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"Your contributions were of no help with our students ' education . "
"Your contribution helped make it possible for us to provide our students with a quality education ."
1 (contradiction)
"Dictionaries are indeed exercises in bi-unique substitutability . "
"The answer has nothing to do with their cause , however , but with the simple fact that dictionaries are not exercises in bi-unique substitutability ; in other words , if one of the senses of run is `operate ' ( as in She runs an engine factory ) , that does not make it valid to assume that one can substitute operate for run in We run in the marathon every year . Although recognizing this as a shortcoming of dictionaries and assigning it arbitrarily to what , for lack of a better term , we might call the genius of the language , might seem trivial to the casual observer , it is a valid matter for concern in the realm of lexicology ."
1 (contradiction)
"We serve a meal of Florentine terrine . "
"We serve a classic Tuscan meal that includes a Florentine terrine made with dick and chicken livers ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Carl Newton and I have never had any other previous contact with you . "
"A few months ago , Carl Newton and I wrote a letter asking you to consider a financial contribution to graduate Endodontics at Indiana University ."
1 (contradiction)
"I do n't yet know the reason why I have lived on earth . "
"I was on this earth you know , I 've lived on this earth for some reason , I just do n't know what it is yet ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"'family hold back , ' an emphatic command to guarantee enough food for visitors . "
"for `family hold back , ' an exhortation ensuring ample provender for guests ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"I 'll make him straight . "
"I 'll twist him , sir ."
1 (contradiction)
"There are no sweatshops in the garment industry . "
"For more than a century , the U.S. federal and state governments have investigated sweatshops in the garment industry , including the role of immigrants , and have adopted legislation to ameliorate their impact on workers and consumers ."
1 (contradiction)
"Muslims disliked autocratic nationalism by the late 1970s . "
"The bankruptcy of secular , autocratic nationalism was evident across the Muslim world by the late 1970s ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The controller gave up trying to find a signal and declared American 11 a lost cause . "
"The controller checked to see if American Airlines could establish communication with American 11 ."
1 (contradiction)
"Providing stability and positivity for each child has been made possible from continued support . "
"That means we now have the opportunity to be a stable , positive and important part of each child 's life for an entire decade ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Forecasting has been easier recently due to the updated process we have today . "
"The forecasting challenges retailers confront have been amplified in recent years by product proliferation in almost every category ."
1 (contradiction)
"Mulah Omar invited Bin Ladin to Dallas Texas . "
"The Taliban leader Mullah Omar promptly invited Bin Ladin to move to Kandahar , ostensibly in the interests of Bin Ladin 's own security but more likely to situate him where he might be easier to control ."
1 (contradiction)
"Those in MET who worked on Team Indy were not allowed to participate in the Pardue Grand Prix . "
"For example , those in MET who worked on Team Indy were among the first Indianapolis campus participants in the annual Purdue Grand Prix at West Lafayette ."
1 (contradiction)
"Children never label their own internal states or that of others , in fact , they do n't even think about it at all . "
"At the end of the second year , children begin to label their own and others ' internal states with words , such as want , happy , mad , think , and pretend ."
1 (contradiction)
"Herron is donating some works of art to the city . "
"The city is going to explode with Herron 's artistic contributions !"
0 (non-contradiction)
"The alternative name , resulting from a translation , was a misnomer according to the explorer David Carnegie . "
"The other name , native well is , as a later explorer David Carnegie , author of Spinifex and Sand ( 1898 ) , points out , a misnomer ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"We had fallen on the floor because the floor was wet . "
"All that day , we did n't get up ( off the floor ) ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The Captain was Michael Horrocks and there were 4 flight attendants aboard . "
"Captain Victor Saracini and First Officer Michael Horrocks piloted the Boeing 767 , which had seven flight attendants ."
1 (contradiction)
"They were executed immediately upon capture . "
"They were promptly executed ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Once a hijacking is confirmed the Pentagon 's National Military Command Center ( NMCC ) is supposed to be notified so they can order a military escort aircraft to follow the flight and report on anything suspicious . "
"If a hijack was confirmed , procedures called for the hijack coordinator on duty to contact the Pentagon 's National Military Command Center ( NMCC ) and to ask for a military escort aircraft to follow the flight , report anything unusual , and aid search and rescue in the event of an emergency ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The system does n't bring up any questions with production . "
"Note that this system poses production questions for BMW similar to those faced by apparel suppliers ."
