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"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "Dares Wins Vol. 5 Tommy's Heroes Vol . 6: For Tomorrow Vol. 7: Closin g Time miniserie s.Clark Kent is being inter viewed about Su perm an 's connectio n to notorious kille r Tommy Monag han. Taki ng the co nversation o"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "nary rule does not apply to evidence foun d due to neglige nce regarding a gover nment database"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ns. Like civilian pr ofessors they seek academi c promotion to the rank of associate professo r and professor. However they are not eligible for tenure. is an aca demic professorial chair i n the history department. In order to preser ve and promot e a bette"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ctification , whic h is the proce ss of mo difying the mode l of th e re sidu al limb by add ing volum e to bon y pro minence and potenti al press ure po ints and remove v"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "and are sti ll pop ular t oday . He stu died Jos ef Hoff mann a nd the Wie ner W erkst tte an d for a pe riod of tim e worked under Eli el Saari nen. He also gained i nspi ratio n f rom Geb rder Thonet. During t he la te 1 920s and 1 930s he w orking clos ely with Aino Aal to als o f oc us ing mu ch of his e nerg"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "anguage of instru ction in thr ee subjec ts, incl uding l angua ge an d literature, poli tics, and history, in elementary and mid dle schoo ls around the Inner Mon golia reg ion, and t hen thousands of ethnic Mong olia ns"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "back to Chaghaniyan. After some time, he left th e region and tried to obtain s upport from other Samanid va ssals. Meanwhile, Nuh h ad Chag haniyan r avaged and it s c api tal sac ked . A"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "urmoil of th e Cultural Revolution prolonged de velopment i nto the 198 0s. As a res ult the Type 05 1s deployed in to the Pacific Ocean to suppo rt ballistic missile tests with out a nti-shi p mi ssiles.SpecificationsThe HY-2 is identical to the HY-"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "oon without l anding between 1968 a nd 1 972 ar e still alive.The number of deaths wit hin the Ame rican ast rona ut corps"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "m cranbe rries are tak en to rec eiving stations where th ey are cleaned sorted and stored pr ior to packaging or processing. Whil e cranber ries are harveste"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "year i n the U nite d Stat es and 1983 i n inter natio nal markets.Ra mbler cars were often n icknamed the \" Kenosha Cadill ac\" aft er the original loca tion and the largest place of manufacture in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin.The first use of the n ame Rambler for an American made automobi le dates to 1897 when Thomas B. Jeffery of Chicago, Illinois and builder of the Rambler bicycle, constructed his first prototype automobile.After receiving positive r eviews at the 1899 Chicago Interna tional Exhibition &amp Tour nament and the first National Automobil"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ured in the US account for a large share of han dguns seized in Japan foll owed by han dguns manufactu red in China and i n the Philippines . In 1990 a Smit h &amp Wes son .38 caliber revolver tha t cost $275 in t he US could sel l for up to $400 0 in Toky o. By 19 97 it w ould s ell for o nly $5 00 due to the proliferation of guns in Japan during the 1990s.The FBI suspects that the Yakuza use various op erations to launder mo ney in the U.S.In 2001 the FBI's representative in Tokyo arranged for Tadamasa Goto the head of the group Goto-gumi to receive a liver transplant a t the UCLA Medica l Center i n the Unit ed States i"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "much as 18 months pri or to his move.On 3 July two days prior to A delaides match against sche duled for the next day w as postponed until later in the season.O n 6 July assistant coac h Scott Camporeale was app ointed interim coach for the re mai nder of t he season w"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "dobby pedal or electric or other power sources.On a treadle loom, each foot-oper ated treadle is connected by a link age called a tie-up to on e or more shafts. More than one treadle c an operate a single shaft. The tie -up consists of cords or similar mech anical linkages tying the treadles to the lams that actually lift or lower the shaft.On tre adle operated looms the number of sheds i s limite d by the number"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ar by the g overn ment. While un der const ruc tio n th e shi ps h ad their forward lift e nlarged t o take non-folding aircraft"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "new exp ression pat terns and functions.C hime ric ge nes f orm w hen duplicati on deletion or incomplet e retrotranspositio n combine p ortions of two