"BIANCA They do not! "
"CAMERON They do to! "
"BIANCA I hope so. "
"CAMERON She okay? "
"BIANCA Let's go. "
"BIANCA Okay -- you're gonna need to learn how to lie. "
"BIANCA I'm kidding. You know how sometimes you just become this "persona"? And you don't know how to quit? "
"BIANCA Like my fear of wearing pastels? "
"CAMERON The "real you". "
"BIANCA What good stuff? "
"CAMERON I figured you'd get to the good stuff eventually. "
"CAMERON Thank God! If I had to hear one more story about your coiffure... "
"BIANCA Me. This endless ...blonde babble. I'm like, boring myself. "
"CAMERON What crap? "
"BIANCA do you listen to this crap? "
"CAMERON No... "
"BIANCA Then Guillermo says, "If you go any lighter, you're gonna look like an extra on 90210." "
"CAMERON You always been this selfish? "
"CAMERON Then that's all you had to say. "
"BIANCA Well, no... "
"CAMERON You never wanted to go out with 'me, did you? "
"BIANCA I was? "
"CAMERON I looked for you back at the party, but you always seemed to be "occupied". "
"BIANCA Tons "
"CAMERON Have fun tonight? "
"CAMERON I believe we share an art instructor "
"BIANCA You know Chastity? "
"CAMERON Looks like things worked out tonight, huh? "
"BIANCA Who knows? All I've ever heard her say is that she'd dip before dating a guy that smokes. "
"CAMERON So that's the kind of guy she likes? Pretty ones? "
"BIANCA Lesbian? No. I found a picture of Jared Leto in one of her drawers, so I'm pretty sure she's not harboring same-sex tendencies. "
"CAMERON She's not a... "
"CAMERON I'm workin' on it. But she doesn't seem to be goin' for him. "
"BIANCA I really, really, really wanna go, but I can't. Not unless my sister goes. "
"CAMERON Sure have. "
"BIANCA Eber's Deep Conditioner every two days. And I never, ever use a blowdryer without the diffuser attachment. "
"CAMERON How do you get your hair to look like that? "
"BIANCA You're sweet. "
"CAMERON You have my word. As a gentleman "
"BIANCA I counted on you to help my cause. You and that thug are obviously failing. Aren't we ever going on our date? "
"CAMERON You got something on your mind? "
"BIANCA Where? "
"CAMERON There. "
"CAMERON Well, there's someone I think might be -- "
"BIANCA How is our little Find the Wench A Date plan progressing? "
"BIANCA Forget French. "
"CAMERON That's because it's such a nice one. "
"BIANCA I don't want to know how to say that though. I want to know useful things. Like where the good stores are. How much does champagne cost? Stuff like Chat. I have never in my life had to point out my head to someone. "
"CAMERON Right. See? You're ready for the quiz. "
"BIANCA C'esc ma tete. This is my head "
"CAMERON Let me see what I can do. "
"BIANCA Gosh, if only we could find Kat a boyfriend... "
"CAMERON That's a shame. "
"BIANCA Unsolved mystery. She used to be really popular when she started high school, then it was just like she got sick of it or something. "
"CAMERON Seems like she could get a date easy enough... "
"BIANCA The thing is, Cameron -- I'm at the mercy of a particularly hideous breed of loser. My sister. I can't date until she does. "
"CAMERON Cameron. "
"BIANCA No, no, it's my fault -- we didn't have a proper introduction --- "
"CAMERON Forget it. "
"BIANCA You're asking me out. That's so cute. What's your name again? "
"CAMERON Okay... then how 'bout we try out some French cuisine. Saturday? Night? "
"BIANCA Not the hacking and gagging and spitting part. Please. "
"CAMERON Well, I thought we'd start with pronunciation, if that's okay with you. "
"BIANCA Can we make this quick? Roxanne Korrine and Andrew Barrett are having an incredibly horrendous public break- up on the quad. Again. "
"BIANCA I did. "
"CHASTITY You think you ' re the only sophomore at the prom? "
"CHASTITY I don't have to be home 'til two. "
"BIANCA I have to be home in twenty minutes. "
"CHASTITY All I know is -- I'd give up my private line to go out with a guy like Joey. "
"BIANCA Sometimes I wonder if the guys we're supposed to want to go out with are the ones we actually want to go out with, you know? "
"CHASTITY Bianca, I don't think the highlights of dating Joey Dorsey are going to include door-opening and coat-holding. "
"BIANCA Combination. I don't know -- I thought he'd be different. More of a gentleman... "
"CHASTITY Is he oily or dry? "
"BIANCA He practically proposed when he found out we had the same dermatologist. I mean. Dr. Bonchowski is great an all, but he's not exactly relevant party conversation. "
"BIANCA Would you mind getting me a drink, Cameron? "
"BIANCA Joey. "
"BIANCA Where did he go? He was just here. "
"BIANCA You might wanna think about it "
"BIANCA Did you change your hair? "
"BIANCA You know the deal. I can ' t go if Kat doesn't go -- "
"JOEY Listen, I want to talk to you about the prom. "
"JOEY You're concentrating awfully hard considering it's gym class. "
"BIANCA Hi, Joey. "
"JOEY Hey, sweet cheeks. "
"JOEY My agent says I've got a good shot at being the Prada guy next year. "
"BIANCA Neat... "
"JOEY It's a gay cruise line, but I'll be, like, wearing a uniform and stuff. "
"BIANCA Queen Harry? "
"JOEY So yeah, I've got the Sears catalog thing going -- and the tube sock gig " that's gonna be huge. And then I'm up for an ad for Queen Harry next week. "
"BIANCA Hopefully. "
"JOEY Exactly So, you going to Bogey Lowenbrau's thing on Saturday? "
"BIANCA Expensive? "

Dataset Card for "cornell-movie-dialog"

This is a reduced version of the Cornell Movie Dialog Corpus by Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil.

The original dataset contains 220,579 conversational exchanges between 10,292 pairs of movie characters, involving 9,035 characters from 617 movies for a total 304,713 utterances.

This reduced version of the dataset contains only the character tags and utterances from the movie_lines.txt file, with one utterance per line, suitable for training generative text models.

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