Moody Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Ad Is A Glass Act (VIDEO)
It is a rite of passage, for sure, but perhaps not the one you'd expect. The best thing we can say about it is that it entertained
Ron Dicker
Hate Crime Charged In Face-Biting Attack After Barrage of Anti-Muslim Slurs
The ugly altercation in Virginia is part of a surging tide of incidents across the nation.
Mary Papenfuss
Trump Prepared To Dede Wyoming Delegate Contest
Donald Trump's presidential campaign has all but thrown in the towel in Wyoming ahead of Saturday's Republican convention
Entrepreneurship Helps Delay Child Marriage In India, Empower Young Women
Joseph Erbentraut
The World's Oldest Amusement Parks (PHOTOS)
Check out the list in the slideshow below. We make it our business to know the latest and greatest in the theme park world
Janet Jackson Shares Adorable First Photograph Of Her Baby Son
Lee Moran
House Tour: Inside The Stylish And Eclectic Bel Air, California, Home Of Designer Wendy Schwartz (PHOTOS)
Have something to say? Be sure to check out Stylelist Home on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Schwartz, who is a lover of
Dickson Wong
Trump Lashes Out At The Media But Twitter Users Push Back With Fierce Replies
Once again, the president called the media "the enemy of the people."
Carla Baranauckas
A Traumatic Experience Can Reshape Your Microbiome
By Susie Neilson I’m not disputing the scientific soundness of the whole brain-gut connection, but it really does sound a
Science of Us, Contributor“Science of Us” is a smart but playful window into the latest ...
Women Return Home To Find A Ridiculously Cute Intruder On Their Couch
The adorable trespasser likely broke in through the doggie door.
Lee Moran
Lullabies For Grown-Ups: My Napping Playlist
2008 was the year of the nap. The summer between my senior year of college and grad school, I was commuting an hour-and-a-half-plus. Three hours a day probably could have been filled productively reading enriching works of literature, but I mostly slept.
Laura Schocker, Contributor Executive Editor,
You and "Your Doctor"
You see it in every drug ad, and in a lot of the articles in the New York Times Science Section: "Talk to your doctor." "This is between you and your doctor." "If you experience bleeding, memory loss, black-outs, tell your doctor," and so on. And my own reaction is: "What doctor?"
Vicky Shorr, Contributor Co-founder of Archer School
6 Office Gadgets You Might Be Missing
Most office furniture is as uncomfortable as sitting on a rock. If you're going to spend so much time in the office, wouldn't you want your work environment to be more comfortable?
Jonha Revesencio, ContributorMarketing for tech companies. Vidpeo co-founder
GOP Congressman: Getting Rich Will Solve That Whole Environment Thing
"Rich people, it turns out, like clean air and clean water,” he said.
Sam Levine
Where Campaign Finance Reformers Actually Won On Election Day
Paul Blumenthal
Aphrodisiac Recipes To Make For Valentine's Day (PHOTOS)
It's hard to talk about Valentine's Day without everyone's favorite thing to giggle about.
Toronto Diary or "Who's Vronsky?"
I arrived in Toronto on a muggy afternoon to be blown away by Joe Wright's adaptation of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. But Wright should brace for some critical roughing up.
Erica Abeel, Contributor Author of the novel "Wild Girls" and entertainment journalist
'Frozen' Fans Are Losing Their Snowballs Over Disney's Newest Ride
This video from inside the ride shows it's everything we've waited for.
Suzy Strutner
LISTEN: Extended Audio Of Clippers Owner's Alleged Racist Rant
Rams Owner Stan Kroenke Says He'd Rather Leave St. Louis Than 'Sit There And Be A Victim'
St. Louis offered the Rams owner more than $470 million in taxpayer money for a new stadium.
Travis Waldron
How To Treat Bug Bites The Way Dermatologists Do At Home
Here's what to order now so you'll be itch-free all summer.
Julie Kendrick
Contemplating Islamic Reform
The Muslim World is unhealthy in body, spirit and mind. We need to revive and reform left, right and center. Western criticism must be treated as informative but not instructive of Muslim initiatives for reform.
Muqtedar Khan, ContributorProfessor of Islam and Global Affairs, The University of Delaw...