d"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "the national women's curling championship.The Kingston P anthers Rugby Football Club was founded in 1959, and from that moment on ward has established a reputation as a strong community player. KPRFC is a non-pro fit organization answering directly to the Eastern Ont ario Rugby Union , the Ontario"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "egori es, ba sed on its wav elength; t hese a re ref erred to as UV-A , UV-B , and UV-C .U V-C, which is very harmful to all living things, i s entirel y scre ened out b y a combi natio n of dio xygen and ozo ne by around altitude. UV-B r adiation c an be har"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "arse. Liv estock were slaughte red at the begin ning o f wint er. Beef was often sa lted, whi le pork was sal ted and smok ed. Bacon and sausages would b e s moke d in"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ut Marko.Racing career.Beginnings.Rindt drove his first race at the \"Flugplatzrennen\" in 1961 in his grandmother's Simca Montlhry. After missing t he official application period he only entered after a friendly high-ranking motorsport functiona ry from Graz intervened on his behalf. During the race he was black flagge d for his dangerous driving style and therefore disqualified he did not immed iately return to the pit lane as he was unaware of the regul ations. Rindt entered sev eral ralli es with hi s Simca b ut did not ac hieve good re sults. It w as only when he was pr ovided with a race- prepared Alfa R omeo GT 130 0 at cost price and wit h free servicing b y a local deale r that he becam e more successful. In the Alfa Rom eo he achieved eight victori es.In 1963 Rindt switched to Form ula Junior with th e assistance"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "n response b ut that they did show th at response when instru cted to i gnore gramma tical acceptab ility and only jud ge whether or not the se ntences \"made sense\".Prob e verification.Some studies use a \"probe ver ification\" task rather t han an overt accep tability judgment; in this paradigm, each experiment al sentence is followed by a \"probe word\", and subjects must a nswer whethe r or not th e probe word had app eared in the se ntenc e. Thi s tas k, like the ac cept ability j udg ment t ask, en sures that subje cts are r eading or liste ning a"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "outh of Kew Garde ns. The Wis consin Glacier retr eated from Long Island some 20000 years ago lea ving behind the hills th at now are part of Forest Par k. The park was hom e to the Rockaway Delawa re and Lenape Native A mericans until Dutch West In di a C o m pa ny s ettler s arriv ed in 163 4 and began estab lishing towns and pus hing the tribes o ut. The park c ontains the lar"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "three-quarters of th e way from H awaii to Indonesia at Geographic coor dinatesMap re ferences are Oc eania and Micronesia.Dimensio ns.The country's total area is four times the size of Washin gton, D.C. in the U.S.The combined coastlines of the cou ntry's 607 islands equal .Maritime claims: The country's 607 islands var y fro m hi gh mo un tain ous ones to low c oral atolls. G eologically, there are v olcanic rock outcroppi ngs on the islands of Poh npei, Kosrae, and C huu k.E xtre me point s.Th"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ns, such as the Gr eek Orthodox or M elkite Catholic, to all ow tonsured altar serv ers to also vest in the or arion, worn cro ssed over the b ack like that of a subd eacon but with t he ends hanging parall el in front. Among the Ru ssians, however, the orarion is no t usually worn by serv ers, but only by d uly or dain ed subdeacons and deacons, with the excep tion th at la ym en w ho are bl ess ed to perfo rm some of the f unctions o f subdeacons may so metimes be bl essed to wear t he orar.Before vesting th e server must fold h is stichario n and bring it to t he priest for him to bless. The p riest blesses and lays his han d on the folde d sticharion. T he server kis ses the priests blessing.The minim"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "love of bou ncing. As he say s himself \"Bouncing is wha t Tiggers do best.\" Tigger ne ver refers to himself as a tiger but as a \"Tigger\". Although he ofte n refers to himself in the third pe rson p lural (e.g. \"Tiggers don't like honey!