Our Voices Model and Methods Competition #2

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Alt Text: Model Competition Banner with an avatar mars - including a $20,000 cash pot

Mozilla is launching a series of ambitious, global competitions titled “Our Voices,” with the goal of making voice technology less biased and more inclusive.

Hosted by Mozilla Common Voice, “Our Voices” challenges technologists worldwide to build speech recognition systems that understand and work for everyone, no matter their gender, accent, or language. The competitions coincide with the release of Common Voice’s 10th dataset.

Says Em Lewis-Jong, Mozilla’s Product Lead for Common Voice: “Currently, the voice technology ecosystem is riddled with biases and big gaps. As a result, millions of people — and countless languages and accents — can’t benefit from an essential technology. ‘Our Voices’ rewards technologists who confront this problem head on.”

The competition features a total of $20,000 USD in cash prizes across four categories:

  • Gender | For example, a speech to text (STT) model for an under-resourced language that performs equally well for female speakers
  • Variant and Accent | For example, accent classifiers by, and for, a community to support their needs
  • Methodologies | For example, a benchmark corpus, or dataset audit methodology for identifying bias
  • Open Call | Any other creative and DEI-relevant voice prototypes or tools

Entrants must primarily use Mozilla Common Voice data, but may also use other open-source tools like NVIDIA NeMo.

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Learn more about the rules on our website

Heya, this is Hillary (Community Manager for Common Voice), if you have any questions about the competition please feel free to ask on our element chat. We will be hosting a AMA soon !