Remains Of Mark Koster, Missing Iowa Man, Found In Previous Home's Basement (VIDEO)
“There was a quick initial search done by us and the Iowa Division of Criminal of Investigation, mainly to find DNA, fingerprints
Ryan Grenoble
Our Civic Life Needs More Humor
Terry Newell, ContributorFounder, Leadership for a Responsible Society
How Money Changes The Way We Think And Behave
We tend to seek money and power in our pursuit of success (and who doesn't want to be successful, after all?), but it may
Carolyn Gregoire
What This Dad Realized When He Patted Himself On The Back For 'Helping'
"If you find yourself thinking this way, fix it right away."
Emily McCombs
Nerding Out in Nature: One Smart Phone. Two Kids. Tons of Fun.
My son wants every second he can squeeze out of my iPhone, and we're constantly wrestling with the when and how of device time. So, when I found a way for us to blend outdoor time and exercise with the allure of the iPhone, I knew I'd struck gold.
Common Sense Media, Contributor We rate, educate, and advocate for kids, families, and schools.
Full iPhone? 10 Tips To Clear Up Space
No more storage hogs!
Kerry Flynn
Gawker CEO: I'm 'Slightly Impressed' By Thiel's 'Count of Monte Cristo' Revenge
Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel's attack on Gawker shows "the power of the billionaire class," the online media
'Daily Show' Interviews Clitoris Advocate And She Says It Left Out Best Part
Jessica Pin talked with comedian Michael Kosta about an often-overlooked area of anatomy.
Ron Dicker
2014 Was a Bad Year... Except When It Wasn't
When I look back on 2014, it will be hard not to view it as a year of loss. But my family found some positive things, too.
Meredith Hale, ContributorAuthor, blogger at
The World Cup and Baseball
This is, of course, a false contrast as baseball is popular in much East Asia, the Caribbean and increasingly in a few other countries besides the US. Soccer, while the world's most popular sport has failed to catch on in many parts of South Asia and is one of several popular sports in Australia, parts of East Asia and North America.
Lincoln Mitchell, ContributorWriter, pundit, analyst and kibitzer. For more about me, visit...
One Family Spent The Year Traveling The World, And Learned What They Really Need In Life
The kids learned how to budget (they say the trip was much more affordable than it sounds), that people are generally kind
Jessica Samakow
Why You Should Get Your Holiday Shopping Done ASAP
Supply chain issues are out of your control, but there are ways to make the process easier.
Caroline Bologna
Paul Walker's Film Roles Celebrated In His Most Famous Movies
"The Skulls" (2000) "Takers" (2010) "Varsity Blues" (1999) "Joy Ride" (2001) "Eight Below" (2006) "Pleasantville" (1998) "Into
Can The Country's First Junk Food Tax Reduce Obesity And Diabetes On The Navajo Nation?
House Tour: Textile Designer Terry Rosen Shares Her Antique-Filled Great Barrington, Massachusetts Weekend Home (PHOTOS)
To some, a collection of vintage ceramics, glass figurines and mementos from trips are just dust-collectors, but to others they are the makings of a beautiful home.
Shana Ecker
Photos From Donald Trump's Reign Are Our Way Of Laughing Through The Pain
**Laughing / sobbing uncontrollably**
Andy McDonald
'We Were Treated Like Animals': The Story Of Indonesia's LGBT Activists
A local politician said this year that homosexuality is "a social disease that should be eradicated."
Dominique Mosbergen
Taylor Swift's VMAs 2013 Dress Is Straight Out Of A Vintage Hollywood Movie (PHOTOS)
Taylor Swift doesn't have the most seamless track record at the MTV Video Music Awards, but that hasn't stopped the singer
Jeb's Claim Of His Florida Boom Economy Has A Big Problem
BOCA RATON, Fla. — On the campaign trail, Jeb Bush has repeatedly emphasized his record overseeing Florida’s boom economy
Volkswagen Realizing the High Cost of Deception
The most expensive problems are those that customers or interested third parties discover. If companies try to sweep them "under the rug," or invest resources to deliberately deceive the public, there is likely to be a big explosion as the pressure builds under that rug. This is what has happened to VW.
Ira Kalb, ContributorAssistant Professor of Clinical Marketing, Marshall School of ...