\") he maintains that he is \"the only one\".I"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "are mile (415.7 /km2). There were 2204 housing unit s at an a verage densit y of 439.8 per s quare mil e (169.9/km2) . The r acial makeu p of the to wn was 42.86% White 55.23 % Afri can Ame rican 0.20% N ativ e American 0.63% As"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "Bueno s Aires. Expectat ions of the team wer e high some ev en naming t hem as favorit es to win t he tournament. Colombia was a ssigned to the Gr oup A with the hosts Uni ted States Romania and Switzerland. During the tourn ament int ernal conf lict within Colomb ia proved t o be detrime ntal a nd h armful f or the Colombi an squad as the team was distracted fr om their main goal. Colo mbia only earne d one win over Switzerlan d and suffered two losses which would eliminate th em in the first phase. The first m atch a gainst Rom ania ended"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ong gi ven Lisp nickna mes su ch a s \"Los t In S tupi d Pa renth eses \", or \" Lots of I rri tatin g S upe rfluo us Par ent hes es\". Ho wever, the S-expre ssion syntax is also res ponsible for muc h of L isp's p ower: t he syntax is extr emely re gular, w hich facilitates manip ulation by computer. However, the synt ax of Lis p is not limited to traditio nal parenthes es notatio n. It can b e extended to incl"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "m t he rel igio us point of view, the population was 85.8% Eastern Orthodox, 8.3% Old-Rite Lipovan Orthodox, 2.8% Muslim, 1.5% Roman Cat holic, 0.6% Lutheran, as well as other minorities.Urban population.In 1 930, the county's urban population was 41,632 inhabitants, comprising 64.7% Romanians, 12.8% Russians, 5.5% Tur ks, 4.4% Greeks, 3.3 % Bulgarians, 2.5% Jew s, 0.8% Germans , as well as other minorit ies. Mother tongues among the urban population were Romanian (69.4 %), followed by Russian (15.0%), Turkish (5."}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "in the s ame ground s.After the expulsion of Knigsberg 's German pop ulation at t he end of World War II the U niversity of Knigs berg whe re Kan t taught was repla ced by th e Rus sian-la ngua ge Kalini ngrad State Universi ty"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "cells.Abbot's privat e chapel.On the first fl oor to the west o f the south cloister side st ood the abbot' s priva te ch apel. I t was a ccessed by an extant late 14t h century stone spira l staircase which also led to the gu esten hall. The blocked door way can still be seen in the outside east wall of the building.The piscina can still be seen on the north aisle wall of the abbey. Abbot's hall.This room including the r oof dates from the early 15th century but the windows are modern. It is mentioned i n 1436 whe n Bishop Neville"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "cognize d by th e Nat ional In stitute f or Occ upat ion al S afety an d Health a s a priorit y industr y sect or in the National O"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "rally understo od that the cause o f quarrel was Maclellan 's refusal to joi n the allia nce. The Earl of Douglas outrag ed wi"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ama .Early life.Lanca ster was born on November 2 1913 in Manhattan New York at his parents' home at 209 East 106th Street the son of Elizabeth and mailman James Lancaster. Both of his parents were Protestants of working-class ori gin. All four of his g randparents were im migrants from Ir eland to the United State s from the province of Ulster his mat ernal grandp arents were from Belfast and were descenda nts of English immigrants to Irel and.Lancaster grew up in East Harlem an d spent much of his time o n the streets. He developed a great interest a nd skill in gymnastics whil e attending DeWitt Clinton High School where he was a basketball star. B"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "found on th e legs. Since crabs use their first two p airs of pleo pods for sperm tra nsfer this arrang ement has changed. As the mal e abdomen evolved into a sli mmer shape the go nopores have mo ved toward the m idline away from the legs a nd onto the sternum. A similar cha nge occurred independently with the female gonop ores. The movement of the female gon opore to the sternum defines the clade Eub rachyura and the later change i"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "the name of Tilton Reynolds owned the l and in what is today Reynol dsville. He began selling lots of property in the hopes of starting a town. O ver the course of the 19th century, Reynoldsvi lle would grow into the town that is it is today. R eynoldsville would grow its indus tries in the way of silk mills, brick and tile works, a tanner y, a macaroni factory, and an asbest"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "wh en th ey pu blishe d t heir model of D NA w as to a p ubl ishe d art icle that included Sven Furberg's DNA model t hat had the b ases on the inside. Thus the Watso n and Crick mo del was not th e first \"bases in\" model to be proposed. F urberg's resul ts had also provide d the correct orientatio n of t he DN A sug ars wit h resp"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": ", 20.2% from 45 to 64, and 22.3% who were 65 years of age or older. The me dian age was 40 years. For every 100 female s, there we"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "more reliable and more precise than the older NAWASS and all t he IAF Jaguars had it as stan dard. The Jaguar was found to be a l ong-range fast stable and effective st rike aircraft in IAF s ervice. Ano ther important up grade was the M aritime Strik e version fitted with a radar and powerful British ant"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ble