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Breast cancer

The Breast cancer dataset from the UCI ML repository. Classify cancerousness of the given cell.

Configurations and tasks

Configuration Task Description
cancer Binary classification Is the cell clump cancerous?


from datasets import load_dataset

dataset = load_dataset("mstz/breast", "cancer")["train"]


Name Type Description
clump_thickness int8 Thickness of the clump
uniformity_of_cell_size int8 Uniformity of cell size
uniformity_of_cell_shape int8 Uniformity of cell shape
marginal_adhesion int8 Marginal adhesion
single_epithelial_cell_size int8 single_epithelial_cell_size
bare_nuclei int8 bare_nuclei
bland_chromatin int8 bland_chromatin
normal_nucleoli int8 normal_nucleoli
mitoses int8 mitoses
is_cancer int8 Is the clump cancer
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