Scott Walker's Stunning Implosion: Can His Campaign Be Saved?
The impression is fast setting in that Scott Walker, former King of Iowa, is a nonsense person and a ridiculous presidential
Costco And Sam's Club Recall More Than 8,000 Pounds Of Ham
One consumer found pieces of rubber in the product.
Allison Fox
The Best Places In NY's Most Fashionable Neighborhood
Decked out in on-trend knitted wool hats, faux fur coats and above-the-knee boots, the most sartorially astute get an opportunity to strut layer upon layer of the season's chicest attire.
The Purple Passport, Contributor Contributor
Cholesterol Guidelines: Myth vs. Truth -- What You Need to Know
The new cholesterol guidelines represent a sea change in that they no longer recommend patients shoot for a target cholesterol level. Instead, they recommend options based on an individual's risk of a heart attack or stroke.
Nancy Brown, Contributor CEO, American Heart Association
In Defense of My iPhone
The whole smartphone thing has just become the new arsenal in the mom-shaming game, and it's got to stop, especially when it is paired with those anxiety-inducing phrases like "This time will pass by so fast" and "Play time at the park will be over before you know it."
Jenny Witte, Contributor Owner and Founder of Mamatoga and Mini City
Germany Jails Man For Joining ISIS In Syria
'Today Is It': Louisiana Braces For Menacing Hurricane Ida
Coastal Louisiana and Mississippi scrambled to prepare for the storm, expected to make landfall as a Category 4 hurricane.
Rebecca Santana and Kevin McGill, AP
Subsidizing The Fossil Fuel End Game -- Beyond Incoherence
Always remember, the world’s richest governments are throwing taxpayer money at well-connected oil, gas and coal companies.
Carl Pope, ContributorPrincipal Advisor at Inside Straight Strategies
Kung-Fu Crane Takes On 3 Tigers... And Wins!
Ed Mazza
It's A Tough Day To Be Female And Republican
Their only choice within the GOP is a man who called women "fat pigs" and made sexual jokes about his daughter.
Laura Bassett
Michelle Obama Jumps Aboard The Boyish Brows Bandwagon
Nothing sparks an argument here at HuffPost Style quite like these three words -- Michelle Obama's eyebrows. We're loving
Dana Oliver
What You Need To Know About Getting Tickets To See The Pope In Philly
And when you do and do not need them.
School Shooting Survivor Emma Gonzalez: 'Adults Are Behaving Like Children'
The teen activist wrote a powerful essay urging adults to grow up and push for stricter gun laws.
Alanna Vagianos
Adorable Dog Gets To Pick Her Own Toy For The First Time
There's a first time for everything — and in Roo's case, it's knowing that she's loved.
Is Planning Your Wedding Going To Split You Up?
He's popped the question, a sparkly new ring adorns your finger and you've begun turning your dreams into actual wedding plans. And then you start having some of your worst arguments ever.
Charlotte Peters, Contributor Blog writer, 'Wedbits'; Contributor, 'Wedding Ideas Magazine'
Are You a "Job Seeker" or a "Market Connector"?
What's really terrific is the pressure is gone - my job right now is to be a great market connector, and my next career is unfolding as a result. Whether for me that means a portfolio of roles or a full-time assignment remains to be seen.
Amy Radin, ContributorBusiness Builder | Advisory Board Member | Chief Marketing, Di...
Zimmerman Verdict Poll: Do You Agree With The Verdict?
George Zimmerman was cleared of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Do you agree
How To Cope When You Reverse Roles With Your Aging Parents
I've never felt so conflicted as I did when I packed up 40 years worth of family possessions from the only home I ever knew. Watching your parents age and being the one on the front lines of denial -- I'm not moving, I don't need help, etc. -- slaps you awake into a reality no one wants, or is prepared, to face.
Patricia S. Guthrie, ContributorHealth writer, reporter, wonderer, wanderer.
Revolutionizing Hospice Care With A Mindful Approach To Death
Shifting from a focus on the illness to a focus on the person.
Aaron Barksdale
Hilary Duff Rocks A Casual Night In After Fashion Week
Hilary Duff Rocks A Casual Night In After Fashion Week
Lily Karlin
5 Steps To Marrying A Man With A Kid
My husband and I are part of the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S. -- the blended family.I constantly get asked: How do you do it? And is it worth it?