Cecil. R. Oldham, a Democrat, who was las t ele cte d in 2 016. Br adley Moo n won t he Republican prim ary on March 3, 2020, and ha d no opponent for the November 3, 2020, gene ral election.Public libraries.The Chambers County Librar y System operates three libraries in the county. Transporta tion.The county opera tes two airpo"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ts.1898–1 914 beginning. The first tr uck manufactu red at K opivnice i n 1898 was a flatbe d with 2 liqui d-cooled side -b y-s id e-moun ted tw o-cyli nder Be nz en"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "20.1% had children under the age of 18 li ving with them, 32.2% we re married couples living together, 8.7% had a female householder with no hus band present, and 56.6% were no n-families. 36.6% of all households were m ade up of individuals, and 8.1% had someo ne living alone who was 65 ye ars of age or older. The average househ old si ze was 2. 14 and t he avera ge fam ily size was 2.83.I n the city, t he popula tion was sp read out , with 14.9"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "n, the \"Mes siah Stradiv arius\" v iolin—on dis play in t he Ashmole an Museum i n Oxford, England— has not been pla yed at all in re cent year s.Referenc es.Extern al links.Histo rical books Apraxia i s a motor d isorder caus"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "the professional military particularly the part that stated it would sta nd even if captured commandos were in proper uniforms . The order included measures designed to force military staff to obey its provisions .Some commanders including Rommel had refused to relay the order to the ir troops since they consider ed it to be c"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "uty within her subjects and herself.Background. Cox has \"dedicated her career to deconstructing stereo types and to reconfiguring the black woman's bo dy, using her nude form as a subject.\" She us es herself as a primary model in order to promot e an idea of \"self-love\" as articulated by bell hoo ks in her book \"Sisters of the Yam\", because as Cox writes in an arti st's statement, \"slavery stripped black me n and women of their dignity and identity and that history continu es to have an adverse aff ect [sic] on the African A merican ps yche.\" One of Cox's main motivations h as always be"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "speed limits.Just ove r half of the German autobahns h ave only an advis ory speed limit 15% have temporary speed limits due to weather or traff ic conditions and 33 % have permanent speed limits accor ding to 2008 estimates. The ad visory speed limit appl ies to any road in Germany outside of towns w hich is either a du al carriageway or featu res at least two lanes p er direction regar dless of its classif ication unless the re is a spe ed limit posted although it is l ess common for non-a utobahn roads to be unrestric ted. All ot her roads i n Germany"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "e all Allied forc es who op erated b ehind Na zi lines, t he Jed bur gh s were subject to tor ture and execution in t he event of c apture, under Hitler's notorious Comman do Order. Beca"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "nds o f Port Shel ter R ocky Harbo ur on Sai Kun g Pe ni ns ul a on Cl ea r W ater Bay Peninsula as well as other la nd areas of t he District. A temple locat ed on High Island da tes back to 1 741.S ai K ung market t own was ex pa nded into the local town centre of the d istri ct after t"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "crimes that ar e se en as i ntolerable to the society within mainland China and t he People's Republic of China. There are some cases that hav e been held wrongly.At least four pe ople have been considered wrongfully executed by PRC courts.W ei Qing'an (, circa 1951 1984) was a Chinese citizen who was executed for the rape of Liu, a woma"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "tie.Upon learning of this Carey bec ame angry t hat the producers made it seem he h ad a deciding vote in t he outcome of the s how calling the situation \"crooked and dishonest. \" It was also reveale d that some of the finalists who advanced were clients or employ ees of the producers or dire ctors of the show. According"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ander B akht. Durin g Austral ias actio ns, . In the end, Austra lia won the second Te st and tie d the se ries one Test apiece. Hughe s had sta rted his A ustralia n captaincy w ith a win. His success in his one Test in cha rge saw Hu ghes appoi nted as capt ain of the Australian team for the 1979 Cr icket W"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ed presid ent of the of Bordeau x in June 16 30 but re nounced th e p lac e w he n he wa s offer ed the p ost of se cretary of state f or war by Louis XI II. In 1634 he was the first el ected member of the Acadmie franai se. Two years"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ry avoidin g drying. As such they o ften include a rotiss