your hearing must be very acute. I didn't hear anything. [BARBARA] It came from in here. [DOCTOR] You imagined it. [BARBARA] I certainly did not imagine it. [DOCTOR] Young man, is it reasonable to suppose that anybody would beinside a cupboard like that, hmm? [IAN] Would it therefore be unreasonable to ask you to let us have alook inside? [DOCTOR] I wonder why I've never seen that before. Now isn't thatstrange. Very damp and dirty. [BARBARA] Won't you help us? We're two of her teachers from the CoalHill School. We saw her come in and we haven't seen her leave.Naturally, we're worried. [DOCTOR] Have to be cleaned. Hmm? Oh, I'm afraid it's none of mybusiness. I suggest you leave here. [IAN] Not until we're satisfied that Susan isn't in there. And frankly,I don't understand your attitude. [DOCTOR] Yours leaves a lot to be desired. [IAN] Will you open the door? [DOCTOR] There's nothing in there. [IAN] Then what are you afraid to show us? [DOCTOR] Afraid? Oh, go away. [IAN] I think we'd better go and fetch a policeman. [DOCTOR] Very well. [IAN] And you're coming with us. [DOCTOR] Oh, am I? I don't think so, young man. No, I don't think so. [BARBARA] We can't force him. [IAN] But we can't leave him here. Doesn't it seem obvious to you he'sgot her locked up in there? Look at it. There's no door handle. Theremust be a secret lock somewhere. [BARBARA] That was Susan's voice. [IAN] But of course it was. Susan! Susan! Susan, are you in there? It'sMister Chesterton and Miss Wright, Susan. [DOCTOR] Don't you think you're being rather high-handed, young man? Youthought you saw a young girl enter the yard. You imagine you heard hervoice. You believe she might be inside there. It's not verysubstantial, is it? [BARBARA] But why won't you help us? [DOCTOR] I'm not hindering you. If you both want to make fools ofyourselves, I suggest you do what you said you'd do. Go and find apoliceman. [IAN] While you nip off quietly in the other direction. [DOCTOR] Insulting. There's only one way in and out of this yard. Ishall be here when you get back. I want to see your faces when you tryto explain away your behaviour to a policeman. [IAN] Nevertheless, we're going to find one. Come on, Barbara. [SUSAN [OC]] What are you doing out there? [IAN] She is in there! [DOCTOR] Close the door! [IAN] Barbara! --------------------------------------- (Tardis) [DOCTOR] Close the door, Susan. I believe these people are known to you. [SUSAN] They're two of my schoolteachers. What are you doing here? [BARBARA] Where are we? [DOCTOR] They must have followed you. That ridiculous school. I knewsomething like this would happen if we stayed in one place too long. [SUSAN] But why should they follow me? [BARBARA] Is this really where you live, Susan? [SUSAN] Yes. [DOCTOR] And what's wrong with it? [IAN] But it was just a telephone box. [DOCTOR] Perhaps. [BARBARA] And this is your grandfather? [SUSAN] Yes. [BARBARA] But why didn't you tell us that? [DOCTOR] I don't discuss my private life with strangers. [IAN] But it was a police telephone box. I walked all around it.Barbara, you saw me. [DOCTOR] You don't deserve any explanations. You pushed your way in hereuninvited and unwelcome. [BARBARA] I think we ought to leave. [IAN] No, just a minute. I know this is absurd, but I feel [DOCTOR] Oh dear, dear, dear dear. This is very [IAN] I walked all round it. [DOCTOR] It's stopped again, you know, and I've tried hmm? Oh, youwouldn't understand. [IAN] But I want to understand. [DOCTOR] Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. By the way, Susan, I managed tofind a replacement for that faulty filament. It's an amateur job, but Ithink it'll serve. [IAN] It's an illusion. It must be. [DOCTOR] What is he talking about now? [SUSAN] What are you doing here? [DOCTOR] You don't understand, so you find excuses. Illusions, indeed?You say you can't fit an enormous building into one of your smallersitting rooms. [IAN] No. [DOCTOR] But you've discovered television, haven't you? [IAN] Yes. [DOCTOR] Then by showing an enormous building on your television screen,you can do what seemed impossible, couldn't you? [IAN] Well, yes, but I still don't know [DOCTOR] Not quite clear, is it. I can see by your face that you're notcertain. You don't understand. And I knew you wouldn't. Never mind. Nowthen, which switch was it? No. No, no. Ah yes, that is it. The point isnot whether you understand. What is going to happen to you, hmm?They'll tell everybody about the ship now. [IAN] Ship? [DOCTOR] Yes, yes, ship. This doesn't roll along on wheels, you know. [BARBARA] You mean it moves? [SUSAN] The Tardis can go anywhere. [BARBARA] Tardis? I don't understand you, Susan. [SUSAN] Well, I made up the name Tardis from the initials, Time AndRelative Dimension In Space. I thought you'd both understand when yousaw the different dimensions inside from those outside. [IAN] Just let me get this straight. A thing that looks like a policebox, standing in a junkyard, it can move anywhere in time and space? [SUSAN] Yes. [DOCTOR] Quite so. [IAN] But that's ridiculous. [SUSAN] Why won't they believe us? [BARBARA] How can we? [DOCTOR] Now, now, don't get exasperated, Susan. Remember the RedIndian. When he saw the first steam train, his savage mind thought itan illusion, too. [IAN] You're treating us like children. [DOCTOR] Am I? The children of my civilisation would be insulted. [IAN] Your civilisation? [DOCTOR] Yes, my civilisation. I tolerate this century, but I don'tenjoy it. Have you ever thought what it's like to be wanderers in thefourth dimension? Have you? To be exiles? Susan and I are cut off fromour own planet, without friends or protection. But one day we shall getback. Yes, one day. One day. [SUSAN] It's true. Every word of it's true. You don't know what you'vedone coming in here. Grandfather, let them go now, please. Look, ifthey don't understand, they can't, they can't hurt us at all. Iunderstand these people better than you. Their minds reject things theydon't understand. [DOCTOR] No. [IAN] He can't keep us here. [BARBARA] Susan, listen to me. Can't you see that all this is anillusion? It's a game that you and your grandfather are playing, if youlike, but you can't expect us to believe it. [SUSAN] It's not a game! [BARBARA] But Susan, it's [SUSAN] It's not! Look, I love your school. I loved England in thetwentieth century. The last five months have been the happiest of mylife. [BARBARA] But you are one of us. You look like us, you sound like us. [SUSAN] I was born in another time, another world. [IAN] Now look here, Susan, you. Oh, come on, Barbara, let's get out ofhere. [SUSAN] It's no use, you can't get out. He won't let you go. [IAN] He closed the doors from over there. I saw him. Now, which is it?Which is it? Which control operates the door? [DOCTOR] You still think it's all an illusion? [IAN] I know that free movement time and space is a scientific dream Idon't expect to find solved in a junkyard. [DOCTOR] Your arrogance is nearly as great as your ignorance. [IAN] Will you open the door? Open the door! Susan, will you help us? [SUSAN] I mustn't. [IAN] Very well, then. I'll have to risk it myself. [DOCTOR] I can't stop you. [SUSAN] Don't touch it! It's live! [BARBARA] Ian! What on earth do you think you're doing? [SUSAN] Grandfather, let them go now, please. [DOCTOR] And by tomorrow we shall be a public spectacle, a subject fornews and idle gossip. [SUSAN] But they won't say anything. [DOCTOR] My dear child, of course they will. Put yourself in theirplace. They are bound to make some sort of a complaint to theauthorities, or at the very least talk to their friends. If I do letthem go, Susan, you realise of course we must go, too. [SUSAN] No, Grandfather, we've had all this out before. [DOCTOR] There's no alternative, child. [SUSAN] I want to stay! But they're both kind people. Why won't youtrust them? All you've got to do is ask them to promise to keep oursecret [DOCTOR] It's out of the question. [SUSAN] I won't go, Grandfather. I won't leave the twentieth century.I'd rather leave the Tardis and you. [DOCTOR] Now you're being sentimental and childish. [SUSAN] No, I mean it. [DOCTOR] Very well. Then you must go with them. I'll open the door. [BARBARA] Are you coming, Susan? [SUSAN] Oh, no, Grandfather! No! [DOCTOR] Let me go. [SUSAN] No! [DOCTOR] Get back to the ship, child. Hold it. --------------------------------------- (Cave) [MOTHER] Where is the fire Za makes? [HUR] (a woman) In his hands. We are not going to the wood. [ZA] My father made fire. [MOTHER] They killed him for it. It is better that we live as we havealways done. [ZA] He showed me how to sharpen the stones and trap the bear and thetiger. He should have shown me this, too. [MOTHER] So that everyone would bow to you as they did to him? [ZA] Tell me what my father did to make fire. [MOTHER] I never saw him make it. That is all I know. [ZA] Out of my sight, old woman. You should have died with him. [MOTHER] Za will never make fire. [ZA] Put on more of the dead fire. [HUR] The old men are talking against you, Za. They say it would bebetter for the stranger Kal to lead us. [ZA] Kal? [HUR] They say you sit all day rubbing your hands together while hebrings us meat. [ZA] Without meat, we go hungry. Without fire, we die. [HUR] Old men see no further than tomorrow's meat. They will make Kalthe leader. My father will give me to him. [ZA] Kal is no leader. [HUR] The leader is the one who makes fire. [ZA] Where has the fire gone? Where? Where? --------------------------------------- (Tardis) [BARBARA] Ian? Ian. [IAN] I'm all right. I must have hit my head. The movement's stopped. [SUSAN] The base is steady. [DOCTOR] Layer of sand, rock formation. Good. [SUSAN] We've left 1963. [DOCTOR] Oh, yes, undoubtedly. I'll be able to tell you where presently.Zero? That's not right. I'm afraid this yearometer is not calculatingproperly. Hm! Well, anyway, the journey's finished. (to Ian) What areyou doing down there? [BARBARA] What have you done? [IAN] Barbara, you don't believe all this nonsense. [SUSAN] Well, look at the scanner screen. [DOCTOR] Yes, look up there. They don't understand and I suspect theydon't want to. Well, there you are. A new world for you. [IAN] Sand and rock? [DOCTOR] Yes, that's the immediate view outside the ship. [BARBARA] But where are we? [IAN] You mean that's what we'll see when we go outside? [SUSAN] Yes, you'll see it for yourself. [IAN] I don't believe it. [DOCTOR] You really are a stubborn young man, aren't you? [IAN] All right, show me some proof. Give me some concrete evidence. I'msorry, Susan, I don't want to hurt you, but it's time you were broughtback to reality. [SUSAN] But you're wrong, Mister Chesterton. [DOCTOR] They are saying I'm a charlatan. What concrete evidence wouldsatisfy you? [IAN] Just open the doors, Doctor Foreman. [DOCTOR] Eh? Doctor who? What's he talking about? [BARBARA] They're so sure, Ian. [IAN] Yes, I know. [BARBARA] And remember the difference between the outside of the policebox and the inside. [IAN] Yes, I know, but. Are you going to open the doors or aren't you? [DOCTOR] No. [IAN] You see? [DOCTOR] Not until I'm quite sure it's safe to do so. Well, yes, good.Yes, it is, it's good. Excellent, excellent. You've got the radiationcounter there. What's it read? [SUSAN] It's reading normal, Grandfather. [DOCTOR] Splendid, splendid. Well, I think I'll take my Geiger counterwith me in any case. So, you still challenge me, young man? [IAN] Well, just open the doors and prove your point. [DOCTOR] You're so narrow-minded, aren't you? Don't be so insular. [SUSAN] Grandfather, do you know where we are? [DOCTOR] Yes, we've gone back in time, all right. One or two samples andI shall be able to make an estimate. With rock pieces and a few plants.But I do wish this wouldn't keep letting me down. However, we can goout now. [IAN] Just a minute. You say we've gone back in time? [DOCTOR] Yes, quite so. [IAN] So that when we go out of that door, we won't be in a junkyard inLondon in England in the year 1963? [DOCTOR] That is quite correct. But your tone suggests ridicule. [IAN] But it is ridiculous. Time doesn't go round and round in circles.You can't get on and off whenever you like in the past or the future. [DOCTOR] Really? Where does time go, then? [IAN] It doesn't go anywhere. It just happens and then it's finished. [DOCTOR] (to Barbara) You're not as doubtful as your friend, I hope? [BARBARA] No. [IAN] Barbara, you can't [BARBARA] I can't help it. I just believe them, that's all. [DOCTOR] If you could touch the alien sand and hear the cries of strangebirds and watch them wheel in another sky, would that satisfy you? [IAN] Yes. [DOCTOR] Now, see for yourself. [IAN] It's not true. It can't be. [SUSAN] That's not on the screen. [DOCTOR] Well I've no more time to argue with you. I must get somesamples, Susan. [SUSAN] Be careful, Grandfather. [DOCTOR] (exiting, muttering) Oh, dear, it's disgusting really. [BARBARA] Ian, come out and look. [SUSAN] Oh here, lean on me. [IAN] No, thank you. I'm all right, thanks. --------------------------------------- (Wasteland) [BARBARA] Well? [IAN] But there must be some explanation. [DOCTOR] It's still a police box. Why hasn't it changed? Dear, dear, howvery disturbing. [BARBARA] What do you think it could be? Ian, look at this. [IAN] I don't know. It hasn't got any horns or antlers. Could be ahorse. Could be anything. Incredible. A police box in the midst of. Oh,it just doesn't make sense. [SUSAN] It should have changed. Wonder why it hasn't happened this time. [BARBARA] The ship, you mean? [SUSAN] Yes, it's been an Ionic column and a sedan chair. [BARBARA] Disguising itself wherever it goes. [SUSAN] Yes, that's right. But it hasn't happened this time. I wonderwhy not. I wonder if this old head would help Grandfather. Where is he? [BARBARA] You're very quiet. [IAN] I was wrong, wasn't I. [BARBARA] Oh, look, I don't understand it any more than you do. Theinside of the ship, suddenly finding ourselves here. Even some of thethings Doctor Foreman says [IAN] That's not his name. Who is he? Doctor who? Perhaps if we knew hisname we might have a clue to all this. [BARBARA] Look, Ian, the point is, it's happened. [IAN] Yes, it has. But it's impossible to accept. I know I'm here [SUSAN] I can't see him anywhere. [BARBARA] He can't be far away. I had a feeling just now as if we werebeing watched. Grandfather. [SUSAN] Grandfather! [IAN] Come on! [IAN] Look. [SUSAN] What is it? [BARBARA] Some of his things. [SUSAN] Grandfather, where are you? [IAN] Susan, don't panic. [SUSAN] I must find him. [IAN] Susan. [SUSAN] I must see. [IAN] Well, be careful then. [BARBARA] Ian, look. [IAN] (broken Geiger counter) It's not much good any more. [BARBARA] Well, maybe he saw something and went off to investigate. [IAN] Leaving this? (his hat) [BARBARA] Well, what do you think happened? [IAN] I don't know. Perhaps he was excited and went off to investigatesomething as you suggest, but. He may have been taken. [SUSAN] I can't see him. I can't find him anywhere. There's not a signof him. [IAN] Calm down, Susan. [BARBARA] Susan, don't worry. What's the matter? [SUSAN] It's his notes. He'd never leave his notebook. It's tooimportant to him. It's got the key codes of all the machines in theship. It's got notes of everywhere we've been to. Something terriblehas happened to him, I know it has. We must find him. [BARBARA] Susan, Susan. We'll find him, I promise you. He can't be faraway. [IAN] What's on the other side of those rocks? [SUSAN] There's a line of trees. There's a gap in them. There might be apath on the other side. [IAN] (gathering up the Doctor's things) All right, we'll try therefirst. Come on. Strange. [BARBARA] What? [IAN] This sand. It's cold. It's nearly freezing. --------------------------------------- (Cave) [HORG] Kal says, where he comes from, he's often seen men make fire. [ZA] Kal is a liar. [HORG] He says Orb will soon show him how it is done. [ZA] All his tribe died in the last cold. If he had not found us, hewould have died too. [HUR] What else did he say? [HORG] He says Orb only shows the secret to the leader. [ZA] I am leader. Orb will show me. I am the son of the great firemaker,but he does not show me how to put flames into the sticks. Kal comes. Ido not kill him. I let him eat with us and sleep in our caves. I willhave to spill some blood and make people bow to me. [ZA] This is a strange creature. [KAL] Is Za, son of the firemaker, afraid of an old man? When will Zamake fire come from his hands? [ZA] When Orb decides it. [KAL] Orb is for strong men. Orb has sent me this creature to make firecome from his fingers. I have seen it. Inside, he's full of fire. Thesmoke comes from his mouth. [ZA] As lies come out of yours. He wears strange skins. [KAL] Za is afraid. There was a strange tree. The creature was in it. Zawould have run away had he seen it. [ZA] Silence! [KAL] When I saw fire come from his fingers I remembered Za, son of thefiremaker. And when the cold comes, you will all die if you wait for Zato make fire for you. I, Kal, am a true leader. We fought like thetiger and the bear. My strength was too much for him. He lay down tosleep. And I, Kal, carried him here to make fire for you. [ZA] Why do you listen to Kal? [HORG] Za has many good skins. He has forgotten what the cold is like. [ZA] Tomorrow, I kill many bears. You all have warm skins. [HORG] I say tomorrow you will rub your hands together and hold them tothe dry sticks and ask Orb to send you fire. And the bears will staywarm in their own skins. [ZA] What I say I will do, I will do. [KAL] The firemaker is dead. You all carry dry sticks with you. Buttonight, I make them burn. I am leader. [HUR] The creature has opened its eyes. [DOCTOR] Where's my, where. [KAL] Do you want fire, or do you want to die in the cold? [ALL] Fire! Fire! [KAL] When it's cold, the tiger comes to our caves again at night. Zawill give you to the tiger. Za will give you to the cold. Za rubs hishands and waits for Orb to remember him. My creature can make fire comefrom his fingers. I have seen it. But I, Kal, brought him here. Thecreature is mine. [ZA] He's just an old man in strange skins. Kal has been with us toolong. It is time he died. [HORG] I say there is truth in both of you. Za speaks truth, but firecannot live in men. And Kal speaks the truth that we die without fire. [HUR] Will my father listen to a woman? If this old man can make firecome from his fingers, let us see it now. [ZA] I say what is to be done here, not old men and women. [KAL] Za tries to talk like his father, the firemaker. Za does not wantto see fire made. But I, Kal, am not afraid of fire. I will make mycreature make fire. [ZA] I will take him to the Cave of Skulls and he will tell me thesecret! [DOCTOR] I can make fire for you. Let me go and I'll make all the fireyou want. You don't have to be afraid of me. I'm an old man. How can anold man like me harm any of you? [ZA] What does he say? [HORG] Fire? He says he can make fire for us. [KAL] He makes it for me and I give you fire. I am firemaker. [ZA] He will make it for me. [DOCTOR] (searching his pockets) My matches. Where are they? I must getback. Must get back to the ship. [KAL] Kal's