1 (contradiction)
"The simplest is for one million dollars to be donated by one of the members to the IGGS Scholarship Fund . "
"The simplest is for one or more of the members to simply donate one million dollars to the IGGS Scholarship Fund ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The word 's true meaning is derived from oral folklore . "
"In all the following cases , the spelling , ( apparent ) roots , or sound of the word actively suggest a meaning different from the true one ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"PLant growth on farms "
"Human Growth and Development"
1 (contradiction)
"Market competition has caused new competitive demands . "
"Regardless of where Quick Response has succeeded , however , our research indicates that very different time-based competitive demands have emerged in the industry , driven not by voluntary acceptance of policies but by the changing nature of market competition among retailers ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The conjunction of black and gold is clear cut . "
"The ambiguity resulting from the conjunction of black and gold is akin to the distraction caused by optical Lehrer 's phrase is both literally correct and literally nonsense ."
1 (contradiction)
"The felled seams of shirts are not visible . "
"In the felled seams of shirts and jeans , for example , the visible stitches might be of a color designed to decorate the garment ."
1 (contradiction)
"Secular regimes had many options to offer . "
"In this competition for legitimacy , secular regimes had no alternative to offer ."
1 (contradiction)
"In this period , various key innovative changes , sewing machines that made numerous more lines a moment , long blades rather than shears for cutting , and squeezing machines . "
"In this period , a number of key technological changes sewing machines that made many more stitches a minute , long knives instead of shears for cutting , and pressing machines ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The evidence at the RHD offices indicated no need for reinforcement "
"Thus the evidence at the RHD offices indicated the need for reinforcement of the notion of maleness associated with the word , not , as M and S suggest , a trend toward epicenism ."
1 (contradiction)
"Gnamma-holes and soaks were described by Carnegie . "
"Carnegie also describes namma-holes and soaks as sources of water ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The first one was bound for Boston , "
"Eleven , the first guy , he 's heading towards Washington ."
1 (contradiction)
"The second tenet goes against the fundamental scientific principle , it 's useful on paper , but destructive in practice . "
"There is no arguing with taste , but even those who support the second tenet must admit that if researchers felt that way about cancer , syphilis , and AIDS , there would not be much point to research at all ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Modern manufacturing has changed over time . "
"From Home Work to Modern Manufacture"
0 (non-contradiction)
"Donna went through Goodwill to get her GED , but was still unemployed . "
"After a lifetime of trials , Donna not only earned her GED at Goodwill , she earned a job here ."
1 (contradiction)
"I did n't ask you a question , especially not about Saratogas . "
"Do you smoke her Saratogas ?"
1 (contradiction)
"The work was written by Gloria Steinem . "
"Specific cliches ' working wife , working mother , house-wife , etc.'are discussed , with sober explanations of why they are offensive and with suggestions for suitable alternatives ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"In this situation the object is in the written form . "
"Here , the object of play is the written form of the answer , or , more precisely , the letters of which that form consists ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"There was a lot of secret use of the space warp . "
"Except for its origin , in the British Interplanetary Society Journal , space warp has been restricted to fictional use ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"TV is king when it comes to how children spend their time . "
"When we consider how much the set is on during school holidays and summer vacations , children spend more time watching TV than they do in any other waking activity , including going to school and interacting with family members or peers ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Even those employees with strong union representation suffered because their employers were anxious to keep them . "
"The employers in the stable shops with employees whom they were anxious to keep suffered as much as we did because the union was weak ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The origins of the Scottish adjective perjink can be traced back to medieval Scotland . "
"Recently in Chambers I came across the adjective perjink , a Scots word given also in Collins , but not in any of the other desk dictionaries I it means finical ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The hijackers planned to take late flights because fewer people would be on board . "
"The hijackers had planned to take flights scheduled to depart at 7 : 45 ( American 11 ) , 8 : 00 ( United 175 and United 93 ) , and 8 : 10 ( American 77 ) ."
1 (contradiction)
"The law school is limited in during these times due to the recession . "
"The law school is limited in these recessionary times because it 's impractical to raise tuition significantly to gain the difference from lost state appropriations ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Nowhere in Charlotte . "
"Where in Charlotte ?"