erie. Althou gh hav ing insuf ficie nt pr essu re for mos t conve ntion al pressure coo king functi ons they do also h ave non-pressure ov en modes.Ref erences.Ninja foodi recipeRoasting is a cooking m etho d that uses dry heat wher e hot air cov er s t he f ood, cooking it e venly on all sides w"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "d a somewhat more advanced for m of the blade-ele ment theory without knowledge of previo us wo rk on th e s ubject. The s imple blade- element t heory is usually referred to h owever as the D rzewiecki theory for it was Drz ewiecki who p ut it into p ractical fo rm a nd b roug ht it int o gener al use. A lso he wa s t he first to sum up the forc es on the blade elements to obtain t"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "et around shared open lawn s. Many of the o riginal bui ldings, including J eter Hal l and North Court, b oth resid ence halls, and Ryland Hall, the original administratio n building and library for Richmond College, were designed by Ralph Adams Cram in 1910. Cram, a noted instituti onal architect, also designed buildings for Princeton, Cornell, Rice, and Williams, among other unive rsities. Warren H. Manning, a former apprentice to Frederick Law Olms ted, designed the original land scape plan. The overal l effect of the gothic architecture se t amid a landscape of pi nes, rolling hills, and Westhampton Lake, is intimate and tra nqu il. In 2000 and agai n in"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "h warm to hot sum mers a nd cold wint ers. Ac cording to the Kppen Clima te Classification system Eastpo rt has a humid continent al climate abbreviated on cli mate maps.Demographics.The p opulati on pea ked at 5,311 in 1900. It has fal len more or less constantly since then to its population of 1 ,331 at t he 2010 c ensus.2 010 c ensus .As o f the census of 20 10, there were 1,331 people, 6 70 households, and 355 famili es residing in the city. The pop ulation de nsity was . There were 1,0 83 housing un its at an average dens ity of . The rac ial makeup of t he city was 92 .0% White , 0.8% African America n, 3.6% Na tive Amer ican, 0.5% Asian, 0.5% from other races, and 2. 7% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of a ny race were 0.9% of the population. There wer e 670 hous"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "les had a m edian inco me of $ 27,74 5 ver sus $ 18,354 for females. The per capita income for the c ounty was $10,685. About 31.20% of families and 36.60% of th e population were below the povert"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "e term durin g the ye ars w hen the o ffice of speaker was hel d by th e Rep ublica n Jos eph W. Ma rtin Jr. of Massachusetts w ho was actu ally a close pe rsonal friend of Rayburn's.Hims elf a protege of Vi ce President of th e United States Joh n Nance G arner, Rayburn was a close friend a nd mentor of Lyndo n B. Johnson an d knew Jo"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "z. Fellow pulp fiction hero the Av enger guest-starred in i ssue #11. The Shadow al so appeared in DC's #253 (Nov. 1973), in which Batman teams with an a ging Shadow and calls the fam ous crime fighter his #25 9 (Nov.-Dec. 1974), Batman again meets The Shadow, and we learn that, in the past, The Shadow sav ed Br uce Waynes secre t identity (he assures Batman, however, that his secret is safe with him).T he Shadow is als"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "bia, a sh ort line r ail opera tor that wa s purchased by W ashington Group In ternational and is now part of AECOM. SVI assumed ope rating control f rom RailAmerica in July 2006 and o ffers general freight service only on t he north Nanaimo to South Dun can segment of the Victoria–Courtena y main line . The Port"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "en too difficult to deal with, and suc h plans went no where.Lookin g for anot her design they c ould purch ase P ack ard was l ed to the five-person D ata System s Inc. (DSI) of Detroit. DSI"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "chian Trail i n Georgia has elevations that vary from about 2500 to w ith many steep clim bs. It extends some throu gh the Chattahoochee National Forest. Butternut Creek Golf Course i s an 18-hole m ountainside public go lf course loc ated within the city limits.E ncompassing ne arly two-thirds of the county the C hattahoochee National Forest has a series o f winding trai ls. Visitors may hike t hrough scenic mounta ins and by rushing rivers and cas cading waterfalls. Brasstown Bald is the high est mountain peak in Georg"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "nds that are the life of a small American city.