creature, he makes fire only for Kal. [DOCTOR] Take me back to my ship and I will make fire for you. All thefire you want. [ZA] This is more of your lies. The old man cannot make fire. [KAL] There was a tree and the creature came from in it. And the fire,it came out of his fingers. [ZA] You want to be strong like Za, son of the great firemaker. You allheard him say that there would be fire. There is no fire. Za does nottell you lies. He does not say, I will do this thing, and then not doit. He does not say, I will make you warm, and then leave you to thedark. He does not say, I will fight away the tiger with fire, and thenlet him come to you in the dark. Do you want a liar for your chief? [ALL] No! [KAL] Make fire. Make fire. [HUR] You are trapped in your own lies, Kal. [ZA] Great chief who is afraid of nothing. Oh great Kal, save us fromthe cold. Save us from the tiger. [KAL] Make fire. Make fire come from your fingers as I saw you. [DOCTOR] I have no matches. I cannot make fire. I cannot make fire! [ZA] Let the old man die. And we'll watch the great Kal as he kills hisstrong enemy. [KAL] Make fire! Make fire! Or I kill you now! [ZA] Or we'll keep them and make them hunt for us. It's good to havesomeone to laugh at! [SUSAN] Grandfather! [DOCTOR] If he dies, there will be no fire. [MOTHER] Kill her. Kill her. [ZA] Wait. You cannot kill all our enemies. When Orb gives fire back tothe sky, let him look down on them. Then that is when they die, and Orbwill give us fire again. Take them to the Cave of Skulls. [SUSAN] No! Grandfather! [DOCTOR] All right. [ZA] The woman is mine. [HORG] My daughter is for the leader of the tribe. [ZA] Yes, the woman is mine. [HORG] I do not like what has happened. [ZA] Old men never like new things to happen. [HORG] I was a great leader of many men. [ZA] Many men, yes. They all dies when Orb left the sky and the greatcold was on the ground. And Orb will give me fire again. To me. Not toyou. Just as you will give me her. [HUR] Za will be a strong leader of many men. If you give me to him, hewill remember and always give you meat. [MOTHER] There were leaders before there was fire. Fire will kill us allin the end. You should have killed the four strangers. Kill them. [ZA] I have said we will wait until Orb shines again. Then they die. --------------------------------------- (Cave of Skulls) [IAN] Are you all right? Did they hurt you? [BARBARA] No. Ian, I'm frightened. [IAN] Try and hang on. [BARBARA] But how are we going to get out of this? [DOCTOR] We should use our cunning. I hope you can get yourself free,Chesterton. I can't. The stench in here. The stench. I'm sorry. It'sall my fault. I'm desperately sorry. [SUSAN] Don't blame yourself, Grandfather. [DOCTOR] Look at that. Look at it. (skulls) [IAN] They're all the same. They've been split open. [DOCTOR] Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, it's all myfault. I'm desperately sorry. [SUSAN] Oh, don't blame yourself, Grandfather. [DOCTOR] Look at those. Look at them. (the skulls) [IAN] Yes, they're all the same. They've been split wide open. [SUSAN] I've found another piece with a rough edge. [IAN] Thank you. [IAN] It's no good, it keeps crumbling. [DOCTOR] Oh, it's hopeless, hopeless. Even if we do get free, we shallnever move that stone. [IAN] There's air coming in here from somewhere. [BARBARA] Yes, there is. I can feel it on my face. [IAN] It may only be a small opening. Don't count on it. [DOCTOR] Well you obviously are. [IAN] Of course I am. Any hope is better than none. Don't just lie therecriticising us. Do something. Help us all to get out of here. Oh, thisstone's no good. [BARBARA] Well, don't give up, Ian. Please. [IAN] Oh, all right. [DOCTOR] No, no, don't waste time. Try those bones, they may be. They'resharper, perhaps. [IAN] That's a good idea. [SUSAN] Grandfather, I knew you'd think of something. [DOCTOR] We must all take it in turns and try and cut his hands free. [IAN] Surely we should get the girls free? [DOCTOR] No, no, we've got to free you first. You're the strongest, andyou may have to defend us. [IAN] All right. [DOCTOR] Susan, you have a go. My arms are tired. [SUSAN] All right. [DOCTOR] And don't think of failing. [BARBARA] What? [DOCTOR] Well, try and remember, if you can, how you and the othersfound your way here. Concentrate on that please. [BARBARA] Yes, yes, I'll try. You're trying to help me. [DOCTOR] Fear makes companions of all of us. That's right. [BARBARA] I never thought once you were afraid. [DOCTOR] Fear is with all of us, and always will be. Just like thatother sensation that lives with it. [BARBARA] What's that? [DOCTOR] Your companion referred to it. Hope. Hope, that's right. [MOTHER] You will not make fire. --------------------------------------- (Outside the cave) [ZA] Now tell me. [HUR] I saw the old woman take your knife. [ZA] Why did you let her? She's old, you could have held her. [HUR] Why did she take it? [ZA] She has gone into the forest. [HUR] No. She's going to kill the strangers. [ZA] Did she say this? [HUR] No, but she took your knife. She is afraid of fire. [ZA] You should have stopped her. [HUR] Kal was in the cave. Leaders are awake when others sleep. Thestrange tribe will not be able to show you how to make fire if the oldwoman kills them. [ZA] If I stop her from killing them, they will give fire to me. And notto Kal. The woman could not have got into the cave. The great stone isstill there. Why do you tell me this? [HUR] No! No! [ZA] The old woman is talking to them. --------------------------------------- (Cave of Skulls) [MOTHER] I will set you free if you will go awayand not make fire. Fire will bring trouble and death to the tribe. [DOCTOR] There will be no fire. --------------------------------------- (Outside the cave) [HUR] No, we cannot move the great stone. [ZA] The old woman is talking to them. I will move it. --------------------------------------- (Cave of Skulls) [MOTHER] Hurry, hurry. You must go across the tuft and into the trees. [IAN] Yes. [HUR] She set them free! [MOTHER] They would have made fire. They would have made fire! No. [ZA] They have gone into the night. [HUR] They have taken fire with them. [ZA] The beasts will kill them. They will kill us if we follow. [HUR] Now, you are leader. You are as strong as the beasts. You will bestronger still when you know how fire is made. Stronger than Kal. --------------------------------------- (Forest) [DOCTOR] Stop. Just a minute, let me get my [IAN] We can't stop here. [DOCTOR] Just a moment. [IAN] Look, we've got to go further on. [DOCTOR] I know. I know that. But I must get. Breathe. I must breathe. [IAN] Try. Try. I shall have to carry you. [DOCTOR] There's no need for that. Don't be so childish. I'm not senile.Just let me get my breath for a moment. [SUSAN] Oh, Grandfather, come on. [DOCTOR] Yes. I'm not so young, you know. [BARBARA] Are you sure this is the right way? [IAN] Yes, I think so. [BARBARA] I can't remember. I simply can't remember. [IAN] We're free, Barbara. Think about that. Free. [BARBARA] Yes. Yes. [SUSAN] I'm sure I remember this place. But we didn't come round it, wewent across it. [BARBARA] Yes, there was a sort of trail. [IAN] If that's true, we must be quite near the ship. How are youfeeling? [DOCTOR] I'm all right. Don't keep on looking upon me as the weakestlink of the party. [IAN] What's the matter? [BARBARA] I don't know. I saw something. Over there in the bushes. [DOCTOR] What nonsense. [BARBARA] The bushes moved. I saw them. I saw them! Oh, we're nevergoing to get out of this awful place! Never! Never! Never! [IAN] Barbara. [SUSAN] What do you think it could have been, Grandfather? [DOCTOR] Oh, sheer nonsense, child. Imagination. [BARBARA] We'll die in this place. [IAN] Barbara, no we won't. We're going to get back to the ship and thenwe'll be safe. [BARBARA] Oh, Ian, what's happening to us? [IAN] Look, Barbara, we got out of the cave, didn't we? [SUSAN] I'm so cold. [DOCTOR] I'm hot with all this exertion. [IAN] We'll rest for a couple of minutes. [SUSAN] Oh, good. Is there any chance of them following us? [DOCTOR] I expect so. [IAN] Yes, that's why I don't want to stop here too long. [DOCTOR] Do you think I want to? [IAN] No. We'll change the order. You and Susan go in front, Barbara andI'll bring up the rear. Susan seems to remember the way better than anyof us. [DOCTOR] You seem to have elected yourself leader of this little party. [IAN] There isn't time to vote on it. [DOCTOR] Just so long as you understand I won't follow your ordersblindly. [IAN] If there were only two of us, you could find your own way back tothe ship. [DOCTOR] Aren't you a tiresome young man! [IAN] And you're a stubborn old man. But you will lead, the girls inbetween, and I'll bring up the rear. Because that's the safest way.Barbara was probably right. I thought we heard something when westopped back there. [DOCTOR] Oh, sheer imagination. [IAN] Why are you so confident about it? [DOCTOR] I won't allow myself to be frightened out of my wits by mereshadows, that's all. [IAN] All right. [HUR] Look, there is a branch broken. [ZA] They have strange feet. [HUR] They wear skins on their feet. [ZA] There are marks here. [HUR] They've gone this way. [ZA] It was wrong to do this. We should not have followed them. [HUR] We cannot turn back now. [IAN] I think we'd better get going. Doctor, will you lead? [DOCTOR] Yes, yes, yes, yes. [IAN] Come on, Barbara. [IAN [OC]] Barbara, Barbara. [ZA] Down here. That was one of the women. [SUSAN] A dead animal. [DOCTOR] It must have just been killed. By a larger animal, too. [IAN] Shush. Shush. That must be them. They followed us. Quick, quick.Over there. [IAN] Keep down, and not a sound. [ZA] Wait. There is danger. I will go. [IAN] Quick, now's our chance. Let's get away. Run! [BARBARA] Look at them. We can't just leave them! I don't care whatthey've done. [IAN] Barbara. Barbara, come on. [BARBARA] I think he's dead. There isn't any danger. [IAN] Barbara, for heaven's sake. [BARBARA] No. [SUSAN] I'm going too. [DOCTOR] Susan! You stay here with me. [SUSAN] No, Grandfather. We can't leave them. [DOCTOR] Silence! We're going back to the ship. [SUSAN] No! [DOCTOR] What are you doing? They must be out of their minds. [HUR] No, keep away. [IAN] Let me look at him. [HUR] No. [IAN] I am your friend. You understand? Friend. I want to help him. [HUR] Friend? [IAN] I want water. [HUR] Water. [IAN] Go and fetch some water for his wounds. [HUR] Water is there. [BARBARA] Please, show me. Give me your handkerchief. [IAN] Here you are. [SUSAN] Is he all right? [IAN] I think so. He must have buried his axe head in the animal. Thankyou. [HUR] Water comes out of the skin! [IAN] Yes. I think most of this is the animal's blood. [SUSAN] Good. [BARBARA] There's a scar on the side of his head. [IAN] Well, we've lost our chance of getting away. Your flat must belittered with stray cats and dogs. [BARBARA] These are human beings, Ian. [IAN] Yes, I know. [DOCTOR] What exactly do you think you're doing? [IAN] Have you got any antiseptic in the ship? [SUSAN] Yes, lots. [DOCTOR] One minute ago we were trying desperately to get away fromthese savages. [IAN] All right, now we're helping them. You're a doctor, do something. [DOCTOR] I'm not a doctor of medicine. [SUSAN] Grandfather, we can make friends with them. [DOCTOR] Oh, don't be ridiculous, child. [BARBARA] Why? You treat everybody and everything as something lessimportant than yourself. [DOCTOR] You're trying to say that everything you do is reasonable, andeverything I do is inhuman. Well, I'm afraid your judgement's at fault,Miss Wright, not mine. Haven't you realised if these two people canfollow us, any of these people can follow us? The whole tribe mightdescend upon us at any moment. [HUR] The tribe is asleep. [DOCTOR] And what about the old woman who cut our bonds? You understand? [IAN] He's right. We're too exposed here. We'll make a stretcher andcarry him. [DOCTOR] You're not going to take him back to the ship? [IAN] Take your coat off, Barbara. Susan, try and find me two poles.Long ones, fairly straight. [BARBARA] The old woman won't give us away. She helped. [DOCTOR] Do you think so? These people have logic and reason, have they?Can't you see their minds change as rapidly as night and day? She'sprobably telling the whole tribe at this very moment. --------------------------------------- (Cave of Skulls) [KAL] The creatures. Where? Where? [MOTHER] Gone. [KAL] The great stone. They could not move it. [MOTHER] Za moved it. [KAL] Za has gone with them? [MOTHER] Za and Hur went after them. [KAL] There were skins around their hands and their feet. They could notmove. Za helped them to get free? They're gone with Za to show himfire? [MOTHER] They won't make fire. There won't be fire any more. [KAL] Old woman, you helped them. --------------------------------------- (Forest) [IAN] It's not going to work like this. What can wedo? [HUR] No! He's mine. [SUSAN] I was only trying to help. [IAN] She doesn't understand, Susan. She's jealous of you. [HUR] I don't understand what you are doing. You are like a mother witha child. Why do you not kill? [IAN] How can we explain to her? She doesn't understand kindness,friendship. [BARBARA] We will make him well again. We will teach you how to makefire. In return, you show us the way back to our cave. [ZA] Listen to them. They do not kill. [IAN] Come on. Let's get on with this stretcher. Let's try the sleevesinside. That's it. [ZA] Water. [HUR] Water. [IAN] How about giving us a hand, Doctor? [SUSAN] He's always like this if he doesn't get his own way. [BARBARA] The old woman won't give us away. And now that we've got thesetwo on our side, we should get back to the ship. [SUSAN] Yes. [DOCTOR] Get your hand off me. [IAN] What are you doing? [DOCTOR] Well, I, I was going to get him to draw our way back to theTardis. [IAN] We've been too long as it is. Is the stretcher ready? [BARBARA] Yes. [IAN] Right, you take one end of it. [DOCTOR] You don't expect me to carry him, do you? [IAN] Do you want the women to do the job for you? [DOCTOR] Oh, very well. [IAN] Right, now move him over very carefully. Now, back again, gently. [IAN] Good. Right, now, Susan, you get in front with her. --------------------------------------- (Cave) [KAL] They have gone. Za and Hur have gone withthem and we must go after them. [HORG] Hur would not help them to get away. [KAL] She has gone with them. [HORG] The old woman sleeps in the cave too, and she has gone. [KAL] The old woman is in the Cave of Skulls. [HORG] Hur would not go with them! [KAL] Ask the old woman. She will tell what is done. --------------------------------------- (Cave of Skulls) [KAL] She will tell. [KAL] My eyes tell me what has happened. As they do when I sleep and Isee things. Za and Hur came to free them, and find a way to make fire.The old woman saw them. Za killed old woman. [HORG] The old woman is dead. It must have been as your eyes said itwas. [KAL] Za has gone with them, taking them to their cave. Za takes awayfire. Now I, Kal, lead. Go! --------------------------------------- (Forest) [IAN] Hold the branches back, Susan. [SUSAN] The Tardis! There's the Tardis! [IAN] Back! Back! Go back. --------------------------------------- (Forest) [IAN] Back. Get back. --------------------------------------- (Cave) [HORG] They are coming. [KAL] Za and the woman went with them. I, Kal, stop them. [HUR] They saved Za from death near the stream. [KAL] They set them free from the Cave of Skulls and went with them. [HUR] The old woman cut them free. [KAL] Za is so weak a woman speaks for him. [HUR] It was the old woman. She showed them a new way out of the Cave ofSkulls. [KAL] The old woman does not speak. She does not say she did this or didthat. The old woman is dead. Za killed the old woman. [HUR] No! [KAL] Za killed the old woman with his knife. [HUR] No. [KAL] Here. Here is the knife he killed her with. [DOCTOR] This knife has no blood on it. I said, this knife has no bloodon it. [KAL] It is a bad knife. It does not show the things it does. [DOCTOR] It is a finer knife than yours. [KAL] I, Kal, say it is a bad knife. [DOCTOR] This knife can cut and stab. I have never seen a better knife. [KAL] I will show you one. [DOCTOR] This knife shows what it has done. There is blood on it. (toZa) Who killed the old woman? [ZA] I did not kill her. [DOCTOR] (to Kal) You killed the old woman. [KAL] Yes! She set them free. She set them free. She did this. I, Kal,killed her. [DOCTOR] Is this your strong leader? One who kills your old women? He isa bad leader. He will kill you all. Yes, all. (to Ian) Follow myexample. [DOCTOR] Drive him out. Out. [IAN] Yes, drive him out. He killed the old woman. [TRIBE] Drive him out. [IAN] Remember, Kal is not stronger than the whole tribe. [ZA] Kal is no longer one of this tribe. We will watch for him. We willall fight Kal if he comes back. We will watch for him. Take them to theCave of Skulls. [IAN] Take us back to the desert and we will make fire for you. [ZA] The great stone will close one place, and you will stand by anotherI will show you. Take them. [DOCTOR] Don't struggle. [ZA] They are inside the cave. You see them come out, kill them. --------------------------------------- (Cave of Skulls) [DOCTOR] This place is evil. --------------------------------------- (Cave) [ZA] Tell me what happened after I fought the beastin the forest. [HUR] You were stronger than the beast. It took away your axe in itshead. You lay on the earth. I believed you were dead. [ZA] Tell me what they did. [HUR] The young man of their tribe came towards you, but he did notkill. He told me his name. [ZA] Name? [HUR] His name is Friend. [ZA] They come from the other side of the mountains. [HUR] Nothing lives there. [ZA] There are other tribes there. This new tribe must come from there.Tell me more of what happened. [HUR] I did not understand them. Their hands moved slowly and theirfaces were not fierce. It was like a mother guarding her baby. [ZA] They are a new tribe. Not like us. Not like Kal. The young one,whose name is Friend, spoke to me. [HUR] Do you remember it? [ZA] He said, Kal is not stronger than the whole tribe. [HUR] I do not understand. [ZA] The whole tribe drove Kal away with the stones. The whole tribe cancollect more fruit than one. The whole tribe can kill a beast where oneof the tribe would die. [HUR] Do you think they come from Orb? [ZA] No. They are a tribe who know how fire is made, but they do notwant to tell us. [HUR] Then you will not kill them? [ZA] Horg says the leader must know how fire is made. I do not want tobe driven into the forest like Kal. I must make fire, or they must die,as the old men say. I will speak with him. I must hear more things toremember. The leader would have things to remember. --------------------------------------- (Cave of Skulls) [SUSAN] I think this is what you want, Mister Chesterton. [IAN] Thank you. [BARBARA] Here are some leaves, and some dead grass. [IAN] Yes, well spread them around the hole. Don't put them inside. Ihope this is going to work. Now, spread them around a bit more. Yes,that's it. --------------------------------------- (Outside the second exit) [ZA] (to guard) I will speak