1 (contradiction)
"Mr Whopsle was busy finishing his speech preparations . "
". Mr. Whopsle , being knocked up , was in such a very bad temper ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Turabi was a jihadist . "
"Turabi in return would let Bin Ladin use Sudan as a base for worldwide business operations and for preparations for jihad ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"There were lots of god like females in the bible , titled goddesses . "
"According to Campbell , the only godlike female figure in the Bible is the Virgin Mary , and she appears , identified as virgin , only in the Gospel according to Luke ."
1 (contradiction)
"I lost interest in reading over time . "
"Um , I read some of the same books that they had read to me , first , and then , as I got older , I just got hungry for books ."
1 (contradiction)
"There is no obvious difference between prereading and reading . "
"Indeed , no clear dividing line exists between prereading and reading ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Standard procedures were followed for an aircraft with no radio . "
"The supervisor instructed the controller to follow standard procedures for handling a no radio aircraft ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"It makes it more pleasant to listen to . "
"It just kind a fills it out a little bit makes it a little easier on the ear especially if they ca n't sing but ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"We enjoyed snapping green beans on her back porch . "
"Uh , we used to sit on her back porch and uh snap uh beans or what they called doing snap beans , uh , which was really just taking green beans and snapping them into smaller pieces ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Grave authors are the funniest when they do n't try to be . "
"While writers whose business it is to be witty often fail to produce , grave authors occasionally are mirthful when laughter is farthest from their minds ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The record companies . "
"The music industry ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The private-label programs grew in the 1980 's because of the internet . "
"The growth of private-label programs among retailers in the 1980s exemplifies this trend ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The fighters never took off and stayed on the ground . "
"Radar data show the Otis fighters were airborne at 8 : 53 ."
1 (contradiction)
"The Pentagon had remained untouched by the plane . "
"At 9 : 42 , the Command Center learned from news reports that a plane had struck the Pentagon ."
1 (contradiction)
"Logs show the meeting included the CIA , FBI , State departments , Justice , Defence , FAA , and the White House and it lasted 42 minutes . "
"Logs indicate that it began at 9 : 25 and included the CIA ; the FBI ; the departments of State , Justice , and Defense ; the FAA ; and the White House shelter ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"At 8 : 51 , it was still maintaining its assigned altitude . "
"At 8 : 51 , the flight deviated from its assigned altitude , and a minute later New York air traffic controllers began repeatedly and unsuccessfully trying to contact it ."
1 (contradiction)
"She is at the whorehouse . "
"She 's a , she works in a warehouse now , actually ."
1 (contradiction)
"Defense Department officials relied on the NMCC 's air threat conference which did n't include the FAA intially , so crucial information was left out . "
"But the highest-level Defense Department officials relied on the NMCC 's air threat conference , in which the FAA did not participate for the first 48 minutes ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The last hijacking that involved military coordination had been in May of 1993 . "
"The most recent hijacking that involved U.S. air traffic controllers , FAA management , and military coordination had occurred in 1993 ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"A firm 's size and product variety will depend on whether or not they adopt innovative equipment . "
"As with many new technologies that have developed since the 1970s , adoption of innovative equipment is still occurring in fits and starts and depends on a given firm 's size and mix of products ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"She said because of all of you we 're going to live ! "
"she said to them , because of you we 're going to die too , through no fault of our own !"
1 (contradiction)
"United 175 crashed into the South Tower at 9 : 03 . "
"At 9 : 03 , United 175 crashed into the South Tower ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"A renewal of commitment is required today "
"Please renew your commitment today ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"It was n't the freedom at all . "
"Definitely the freedom , definitely the freedom ."
1 (contradiction)
"I walked around the room and screamed while she said good day to you sir . "
"Well that window happened to be through her room , so I just kind of walked on through the room and she looked up at me and I said , Good morning , and she just screamed ."
1 (contradiction)
"Every program is judged on how well it helps women . "
"Each prospective and current program is evaluated on the basis of its support of one or more aspects of women 's needs ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"They have never had a boy on my father 's side of the family . "
"Like because my dad always treated me like a boy because I was like I was the first girl on my dad 's side of the family in like , four generations or something like that ."