Christine Bronstein, Contributor Founder of Nothing But The Truth Publishing
I Heart Homework... So Long As Someone Else Is Doing It
I used to have anxiety dreams that I had forgotten to do my homework. I'd wake up sweating, my heart pounding, certain I had humiliated myself in front of my teachers and classmates. I thought I had put those dreams behind me when I took my last exam 10 years ago, but they're back.
Devon Corneal, Contributor Mother, writer, lawyer
Do You Really Think Kanye West Didn't Have A Cell Phone Before 2011?
Stephanie Marcus
How Happy Are Adolescents Living In Different Family Types In Western Countries?
Far too much of the research discussed in the American press focuses exclusively on studies that are done with American children.
Robert Hughes, Jr., Contributor Professor of Human Development, University of Illinois at Urba...
How I Parent My Hypersensitive Son -- And Why There's Hope For Us Both
This article first appeared on Last week, eight rambunctious first-graders were dropped off at our apartment
Brian Gresko, Quiet Revolution
President Trump Escapes D.C. (And Reality) In Florida…Again
A pilgrimage to the Sunshine State of Florida is one that is undertaken by millions of Americans each year to escape the
Seth Davin Norrholm, PhD, ContributorTranslational Neuroscientist/Psychologist
Wedding To-Do: 12 Things Every Bride Must Do Before The Big Day
11. Confront any fears, stress or concerns you have about marriage -- head-on. With and without your fiance. Because no matter
Supreme Court Temporarily Spares Bob McDonnell From Prison... Again
The court's move effectively allows the former governor to stay out of prison while he files a formal appeal.
Cristian Farias
Paul Manafort's Plea Deal Could Be Bad News For A Bunch Of Washington Operatives
Trump's former campaign chair had a lot of help with his Ukraine lobbying work — and he has agreed to testify anywhere.
Jessica Schulberg, Ryan J. Reilly, and Paul Blumenthal
The Tricky Ways Legal Abortion Is Being Threatened In 3 States
Emma Gray
Finding Hope, Part II
I felt no fear. I feel foolish. Such a buildup. Such a false start. But I remember Solo's words. If he mucks up the vows
Steven Crandell, Contributor Writer
#BlackGirlSquad Celebrates The Empowering Beauty Of Black Sisterhood
Grab your BFFs and celebrate the love! ❤️
Taryn Finley
Dear Anti-Marcoses, Pro-Marcoses, and the Spirit of Philippine Martial Law
The success of the political landscape of the Philippines is contigent upon how we can move the populace out of poverty and bring them to the educated middle class with power and decision making.
Bino A. Realuyo, ContributorPoet/novelist, community organizer and educator
I Didn't Deserve to Lose You: An Open Letter to My Anti-Gay Parents
I was filling out an application the other day. It asked me what I felt my greatest accomplishment thus far was. I thought for a moment and answered that I am most proud of surviving all that came with coming out to you as a lesbian.
Shura Lopez-Beale, Contributor College student and advocate for minority issues
North Korea Produces Miniaturized Nuclear Warhead, Report Says
U.S. intelligence officials believe the country has passed a dangerous milestone in its nuclear program.
Nick Robins-Early
NBA Star Moses Malone Dead At Age 60
NBA Hall of Famer Moses Malone died on Sunday at age 60. The Philadelphia 76ers confirmed the "passing of a legend" in a
Braden Goyette and Nick Visser
Why The Pope's Mention Of Thomas Merton Was More Controversial Than You Think
The Pope held up Thomas Merton as a model of faith but some American Bishops excised him from the catechism
ROSE MARIE BERGER, Religion News Service
As A Father, Jimmy Fallon Has Some Poignant Questions After Orlando Shooting
Quite a loss for words.
Cavan Sieczkowski
If Kristen Stewart Can Sleep In Her Makeup, Can You Do The Same?