with them. You waithere. --------------------------------------- (Cave of Skulls) [SUSAN] I can smell something. [BARBARA] Yes, so can I. [SUSAN] It's burning! It's burning! [IAN] It's a long way off yet. [ZA] What is this? [DOCTOR] We are making fire. [ZA] You are called Friend? [IAN] Yes. [DOCTOR] Don't stop. [ZA] Hur said you were called Friend. I am called Za. You are the leaderof your tribe? [IAN] No. He is our leader. [SUSAN] Are you going to set us free? [ZA] The tribe say you are from Orb and when you are returned to him onthe stone of death, we will have fire again. [BARBARA] But that's not true. [ZA] I think you are from the other side of the mountains. If you showme how to make fire, I will take you back to the foot of the mountains.If you do not show me, I cannot stop you dying on the old stone. [IAN] Put some more leaves and grass round it. I think it's beginning towork. [DOCTOR] Do you understand? We are making fire for you. [ZA] I am watching. [IAN] The whole tribe should be watching. Everyone should know how tomake fire. [ZA] Everyone cannot be leader. [IAN] No, that's perfectly true. But in our tribe, the firemaker is theleast important man. [ZA] Ha! I do not believe this. [DOCTOR] He is the least important because we can all make fire. [SUSAN] I hope he doesn't make Grandfather prove that. [IAN] Look, I think it's beginning to work. Susan, Barbara, blow gently.That's it! [SUSAN] We've done it. [IAN] Yes. [ZA] Fire. Fire. --------------------------------------- (Cave) [HORG] Orb strikes the old stone and Za does notbring them out. We have no meat, and no fruit from the trees, and noroots. Za is no leader. [HUR] Za would kill you if he could hear you. He's talking now with themin the Cave of Skulls. You should lie on the old stone until your bloodruns into the earth. [HORG] Za is letting them go away, just as the old woman set them free. [HUR] Za told one of them to watch and guard them until he came out ofthe Cave of Skulls. --------------------------------------- (Cave of Skulls) (Cave) [HORG] Orb is above us and there is no fire. Bringthem out from the Cave of Skulls and Za as well. Come on. --------------------------------------- (Cave of Skulls) [IAN] Take this, and show it to your tribe. [ZA] You, stay here. [IAN] We will come with you. [ZA] No, you'll stay here. [IAN] I will come with you. [DOCTOR] Give him a chance. Give him a chance. Let him show the tribefire, establish himself as leader, then he'll let us go. [IAN] But we ought to go with him now. --------------------------------------- (Cave) [ZA] Fire. [TRIBE] Fire. [ZA] Kal is dead. I give you fire. I am leader. We will give food andwater to the new tribe in the Cave of Skulls. [HORG] There is no meat. [ZA] I will go into the forest and get meat. [HORG] Yes. I remember how the meat and fire joined together. [ZA] Good. Watch the new tribe. They must be here when I return. --------------------------------------- (Cave of Skulls) [IAN] It didn't work. They're going to keep ushere. [IAN] Why are you keeping us here? [HUR] Za has gone into the forest to find meat. There will be more foodlater. [BARBARA] But why can't we go outside? [SUSAN] Please let us go. It's terrible in here. [HUR] Za is leader. [SUSAN] But we helped you. We gave you fire. [HUR] We have fire now. [IAN] Yes. And I was the fool who gave it to you. Why didn't I wait? [BARBARA] Well at least we're alive. We wouldn't be if we hadn't giventhem fire. [BARBARA] Ian. [SUSAN] They brought us some meat. [BARBARA] And the Doctor found a stone with a hole in it, and theyfilled it with water. [IAN] All the comforts of home. [ZA] The animal was hard to kill. The meat on it is good. They havebrought you fruit and water has been put into a stone. Is this thestone? Has anyone hurt you? [DOCTOR] When are you going to let us go, hmm? [ZA] You will stay here. I have the meat and I have the stick, and apiece of skin. I can make fire now. Your tribe and my tribe will jointogether. [IAN] We don't want to stay here. [ZA] Why? There is no better place the other side of the mountains. Donot try to leave here. [DOCTOR] Quench the fire. Take the fire away from them. Scaring them,somehow. [SUSAN] (putting a skull on top of a burning brand) Hey, Grandfather,look! It's almost alive. [IAN] Not alive, Susan. Almost dead. We're going to make four torches.We'll find the sticks. And we'll use the fat from the meat. And then [SUSAN] And then? [IAN] And then, to all intents and purposes, we're going to die. [IAN] When I give the sign. [SUSAN] What are they? [ZA] Look. It is nothing but fire and the bones of the dead. They havegone! While we look at their fire, they have gone! [HUR] Into the night. The dark will hide them. [ZA] With fire, it is day. --------------------------------------- (Desert) (Tardis) [IAN] Come on, Doctor, get us off! Get us off! [DOCTOR] Yes. [DOCTOR] Yes, it's matching up. [SUSAN] We're beginning to land. [DOCTOR] Oh, how I wish. [IAN] Have you taken us back to our own time? [DOCTOR] You know I can't do that. Please be reasonable. [IAN] What? [BARBARA] Please, you must take us back. You must. [DOCTOR] You see, this isn't operating properly. Or rather, the code isstill a secret. When you put the right data, precise information to asecond of the beginning of a journey, then we can fix a destination,but I had no data at my disposal. [BARBARA] Are you saying that you don't know how to work this thing? [DOCTOR] Well of course I can't. I'm not a miracle worker. [SUSAN] You can't blame Grandfather. We left the other place tooquickly, that's all. [IAN] Just a minute. Did you try and take us back to our own time? [DOCTOR] Well, I got you away from that other time, didn't I? [IAN] That isn't what I asked you. [DOCTOR] It's the only way I can answer you, young man. Now. Now weshall see. [DOCTOR] It could be anywhere. Dear, dear, dear, dear. It's no help tous at all. Well, I suggest before we go outside and explore, let usclean ourselves up. [SUSAN] Oh, yes. [DOCTOR] Now what does the radiation read, Susan? [SUSAN] It's reading normal, Grandfather. "
"{"show": "Doctor Who", "season": "s01", "episode": "e01", "title": "An Unearthly Child"}"
"Doctor Who (21 Dec, 1963; First Doctor) - The Daleks (Tardis) [DOCTOR] Well, I suggest before we go outside andexplore, let us clean ourselves up. [SUSAN] Oh, yes. [DOCTOR] Now what does the radiation read, Susan? [SUSAN] It's reading normal, Grandfather. --------------------------------------- (Forest) [BARBARA] There's been a forest fire. Everything'ssort of white and ashen. [IAN] Funny mist. [DOCTOR] The heat must have been indescribable. Look at this soil here.Look at it. It's all turn to sand and ashes. Extraordinary. How canshrubs or trees grow in soil like that, hmm? [IAN] Something else that's strange. There's quite a breeze blowing. [SUSAN] Well? [IAN] Well, look at the branches and things. [SUSAN] They don't seem to be moving. [BARBARA] They're not. They're absolutely still. [IAN] Huh. Like stone, look. Very brittle stone. It crumbles when youtouch it. Look. [DOCTOR] It's petrified. How fascinating, a petrified jungle. Hm.Extraordinary. Yes, I must really investigate that. Couldn't have beenheat, then, and age would merely decay. [SUSAN] What could have caused it, Grandfather? [DOCTOR] I don't know, I don't know, but I intend to find out. [SUSAN] Well I'm coming too. [BARBARA] Ian, where are we? [IAN] I don't know. [BARBARA] Well why doesn't he take us back? [IAN] I'm not sure that he can. [BARBARA] What, ever? [IAN] I hate it as much as you. I'm just as afraid. But what can we do? [BARBARA] Well, we could at least stay near the ship. [IAN] The ship's no good without him. We'd better keep an eye on him. Heseems to have a knack of getting himself into trouble. [BARBARA] You think there's any danger? [IAN] Not necessarily. [BARBARA] But don't be too complacent. No, you're right, I suppose. Ijust wish [IAN] We'll be all right. [BARBARA] Yes. Well, I suppose we'd better make sure he doesn't falldown and break a leg. Don't you ever think he deserves something tohappen to him? [IAN] Yes. [SUSAN] Oh Grandfather, look! It's a flower. A perfect flower. Well,it's even kept some of it's colour. [DOCTOR] Yes, very pretty, very pretty. Hm. [SUSAN] Hey, look. Look what I've found. [IAN] Oh, that's beautiful. [SUSAN] Isn't it? I'm going to try and pick it and keep it all in onepiece. [IAN] Oh, be careful. It'll be very fragile. There we are. [SUSAN] Beautiful. When I get it back to the ship I'm [BARBARA] Ian! [SUSAN] going to put it into a glass and [BARBARA] Ian! [IAN] Coming, coming. [IAN] What is it? What's the matter? [BARBARA] No! [IAN] It's all right. Like everything else in this place, solid stone. [BARBARA] It's hideous. [IAN] Yes, it is. It's also significant. Nothing on Earth could looklike this. [BARBARA] It looks like some sculptor's nightmare. [DOCTOR] Yes, it's certainly alien to anything on your planet. Butyou're wrong about one thing, Chesterfield. This isn't like everythingelse. The animal is solidified, certainly, but it's not crumbly stone.It's metal. Yes, it always was. [IAN] What, even when it was alive? But that's impossible. [DOCTOR] Why? Can't you imagine an animal unless it's flesh, blood andbone, hmm? No, I tell you this is an entirely different formation. Ishould say originally it was some pliable metal held together by amagnetic field, or an inner magnetic field, rather, and it may have hadthe ability to attract it's victims towards it, if they were metal too. [BARBARA] We're not on Earth, then. [DOCTOR] No, certainly not. [IAN] Are you sure? [DOCTOR] Oh, certain. And you needn't look at me like that, young man.We started this journey far too hurriedly to make any calculations. Youknow that as well as I do. However, we're alive. [SUSAN] Hey, Grandfather, look. The jungle ends over there. [IAN] Try not to be too upset. [BARBARA] I counted so much on just going back to things I recognise andtrust. But here there's nothing to rely on. Nothing. [IAN] Well, there's me. Barbara, all I ask you to do is believe, reallybelieve, we'll go back. We will, you know. [BARBARA] I wish I was more like you. I'm afraid I'm a very unwillingadventurer. [IAN] I'm not exactly reveling in it myself. [SUSAN] Grandfather's talking about fixing our position by the stars. [IAN] Good. Where is he? [SUSAN] Just over there. [BARBARA] Susan. Don't you have anything in the ship that records thejourneys? [SUSAN] Oh, yes. There's a meter fixed to a great big bank of computers.If you feed it with the right sort of information, it can take over thecontrols of the ship and deliver you to any place you want to go. [BARBARA] Then why don't we know where we are? [SUSAN] Well, it's a question of the right information, you see. I don'tsay that Grandfather doesn't know how to work the ship, but he's soforgetful, and then he will go off and. Well, he likes to work on hisown. [BARBARA] So I've noticed. [SUSAN] Anyway, he's only got to do some computations back in the shipand we can move on. [BARBARA] Well, it can't be too soon for me. [DOCTOR] Well now, are we ready? [BARBARA] Oh, Doctor, have you worked out yet how all this happened? [DOCTOR] No, not really, not really. Whatever it was destroyedeverything that was living, but the planet is dead, totally dead. [IAN] Barbara, Doctor. Over here. [DOCTOR] What is it, Chesterton? We really must get back to [DOCTOR] Most fascinating. [BARBARA] A city, a huge city. [IAN] Well, Doctor? Can you see anything? Any sign of life? [DOCTOR] No, no, no sign of life. No, just buildings. Magnificentbuildings, I [SUSAN] Oh, let me have a look. It's fabulous. Here, you have a look. [IAN] What do you think, Doctor? [DOCTOR] I don't know, I don't know. Whatever it was destroyed thevegetation here certainly hasn't damaged the city. But there's no signof life. No movement, no light, no. No, I shall know more about it whenI've been down there. [BARBARA] Down there? Oh, no. We're going back to the ship. [DOCTOR] Now, don't be ridiculous. That city down there is a magnificentsubject for study, and I don't intend to leave here until I'vethoroughly investigated it. [IAN] Well it's too late to talk about it now. It's getting dark. We'lldiscuss it when we get back to the ship. [SUSAN] Yes. Whatever you decide, it's too late to get down there now. [DOCTOR] Yes, yes, yes, all right then. But I assure you I'm determinedto study that place. [IAN] You can do what you like, as long as you don't endanger the restof us. [DOCTOR] Very well then. I shall look at it myself, alone. [IAN] You're the only one who can operate the ship. I'm afraid I can'tlet you do that, Doctor. Your glasses. [IAN] I think this is the way we came. [SUSAN] Who's there? [IAN] All right, Susan, it's all right. You're safe now. --------------------------------------- (Tardis) [BARBARA] Did Susan tell you what frightened her? [DOCTOR] Yes, yes. She's convinced that someone touched her, and I triedto make her see it wasn't possible but I'm afraid she wouldn't listento me. I wonder, would you have a talk with her? [BARBARA] Yes, of course I will. [DOCTOR] Yes, you know, sometimes I find the gulf between Susan's ageand mine makes difficult understanding between us. [BARBARA] I'll see what I can do. [DOCTOR] Oh, would you? Thank you, thank you very much. I'd be grateful. [BARBARA] Hello. [SUSAN] Hello. [BARBARA] What are you doing? [SUSAN] Just drawing. [BARBARA] Well, can I see? [SUSAN] It's the flower I saw in the jungle. [BARBARA] What happened out there? [SUSAN] Nothing. [BARBARA] Well Ian said you were terrified. Well, something must havefrightened you. [SUSAN] It's not that so much. It's just that I'm, I'm fed up no onebelieves me. [BARBARA] Believes what? [SUSAN] Oh, I don't know. [BARBARA] That there was someone out there and they touched you on theshoulder? [SUSAN] There was someone there. [BARBARA] But you didn't see who it was? [SUSAN] No. It was like that. A light touch on the shoulder. I couldn'thave been mistaken. [BARBARA] Well, I believe you. [SUSAN] But Grandfather says that it's impossible for anyone to live outthere. [BARBARA] Oh, Susan, it isn't that he doesn't believe you. It's justthat he finds it difficult to go against his scientific facts. [SUSAN] I know. [BARBARA] Oh, look. Why don't you just try and forget it for the moment? [SUSAN] For the moment. [IAN] What's this one for? I don't know how you make sense of any ofthis. [DOCTOR] You're quite right, quite right. [IAN] Can you find where we are? Well, Doctor? [DOCTOR] Hmm? Oh. [IAN] I was wondering if perhaps you [DOCTOR] My dear boy, these eternal questions of yours. Do I know wherewe are, I suppose? [IAN] Now listen, Doctor, I don't want to argue with you. We're fellowtravellers whether we like it or not. But for heaven's sake try and seeit from our point of view. You've uprooted us violently from our ownlives. You [DOCTOR] You pushed your way into the ship, young man. [IAN] All right, all right, I admit it. A small part of the blame isours. [DOCTOR] Oh, small? [IAN] But naturally we're anxious. What are we going to do? Can we livehere? What do we eat? There are millions of questions. [DOCTOR] A very good idea. I'm hungry. [DOCTOR] Oh, what's the matter? [BARBARA] Oh, I've suddenly got this terrible headache. [DOCTOR] Oh, dear, dear, how irksome for you. Oh, this stuff is verygood. This should cure it. Now, not too much, dear, not too much. [SUSAN] No. Oh, Grandfather. I'm sorry I was so silly just now. Here,try this. [BARBARA] Thank you. Oh, it's very nice. [IAN] Let's hope it does you some good. [DOCTOR] Oh, did you want something to eat? What would you like? [BARBARA] I'd like some bacon and eggs. [IAN] All right, bacon and eggs. [DOCTOR] Bacon and eggs. [IAN] But [SUSAN] This is fully automatic. [DOCTOR] Yes, certainly, certainly. J62. [SUSAN] (turning dials) J62. [DOCTOR] L6. [SUSAN] L6. [IAN] I hope mine doesn't taste of engine grease. [DOCTOR] Now, now, now, don't be ridiculous. [BARBARA] Shall I get plates and things? [SUSAN] No, there's no need to. [SUSAN] Eggs and bacon. [DOCTOR] Bacon and eggs. [IAN] What, this? [SUSAN] Go on, try it. [DOCTOR] Well? [IAN] Mm. Not bad. What do you think, Barbara? [BARBARA] I think it's delicious. [IAN] My bacon's a bit salty. [DOCTOR] It shouldn't be. It's English. [IAN] No, seriously, Doctor, this is remarkable. I mean, one bite and Itaste the bacon, another and I taste the egg. How do you do it? [DOCTOR] Food has component parts, dear boy. Flavours are rather likeprimary colours, you know, you blend two to achieve a third, a fourth,etc, etc. [IAN] Well, I think it's wonderful. [SUSAN] How's your headache now? [BARBARA] Oh, it's much better. I don't usually get them at all. [DOCTOR] Susan, would you like something to eat? [SUSAN] No thanks, I'm not hungry. [DOCTOR] Oh, child, that's unusual. I do hope your affects outside theship hasn't affected you too much. [SUSAN] No. I think I'll go to bed now, anyway. [DOCTOR] Right. [SUSAN] Do you want to know where you can sleep, Miss Wright? [BARBARA] Oh, yes. [IAN] What's that? [DOCTOR] The scanner. [SUSAN] There was somebody there. [IAN] Nothing. Not a thing. [SUSAN] But something must have made that noise. [BARBARA] Look, I've had enough of this. Please, can't we get out ofhere? [DOCTOR] Ah, but the city. I must see the city. [BARBARA] But why? [DOCTOR] I will not be questioned. Uninvited passengers. I didn't invitethem to the ship. I shall do what I want to do. [IAN] Why endanger the rest of us by staying here? [SUSAN] Grandfather, please. Please. [BARBARA] Stone trees are all very well, but the next forest I walkthrough I want them all to be made of wood. [SUSAN] What's the matter? [DOCTOR] I don't know. The power take-up was rising normally and [IAN] What's wrong? [DOCTOR] Oh don't distract me, please. [SUSAN] Shall I trace it on the fault locator, Grandfather? [DOCTOR] Yes, I think you'd better, child. [SUSAN] (checking a printout) K7. [DOCTOR] K7? Ah, yes, of course, the fluid link. Yes, yes, yes. Yes. [DOCTOR] Yes, there we are, you see. The end of it's unscrewed itselfand the fluid has run out. [IAN] Have you got a spare? [DOCTOR] Oh, no, no need for that. This is easily repaired. All we haveto do is refill it. [IAN] What liquid do you need? [DOCTOR] Mercury. [IAN] Mercury. Can I get it for you? [DOCTOR] No, I'm afraid you can't. We haven't any at all. [IAN] What? [DOCTOR] No. [IAN] Don't you carry a supply? [DOCTOR] No, it hasn't been necessary. This hasn't happened before. [IAN] But you must have some somewhere, surely. [DOCTOR] No, no. We shall have to get some from outside. [BARBARA] But where? There isn't anything outside because [IAN] Yes. There's the city. [DOCTOR] Yes, the city, of course. Of course we're bound to get somemercury there. Yes, we're bound to. Well, I mean, what else can we do,hmm? [IAN] It seems we have no alternative. We have to go to the city. [DOCTOR] Yes, indeed. At first light, then? [IAN] Well, it's light enough and there doesn't seem to be anything outthere. We might as well get started. Oh, and Doctor. Remember we'regoing to this city to find mercury, and once we've found it we'recoming straight back here. Is that clear? [DOCTOR] Oh, quite so, quite