1 (contradiction)
"There are now more opportunities in the apparel and textile industries in America . "
"So what has changed the prognosis for American apparel and textiles and provided new opportunities for these industries ?"
0 (non-contradiction)
"I find that Safire tries too hard to make his readers laugh . "
"It ill behooves me , excoriated recently as enamored of the cheap larf , to criticize Safire 's arch puns , which permeate ' enliven is probably the word his editor would use'his articles , but I find some kinds of humor unsuitable for reading , however they might evoke a chuckle when uttered viva voce . A handful of examples , from the book at"
0 (non-contradiction)
"Apparel and textile manufacturers produce the same types of products that they have always manufactured since the postwar era . "
"The enterprises that compose the apparel and textile industries manufacture a wide variety of products , and the mix has also changed since the postwar era ."
1 (contradiction)
"I much preferred the easy ride of high school . "
"Wha , yeah , very hard compared to high school ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The cathedral schools children from age 5 to 16 . "
"Cathedral provided us with a good education and a great foundation for our futures ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"We got him out of that 9500-9000 range . "
"Got him just out of 9 , 500-9 , 000 now ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"The door remained closed . "
"Open the door , please ."
1 (contradiction)
"Join me and try to contribute at least 2 , 000 dollars to the Annual Campaign . "
"Please join me in making a generous contribution to this year 's Annual Campaign ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"They did n't try putting the piece in the wrong place . "
"( Tries to insert a piece in the wrong place )"
1 (contradiction)
"90 percent of the value of shipments for men 's shirts comes from compensation costs . "
"For example , close to 50 percent of the value of shipments for men 's shirts comes from the cost of materials , while 25 percent arises from compensation costs ."
1 (contradiction)
"Thank you . "
"Appreciate it ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Controllers were working to try to get the plane to change course . "
"It sounds like , we 're talking to New York , that there 's another one aimed at the World Trade Center ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"New military slang terms were created in the 1980s . "
"The slang of one military generation passes on to the next , so the Marines who called the Koreans gooks in the '50s and the Vietnamese gooks in the '60s and '70s were the linguistic heirs of the Marines who called the Nicaraguans gooks in 1912 ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Do you remember reading to your mother when she was a child ? "
"Do you remember being read to when you were little ?"
1 (contradiction)
"My life was hell in high school , really . "
"It truly was my life in high school ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Others need care "
"Caring about others ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"There are many times when it would be preferred to learn in a method that was used in the old days . "
"So , it 's like she , uh , and the education was n't the same back in those days ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Perjinkety can not be used as an adjective . "
"A more emphatic adjective is perjinkety ; and it has the noun perjinkity , defined as a nicety ."
1 (contradiction)
"Despite the changes in the family , the children were unaffected by the parents . "
"Over the past three decades , external forces impinging on the family have transformed parents ' and , therefore , children 's lives ."
1 (contradiction)
"We will be live at six "
"Live at Five ."
1 (contradiction)
"How children turn out is primarily determined by how they 're parented . "
"Recently we read that how children turn out is mostly written in their genes ; there 's little we as parents can do about it ."
1 (contradiction)
"The last time I saw my nieces were at grandfather 's funeral . "
"And I said to some of my cousins that I had only the last I had seen was at Grandpop 's funeral ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"He can not pass the klngship onto someone else . "
"He views either of them as the instrument , the bond , of his not being able to pass on the crown to a successor of his choosing ( or of his subsequent begetting ) ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"That 's approximately what it means . "
"Something to that effect ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"I 'm sure he 'd consider Chambers to be better , and I agree . "
"I do not know how he would rate it , but I must confess that for general use I am inclined to put it just a little ahead of Chambers . But I have n't found it quite as much fun to browse in ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"I felt no apprehension when I left home . "
"Do you remember the combination of elation and apprehension you felt when you first left home ?"
1 (contradiction)
"According to the story , adult 's do realize that a small boy will find a long service difficult to sit through . "
"The story disclosed that adults realize a long service is hard for a small boy to sit through , but exercising self-restraint and participating in communal rituals bring praise and acceptance from the community ."
0 (non-contradiction)
"Housewives also took care of children in colonial days . "
"In colonial days , housewives typically did spinning , weaving , and tailoring for the family ."
0 (non-contradiction)
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