Do you like Kristen's style? Time and again, our derms have bemoaned our nighttime laziness, warning us that free radicals
Rebecca Adams
First Nighter: Robert Wilson's "Life and Death of Marina Abramovic," Martha Clarke's "Cheri"
Even before the piece proper begins, Wilson sends out three sleek Dobermans to gallivant among fake cardinals scattered on
David Finkle, Contributor Writer, Drama Critic
Brian Stelter Gives Upside Down Blizzard Report
Jackson Connor
These Are The Craziest Images From The East Coast Blizzard
Snow continues to cover 20 states.
Chris McGonigal
Sarah Silverman And Actor Michael Sheen Split After 4 Years
They "consciously uncoupled," the comedian joked.
Andy McDonald
How to Turn Fear Into Fearlessness
Where fear contracts, love embraces. Love embraces fear, can hold it like the sky holds the rain and wind. Love embraces your weaknesses and in the embracing they grow into strengths. Love holds fear gently and transforms it into fearlessness. Love is letting go of fear.
Ed and Deb Shapiro, ContributorMindfulness, Meditation, Yoga experts; Bestselling Authors: YO...
Vintage Furniture Ad Says Playmates Are Best Kept In Chests, Proves Sex Doesn't Always Sell (PHOTO)
h/t to the Vintage Ads subreddit and eBay While most modern women have yet to solve that "where shall I put my soft things
Brie Dyas
9 Post-Election Getaways For Exhausted Voters (PHOTOS)
Face it: Whether your candidate wins or loses you're going to need some serious R & R.
Necee Regis, Contributor Travel Writer, Food Writer, Photographer and Oyster Blogger
Think Watching Paint Dry Is Boring? You Know What, YOU'RE Boring
Andy McDonald
Here's How: Control the Heat of Your Jalapeños (or Any Hot Peppers)
Banish your fear of making food too spicy by learning to prep in three different ways.
Blue Apron, Contributor Delivering original recipes and all the ingredients you need t...
Mayim Bialik Is ‘Very Sorry’ For Her Controversial Weinstein Op-Ed
The actress apologized for parts of the op-ed that were interpreted as victim-blaming.
Elyse Wanshel
The African Union Gets a Backward Leader
Robert Mugabe continues to destroy Zimbabwe, and now he's got a bigger sandbox to play in. The oldest and longest serving leader in Africa has taken the helm of the African Union (AU), as well as the leadership of the Southern African Development Community. He will pilot the AU for the next year.
Charlotte Florance, ContributorCharlotte Florance is a writer and policy advisor based in Amm...
Kate Upton Slammed By Animal Advocates Over Canada Goose Partnership
Some accused the model of hypocrisy for promoting polar bear conservation while working with a company that uses real fur for its coats.
Kerry Justich, Yahoo Lifestyle
Love Is Legitimate
Love is legitimate, regardless of who it is between. I hope that is something that our current Supreme Court, and society at large, can see.
Liz Lamoste, ContributorAttorney and Card-Carrying Nerd
Condemning Terrorism
Wednesday morning, there was a terrorist attack at a Virginia baseball field. That’s a pretty simple sentence, but so far
Chris Weigant, ContributorChris Weigant is a political commentator.
Attorney Who Declined A Job On Trump's Legal Team Rips 'Turmoil' In White House
"This is turmoil, it’s chaos, it’s confusion, it’s not good for anything," said attorney Ted Olson.
Mary Papenfuss
Reflections on the 2015 International Summit on the Teaching Profession
As exciting as all this was, where were the teachers in these conversations? Many of us felt that we were invited because we actively lead in our schools, communities, and countries, and we expected to have a similar role at ISTP. We felt stifled in the exchange. So, in true teacher form, we didn't give up.
Teach Plus, ContributorTeacher Leadership Organization
Friday's Morning Email: Republicans Scramble To Save Their Tax Plan
A vote is still expected today.
Lauren Weber
A Rabbi Walks Into an Evangelical Church
Many Jews have stereotypical views of Evangelicals. These stereotypes may persist, but they lack validity. If we are to build meaningful and enriching bridges--bridges that enhance our faiths and ourselves--we need to address and overcome our lingering fears.
Rabbi Evan Moffic, ContributorCongregation Solel Rabbi and Writer
I Would Rather Have Chocolates
One of the promises that I made to myself after my 12-year marriage ended in divorce was that I would not say no to new adventures, even if they were outside my comfort zone.
Marcy Miller, Contributor Author, Rebooting in Beverly Hills

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