so. --------------------------------------- (Forest) [IAN] Well, shall I lead? [DOCTOR] Yes, by all means. [IAN] Look. [BARBARA] Don't touch it, it might go off. [SUSAN] Be careful. [DOCTOR] What is it, Chesterton? [IAN] I don't know. Stand back, all of you. [IAN] I think it's all right. A metal box. It's a box of glass phials.Look. [DOCTOR] Let me see. [SUSAN] Then there was somebody here last night. They must have droppedthem. I knew I was right. [IAN] Yes. Sorry, Susan. [DOCTOR] Yes, I'd like to run a few tests on those. Susan, would youtake these into the ship, please? [SUSAN] Yes. [DOCTOR] Thank you. Oh, and by the way, did you remember the foodsupplies? [SUSAN] Yes. A day's supply for four. That's enough, isn't it? [DOCTOR] Yes, ample, ample. [IAN] I trust we won't be more than a couple of hours. You ready, Susan? [SUSAN] Yes. [IAN] Come on, then. Off we go. --------------------------------------- (City) [DOCTOR] Do you mind if I sit down for a minute? I feel a bit exhausted. [IAN] You all right? [DOCTOR] Yes, I'm just a bit tired. It was a long journey and my legsare rather weak. [BARBARA] Why don't you rest here? Ian and I will look around and see ifwe can [DOCTOR] No, no, no, no, I want to look around too. I shall be allright, thank you. [IAN] I must say, I don't feel too good myself. Look, why don't we getthis over with quickly. Look for instruments, gauges, anything likethat. Ideally what we want is a laboratory. [BARBARA] Ian, look. [IAN] Why don't we separate and go different ways and meet back here insay, ten minutes. All right? [BARBARA] Fine. I'll go this way. (through the door) [DOCTOR] Would you lend me your arm, would you, Susan? Thank you. [SUSAN] Let's try this one. (the door opens for her) There's no light. [IAN] Ah, there you are. Any luck? [SUSAN] No. How about you? [IAN] No, no luck. Barbara should be here by now. Barbara! Barbara!We'll give her a couple of minutes more, and then if she's not backwe'll have to go and look for her. [IAN] We've waited long enough for her. We must go and find her. --------------------------------------- (City) [IAN] Barbara? Barbara? Barbara? [SUSAN] Miss Wright? [IAN] Barbara? [SUSAN] Hey, there's a corridor over here. [IAN] We might as well see where it goes to. Come on. [DOCTOR] Wait. [IAN] What's the matter? [DOCTOR] Listen. [SUSAN] I can hear a ticking noise. [DOCTOR] Quiet, child. Now listen. [IAN] Yes. Over here somewhere. [DOCTOR] It's stopped now. [SUSAN] Hey, there it is again. [IAN] It's coming from in here. --------------------------------------- (Room) [DOCTOR] Measuring equipment. But measuring what? Look here. Look atthis drum. The ink's still quite wet. [IAN] Yes. Hard to imagine what sort of people these are. [DOCTOR] They're intelligent, anyway. Very intelligent. [IAN] Yes, but how do they use their intelligence? What form does ittake? [DOCTOR] Oh, as if that matters. What these instruments tell us is thatwe're in the midst of a very, very advanced civilised society. [SUSAN] Here it is. The thing that's ticking. It's over here. It's aGeiger counter. [IAN] But look at the needle! It's past the danger point. [DOCTOR] Yes, yes, that explains a lot of things, doesn't it. A jungleturned to stone, the barren soil and the fact that we're not feelingwell. [IAN] Radiation sickness? [DOCTOR] Yes, I'm afraid so. The atmosphere here is polluted with a veryhigh level of fallout, and we've been walking around in it completelyunprotected. [IAN] What? But how do you explain the buildings? They're intact. [DOCTOR] A neutron bomb. Yes. It destroys all human tissue, but leavesthe buildings and machinery intact. Yes. [IAN] What? But how much radiation, and how badly? [DOCTOR] We need, we need drugs to be treated. [IAN] But where are we going to find them? [SUSAN] The Tardis will have to take us to another time and place wherewe can be cured. [IAN] But don't you remember? We can't move the ship until we find themercury for the fluid link! [DOCTOR] For the fluid link, yes. Yes, I'm afraid I cheated a little onthat. I was determined to see the city, but everybody wanted to go onand, well, to avoid arguments, in short, there's nothing wrong with thefluid link. [SUSAN] What? Grandfather, do you mean to say that you risked leavingthe ship just to see this place? [IAN] You fool. You old fool! [DOCTOR] Abuse me as much as you like, Chesterton. The point is we needan immediate return to the ship, and I suggest we leave at once. [IAN] We're not leaving until we've found Barbara. [DOCTOR] Very well. You may stay and search for her if you wish, butSusan and I are going back to the ship. Now, come along, child. [IAN] All right, carry on, fine. How far do you think you'll get withoutthis? (the fluid link) [DOCTOR] Give that to me. [IAN] Not until we've found Barbara. [DOCTOR] Give it to me, I say. [IAN] No! It's time you faced up to your responsibilities. You got ushere. Now I'm going to make sure that you get us back. [DOCTOR] Chesterton, this is [IAN] We're wasting time. We should be looking for Barbara. [SUSAN] He's right, Grandfather. We are wasting time. [DOCTOR] Child, if only you'd think as an adult sometimes. Oh, verywell. Let's go then. Let's go. --------------------------------------- (City) [DALEK] You will move ahead of us and follow my directions. This way.Immediately. [DALEK] I said immediately! [DALEK] Fire! [IAN] My legs! My legs! [DALEK] Stop! Your legs are paralysed. You will recover shortly unlessyou force us to use our weapons again. In that case, the condition willbe permanent. You two, help him. [IAN] My legs, my legs. I can't use my legs. --------------------------------------- (Detention cell) [DALEK [OC]] Stop here. [BARBARA] Susan! [SUSAN] Miss Wright! [IAN] Barbara, thank heaven we've found you. Are you all right? [BARBARA] Yes. What's the matter? What's happened? [IAN] Oh, I'm all right. [SUSAN] He tried to get away and they hurt him. [BARBARA] Can't you stand up? [IAN] Not without help. The feeling's coming back, don't worry. [BARBARA] Come over here. [IAN] How about you, Barbara? We tried to look for you and then thosemachines caught us. [BARBARA] They trapped me in some sort of lift. It seemed to go down forages. [IAN] They didn't hurt you? [BARBARA] No. Ian, what are they? [IAN] I don't know. Barbara, did you notice anything? I mean, when theywere moving you about. Any little thing may help us. [BARBARA] No, nothing much. They moved me from floor to floor, always inlifts. Where we are now must be miles underground. Well, there wasn'tany furniture now I come to think about it. [IAN] I'm afraid that's not very much help. [BARBARA] Ian, do you think they really are just machines? [IAN] What do you mean? [BARBARA] Well, I was going to say, do you think there's someone insidethem? [IAN] That's a point. We haven't any idea what's inside them. [BARBARA] I tried to think of how I could get away from them, but then Ibegan to feel so weak and giddy. It's getting worse now. I think theymust have drugged me in some way. [IAN] It's not that. Barbara, we've got radiation sickness. All of us.The Doctor's pretty badly hit. [BARBARA] Well, how do you know it's radiation? [SUSAN] We found a Geiger counter. It seems that all the time we've beenin the open, we've been exposed to it. [BARBARA] Well, what's going to happen to us? [DOCTOR] Well, unless, unless we get treatment, we shall die. Yes, weshall die. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 1] Bring in the old man Thal prisoner. Two hundred days ago theradiation count was ninety three. [DALEK 2] It is now fifty eight. An impressive reduction. [DALEK 1] It is still enough to destroy. Our prisoners are showingpreliminary stages of sickness already. [DALEK 2] We know the Thals are able to live on the surface. [DALEK 1] And that they must have found immunity. [DALEK 2] Perhaps it is a drug. Is it failing them now? Why are thesefour showing signs of radiation sickness? [DALEK 1] A few questions will reduce the mystery. [DALEK 1] Do not move out of the light. Sit on the floor. [DALEK 2] You are one of the Thal people? [DOCTOR] I don't understand you. [DALEK 1] Why are you suffering from radiation? [DOCTOR] Why? Because we were not aware of it until it was too late,that's why. [DALEK 2] No, that is not true. We know the Thals have existed outsideour city. [DALEK 1] The truth is your supply of drugs has failed, and you cameinto the city to see if you could find more. [DOCTOR] No, no. Thals? What are you talking about? We're not Thals, orwhatever you may call them. Can't you see we're very ill. [DALEK 1] You and your companions need a drug to stay alive. [DOCTOR] We have no drugs. (softly) A drug? A drug. The drugs leftoutside the Tardis. [DALEK 2] Tardis? He is becoming delirious. I do not understand hiswords. [DOCTOR] Listen to me. [DALEK 1] Stay in the light. [DOCTOR] My friends and I are travellers. We did find something in theforest near our encampment. They may be the drugs you're referring to.Why not let one of us go and bring the phials here? And under guard, ifnecessary. [DALEK 1] We cannot move outside the city. [DOCTOR] Very well, then. Let one of us go and hold the others until hereturns. [DALEK 1] Providing whoever you send understands the rest of you will beheld responsible for his return. [DOCTOR] He will have our lives in his hands. That is enough. [DALEK 1] Then we agree. [DOCTOR] Tell me something about the people, the Thals. [DALEK 1] Over five hundred years ago there were two races on thisplanet. We, the Daleks, and the Thals. After the neutronic war, ourDalek forefathers retired into the city, protected my our machines. [DOCTOR] And the Thals? [DALEK 1] Most of them perished in the war, but we know that there aresurvivors. They must be disgustingly mutated, but the fact that theyhave survived tells us they must have a drug that preserves the lifeforce. [DOCTOR] And knowing that these mutated creatures exist outside thecity, you're willing to send one of us in amongst them? [DALEK 1] As you say yourself, all your lives depend on it. --------------------------------------- (Detention cell) [BARBARA] Is it any easier? [IAN] Yes, I think it is. I'm going to try and stand on my own. [SUSAN] Be careful. [IAN] I'll be all right. Oh, that's not too bad, is it? [BARBARA] Why don't you sit down for a minute? [IAN] No, no, no. I'll be all right. [IAN] No good. [BARBARA] Come on, sit down. It'll wear off in time. [IAN] How are you feeling, Barbara? [BARBARA] Not too good. [IAN] Susan? [SUSAN] Well, it doesn't seem to have affected me as much as the rest ofyou. [SUSAN] Grandfather! [IAN] Are you all right? [SUSAN] What happened? [DOCTOR] In a moment, child. The phial of drugs left outside the Tardis,remember? [BARBARA] Yes, what about them? [DOCTOR] It's possible that they may have been anti-radiation gloves.Drugs. I can't be certain, but it does give us a chance. The peoplehere, whoever they may be, are very eager to get hold of them. [IAN] None of us are in very good shape to go and get them. [BARBARA] Oh, I could do it. [IAN] No, it must be me. [BARBARA] But you can't walk. [IAN] Oh, I'll be all right in a couple of hours. [DOCTOR] Whoever goes must be very careful. As far as I can ascertain,the creatures out there are the ones who dropped the box. They'recalled Thals. They're mutations. [IAN] So it wasn't our captors who left the drugs behind? [DOCTOR] No. If they were drugs. I've learnt quite a lot from theDaleks. [IAN] The who? [DOCTOR] The Daleks, our captors here. Oh, if I didn't feel so. Oh. ButI was right about the neutron bomb. The Daleks built this undergroundcity as a kind of huge shelter. [IAN] But what about the, what do you call them, the Thals? I mean, howdid they survive out there? They [DOCTOR] I don't know. [IAN] Doctor. Doctor? I must get that drug quickly. [SUSAN] He's burning hot. [IAN] Yes. As soon as they take me to the surface, I'll ask for water.In the meantime you must keep him as cool as you possibly can. I thinkthere's some life coming back into my toes. [SUSAN] You can't go alone, Ian. I have to go with you. [IAN] No, I want you to stay here, Susan. [SUSAN] But I can't. I must go with you. [IAN] Don't argue with me. [SUSAN] You can't get into the ship. [IAN] All right then, give me the key. [SUSAN] It's not just a question of turning the key. The whole lockcomes away from the door. [IAN] Susan, supposing these Daleks insist that only one of us goes.Then I'll have to take the key and I'll have to go on trying until thedoor opens. [SUSAN] No, you'd jam the lock. Look, it's a defence mechanism. Thereare twenty one different holes inside the lock. There's one right placeand twenty wrong ones. If you make a mistake, you'll. Well, the wholeinside of the lock will melt. [IAN] There's nothing else for it, then. We must go together. Come on,let's see if I can walk. No, it's all right, Barbara. You take it easy.Rest. My right leg is better, you know. I've got feeling in this one,but the left is just pins and needles. [DALEK 1] You must leave now. [IAN] I'm not well enough yet. [DALEK 1] You must leave now. [IAN] My legs are still [DALEK 1] Which one of you is going? [IAN] You must give me more time. [SUSAN] Can't you see how weak he is? [DALEK 1] There are others. [BARBARA] Oh, Ian, I can't. The whole room's going round. [SUSAN] Must I? Alone? [BARBARA] You can't let her go alone. She's just a child. Plead withthem. Anything! [IAN] Susan, you see how ill they both are. We can't afford to waituntil I can walk. An hour might make all the difference. [SUSAN] I'm so afraid. [IAN] Go on. [SUSAN] Yes. [IAN] Don't stop for anything. Straight there, straight back. [DALEK 1] Are you ready? [IAN] Yes, all right. [SUSAN] I'm coming now. [BARBARA] Ian, the others in the forest. He said they were mutations. [IAN] But what else could I do? --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 2] The child has set out. [DALEK 1] Her direction is being followed on the rangescopes? [DALEK 2] Yes. [DALEK 1] Mark her movements carefully. If there are more Thal peopleliving in the jungle, she will try to contact them. [DALEK 2] I understand. If she returns with the drugs, am I to allow theprisoners to use it? [DALEK 1] No. They will die in time. There only value is in bringing usenough of the Thal drug to duplicate it for our own use. [ALL] Yes, at last we have a chance. --------------------------------------- (Detention cell) [BARBARA] He's getting worse. [IAN] How long did the Doctor say we'd last without treatment? Fortyeight hours? [BARBARA] I don't know. It's hit him so badly, Ian. [IAN] Yes. How are you feeling? [BARBARA] Oh, I ache all over. I have difficulty in keeping my eyesopen. [IAN] Yes, I'm about the same. All his fault! Had to have his own way,see the city. [BARBARA] Oh, Ian, that doesn't help. [IAN] I know, I know. [BARBARA] We must wait. That's all we can do. [IAN] Wait. Yes. An hour ago I thought we might try and escape, watchtheir movements, make a plan. There's always a chance. Now we're toolate. I think even if they left the doors wide open we wouldn't havethe strength to crawl through them. [BARBARA] How long has she been gone? [IAN] About an hour. She should just be on the edge of the jungle bynow. --------------------------------------- (Forest) (Detention cell) [BARBARA] He's so hot. It's like a fever. [IAN] Yes, his breathing's so bad. What do you think, Barbara? [BARBARA] I don't know. Even if Susan got back now, I don't know whethershe'd be in time. Give me his coat. [IAN] Here you are. [IAN] Barbara, come on now. [BARBARA] I'm all right. [IAN] Sit down. No, you rest. You can't do anything more for him. [BARBARA] It's so hot in here. [IAN] Yes. Now you try and sleep, Barbara. Try and sleep. [BARBARA] Yes, I'd like to sleep. [IAN] Yes. [BARBARA] It's so hot. [IAN] Hurry, Susan. Hurry, Susan! --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 2] I have just come from the prisoners. Theold man is dying. [DALEK 1] Then he must die. There is no help we can give him. How arethe others? [DALEK 2] The woman is sleeping very heavily. The young man fightsagainst it. [DALEK 1] What of the girl? Has she reached the jungle? [DALEK 2] Yes, the rangerscopes tracked her that far. Now they have losther. --------------------------------------- (Tardis) [IAN [OC]] Don't stop for anything. Straight there, straight back. Anhour might make all the difference. [SUSAN] I must. I must. --------------------------------------- (Forest) [SUSAN] Who are you? What do you want? [ALYDON] Don't be afraid. [SUSAN] What do you want? But they said you were, but they called you.But you're not. You're perfect. [ALYDON] I tried to speak to you in the forest yesterday, but Ifrightened you. I'm sorry. [SUSAN] I was frightened. I was terrified. [ALYDON] Yes, I was very clumsy. I have come now to make certain youunderstand how to use the drugs I left for you. [SUSAN] You left? But we thought they had been dropped by accident. [ALYDON] No. [SUSAN] We didn't even know they were drugs. [MAN] You mean you haven't taken them yet? But you must. [SUSAN] That's why I came back, you see. My grandfather and two of myfriends are prisoners in the city and [ALYDON] No, please, please, you're too quick for me. There are four ofyou, I know that. I've watched you. And what do you mean, prisoners? [SUSAN] Well, don't you know about the Daleks? [ALYDON] So the Dalek people have survived. But do they live in thatdead city? [SUSAN] Well, underneath it, anyway. You see, the Daleks want the drugstoo, and they won't let us go until I bring them back to them. [ALYDON] But why should they want the drugs? Surely they must have somethemselves if they're still alive. [SUSAN] I don't know. Look, my grandfather and my friends are terriblyill. I must take the drug back to them. [ALYDON] No. No, no, wait. Are you sure the Daleks want the drugs foryour friends and not for themselves? [SUSAN] I hadn't thought of that. [MAN] Do you trust them? [SUSAN] No. I'm not sure. [ALYDON] You still have the drugs I left for you. I shall give you afurther supply which you must hide as best you can. Do you trust me? [SUSAN] Yes. [ALYDON] I am Alydon of the Thal race. I shall go with you through theforest to the outer wall of the city, if you will allow me. [SUSAN] Oh, thank you. I don't understand. They said you were. Well,they called you mutations. [ALYDON] Here, take my cloak. You're cold. [SUSAN] Thank you. [ALYDON] We are the survivors of a final war. But the radiation stillpersists and that is why your friends are ill. I wonder if the Dalekshave seen us. [SUSAN] Seen you? [ALYDON] I mean, if they call us mutations, what must they be like? --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 2] I have returned the girl to the cell. [DALEK 1] Very well. [DALEK 2] They are asking for water. [DALEK 1] Give them some. It is clear that the girl must have madecontact with the Thals. [DALEK 2] Our prisoners could bring the Thals to us. [DALEK 1] Precisely that. --------------------------------------- (Detention cell) [SUSAN] The Thal said the drug would act quickly. [IAN] Don't give him any more water, Susan. His pulse is steady nowanyway. [BARBARA] My arms are tingling. [SUSAN] Yes, Alydon said you'd feel that. It just means the drug'sworking, that's all. [IAN] This Alydon of yours seems to have kept his wits about him. Givingyou that extra supply of drugs. [SUSAN] Yes. It was strange when the Daleks found it. I thought first ofall they were going to keep both lots. Then they suddenly seemed tochange their mind and gave the second lot back to me. [IAN] Yes. Still, the Thals seem more friendly. [SUSAN] Oh, yes. Alydon gave me this cloak to keep me warm. [BARBARA] Why do the Daleks think they're mutations? [SUSAN] I don't know. Judging by Alydon, they're magnificent people. [DOCTOR] Susan. [SUSAN] Grandfather? You'll feel better soon. I brought the drugs back. [DOCTOR] Give me a little while and then we must go back to the ship. [SUSAN] No, we're still prisoners. [DOCTOR] Oh, are we? Oh, yes. Well, we must leave here soon. We must,must leave. Yes. [SUSAN] As soon as grandfather's properly awake we must try and find away of helping the Thals. [BARBARA] We can't even help ourselves, locked up in here like this. [SUSAN] We must try and talk to the Daleks. Alydon says the Thals aregoing to starve unless they can find new supplies of food. You see,after the war, the Thals that survived managed to cultivate small plotsof land. Well, that's how they've survived ever since. But they'vealways had to be very, very careful, because the crops have always beenin danger. But, you see, they rely on a great rainfall that onlyhappens about every four or five years. Well, it's two years overduenow, and all their crops are ruined. Well, that's why the whole Thalrace had to leave their plateau and go in search of food. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [SUSAN [on monitor]] Alydon says, unless we canhelp them arrange some sort of treaty with the Daleks, they're allgoing to die. [IAN [on monitor]] But how can we, Susan? [SUSAN [on monitor]] Well, he wants to talk to the Daleks. He said ifthey agree to supply food for them, then one of us must take a messageoutside the city. [DALEK 2] We could let this catastrophe destroy the Thals. [DALEK 1] Will they let themselves starve to death? No. I feelpreserving our prisoners was a good idea. [DALEK 2] And an arrangement to bring the Thals inside our city an evenbetter one. [DALEK 1] We'll let our prisoners sleep and then give them food. Afterthat, we can plan. [DALEK 2] Why not begin now? [DALEK 1] Because the lapse of time, the relaxation of sleep, theprovision of food, all these things will give them a false sense ofsecurity. --------------------------------------- (Detention cell) [DALEK 1] We have brought you food and more water. (Barbara takes it)The girl is to come with me. [IAN] Why? [SUSAN] It's all right. [BARBARA] Well, what are they going to do to her? [DALEK 1] She will be returned. We are going to help the Thals, which iswhat you want us to do. Come now. [DOCTOR] I can't understand. Why have they taken Susan? [IAN] How do they know we want to help the Thals? --------------------------------------- (Jungle, outside the Tardis) [ALYDON] Ah, Ganatus. [GANATUS] Alydon. [ALYDON] You've been longer than I thought. [GANATUS] The path was rough. [ALYDON] The dead city lies over there. [TEMMOSUS] (a man with a headdress) Get the tent here, towards the west. [DYONI] (a young woman) What is it, Temmosus. [TEMMOSUS] This must be the craft in which the strangers arrived here.So, Alydon, we were right to believe the city inhabited. [ALYDON] Yes, Temmosus. [TEMMOSUS] I wonder what they'll be like. How they'll be disposedtowards us. [GANATUS] They are Daleks. [TEMMOSUS] Yes, but we've changed over the centuries. Why shouldn'tthey? The once famous warrior race of Thals are now farmers. [DYONI] But the Daleks were teachers, weren't they, Temmosus? [TEMMOSUS] Yes, they were. And philosophers. [GANATUS] Perhaps they are the warriors now. [TEMMOSUS] From the distance, the city looks as if they make science andinvention their profession. It's a magical architecture. Perhaps we canexchange ideas with them, learn from them. [GANATUS] Perhaps. [TEMMOSUS] And these others, they arrived here in this weird object? [ALYDON] Yes, Temmosus. [TEMMOSUS] And you trust them, Alydon? [ALYDON] I have only spoken with the young girl, but if the others areanything like her, I would trust them absolutely. [TEMMOSUS] I hope you're not too generous in your beliefs. What do yousay, Dyoni? [DYONI] I have no opinions in the matter. [GANATUS] How unusual. [TEMMOSUS] Where is the girl now? [ALYDON] I have given her the drugs and she has returned to the city. [DYONI] It would have been better if you had given it to a man insteadof a girl. [ALYDON] I had no chance. They're prisoners in the city. [GANATUS] Prisoners? [TEMMOSUS] Are you sure? [ALYDON] I'm afraid so. From everything the young girl said, the Daleksare certainly very suspicious of others. [TEMMOSUS] Tell me, Alydon. How old is this young girl? [ALYDON] No longer a child, not yet a woman. [TEMMOSUS] Ah, then perhaps it's safe for you to talk to her, if she'snot yet a woman. [ALYDON] I don't understand her. If we don't find a new food supply fornext year, we're finished. Doesn't she understand that? We're allworking towards the same end. [GANATUS] Now there's a double meaning for you. [TEMMOSUS] But don't you realise that Dyoni sees her personal future inyou. You must remember that when we left our plateau and started onthis journey, she was little more than a child. But that was four yearsago. [ALYDON] I'm not quite so blind. [TEMMOSUS] Well, go on. What have you planned? [ALYDON] The young girl will speak with the Daleks, and a message willcome from the city. [TEMMOSUS] Direct from the girl? [ALYDON] Yes. [TEMMOSUS] But how shall we know that it is not a trick? [ALYDON] Well, she told me her name> Susan. And that is how themessage is to be signed. Otherwise, we shall know the Daleks arehostile to us. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 2] Have liquid foods, water in abundance. We can also supplyunlimited quantities of fresh vegetables which are forced in artificialsunlight. [SUSAN] Just a minute. Artificial sunlight. All right, go on. [DALEK 2] In return, we shall expect the Thals to help us in there-cultivation of the land surrounding the [DALEK 1] Why have you stopped writing? [SUSAN] Well, I can only ask them. I can't accept for them. [DALEK 1] Then put down that we expect them to help us. [SUSAN] Yes, I'm sure they will. [DALEK 1] Please sit still while we examine what you've written. [DALEK 1] What is the last word here? [SUSAN] The last word? [DALEK 1] Su San. Stop that noise. (a giggle) [SUSAN] It's what I'm called. It's my name. Susan. [DALEK 1] Have you told the Thals that you would write this name on themessage? [SUSAN] Yes. Look, there's no need to be frightened of them. They'revery friendly people. All they want is food. Let me take the message tothem. [DALEK 1] No. [SUSAN] Why not? [DALEK 1] We have planned otherwise. [IAN [on monitor]] But how long are they going to keep Susan, Doctor? [BARBARA [on monitor]] What do they want with her? [DOCTOR [on monitor]] Perhaps they're going to let us go. I don't know. [SUSAN] We knew you could hear us, 'cause you knew about the Thals andthe food. [DALEK 1] It does not matter. We have the message now. --------------------------------------- (Detention cell) [IAN] All set, Doctor? (loud) The whole pattern ofthings is suspicious. Just because the Daleks didn't kill us is noreason to trust them. [DOCTOR] Or suspect them either. [BARBARA] Or maybe they just have a different way of doing things. [IAN] The Thals have helped us. The Daleks put us in a cell. I knowwhich of the two I prefer. [DOCTOR] I tell you, the Daleks are brilliant people. I think we oughtto cooperate with them. [IAN] Ever since you talked alone to the Daleks, you've been on theirside. What have they done, bribed you or something? Look, I want toknow why. Why are you on their side and against the rest of us. [DOCTOR] Take your hands off me. How dare you shout [SUSAN] Leave my grandfather alone! [IAN] I want an answer. [BARBARA] Stop arguing. [IAN] Please give me space. [BARBARA] Ian. [DOCTOR] Keep away from me! [BARBARA] Susan, what are you doing? [IAN] Did I hurt you? [SUSAN] No, of course you didn't. [DOCTOR] Don't waste time. [IAN] Fix you for a while. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 2] Do you think it was broken accidentallyin their struggle? [DALEK 1] No, the cable is strong. They have broken it deliberately. [DALEK 3] They can be moved immediately to another room, the eyerepaired. [DALEK 1] No. [DALEK 2] Extermination, then. [DALEK 1] There is no escape from the room that holds them. They maywell be useful again. We shall deal with the Thals. --------------------------------------- (Detention cell) [DOCTOR] The point is, how do we get out of here?Wait until the Daleks open the door, and force the issue? [BARBARA] But we'd never get near them. [SUSAN] We must try and trick them. We must all pretend to be dead. Thenwhen they come in to investigate, we must rush down the corridor [IAN] Yes, and then what? No. We must find a way of putting thesemachines out of action. [BARBARA] Yes. Remember what they did to your legs. [IAN] Yes. [DOCTOR] The floors are metal. All the floors are metal. [BARBARA] Well, so are the streets of the city outside. [DOCTOR] Why? [BARBARA] I don't know. [DOCTOR] No, I know you don't know. I mean, why do they use metal? Is itbecause it lasts longer? Or because [IAN] Because it's essential to them. That's an idea. [BARBARA] Well how is that going to help us? [IAN] Well, if metal is essential [DOCTOR] No, no, no, now listen. Let's concentrate on the Daleks. Haveyou noticed, for example, that when they move about there's a sort ofacrid smell? [SUSAN] Yes, yes, I've noticed that. [BARBARA] I know. A fairground. [IAN] That's it. Dodgems. [DOCTOR] It's electricity. I think they're powered that way. [IAN] Yes. But just a minute. They have no pick-up or anything. And onlythe base of the machine touches the floor. How do they complete thecircuit? [SUSAN] Batteries? [DOCTOR] No, no. I believe the Daleks have discovered a way to exploitstatic electricity. Very ingenious, if I'm right. [BARBARA] What, drawing power from the floor? [DOCTOR] Precisely. If I'm right, of course. Now, what do we know apartfrom guessing how they are powered? [SUSAN] Well, they can see all round them. [BARBARA] Yes. Their eye is flexible, like a large camera lens. [DOCTOR] Yes, yes, yes, yes. Now, Chesterton, do you mind concentrating,young man? [IAN] Hmm? Susan. The cloak the Thals gave you. [SUSAN] Yes, it's just behind you. [IAN] Barbara, come here. What do you think this is made of? [BARBARA] I don't know. It isn't plastic, I don't think it's nyloneither. [IAN] Whatever it is, it'll do for what we want. [DOCTOR] And what will it do, young man? Hmm? [IAN] Insulate. If you are right, Doctor, about the Daleks taking uppower from the floor, this is a perfect way of putting them out ofaction. --------------------------------------- (Thal camp outside the Tardis) [DYONI] Oh, look, Ganatus, they've found a Magneton under some bushes. [GANATUS] Dead, I hope. [DYONI] Well, of course it's dead. Oh, I never know when you're seriousand when you're joking. [GANATUS] We'll be able to recharge the hand lights. I'll go and tellAntodus. [DYONI] Is he still afraid of the dark? I'm sorry, I [GANATUS] My brother isn't afraid of anything. [ALYDON] Temmosus, suppose the Daleks refuse to help us. What then? [TEMMOSUS] I believe the Daleks hold the key to our future. Whateverthat future may be, we must accept it gracefully and without regret. [ALYDON] I wish I could be as objective as you. We've lived for so longa time. [TEMMOSUS] Perhaps we have lived too long. I've never struggled againstthe inevitable. It's a vain occupation. But I should always advise youto examine very closely what you think to be inevitable. It'ssurprising how often apparent defeat can be turned to victory. [GANATUS] This was found at the city gates. [ALYDON] What does it say? [TEMMOSUS] They're going to help us! It's signed by the girl, Susan. Shesays the Dalek people have no malice towards us, and they hope thatthey can work with us to build a new and safe world, free from the fearof war. They have the ability to produce food by means of syntheticsunlight, and they have left a quantity of it in the entrance hall oftheir main building. We are to collect it tomorrow. So there is afuture for us. --------------------------------------- (Detention cell) [SUSAN] Shh. He's coming. [DOCTOR] Ready? [IAN] Yes. [DOCTOR] Now all of you watch very carefully. See that you notice everydetail in that machine, right? [DALEK 1] Move back from the door. [DALEK 1] Take the food. [IAN] I'll be able to jam the door with a piece of this. (the spycamera) [SUSAN] He seemed to be able to cover all of us. [BARBARA] It's impossible to hide from it. [IAN] Yes. Perhaps we can throw a coat over the lens. [BARBARA] Surely it would see you. [IAN] Yes. Doctor, perhaps we can stage something. You know, adistraction. And when the lens looks the other way, throw somethingover it. [DOCTOR] Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. [BARBARA] Now, wait a minute. Susan, throw me your shoes. [IAN] What are you up to? [BARBARA] Making mud. [DOCTOR] If he's on time, we have three minutes. [IAN] I'm ready. [DOCTOR] How's the mud? [BARBARA] It's very sticky and very nasty. [DOCTOR] Very good. Very good idea. [SUSAN] Shall I spread the cloak over? [DOCTOR] Yes, yes. Not too near the door. We don't want to make himsuspicious. [SUSAN] Just down there? [DOCTOR] Yes, yes. Quickly. Good, child. [IAN] He's coming. [DOCTOR] Mind your head. [DALEK 1] Take this. [DOCTOR] Now! [DALEK 1] Keep away. Keep away from me. [DALEK 1] Keep away from me! Keep away! Keep away! [IAN] That's a gun! That's a gun! [DALEK 1 ] Keep away from me! Keep away from me! Keep away from me! Keepaway from me! Keep away from me! [SUSAN] Yes, I got it! [DOCTOR] Well done, Susan. [BARBARA] Ian, come on out of the way. [DOCTOR] Are you all right, Susan? [SUSAN] Yes, Grandfather. [DOCTOR] Splendid, splendid. [IAN] I think I'm all right. Swing it round. Keep out of the way, Susan. [SUSAN] Yes. [IAN] Now, I think it's worked. Take your hand off the gun. It has! It'sworked! Now, there must be a catch here somewhere. I've found one. [IAN] Susan, Barbara, go in the corridor and keep a lookout. [BARBARA] Yes. [IAN] You'll have to help me. (they lift the lid again) Let's roll itoff the cloak. A bit more, all right? [DOCTOR] Yes. [IAN] Give me that cloak. That's it. All right. Now. [IAN] Lift. [IAN] Now, see if I can get inside it. All clear in the corridor? [SUSAN + BARBARA] Yes. [SUSAN] I think there's a sentry down the other end of the corridor. [BARBARA] Well, they made such a terrible noise. Ian, hurry. [IAN] Not much room for my legs, but try the top. [DOCTOR] Barbara, Susan, give me a hand. Move it down gently. (theylower the lid) How is it? [IAN] (Dalek-like) It's very cramped indeed. [DOCTOR] Well, can't you sound more like a Dalek? [BARBARA] Yes, in a monotone. You've heard them. [IAN] Do you mean like this? [DOCTOR] That's it. [SUSAN] Can you see all right? [IAN] No. There's some sort of screen. No, it's the mud. Wipe the mudoff the lens. [SUSAN] Oh, yes, all right. It's all clogged up. Is that better? [IAN] Yes, I can see now. [SUSAN] Good. [IAN] I can't make this thing move. It's full of controls. [DOCTOR] Don't worry, we'll push you. [IAN] It moves well enough. [SUSAN] Yes. [BARBARA] Surely they'll know that we're pushing you. [DOCTOR] No, no, no, it won't be suspicious at all. --------------------------------------- (Corridor) [IAN] All right now, Susan, Barbara. You get infront and pretend I'm taking you for questioning. [SUSAN] Right. [BARBARA] Yes. [IAN] And Susan. [SUSAN] Yes? [IAN] You lead us. You know the way. [SUSAN] All right. This way, then. --------------------------------------- (Corridor) [IAN] Hey. Let go a minute. I think I've found out how to operate thisthing. Yes, I can. Quick, Doctor, get in front. Ready? Off we go. [SUSAN] Wait. This looks like the place. Stay there. (She looks around acorner and comes back) There's a great iron door with a Dalek on guard.And beyond the door there's a lift. [DOCTOR] It's up to you now, Chesterton. You have to do as littletalking as possible. [IAN] All right. [DALEK] Stop. [IAN] The council wishes to question the prisoners. [DALEK] I have not been informed. Wait. [SUSAN] No! I'm not going! No! [DALEK] Hold her. [IAN] I have got her. Now hold still. Help me to get them inside. [IAN] You too. --------------------------------------- (Room) [DALEK] Shall I help you to the fourth level withthem? [IAN] No. Close the doors. The girl cannot run far inside. [DOCTOR] That's fixed the door. [BARBARA] That was a very good idea, Susan. [IAN] He didn't hurt you? [SUSAN] No, not really. [IAN] Well, help me to get out of this thing. I'm suffocating. [BARBARA] The clasp is stuck. [DOCTOR] Here, let me help fix it. --------------------------------------- (Corridor) [DALEK] I have just passed the prisoners through into lift shaft seven. [DALEK 1 [OC]] There are no orders to move the prisoners. Hold them. [DALEK] The door is locked. Emergency alarm. [DALEK 1 [OC]] Attention. Immobilise lift shaft seven floor area. --------------------------------------- (Room) [IAN] They know. Come on, hurry up will you? [DOCTOR] Wait a minute. There, it's free. Lift it from the top. [SUSAN] Good. Hurry up. [BARBARA] I can't move it. It won't budge. [DOCTOR] Chesterton, try and force it up from the inside. [IAN] I'm trying. No, no, it's no good. There's something jammed insidehere. Forcing it's only making it worse. [BARBARA] Ian, come on, hurry. [IAN] I, I can't move it! [SUSAN] Ow! That door's red hot. [DOCTOR] They're cutting through the door. [BARBARA] We'll have to move you into the lift. [DOCTOR] Yes, but hurry, hurry. [SUSAN] It's stuck. [BARBARA] I don't understand it. It moved easily enough before. [DOCTOR] They've magnetised the floor. You feel it? [BARBARA] Are you sure? [DOCTOR] Yes. Chesterton, we're not able to get you into the lift. [IAN] Yes, I realise that. Take the others away in the lift, Doctor. [BARBARA] We're not going without you. [IAN] Don't waste time. Go on. [DOCTOR] Well, come on. He's right. [BARBARA] No. I'm not leaving Ian. [DOCTOR] When we get to the top, we'll send the lift back down for you.All right? [SUSAN] No, Grandfather, we can't. [IAN] Go on, go on. [SUSAN] No! [IAN] Go on. [DOCTOR] Come on, Susan. [IAN] Barbara, for goodness sake, go. [SUSAN] Oh, look! [IAN] I must, must get out. --------------------------------------- (Lift) [BARBARA] How long will it take them to cut throughthe door? [DOCTOR] Oh, maybe ten minutes. If we're lucky, longer. [SUSAN] But even if he does get out, he's stuck down there. His only wayout is the lift. We must go back for him! [DOCTOR] Susan, it's no good. We cannot do anything for him now, child. --------------------------------------- (Level One) [BARBARA] We should never have left him. It's so slow. It'll never reachhim in time. --------------------------------------- (Corridor) [DALEK 1] It is nearly completed. --------------------------------------- (Room) [DALEK 