\"The Lynds w ere only the first to c onduct a series of st ud ie s i n Muncie. The National Sci ence Foundation funde d a third major study that resulted in two books b y Theodore Ca plow \"Middletown Famili es\" (1982) and \"All Fa ithful"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "o pr ot ec t workers and sta bilise the steep wall s.An alter native to di gging trenches is to create a util ity tunnel. Su ch a tunnel may be dug b y boring or b y using a trench for cut-and-c over construction . The advantages of uti lity tunnels are the reduction o f maintenance manho les, one-time relocation, and le ss excavatio n and repair, compa red with separat e cable duc ts for each servic e. When they ar e well mapped, t"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "esta blis hed a t the nort hern a nd e aster n part s of the city, as i t becam e a develop ment tow n, desig nated to a bsorb n umerous Je wish im migra nts, l argel y Je ws fro m M orocco . The old ci ty of Akko r emained largely Ar ab M us li m , with a n Arab C hristian neigh bourh ood in clo se proximity. The city also at tracted worsh ippers of the Bah Faith, some of who m bec ame p"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "iminal charges caused ITT to withdraw its suppor t for the San Diego c onvention. That c ombin ed w ith a shortag e of hotel space and problem"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ney, and other preservatives. Late spring, s umme r, an d autu mn a ffor ded ab undanc e, whil e wi nter meals w ere mo re spars e. Lives tock wer e slau ghtered at the be ginning of winter . Bee f was ofte n salt ed, w hile p ork wa s salte d and sm"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "eatured wom en.At the heig ht of Taliban insu rgency in Paki stan the re ligious co alition los t its grip in the ge neral elections h eld in 2008 and the reli gious coalition was swept ou t of powe r by the lef tist Awami N ational Party which also wit nessed the resignation of President Musharra f in 2008. The ANP gov ernment eventually led the initi atives to r epeal the m ajor Isl amist's social"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "Jos's districts.Transportation.San Jos has several internal transportation networks th at connect the city districts and metropolitan area as well as national transportation networks that connect the city to other p arts of Costa Rica.San Jos is undergoing modernization i n transportation. The mayor Johnny Araya has announ ced the establishment of an urban tramway system that will in its first p hase cover the central core of the city going from west to east. This entire pla n was announced and publicly presented in February 2011 by the city m ayor and Costa Rican President Laura Chi nchilla.On 27 September 20 12, San Jos disclosed plans to install its first street signs, abo ut 22,000 signs and plaques . It is estimated that the lac k of proper street names f or directions causes th e loss of $720 million a year by the Inter-American Development Bank i n 2008, due to undelivered, returne d or re-sent mail.Pri vate bus companies connect dif ferent areas of the ci ty with each other and the suburbs. Services to other pa rts of the country are provided by other private com panies which have statio ns or stops spread all over the city center. Ther e are also bus s ervices between"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "s many areas to the north of the moors and in the Esk valley.Natural hist ory.The North York Moors National Park encompasses three main types of landscape whos e differences are clearly visible and the coastal belt. There are predominantly green ar eas of pasture land the purple and brown heather mo orland and woodland. The three kinds of scenery are the result of differences in the underlying geolog y and each supports different wildlife communities.Sandstones erode slowly and form poor acid s oils which are deficient in nutrients. They are less permeable to wate r, impeding drainage and encouraging the formation of bogs. Sphagnum moss bogs are common whe re the re is a bundant rain and poor drainage. Cotton grass i s a distinctive plant which grows in the bog gy areas. In the cold acid waters of pea t bogs there is little decomposition of organic m aterial with the result that the dead spha gnu m"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "of the Navy Pu blicity Bureau in Ne w York City from 1911 to 1913 was Ex ecutive Offic er of the battle ship from 1914 t o 1915 and comma nded th e armore d cruiser from 1915 to 1916.By 19 17 he was the H ead of the Depart ment of Co mpasses, Nautical Instruments, a nd Time Service at the Nava l Observatory. D uring World War I, in the rank of Captain, he comman ded the troop tr ansport , formerly the German lin er SS , and was a warded the Navy Cro ss for this se rvice. He commanded the armored cruis er from 1918 to 19 19 and"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "er unit distanc e a nd th e di rectio n is that of maximu m incr ease of . The do t product where and r eprese nt the ma gnitude of th"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "e CDC helped coordinate the return of two infected American aid worker s for treatment at Emory University Hospital t he home of a special unit to hand le highly infectious diseases.As a response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak, Congress passed a Co ntinuing Appropriations Resolution allocating $30,000,000 toward s CDC's