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              datasets.exceptions.DataFilesNotFoundError: No (supported) data files found in projecte-aina/CA-IT_Parallel_Corpus

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Dataset Card for CA-IT Parallel Corpus

Dataset Summary

The CA-IT Parallel Corpus is a Catalan-Italian dataset of 9.482.927 parallel sentences. The dataset was created to support Catalan in NLP tasks, specifically Machine Translation.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

The dataset can be used to train Bilingual Machine Translation models between Italian and Catalan in any direction, as well as Multilingual Machine Translation models.


The sentences included in the dataset are in Catalan (CA) and Italian (IT).

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

Two separate txt files are provided with the sentences sorted in the same order:

  • contains 9.482.927 Catalan sentences.

  • contains 9.482.927 Italian sentences.

Data Fields


Data Splits

The dataset contains a single split: train.

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

This dataset is aimed at promoting the development of Machine Translation between Catalan and other languages, specifically Italian.

Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

The dataset is a combination of the following original datasets:

Dataset Sentences
CCMatrix v1 7.757.357
MultiCCAligned v1 1.010.921
WikiMatrix 271.587
GNOME 1.198
KDE4 115.027
OpenSubtitles 225.732
GlobalVoices 5.209

All corpora were collected from Opus.

All datasets are deduplicated and filtered to remove any sentence pairs with a cosine similarity of less than 0.75. This is done using sentence embeddings calculated using LaBSE. The filtered datasets are then concatenated to form a final corpus of 9.482.927 parallel sentences.

Who are the source language producers?



Annotation process

The dataset does not contain any annotations.

Who are the annotators?


Personal and Sensitive Information

Given that this dataset is partly derived from pre-existing datasets that may contain crawled data, and that no specific anonymisation process has been applied, personal and sensitive information may be present in the data. This needs to be considered when using the data for training models.

Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

By providing this resource, we intend to promote the use of Catalan across NLP tasks, thereby improving the accessibility and visibility of the Catalan language.

Discussion of Biases

No specific bias mitigation strategies were applied to this dataset. Inherent biases may exist within the data.

Other Known Limitations

The dataset contains data of a general domain. Applications of this dataset in more specific domains such as biomedical, legal etc. would be of limited use.

Additional Information

Dataset Curators

Language Technologies Unit at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (

This work has been promoted and financed by the Generalitat de Catalunya through the Aina project.

Licensing Information

This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

Citation Information




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