1] It is empty. [DALEK 2] Lock the lift. [DALEK 1] The emergency switch. Bring it down. --------------------------------------- (Level One) [BARBARA] Come on, Ian. Come on. [IAN [OC]] All right, I'm coming. [IAN] They had about two inches of that door to cut through when I gotout. [SUSAN] Are you all right? [IAN] Yes, thank you, Susan. [DOCTOR] Well never mind that now. We must try and find a way out ofthis room. [BARBARA] Daylight! [IAN] Yes, but where exactly are we? [DOCTOR] We're right at the top of the building. I can just see thesurface of the city. See over there? There's the edge of the petrifiedjungle. [IAN] Yes. I'm trying to recognise the streets we came along. [BARBARA] Everything looks so different from above. Do you see anythingat all that looks like [IAN] What is it? [BARBARA] Ian? [IAN] What's the matter? [BARBARA] There's someone down there. Look, by that sort of gatewaything beyond the low building. I saw someone cross that space. [DOCTOR] A Dalek? [BARBARA] No, it was a man. A human being. [SUSAN] The Thals! They've come for food supplies. [DOCTOR] They're walking into an ambush. --------------------------------------- (Room) [DALEK 2] Make no attempt to capture them. They are to be exterminated.You understand? Exterminated. [DALEK 1] I understand. --------------------------------------- (Level One) [IAN] Oh, it's no good. This room must be soundproof. We must find a wayof getting down there. [DOCTOR] Yes, but how, dear boy? [BARBARA] Isn't this a door? [IAN] Yes! Doctor, open it. [DOCTOR] Well, yes. [SUSAN] What's the matter with it? [DOCTOR] They've magnetised it, too. Come on, let's try and force itopen. [IAN] I can get my fingers in. Sorry. Yes, it's beginning to move. [BARBARA] Ian, the lift's coming back! [SUSAN] Oh, no. [IAN] Doctor, keep working the door. (he tries the lift controls) It'sno good. Wait. Come over here and give me a hand. Quick, now. All pushtogether. [DOCTOR] It's open. I've done it. [SUSAN] Good. [IAN] Be right with you. [DOCTOR] Look, what are you doing? [IAN] Just cutting down the odds a bit. Are you ready? All together,one, two, three, push! [IAN] All right, Doctor, through you go. Yes, go on. --------------------------------------- (City) [TEMMOSUS] You're much too suspicious. [ALYDON] Perhaps I am, Temmosus, but why should the Daleks help us? [TEMMOSUS] You've been saying that ever since their message arrived.Perhaps their offer was coldly worded, but friendship grows with time.These Daleks must have believed that they were the only survivors onthis planet. [ALYDON] And are they relieved to find they aren't? Or are they shockedand horrified, perhaps insanely jealous? [TEMMOSUS] You've no reason to say that. I think you misjudge them. [ALYDON] Well, yes, I'm being illogical, unfair if you like, but I justhave an instinct. [TEMMOSUS] Listen. We must find a new source of food. The Daleks haveit. They've offered it to us. These are facts, Alydon, facts. [ALYDON] Yes, yes, I know, but let me talk to them. [TEMMOSUS] It's right that I should do so. [ALYDON] But supposing [TEMMOSUS] No, Alydon. And you must thrown off these suspicions. They'rebased on fear, and fear breeds hatred and war. I shall speak to thempeacefully. They'll see that I'm unarmed. There's no better argumentagainst war than that. [ALYDON] Yes, if they really want to listen. --------------------------------------- (Food area) [DALEK 1] They are approaching. --------------------------------------- (Gateway) [SUSAN] Oh, Grandfather, come on. Come on, hurry. [BARBARA] Where are we? [IAN] By the city wall, I think. Yes, there's a gateway about fiftyyards away. [BARBARA] Are there any Daleks? [IAN] Wait there. No, no, I think we're all right. [DOCTOR] Well, lets get back to the ship. [SUSAN] No, no, I must warn the Thals. [DOCTOR] Susan. [SUSAN] We can't let them walk into a trap. [DOCTOR] The Thals are no concern of ours. We cannot jeopardise ourlives getting involved in an affair which is none of our business. [BARBARA] Of course it's our business. The Thals gave us theanti-radiation drug. Without that, we'd be dead! [IAN] Yes, but the Doctor's got a point. There's no sense in risking ourwhole party. You go back to the ship and I'll stay and warn the Thals. [SUSAN] No, we're all in this together. We're all going to stay here. [IAN] Susan, you do as I say! You go back to the ship with Barbara andyour grandfather. [SUSAN] But don't you understand [BARBARA] I know what Ian means. He stands a much better chance on hisown if he doesn't have us to worry about. Now, come on. We'll wait foryou. [IAN] I'll be there. [DOCTOR] Good luck, Chesterton. [IAN] Thank you. Go on. --------------------------------------- (Food Area) [TEMMOSUS] Daleks, can you hear me? Daleks, the Thal people wish to livein peace. If this is your wish too, then let us work together torebuild our world. We need your help, and in return we'll make the soillive again, grow crops, build homes. The time for enmity is passed. Ifthis is the kind of future that you want, then send for us and we shalltalk. [TEMMOSUS] You need not decide now. We've been waiting for centuries. Weshall go on waiting. [TEMMOSUS] Take these things. [IAN] No! It's a trap! Get out of here! Run! [DALEK] Fire! --------------------------------------- (Gateway) [IAN] Who are you? [ALYDON] I am Alydon. You are the man who warned us? [IAN] Yes. I'm sorry I was late. [ALYDON] Yes, our leader Temmosus is dead. [IAN] I know. I saw it. [ALYDON] Why? Why kill him? They didn't even know him. [IAN] We can't stand here discussing it. Get yourself and your men awayfrom here. Come on. --------------------------------------- (Thal camp) [ELYON] No, not yet. [DOCTOR] Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. You know, these recordsmust go back nearly half a million years. [DYONI] The complete history of our planet Skaro is here. It seems nowthat no one will survive to read it. [DOCTOR] Oh, nonsense, young lady. Your survival is all here. What, er,is this a solar system? [DYONI] Yes. Skaro is the twelfth planet. Here. [DOCTOR] I see. And this? What is this planet? [DYONI] Each of these maps is a tiny section of another solar system, sothe total picture can be built up. [DOCTOR] Total? Oh, you have records of other systems? [DYONI] Yes. Well, I say total. Of course, we were only able to map outas far as our electroscopes allowed. [DOCTOR] Yes, I see. I wonder if I could see the plans. [DYONI] Oh, yes. [DOCTOR] I might be able to fix our position. Oh, yes, yes. Absorbing,most absorbing. [SUSAN] Grandfather seems to be enjoying himself. [ALYDON] Some of the children have heard something moving in the forest. [IAN] It can't be the Daleks. They told us they couldn't come out of thecity. [ALYDON] Nevertheless, I think we should all be on our guard. [ELYON] Here they are. Antodus has been wounded. [GANATUS] We had to go round the other side of the city. [ALYDON] Is he badly hurt? [GANATUS] It's his shoulder. [DYONI] I'll get some ointment, and something to cover the burns. [SUSAN] We've got some in the ship. [DYONI] There's some over here. [GANATUS] We tried to go back for Temmosus. [ELYON] Temmosus? What's happened to Temmosus? [GANATUS] It was hopeless. [ALYDON] These are the people the Daleks were holding prisoner. This isthe man who shouted to warn us. [GANATUS] Thank you. Did the others get away, Alydon? [ALYDON] Tecanda was killed. [ALL] Tecanda? [ALYDON] The rest of us escaped. [BARBARA] The burns don't seem to be too bad. [DYONI] I'll get some water for him to drink. Can you manage? [BARBARA] Yes. [GANATUS] Have you decided what we're going to do, Alydon? You must takethe place of Temmosus now. [ALYDON] Yes. Yes, I know. If only I knew why the Daleks hated us. If Iknew that, I, I could alter our approach to them, perhaps. [IAN] Your leader, Temmosus. [ALYDON] Yes? [IAN] Well, he appealed very sensibly to them. Any reasonable humanbeings would have responded to him. The Daleks didn't. They obviouslythink and act and feel in an entirely different way. They just aren'thuman. [GANATUS] Yes, but why destroy without any apparent thought or reason?That's what I don't understand. [IAN] Oh, there's a reason. Explanation might be better. It's stupid andridiculous, but it's the only one that fits. [ALYDON] What? [IAN] A dislike for the unlike. [ALYDON] I don't follow you. [IAN] They're afraid of you because you're different from them. Sowhatever you do, it doesn't matter. [DYONI] What would you have us do? Fight against them? [IAN] I didn't say that. But you must teach them to respect you. Showthem some strength. [DYONI] But you really believe we ought to fight. [IAN] Yes, I think it may have to come to that. [DYONI] You understand as little about us as the Daleks do! [IAN] What would you do if the Daleks could leave their city? If theycame up here and attacked you? [ALYDON] We would go away, back to our plateau where we came from. [BARBARA] You'd simply run away? [IAN] Alydon, you can't go on running away. There are some things worthpreserving. [GANATUS] We're not afraid to die. Temmosus proved that. [IAN] I am not talking about dying. Look, you can't hand yourselves overto the Daleks. Sooner or later, they're going to try and destroy you ifthey can. [ALYDON] I can see you want to help us, but as Dyoni says, you don'tunderstand. There can never be any question of the Thals fighting theDaleks. Come, Ganatus. [BARBARA] I don't understand them. They're not cowards, they don't seemto be afraid. Can pacifism become a human instinct? [IAN] Pacifism? Is that it? Pacifism only works when everybody feels thesame. [BARBARA] Yes, but are they really pacifists? I mean, genuinely so. Oris it a belief that's become a reality because they've never had toprove it. DOCTOR [IAN] You mean this (humanoid) became [DOCTOR] Yes, yes. It took hundreds of years, of course. In the secondexample, our recent hosts, the mutation has not completed its fullcircle. Why, I don't know. But do you remember that monstrosity we tookout of its machine? [IAN] Yes. [DOCTOR] This is its forebear. [IAN] The original Dalek. [DOCTOR] Yes. They called them Dals then. Oh, it's all there, everymoment of it is Skaroene history. Minutely but brilliantly recorded.Priceless, absolutely priceless. [BARBARA] Is this a sword the Thal's holding? [DOCTOR] Yes. They were the warriors then. [BARBARA] Were they? [DOCTOR] Undoubtedly. [SUSAN] Antodus is feeling much better. [DOCTOR] I'm very glad to hear he's improving. Well, now, I'm sure youall agree with me, its time we went back to the ship. Now, come along. [SUSAN] Oh, Grandfather, couldn't we stay a bit longer? The Thals aresuch nice people. [DOCTOR] And the Daleks are not, which is more important, my child. [IAN] I wonder if there's any point in reminding the Thals of what theyused to be? [DOCTOR] Why? [BARBARA] Oh, they're opposed to fighting. We were trying to convincethem that it was a necessity for their own survival. [DOCTOR] But our fate doesn't rest with the Thals, surely. Let's leavewell alone. We have ourselves to worry about. Now, come along, comealong. Wasting time. [IAN] Maybe the Doctor's right. [BARBARA] Yes. Let's get in the ship and get as far away from here aspossible. [DOCTOR] Oh, please, come along. Oh, by the way, let me have the fluidlink, will you? Oh, dear boy, now please, please, come along. You knowI can't start the ship without it. [IAN] The fluid link. [SUSAN] You've lost it? [BARBARA] Ian, you can't have. [IAN] No. The Daleks took it from me when they searched me. It's downthere somewhere. In the city. [IAN] The fluid link. [SUSAN] You've lost it? [BARBARA] Ian, you can't have. [IAN] No. The Daleks took it from me when they searched me. It must bedown there somewhere. In the city. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 1] The drug has been duplicated. [DALEK 2] And the distribution? [DALEK 1] The drug is to be taken by sections of us so work will not beinterrupted. [DALEK 2] Have you processed the pictures? [DALEK 1] Appearing now on frequency 6. [DALEK 1] It is the elder prisoner. [DALEK 2] Show second picture. [DALEK 1] The girl and the young woman. Is that the body of the fourthprisoner? The young man? [DALEK 2] If so, he has been injured. [DALEK 1] Show third picture. [DALEK 1] They have made contact with the Thals. [DALEK 2] It is logical that together they will attack us. --------------------------------------- (Thal camp) [ALYDON] No. And that is my final word. [IAN] Be careful what you're doing up there, Susan. [SUSAN] (up a tree) Oh, it's all right, Mister Chesterton. I'm quitesafe. [IAN] No good. I've tried everything I know. They just won't risk afight with the Daleks. The trouble is, I can't go too far. [BARBARA] What do you mean? [IAN] Well, why should they help us? Some of them are bound to getkilled. What argument can you use to make a man sacrifice himself foryou? [BARBARA] Ian, you don't seem to understand. We'll be prisoners hereunless we can think of some way of getting that fluid link back fromthe Daleks. [IAN] I am quite well aware of that, Barbara. [BARBARA] And you know very well they'll find a way out of their city. [IAN] I know nothing [BARBARA] Well, you know they will. [SUSAN] Well, they need metal to travel on. [BARBARA] Oh, they'll find a way. They're clever enough. They'll find usand kill us, you know that as well as I do. [IAN] Look, even supposing you're right, I will not ask the Thals tosacrifice themselves for us. I'm sorry, Barbara, I just can't do it. [BARBARA] Ian, why can't you see? [SUSAN] Any luck, Grandfather? [DOCTOR] Hmm? [SUSAN] Well, have you made another fluid link yet? [DOCTOR] No, I can't, my child. And I've looked through all my sparesand I've really discovered we do need some mercury. [SUSAN] Oh, no. [DOCTOR] It's put us in a bit of a jam. I must get that fluid link backagain. I'm afraid my little trick has rather rebounded on me. What youmight call tempting providence, Chesserman. [IAN] Well, don't worry about it now, Doctor. It's happened. [DOCTOR] Yes, well, at least you're not vindictive. [IAN] Well I will be if you don't get my name right. [DOCTOR] Hmm? [IAN] It's Chesterton. [DOCTOR] Yes. Hey? I know that. [BARBARA] How you two can stand there wasting time with small talk beatsme. [DOCTOR] I can assure you, young lady, I haven't been wasting my time.There's always a way. [SUSAN] You always think of something, Grandfather. [DOCTOR] Thank you, my dear. Your faith is something that I prize veryhighly. You all realise, of course, we cannot succeed against theDaleks alone? [BARBARA] Of course not. [DOCTOR] We have a ready-made army here. The Thals. They're strong, andthey have one great advantage against the Daleks. They can move so muchmore quickly. [IAN] They have one great disadvantage. They have no arms or ammunition. [DOCTOR] Well, that's all right, young man. The mind will alwaystriumph. With me to lead them, the Thals are bound to succeed. [SUSAN] But Grandfather, we've been talking and arguing about this allmorning. The Thals won't fight. They're against war. [DOCTOR] My dear child, this is no time for morals. They must fight forus. [IAN] Why? [DOCTOR] Oh, my dear young man, I do hope you're not going to bedifficult. [BARBARA] The Doctor's right. Ian, can't you see? If only we can get theThals to attack the city, we could beat the Daleks and get the linkback. [DOCTOR] It's just common sense. Young lady, I've been underestimatingyou. [IAN] I will not allow you to use the Thals to fight for us. [DOCTOR] Are you challenging me? [IAN] Yes, I am. [BARBARA] Do I have any say in this? [IAN] Of course you do. [BARBARA] Well I think the Doctor's right and I want to get out of here. [IAN] I am sorry, I'm not having anyone's death on my conscience. [BARBARA] Except mine and Susan's and the Doctor's? [DOCTOR] Quite so. [IAN] The only way the Thals can fight is if they themselves want to. Itmust have nothing whatsoever to do with us. [SUSAN] I know what you mean. We must help the Thals to save themselvesand not just them help us. [IAN] Exactly. [BARBARA] All you're doing is playing with words. [DOCTOR] We need action, not arguments. [IAN] Now listen, you two. What victory are you going to show thesepeople when most of them have been killed? A fluid link? Is this whatyou're going to hold up to them and say, 'Thank you very much. This iswhat you fought and died for'? [SUSAN] The thing is, can the Thals still fight? [IAN] Well that's what we've got to find out. Are they cowards, or arethey just against fighting on principle? [BARBARA] Well, how can we find out? [IAN] Well, I've got an idea. But whatever I do, don't interfere. I'mnot even sure that I'm right. [IAN] Well, let's see what happens. [DOCTOR] Hmm, strange young man. [SUSAN] He's right, though. [BARBARA] Yes, he is. [DOCTOR] Yes, we'll see. [IAN] to have self- respect. At this moment, anyone could come in here.They could rob, they could steal. [DOCTOR] Let's see what he's up to. [IAN] They could even kill you. And you wouldn't lift a finger to helpyourselves. [ALYDON] We will not fight. There will be no more wars. Look at ourplanet. This was once a great world, full of ideas and art andinvention. In one day it was destroyed. And you will never find onegood reason why we should ever begin destroying everything again. I'msorry. [IAN] You're not sorry. You stand here, mumbling a lot of words out ofyour history. But it means nothing, nothing at all. You carry thisaround with you. Your history records. Well, it must be valuable toyou. Supposing I take it down to the city and try and trade with theDaleks? Perhaps they'd think it valuable enough to exchange for ourfluid link. [ALYDON] I don't believe you'd do it. [IAN] I would. [ALYDON] None of us would stop you. [IAN] If I don't get the fluid link back, the four of us will die.Perhaps the Daleks are more interested in people? Maybe they wereholding us to experiment on us? I could take them an alternative. [IAN] So there is something you'll fight for. --------------------------------------- (Experiment chamber) [DALEK] Help. Cannot control. Cannot control. Help me. Help me. Help!Help! Help! Help! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK [OC]] Emergency. Emergency. All Daleks insection three are incapable of working. [DALEK 1] Section three? That was the first section to get theanti-radiation drug received from the Thals. [DALEK 2] Stand by for a general announcement. This is control. Alldistribution of the anti-radiation drug is to be stopped immediately.The Dalek race has become conditioned to radiation. [DALEK 1] But if you are right, we are in danger. [DALEK [OC]] All Daleks in section three are dying. [DALEK 2] They must be examined immediately. [DALEK 1] Look, the disease has reached us in here. [DALEK 2] Then we cannot delay. [DALEK 1] But what are we to do? Is this the end of the Daleks? [DALEK 2] We need radiation to survive. So we must increase our supplyof radiation. [DALEK 1] But there is only one way to do that. [DALEK 2] Exactly. We may have to explode another neutron bomb. --------------------------------------- (Thal camp) [DYONI] Why don't you sleep? [ALYDON] Presently. [DYONI] Are you angry with yourself for striking the young man? [ALYDON] No, I knew he was trying to make me do it. I still couldn'tstop myself. Do you despise me for hitting him? [DYONI] If you hadn't fought him, I think I would have hated you. [ALYDON] I knew he wouldn't really take you and give you to the Daleks.But I fought him. Oh, I wish Temmosus were here. What would he havesaid, Dyoni? Which is the most important? To fight and live, or to diewithout fighting. [BARBARA] What will happen now? [GANATUS] I don't know. We always do what the leader of our race decidesfor us. He never decides anything without our full approval. [BARBARA] And if Alydon decides not to help us? Well, we'll have to waittill the morning. What's that light in the sky? It's a reflection fromthe city, I suppose. [GANATUS] No, the lake. Some sort of chemical in the water that makes itglow in the moonlight. [BARBARA] You've been down there? [GANATUS] Yes. There's horror down there in the swamp. Five of us wentthere in search of food, and only my brother and I came back. [BARBARA] What happened to the others? [GANATUS] Well, we found what was left of one of them. The lake is alivewith mutations, bred and crossbred until the original has long beenreplaced by. I'm sorry, I'm being morbid. [BARBARA] Oh, I don't mind as long as we're this far away. But I wonderwhy the Daleks haven't cleaned it out? Killed everything? [GANATUS] Why should they? Isn't it the perfect defence for the back ofa city? Only a fool would attack the city from the lake. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 2] Has the anti-radiation drug distribution been stopped? [DALEK 3] Yes. Only Daleks in section two and three received it. AllDaleks in section three have now died. [DALEK 2] Daleks in section two are to be brought to the sonic chamber. [DALEK 3] We will direct the air polluted by radiation away from thenuclear reactors into the sonic chamber. [DALEK 2] And if they do not die, we shall have our answer. [DALEK 3] But if we need radiation, we can never rebuild the worldoutside. [DALEK 1] We do not have to adapt to the environment. We will change theenvironment to suit us. --------------------------------------- (Thal camp) [ALYDON] I have one question to ask of you. If wedo not help you, what will you do? [IAN] We'll find our way into the city, and take back our lostequipment. [ALYDON] You see, we cannot stand by and let these people die. If we donot help them, it would be the same as if we had killed them ourselves.Well, the way I have reasoned is this. The Daleks are strong and theyhate us. And I am sure they will find a way to come out of their cityand kill us. So it is not merely a question of whether we go off in avain search for food and in all probability starve to death. We facedeath now. In the city is enough food for all of us and all of theDaleks, a hundred times over. My conclusion is this. There is noindignity in being afraid to die. But there is a terrible shame inbeing afraid to live. If none of you agree with my reasons, then let mego with these people, and I will help you elect a new chief. [GANATUS] I'll go with you, Alydon. [THAL] And I. [THAL 2] Let's start at once. [ANTODUS] And I. [IAN] Thank you. [ALYDON] You knew what my decision would be. [GANATUS] I could always have destroyed it if you'd decided differently. [DOCTOR] If we get this intelligent anticipation, we shall succeed.Let's see this. Now, what is this area here? [GANATUS] The swamp. Here are the mountains. This is the far side of thecity. I've been into the swamp. It's surrounded by lakes, here, as yousee. The lakes are inhabited by all sorts of strange creatures. [IAN] Can we get into the city this way? [ALYDON] Over the mountains? [IAN] Yes. [GANATUS] That means going through that swamp. [ALYDON] We can't go through the swamp. It's too dangerous. [GANATUS] It is dangerous, yes, but I realised last night when I wastalking to Barbara that it is undefended. [ALYDON] Undefended? It's a perfect natural barrier. All thosecreatures, you know that yourself. [GANATUS] Yes, I know, but I mean the Daleks won't be on guard there.There's a chance to take them by surprise. Believe me, I'm not happyabout this, but it's the best possible chance there is. [DOCTOR] Yes, yes. Well, now, I suggest we split into two groups. Theone to distract the Daleks on the city wall side, and the others to tryand force a way through the mountains. [IAN] Yes, I think that's the best plan. [DOCTOR] Are we all agreed? [ALYDON] Yes. Very well then. That is what we must do. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 2] The laser scope is transmitting. Thequality is poor. What has happened? Has this group broken away? Isthere a plan behind it? Why divide their forces? [DALEK 1] The figures are coming through on the radiation treatment. [DALEK 2] Discontinue laser scope. [DALEK 1] There is an improvement. Except for one serious case, allDaleks in section two have shown signs of recovery. [DALEK 2] Then our position is clear. For us, the drug is a poison. [DALEK 1] And radiation is still necessary to us. [DALEK 2] Essential. I want a complete survey of our stock of nuclearmaterials. I want an estimate of the amount of waste matter from thenuclear reactors. --------------------------------------- (Swamp) [ANTODUS] We'll never get through. [GANATUS] Yes, we will. [ANTODUS] What makes you think it'll be any different to the first time. [GANATUS] At least we know what to expect. [ANTODUS] But the others don't. [GANATUS] We promised Alydon we'd find a way through the mountains, andthat's what we're going to do. [ANTODUS] You'd never get the others to follow you if you told them whathappened the first time. It's your duty to tell them. How we watchedAmezus dragged beneath the waters of the lake, while you and I ran interror when [GANATUS] That's enough. We're going on, Antodus. You keep your fears toyourself. I don't want you upsetting the others. Is that clear? [ANTODUS] Yes. [GANATUS] Well, is it? [ANTODUS] Yes! [GANATUS] Well, this is the swamp. From now on it's going to be ratheruncomfortable. [IAN] Yes, I see what you mean. [GANATUS] The ground's very uneven. Sometimes rock, sometimes thick mud.You'll have to watch how you walk. I think it'll be a wise plan to finda place to rest for the night. [IAN] Yes. We've made very good time. It's only taken four hours to gethere from the edge of the forest. That leaves us with two and a halfdays to go through the mountains to the city. [GANATUS] If there is a way through. [IAN] We'll find a way. I'll go and give Barbara a hand. [GANATUS] I'm surprised you let her come. [IAN] I'd be more surprised if I could have stopped her. How are youdoing? [BARBARA] Fine. Oh, I'm glad the mountaineering's over. [IAN] There'll be some more once we get through this little lot. [BARBARA] We're going through there? [IAN] Well, we must. We've got a deadline with the Doctor in two and ahalf days, and we've got to make it. [BARBARA] Well I think we could all do with a rest. [IAN] No, we'll keep up with the others. They'll be breaking camp soon.Now take care. Watch where you put your feet. All right? [GANATUS] This looks like a fairly dry section. [IAN] Yes, this'll do. [GANATUS] Right, we'll make camp here. See if we can gather up some drybranches. [IAN] All right. [GANATUS] It'll make it more comfortable to sleep on. Barbara, you seeto the food. I'll get the fire going. [BARBARA] Right. [GANATUS] At least it might stop some of these, these things frombothering us. [BARBARA] What was it? Did you see anything? [IAN] Yes, it was a [GANATUS] Kristas, stand guard here, will you? [KRISTAS] Right. [GANATUS] We'll take the first watch between us. [IAN] I'm all right, really. [GANATUS] Yes, I know, but I think you two Earth people should get asmuch sleep as possible. We're more used to this kind of life. It's overa year since we left our own plateau in search of a new source of food.I'd almost forgotten what it was like to stay in one place and enjoyit. I suppose there'll be an end to it one day. [GANATUS] Time to move, my friend. [IAN] You let me sleep. [GANATUS] Yes. [IAN] Why didn't you wake me? [ELYON] Ganatus. [GANATUS] What's the matter? [ELYON] Come and see what I found by the lake. [GANATUS] Right. [IAN] Hold on. I'll come with you. Morning. [BARBARA] Morning. Oh, for a feather pillow and a spring mattress. [GANATUS] What did you see? [ELYON] Over there. [IAN] We were right. The Daleks do get their water from the lake. [GANATUS] But how would it get to the city from there? [IAN] Well, there must be a way. I mean, the Daleks aren't very mobile.They must have cut a pathway through there to work on the pipeline. [GANATUS] How long do you think it will take us to reach there? [ELYON] Most of today. If we could cross the lake we could reach it muchquicker. [IAN] I'm sorry, that's one way I'm not going. [ELYON] Well, it would be dangerous, certainly. The lake is full ofmutations. [GANATUS] No, we must go round. [IAN] Yes, and we ought to try and get there before the sun goes down. [ELYON] Well I'll just go and fill the water bags. (a little away fromIan) There's no point in trying to cross the lake, you think? [GANATUS] No. No, he's right. Anyway, think how long it would take tobuild a light raft. [IAN] Barbara, we saw some pipes going into the lake. [BARBARA] So we can go through? [IAN] Maybe. With a bit of luck, eh? Thanks. (for the hot drink) Mmm.Good. [BARBARA] Where's Elyon? [GANATUS] He's gone to fill the water bags. He won't be long. [GANATUS] Stay here. [ANTODUS] What is it? What's happened to Elyon? [IAN] There's nothing we can do here. [BARBARA] Ian? [ANTODUS] Did Elyon fall in? What happened? [GANATUS] It must have happened very quickly. Come on now. We must reachthe cliffs by tonight. --------------------------------------- (Forest edge) [SUSAN] There are four roads that lead off from the main square, goingnorth, south, east and west. [ALYDON] The main ventilators seem to be over in this section. [DOCTOR] Hmm. [SUSAN] Oh, that's wrong. It goes down there and up. [DOCTOR] Can you see any way in at all? [ALYDON] No. [DOCTOR] Oh, you'll allow me, will you? [SUSAN] Grandfather, get down. [DOCTOR] Yes, yes, yes. Now, the things we have to put out of action isthe radio and television waves. They've obviously got complete coveragein and around the city. [ALYDON] They don't leave much to chance. [DOCTOR] We must presume they don't leave anything to chance. [DYONI] If they have pictures of the entrance to the city, how can we doanything? [DOCTOR] Then we must stop the pictures. Remember, the Daleks aren'tvery mobile. [SUSAN] Yes, we do have speed on our side. [DOCTOR] And there's always value in surprise. I know it looksdifficult, but we must try it, my friends. Yes, we must. [ALYDON] Yes. I wish I knew what they were planning for us. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 2] The report for the neutron bomb isprepared. [DALEK 1] Let us hear it. [DALEK [OC]] Report on neutron bomb to cover five hundred square miles.Time to construct, twenty three days. [DALEK 1] Is that the shortest possible time? [DALEK [OC]] Yes. [DALEK 1] Very well. It is too long. [DALEK 2] We must abandon the idea of a neutron bomb. [DALEK 1] We must find another way of spreading radiation. --------------------------------------- (Cave) [GANATUS] It's getting narrower. [BARBARA] Oh, it's like all the other caves. Just tails off into a deadend. [GANATUS] There's a gloomy thought for you. [BARBARA] I wonder if Ian's doing any better? [GANATUS] When did we arrange to meet him and the others? [BARBARA] Oh, we ought to be going back now. [GANATUS] Let's make sure this is impossible first. I must have hadsixth sense. Look at that. Pity. Well, let's go back and try one of theother ways. [BARBARA] No, wait a minute. [GANATUS] Can you see something? [BARBARA] No, stand still for a minute. There, can you hear it? Thesound of water. [GANATUS] Yes. Barbara, look! There's a passageway here. [BARBARA] Well, that won't be easy. [GANATUS] It's a good job we haven't been over-eating recently. It'sgoing to be a long crawl. Well, we won't use one of the customs of yourplanet. [BARBARA] And what's that? [GANATUS] Ladies first. [BARBARA] I should hope not. [GANATUS] Pay the rope out as I move in, will you? [BARBARA] Yes, all right. But be careful. Remember what Ian said. We'renot to take any chances. [GANATUS] Do you always do what Ian says? [BARBARA] No, I don't. [GANATUS] Well, let me have the torch then. Unless you think you [BARBARA] No, no. Your need is greater than mine. [GANATUS [OC]] Barbara? [BARBARA] Yes? [GANATUS] There seems to be a drop of about thirty feet or so. I'm goingdown. [BARBARA] Well, be careful. [GANATUS [OC]] Tie your end of the rope around a rock or something, willyou? [BARBARA] Yes, all right. (she uses a boulder by her feet) Ready. [GANATUS [OC]] Right. [BARBARA] Ganatus? Ganatus! [IAN] What's happened? [BARBARA] I couldn't hold onto it. [IAN] Where's Ganatus? [BARBARA] It slipped through my fingers. He's down here, look. [GANATUS] (bottom of shaft) Barbara? [IAN [OC]] All right this end. Are you hurt? [GANATUS] No, I'm not. [ANTODUS] Is my brother hurt? [BARBARA] No, he isn't, but it was my fault. The rope slipped off therock. [IAN] The rope, Antodus. [GANATUS] Barbara? [IAN] Are you sure you're all right? [GANATUS] Yes. What happened to Barbara? [IAN] She's okay. Don't worry. Hang on a minute. I'm bringing anotherrope down to you. --------------------------------------- (Cavern) [GANATUS] It would be better if you came down here.There's a big cavern with lots of tunnels going off it. Unless you'vefound anything else, this seems a fair chance. [IAN [OC]] No, we haven't. Hang on, we'll be with you in a couple ofminutes. [GANATUS] Good. It looks as though it may have been a lucky fall. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK [OC]] Rangerscopes are recording greatactivity amongst the Thal people. [DALEK 1] Are there pictures? [DALEK [OC]] No, reception is bad. [DALEK 1] They are attacking our instruments. [DALEK 2] We must keep alert. [DALEK 1] Yes. Concentrate all power of rangerscopes and vibrascopes onall entrances to the city. --------------------------------------- (City wall) [DOCTOR] It looks as if my plan has worked. [ALYDON] We can't keep up this light reflection for long. [DOCTOR] Never mind. It gives us a better chance to get into the cityunnoticed. [SUSAN] We can't be sure of that, Grandfather. [DOCTOR] Oh, I know it's risky, but, well, we mustn't diddle about here.Now, I want to get to the east side of that antennae. [ALYDON] Doctor, look. [DOCTOR] Hmm? [ALYDON] According to the map, we should be moving further to our left,in that direction. [SUSAN] Yes. [DOCTOR] Yes, yes, I see. Well you go ahead, will you? Go along, child.Yes, we'll show them a thing or two. --------------------------------------- (Cavern ledge) [IAN] So far, so good. It seems to be broadeningout a bit. [GANATUS] Who knows, it may stop being impossible. [BARBARA] Just become unbearable. [IAN] Well, at least we can breathe in here. [GANATUS] We seem to be travelling more or less in a straight line. [IAN] Yes, I think we are. [KRISTAS] I'll take the fire. [IAN] Oh, thank you. [KRISTAS] Shall I lead on then? [IAN] Yes, I suppose you might as well. We'll have a rest in a minute. [ANTODUS] Ganatus. I want to go back. [GANATUS] What for? [ANTODUS] I can't go on any more. [GANATUS] You must. [ANTODUS] No. We're going deeper, deeper all the time. We'll be trappedin the mountain, I know we will. Please, Ganatus, let me go back. [GANATUS] You can't. [ANTODUS] But you don't really need me, not really. I could, well, Icould go back and signal to the others that we've managed to get as faras we have. [GANATUS] Antodus, we go on together. [ANTODUS] Why? Why are you making me do all these things? Even if we doget through, we'll never defeat the Daleks. Ganatus, we're all going tobe killed. [GANATUS] We can't turn back now. [ANTODUS] The others can't, but we could. Listen, they're going to dieanyway. We could just go back and tell the others that the Dalekskilled them. [GANATUS] What are you talking about? You must go back. [ANTODUS] I'm not going on. [GANATUS] You are. You must. (there's a scuffle, and Antodus bangs hishead) Antodus? I'm sorry. Are you hurt? Ian! [IAN] Is he hurt? [GANATUS] A rock hit him. It would have hit me, but he pushed me aside.He was very brave. [IAN] Well, I hope he hasn't cut his head. [ANTODUS] I'm all right. [GANATUS] Ian, we can't go back the way we came. We must go on now. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK [OC]] Emergency. Emergency. Reaction on thevibrascopes. [DALEK 1] Where? [DALEK [OC]] Section fifteen, city wall. [DALEK 2] Shall I redirect the rangerscopes? [DALEK 1] No. If we track them by their vibrations, we can take them bysurprise. --------------------------------------- (City wall) [SUSAN] Hey, Grandfather, look. [DOCTOR] Yes? [SUSAN] Is this what you want? [DOCTOR] Ah, yes, a single cable. The whole city is powered by staticelectricity. [ALYDON] Well how do you know that? [DOCTOR] The single wire, you see. Round here, there, see? And there.That must be the answer. [SUSAN] Well it leads up to the antennae. [ALYDON] Well, it certainly goes in that direction, but I can't see itall. [SUSAN] I wonder if I can open this box. There aren't any hinges on it.Oh, that's it. Look, look, it slides up. [DOCTOR] Ah, good girl. Now, just take it over there. That's it. Now,look out. [SUSAN] The thing is, how are we going to cut the wire now it's exposedwithout getting a terrific shock? [ALYDON] Look, we can't wait around here too long. [DOCTOR] No, just a minute. Now, you go and tell your friends to stopflashing the light on the antennae. Because for all we know, the Daleksmight have a beam to throw on them, paralyse them, kill them. [ALYDON] But I can't leave you two here. [DOCTOR] We shall be all right. Now, go along, and tell them to movetheir position from time to time. Now hurry, please. [ALYDON] Very well, then. But don't waste time here. I'll come back foryou if I can. [DOCTOR] Yes, yes, yes, yes. We shall be back before then. Now go. Dear,dear, dear, that young man gets so agitated. Now, I'll tell you whatwe'll do. We'll short-circuit it to another conductor. Let me have thekey of the ship, Susan, will you? The key of the ship, dear. [SUSAN] Oh, what a good idea. Yes. [DOCTOR] Yes, yes, yes. I can always make another one if necessary. [SUSAN] Of course. [DOCTOR] Now, the power's running away. That'll teach the Daleks tomeddle in our affairs. [SUSAN] What about this one? [DOCTOR] Well, of course. [DOCTOR] Watch it. [DOCTOR] Now, we've shorted it, you see. So something must have gonesomewhere else. The extent of the damage, of course, we don't know yet. [SUSAN] Look, Grandfather, this is marvellous, but they must have afault locator somewhere. We must get away from here. [DOCTOR] But, my dear child, don't you realise what I've done? A fewsimple tools [SUSAN] Yes, but we mustn't waste time. [DOCTOR] A superior brain. [SUSAN] We must go now! [DOCTOR] But, child, look --------------------------------------- (Cavern ledge) [IAN] Look out. No place for a quiet stroll, is it? [GANATUS] It looks pretty wide. [IAN] Yes, and deep. Well, you might as well take a rest while we sortthis one out. No point in going that way, it widens out. There's nofoothold at all on this side. There's a ledge over there, look. Abouttwo to three feet, would you say? [GANATUS] There seems to be some sort of cleft in the rock face there. [IAN] Yes, I think you're right. We'll have to get over there. [GANATUS] How about going down this side on a rope, and trying to climbthe other? [IAN] Yes, well, see how deep it is. Hold the torch. A pebble. [GANATUS] How do we do it? [IAN] We jump. [GANATUS] There's not much space to land in. [IAN] No. [GANATUS] Ah, well, I'll go [IAN] I'll. You go and tell them we're going to jump. [GANATUS] We're going to jump it. [IAN] Shine the torch on that ledge. Keep clear of me when I run, andgive me plenty of rope. [BARBARA] Good luck. [IAN] All right. Ganatus, you come over next and we'll explore thatcleft in the rock. [GANATUS] Right. [IAN] Quite firm. I think there's just about enough room for two of us. [GANATUS] (throws another rope) Take up the slack, will you? [IAN] Right. [BARBARA] Good luck. [GANATUS] Ready? [IAN] Take a good long run. (he does) Good jump. You should have comefirst. [GANATUS] Now, I'll take a look at this cleft. The torch? Pay it outslowly. [IAN] Right. [GANATUS] It's all right. There's a handhold just here. (he disappearsfrom sight) [OC] A little more rope. It goes wider. It seems to be somesort of a tunnel. I don't need the rope any more. Bring the othersover. [IAN] Right. Rope coming over. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 1] You have destroyed our videoscope and one of our lifts. [DOCTOR] And you in turn killed the Thal leader in your ambush. And youwill be responsible for more deaths unless you help these people. [DALEK 1] The only interest we have in the Thals is their totalextermination. [SUSAN] What do you mean? [DALEK 1] Tomorrow the atmosphere will be bombarded by the radiationfrom our nuclear reactors. [SUSAN] Why are you doing this? [DOCTOR] That's sheer murder. [DALEK 1] No, extermination. [DOCTOR] But you must listen to reason. Please, you must. [DALEK 1] Without radiation, the Dalek race is ended. We need it as youand the Thals need air. [ALL] Tomorrow, we will be the masters of planet Skaro. --------------------------------------- (Cavern ledge) [BARBARA] Oh, I thought I wouldn't make it. [IAN] You did well. Just get your breath back for a minute. [BARBARA] I'm all right. Ian? [IAN] Oh, no, not that way. Now stay still. Give me your other hand.You've got to come back. Now, swing. Now this time, face the rock. Andreach round with that arm. Reach higher. Can you feel? [BARBARA] I, I can't reach. [IAN] Higher. Go on. [BARBARA] Yes. [IAN] Now, let go of my hand and swing yourself round. Go on. (shedisappears into the cleft) All right? [BARBARA [OC[] Yes. [KRISTAS] I'll throw the fire. [IAN] Right. Rope coming over. [KRISTAS] Will you go next, Antodus? [ANTODUS] No, you go on. [KRISTAS] Very well. [IAN] You made it look easy. Got the grip? [KRISTAS] Yes, I'm clear. Rope coming over. [IAN] Sorry. Bad throw, my fault. Move back from the edge. [ANTODUS] I can't do it. [IAN] Move back from the edge and catch this rope. Ready? Coming now.Good. Now, tie it round yourself. Tight! Now give yourself a good longrun and jump. I'm ready whenever you are. [ANTODUS [OC]] Help me! Help me! I can't hold on. I can't hold on! --------------------------------------- (Cavern ledge) [GANATUS] I daren't let go with my other hand. [IAN] Antodus, get a grip on the rock face. Take the weight off therope. [ANTODUS] It's too smooth. [IAN] Stop it, you fool! [GANATUS] I'm losing you. [IAN] Sweat on my hands. [GANATUS] It's no good, Ian. [IAN] Call the others. [GANATUS] Kristas! Kristas! [IAN] Kristas! [GANATUS] Antodus. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK] What we need for life means death for the Thals. [DOCTOR] You could live in the city and the others could. But why do youhave to destroy? Can't you use your brains for right? [DALEK] Only one race can survive. [DOCTOR] What are you planning? [DALEK] We wish to escape captivity. Go out and rebuild the planetSkaro. Our oxygen distributors will be subjected to waste radiation bythe ejector capsule. [DOCTOR] Nothing can live outside if you do that. Nothing. [DALEK] Except the Daleks. [DOCTOR] When do you intend to put this into operation? [DALEK] Now. [DOCTOR] This senseless, evil killing. --------------------------------------- (Tunnel) [KRISTAS] There's been a fall of rock. The way isblocked. [IAN] Did you look all round it? [KRISTAS] Yes. There's no way through. [GANATUS] Then we'll have to go back. We came this far. We've done ourbest and more. First Elyon died, and now my brother. For what? Can'tyou see there isn't any sense in it anymore. [BARBARA] We can't give up now. [GANATUS] What is it that you want us to do? [IAN] We must go back and find another way. [GANATUS] Oh, why don't we just give up? [IAN] Because your brother died, for one thing. He gave us a chance. [GANATUS] My brother didn't want us to come. He said we'd all die. [BARBARA] What's the matter with it? [KRISTAS] I don't know. Dirt's got into it, I expect. And if we're goingback, we'll have to go back now. We can't cross the chasm withoutlight. [BARBARA] Well, we still have the torch. [KRISTAS] That's weak too. [IAN] Can we use it sparingly? Well, turn it off, Kristas. [KRISTAS] Right. [IAN] Wait a minute. There's a light coming in here. Where's it comingfrom? Where's the light coming from? Here. Give me a hand. [BARBARA] Can you see anything? [GANATUS] What is it? [IAN] We're through. We must have been travelling under the pipes allthe time. We're through. --------------------------------------- (Forest edge) [DYONI] Alydon. The antenna hasn't moved for sometime. [ALYDON] No. The Doctor must have succeeded in putting it out of action. [DYONI] But why haven't they returned? [ALYDON] The Daleks must have captured them. Now listen, everybody. Theway to the city is clear. Now is the time to attack. We may be farmers,but have we forgotten how to fight? --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 1] Power down to half. [DALEK 2] Down to half. [DALEK 1] Seal off nuclear waste disposer. [DALEK 2] Sealing complete. [DALEK 1] Begin radiation redirection to distribution capsule. [SUSAN] Can't we stop them? Can't we do anything? [DOCTOR] Just a moment. I haven't told you how we came to this planet. [DALEK 1] It does not matter now. [DOCTOR] But it does. I have a ship capable of crossing the barriers ofspace and time. Surely this would be invaluable to you? [DALEK 1] A ship? What do you mean? [DOCTOR] A machine. [DALEK 1] I do not believe you. [DOCTOR] But I have. [SUSAN] It's true. We have. [DALEK 1] You are not capable of creating such a machine. [DOCTOR] And you took a part of my ship away from one of my companions.The young man. [DALEK 1] What did it look like? [DOCTOR] A small rod with metal at either end. It belongs to my ship. Afluid link containing mercury. Examine it for yourselves. You will seeit's part of a complicated machine. [DALEK 1] Yes, I have it here. [DOCTOR] What if we show you the ship? Explain it to you. Help you tobuild another? [DALEK 1] A bargain for your lives? [DOCTOR] Yes. [DALEK 1] Where is this machine? [DOCTOR] In the petrified forest outside the city. [DALEK 1] Good. When the neutron operation has been completed, we willfind a way to travel outside the city limits. [DOCTOR] No. [DALEK 1] We will examine your machine. [DOCTOR] No. Not unless you stop what you're doing. Otherwise I won'texplain its secrets to you and its philosophy of movement. [DALEK 1] Now we know of the machine, we can examine it for ourselves. [DOCTOR] But you can't operate it without me. [DALEK 1] Every problem has a solution. [DALEK [OC]] Vibration locator records movement inside the city wall. [DALEK 1] Details. [DALEK [OC]] Disturbance is too great. [DALEK 1] Alert Daleks in Section one. The Thals are entering the city. [SUSAN] Grandfather, they're coming. [DOCTOR] Can they get here in time? --------------------------------------- (Corridor) [IAN] Now where are we? [BARBARA] I have no idea. I have some experience in these corridors.They all look alike. [IAN] Yes, we could go back to the lift, but. Get back! [DALEK [OC]] Alert. The Thals are entering the city. All Daleks insection one to level one. Immediate. Immediate. [IAN] Alydon and the Thals must be in the city. We must find the controlroom. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 2] Interior videoscopes are recordingmovement on level eight. [SUSAN] Grandfather, look. Look, they found a way through. [DALEK 1] All Daleks on level eight. Urgent. [DALEK 1] The Thals have penetrated to level eight. Immediate action.Immediate action. [DALEK 2] How did they get into the city? [DALEK 3] Capsule ready to go critical. [DALEK 1] Stand by. [DALEK 3] Standing by, ready. [DALEK 1] The last stage of the operation is about to begin. [DOCTOR] Stop it, please. [DALEK 1] Nothing can stop the Daleks. Begin countdown. One hundred. [DALEK 3] Beginning now. --------------------------------------- (Corridor) [GANATUS] Alydon. [ALYDON] Ganatus. Have you found the Doctor? [BARBARA] Well, isn't he with you? [ALYDON] No, he must have been captured by the Daleks. And Susan. [IAN] But the Daleks know you and the Thals are in the city. [ALYDON] We split ourselves into groups, but without the Doctor wedidn't know what to look for. [IAN] We must find that control room. [BARBARA] We must find the Doctor and Susan. [IAN] Barbara, first and foremost we must find the control room andknock it out. [ALYDON] And Antodus? [GANATUS] Yes, he died bravely. [DALEK [OC]] Daleks go to control room immediately. All Daleks to levelten. [ALYDON] But this is level nine. We must be near. [KRISTAS] We've got to go on. [BARBARA] There's a lift back there. It's only one floor up. [DALEK [OC]] All Daleks to level ten immediately. Corridor intersectionson all levels other than ten will be sealed now. [IAN] Get the door, quick! (but it closes) That one. [ALYDON] You first. [BARBARA] There's another one. [ALYDON] Quickly, Barbara, get to it. [GANATUS] Barbara! --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK 3] Fifty two. [DALEK 2] The Thals are blocking the intersections from sealing on levelnine. [DALEK 3] Fifty one. [DALEK 1] Increase power. Emergency. Increase power. [DALEK 3] Forty nine. Forty eight. --------------------------------------- (Corridor) [IAN] Quick. Wait a minute, I'll take the strain. Barbara, try and slideyourself out. [BARBARA] I can't move. [GANATUS] (who has also wedged himself under the door) They're pressingdown harder. [IAN] They're increasing the pressure. Barbara, you must try and rollout. Try and free yourself. [KRISTAS] Just get my hands under. [BARBARA] I'm through. [IAN] Alydon. Right. You go next. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK] Forty six. Forty five. Forty four. Fortythree. Forty two. --------------------------------------- (Corridor) [GANATUS] Try, Ian. It's crushing us both. Come on. --------------------------------------- (Control room) [DALEK] Forty. Thirty nine. Thirty eight. Thirtyseven. Thirty six. Thirty five. Thirty four. Thirty three. [DALEK] Thirty two. Thirty one. Thirty. Twenty nine. Twenty eight.Twenty seven. Twenty six. Twenty five. Twenty four. Twenty three.Twenty two. Twenty one. Twenty. [DALEK] Nineteen. Eighteen. Seventeen. [DALEK] Sixteen. Fifteen. Fourteen. [DALEK] Thirteen. [DALEK 1] Follow and kill her. [DALEK] Twelve. Eleven. Ten. [DALEK 2] Trapped. Help me. Trapped. [DALEK] Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. [DALEK 3] Reinforcements. Overpowered. Reinforcements. Quickly. Quickly. [DOCTOR] Chesterton, come here. [IAN] Doctor! Doctor, I think they're dying. [DALEK 1] Power going. [DOCTOR] They were about to spread radiation into the air. [IAN] We've knocked out their source of power, I tell you. Look! [SUSAN] Barbara, is he all right? [BARBARA] Yes. He's very badly hurt, but he's alive. [DALEK 1] Listen to me. [DOCTOR] Yes. [DALEK 1] (very slowly) Stop our power from wasting or it will be theend of the Daleks. [DOCTOR] Even if I wanted to, I don't know how. [ALYDON] It's finished. The final war. Five hundred years of destructionend in this. [DOCTOR] No doubt you will have other wars to fight. Chesterton, comealong, my boy. We've got work to do. I want to look at the reactors andsee if there's any radiation leakage. [IAN] Yes, and get the ship working again, Doctor. [DOCTOR] Hmm? Oh, yes, yes, yes, of course. Come along. Come along. [ALYDON] Kristas, you all right? Here, let's get him up to the air. Allthis machinery. What good is it to us? None of us knows the first thingabout it. [BARBARA] Well, you must experiment. These Dalek inventions should be ofsome use to you. [SUSAN] The Daleks have developed food by artificial sunlight. You'vegot everything you need now. [GANATUS] Yes. If only there'd been some other way. --------------------------------------- (Thal camp) [DOCTOR] This is what they call a compensator, my friend. [ALYDON] Which is? [DOCTOR] The whole of it. It's useless. Throw it away. Forget it. Unlessyou want to live in a shell like our dead friends. [ALYDON] Where do you get your knowledge, Doctor? You know, there neverseems to have been time to ask, but we don't really know where you comefrom, or why. [DOCTOR] To rebuild a whole new world. How I envy you. [ALYDON] But you must stay and help us. We could learn from you. [DOCTOR] Oh, no, no. I'm afraid I'm much too old to be a pioneer.Although I was once amongst my own people. [ALYDON] Well then, stay and advise us. Please. [DOCTOR] No, no, thank you. We're much too far away from home, mygranddaughter and I. Thank you all the same. It's a nice gesture onyour part. You know, this soil is not quite so barren as you think.I've been making tests, and even you might live to see and hear thebirds amongst the trees. You wanted advice you said. I never give it.Never. But I might just say this to you. Always search for truth. Mytruth is in the stars and yours is here. [DYONI] Won't you rest with us? [DOCTOR] No, I'm afraid it's out of the question. But I might visit yourgrandchildren to find if they've learned the secrets, and if they have,well, who knows, I might live with them. [SUSAN] Ta-da! Look, Grandfather, isn't it terrific? Thank you, Dyoni. [IAN] What are you up to, Susan? [SUSAN] It's a present from Dyoni. Isn't it gorgeous? [IAN] It's lovely. By the way, Doctor, have you fitted the fluid link? [DOCTOR] Not yet, but I have it safely here. And there's no need toworry about mercury, young man. [IAN] Good. Well, goodbye, Dyoni. [IAN] Goodbye, Alydon. [ALYDON] Goodbye, Ian. [DOCTOR] Come along, my child. I'm hungry. [SUSAN] Goodbye, Dyoni. [DYONI] Goodbye. [SUSAN] Thank you. (hugs Alydon) Goodbye. [IAN] Goodbye, Ganatus. [GANATUS] Goodbye, Ian. [IAN] Barbara. [BARBARA] Right. [DOCTOR] Oh, how stupid of me. I very nearly forgot my specimens. Oh,your hand, sir. (shakes it) Goodbye. [ALYDON] Goodbye, Doctor. [BARBARA] Well, Ganatus? [GANATUS] Well, Barbara. (hands over material) The dress you make fromthis won't be suitable for swamps and caverns. [BARBARA] Well, that's a good thing. [GANATUS] Yes. [BARBARA] It's beautiful. Thank you very much. Thank you for everything. [GANATUS] I wish [SUSAN [OC]] Barbara, we're waiting. [ALYDON] Come along, Ganatus. [DYONI] Don't be sad, Ganatus. [GANATUS] I won't be. But I don't think I'll ever forget her. --------------------------------------- (Tardis) "
"{"show": "Doctor Who", "season": "s01", "episode": "e02", "title": "The Daleks"}"
"Doctor Who (8 Feb, 1964; First Doctor) - The Edge of Destruction\r\n\r\n(Tardis)\r\n[BARBARA] Miste(...TRUNCATED)
"{\"show\": \"Doctor Who\", \"season\": \"s01\", \"episode\": \"e03\", \"title\": \"The Edge of Dest(...TRUNCATED)
"Doctor Who (22 Feb, 1964; First Doctor) - Marco Polo\r\n\r\n(Snowfield)\r\n[SUSAN] Must've been mad(...TRUNCATED)
"{"show": "Doctor Who", "season": "s01", "episode": "e04", "title": "Marco Polo"}"
"Doctor Who (11 Apr, 1964; First Doctor) - The Keys Of Marinus\r\n\r\n(Tardis)\r\n[IAN] Any radiatio(...TRUNCATED)
"{\"show\": \"Doctor Who\", \"season\": \"s01\", \"episode\": \"e05\", \"title\": \"The Keys Of Mari(...TRUNCATED)
"Doctor Who (23 May, 1964; First Doctor) - The Aztecs\r\n\r\n(Tomb)\r\n[BARBARA] Look at that.\r\n[S(...TRUNCATED)
"{"show": "Doctor Who", "season": "s01", "episode": "e06", "title": "The Aztecs"}"
"Doctor Who (20 Jun, 1964; First Doctor) - The Sensorites\r\n\r\n(Tardis)\r\n[IAN] Perhaps we've lan(...TRUNCATED)
"{\"show\": \"Doctor Who\", \"season\": \"s01\", \"episode\": \"e07\", \"title\": \"The Sensorites\"(...TRUNCATED)
"Doctor Who (12 Sep, 1964; First Doctor) - Reign of Terror\r\n\r\n(Forest)\r\n(Tardis)\r\n[DOCTOR] T(...TRUNCATED)
"{\"show\": \"Doctor Who\", \"season\": \"s01\", \"episode\": \"e08\", \"title\": \"Reign of Terror\(...TRUNCATED)
"Doctor Who (30 Dec, 1972; Third Doctor) - The Three Doctors\r\n\r\n(Outside the Lodge)\r\n[MRS OLLI(...TRUNCATED)
"{\"show\": \"Doctor Who\", \"season\": \"s10\", \"episode\": \"e01\", \"title\": \"The Three Doctor(...TRUNCATED)
"Doctor Who (27 Jan, 1973; Third Doctor) - Carnival of Monsters\r\n\r\n(Space Port)\r\n[KALIK] Well,(...TRUNCATED)
"{\"show\": \"Doctor Who\", \"season\": \"s10\", \"episode\": \"e02\", \"title\": \"Carnival of Mons(...TRUNCATED)

Dataset Card for "tv_dialogue"

This dataset contains transcripts for famous movies and TV shows from multiple sources.

An example dialogue would be:

[PERSON 1] Hello
[PERSON 2] Hello Person 2!
How's it going?

(they are both talking)

[PERSON 1] I like being an example
on Huggingface!

They are examples on Huggingface.

We are somewhere else
[PERSON 1 (v.o)] I wonder where we are?

All dialogues were processed to follow this format. Each row is a single episode / movie (2781 rows total) following the OpenAssistant format. The METADATA column contains dditional information as a JSON string.

Dialogue only, with some information on the scene

Show Number of scripts Via Source
Friends 236 episodes https://github.com/emorynlp/character-mining friends/emorynlp
The Office 186 episodes https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/nasirkhalid24/the-office-us-complete-dialoguetranscript office/nasirkhalid24
Marvel Cinematic Universe 18 movies https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/pdunton/marvel-cinematic-universe-dialogue marvel/pdunton
Doctor Who 306 episodes https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/jeanmidev/doctor-who drwho/jeanmidev
Star Trek 708 episodes http://www.chakoteya.net/StarTrek/index.html based on https://github.com/GJBroughton/Star_Trek_Scripts/ statrek/chakoteya

Actual transcripts with detailed information on the scenes

Show Number of scripts Via Source
Top Movies 919 movies https://imsdb.com/ imsdb
Top Movies 171 movies https://www.dailyscript.com/ dailyscript
Stargate SG-1 18 episodes https://imsdb.com/ imsdb
South Park 129 episodes https://imsdb.com/ imsdb
Knight Rider 80 episodes http://www.knightriderarchives.com/ knightriderarchives
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