efforts to fight the viru s.Non-communicable dise ases.The CDC also works on non-communica ble diseases, including ch ronic diseases caused b y obesity, physical inactivit y and tobacco-u"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "The incident ap parently led to a period of signific ant gro wth in Weirs p laying m ore clearly t han ev er and a nd noted his ability to play chord"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "njun g, Da rug, Eora, and K urin ggai. The y used the river as a sourc e of f ood and a place for t rade. In the languages o f the traditional c ustodian s the riv er i s De"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "st suc cessful franch ise: th e first m ovie came out in 2002, and, as of 2021, ther e have been seven followu p movie s with U S gross es in excess of $2.5 billi"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "also s ometim es misse d in pe ople w ith di arr hea-pre dom inant I BS. SeHCA T tests s uggest aroun d 30% of p eople with D-IBS have th is condit ion a nd mo st respon d to bile acid sequestra nts.Co morbiditie"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "fi stops trying to establish a good relationship with Anni e.The Briests disown Eff i thinking it ill behooves th em to deal w ith someone who tarnished t"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "er to naval cadets b ut historically they were selected by the monarchy and were trained m ostly on land as soldiers.Ap prentice officers.Ro yal Navy .The ran k of mi dshi pm an ori ginated duri ng the Tud or a nd St uart era s an d originally referre"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "rmula for t he short di pole shows the mon opole has half the radiation resistance Calculation.Calculating t he radiation resi stance of an antenna dir ectly from t he reactio n force on the electrons is very co"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ven by treating those un derlying causes a nd suggest to m aintain proper oral hygiene.Epide miology.It is di fficult for researc hers to make estimat es of the pr evalence of halitosi s in the g eneral pop ulation fo r several re asons. F irstly, hali tosis i s s ubject to societal ta"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "uild the ships.Heavy cru isers.Never complete d: ,Lig ht cru isers.T he term \"ligh t cr uiser\" is a s hortenin g of t he ph ra se \" ligh t a rm our ed cruis er\". Light cruisers were d efined u nder the Washin gton N aval Treaty by gun caliber. Ligh t cruiser describes a smal"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "re sensitive to the leth al effects of superoxi de-generating compo unds, such as paraqu at and diquat .\"Drosophila\" lacking SOD1 have a dra matically shortened lifespan whereas flies lacking SOD2 die before bi rth. Depletion o f SOD1 and SOD2 in t he n erv ous syste m an d muscl es of \"Dr os ophila \" is associate d w"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "le Barak made no formal written offer to Arafat, the US did prese nt concepts for peace which were considered by the Isra eli side yet left unanswered by Ar afat . Consequently , there are differe nt accounts of the propo sals considered.Camp David Sum mit .In July 2000 US President Bill Clinton c onvened a peace summit betwe en Palestinian President Yass"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "more than half on its Lanai r oute starting on that dat e. The ai rline also announced it will be cutting its"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "wi n an d the coin ing of a new phr ase among Auburn f ans, In August 2010, m ranked this game the 8 th most painful outco me in college foot ball history.1981 Alabama coac h Bear Bryant earne d his 315th career victory after Alabama defeated Auburn 28–17. With the victory Coach Br yant passed Amos Alo nzo Stagg to become the all-time winningest FBS c oach at the time. This was the fin al game in Alabama's nine-game winning streak over Auburn th e longest streak in Iron Bowl histor y.1982 With two minutes left Auburn dro"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": ", the public two-year Connors St ate Colle ge, t he pu blic Indian Capital Technology Center and t he private four-year Bacone College , which is the oldest coll ege in the state of Oklahoma.In 2004 civi c rights lawyers took on the case of 11-year-ol"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "rrows in ver y quick success ion a nd sa turatin g ene my positio ns but wi th little hi tting po wer, resul ting in mo stly non-i ncapaci tating limb wounds for the enemy. T he Roman cataphracts, on th e other hand, released their shots with f ar more power, able to launch arro ws wi"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "Romans\". It suggested a di fferent full-beam design for the \"corvus\", whic h became the m ost widely accepted mod el among scholars for th e rest of the twentieth century. Wallinga 's design i nc luded"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "age is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. In about 133 3 a great fire starting at The Malt Shovel a local pu b and aided by an easterly wind swept through the village destroying the church and all but a few houses with just one casualty the mayor. The damage was so great that a ju dge Roger de Bankwell was sent to hea r pleas for relief from taxes. The Great Fire of S pondon is still commemorated and taught as p art of the curriculum in local schools. A vil lage fair was held on its 650th an niversary .Spondon became heavily i ndustrialised in the 19th and ear ly 20th centuries with companies suc h as British Celanese (now Celanese Corporation. The large site is now closed but it initially made cellulose acetate in World W ar I and later other art ificial fibres.Governme"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "an by line number. T he various lo oping and conditio nal constructs were i ncluded in order to provide sufficien t descriptive po wer for the corr ection tape. The t er se sy nt ax minimized t he number of keys trokes nee de d t o prep are the co rrection t ape.T he cor rect ion ta pe"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "urons.There are four major dop aminergic pathways T he mesol imbic pathway T he mesoc ortical p athway· The nigr ostriatal pat hway and· The t ub eroi nfu ndi bul ar pat hwa y.O ther dopaminer gic pathw ays include the hypotha lamospinal t ract and t he incertohypo thalamic path way.Parkinson 's di sease, at te ntion def icit hyper activity dis order (ADHD), substance abuse disor der (addiction), and restl"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "se n am es' c om m on ele m en t appears frequently in Dacian and Thracian placenam es and pe rsonal names . But there is n o consen sus that these g roups are in fa ct Carpi. Bichir suggests that they were Thra co-Dacian tribes dist"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "about $52.4 million between the Lee Building and Rossborough Inn a $60 million IDEA Factory and a $14.5 million replacement of all me chanical equipment in wing 2 of the H.J. Patterson Hall.On June 9 2020 the city governme nt passed a .Demographics.The median income for a household in the city was $50,168, and the me dian income for a family was $62,759 (these figures had risen to $66 ,953 and $82,295 respectively as of a 2007 estimate). Males had a median income of $40,445 vers us $31,631 for females. The per capita income for the city was $16,026. About 4.2 % of families and 19.9% of the population were below the poverty line, including 6.9% of those unde r age 18 and 9.2% of those age 65 or over.2010 census .As of the census of 2010, there were 30,413 people, 6,757 househol ds, and 2,852 families residing in the city. The population d"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "ar, Aarhus was occupi ed by German troo ps from 21 Ju ne to 24 July 1849 . The city was spared any f ighting, but in V ejlby nort h of the cit y a cavalry skir mish know n as Ry tterfgt ningen took p lace which s topped the Ger man advance through Ju tland. The w ar and occu pation left a not abl e i mp act on the ci ty as m an"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "T is buildi ng both co nnection s whic h were fun ded b y a fed eral TIGER gra nt.The Coas tal Li nk is pl anned to begin in p hases. The fi rst phase is k nown as Tri-Rail Do wntown Miami Li nk which would provide service to MiamiCentral station in D owntown Miami. Ab out half of Tri-Rail's train s would switch to the FE C's Little River Branch on the ne w Iris Connection so uth of Metrorail Transfer station and head east to the FEC mainline where they would tur n sout h an d head to d own tow n Mi ami. The D ownto"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "Al le gh en y Co un ty Air port.Ac cordi ng t o the U nited S tates Ce nsus Bureau , the bor ough has a tot al area of , of which is l and and , o r 1.80%, is w ate r. Th e l an ds ca pe is larg ely hil ly a nd wo oded, and t he b oroug h's eas tern b ounda ry is con tiguou s with th e Mo nongahel"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "e tip are pol arized by the f ield and s inc e t he field is non-uniform the polarize d atoms are attracted tow ards the tip surface . The imaging ato"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "in; t he r iver ru ns th rough northern, eastern and sou thern por tions of th e munici pality, and connects to the Lak e of Va lsequillo, where the Manuel vila C"}}"
"{"gt_parse": {"text_sequence": "was se lected and the new allotmen t was opene d for a pplicatio ns. Those a pplican ts battled i t out in cou rt for y ears until one was finally selected in t he mid-199 0s.The al lotment of a new cla ss A statio n at 102 .5 MHz in Mable ton prompt ed WG HR to mov e fro m that fre quency to 100.7 MHz in 1998. W hen WWWQ began broadc asting on 100.5 MHz in Atlanta, WGH R moved back to 102.5 temp orarily to avoid receiving and causing interference, and an applicati on was filed with the FCC to m ove to 101.1 MHz. Shortly after ward howeve r, the full- power station WA"}}"
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