While athletes in different professions dealt with doping scandals and other controversies , Woods continued to do what he did best : dominate the field of professional golf and rake in endorsements .
The minutes could shed light on an internal debate , which has been evident in Fed officials ' recent speeches , over when to consider raising rates .
But Metro 's definition of " urbanite " is not accurate , says Matthew Gandy , director of the Urban Laboratory at University College London .
Goodrich Petroleum is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company listed on the New York Stock Exchange .
The support from Spears is to end on November 15 .
Kirk looks into the stars and replies , " Because somewhere , someone out there is saying the three most beautiful words in any language . "
Sorry for the lengthy response , but this is an abbreviated calculus course in oil industry economics .
Six Figure salary plus equity. natural england. one and a half post in london. from £ 23,000 to a target rate of £ 29,100 with the opportunity to rise to a Higher Performance ceiling of £ 32,100. the grasslands trust. hampshire .
The 10 Answers will provide the most up-to-date , concise , accurate , and unbiased information related to important issues about long-term care .
Republicans were not expected to voice any final agreement until after the 3 : 55 p.m. meeting at the White House , partly in deference to Mr. McCain and partly because they have been clamoring for the Bush administration to give them more aggressive political support before endorsing a plan that so far has been unpopular with the public .
The Flyers held impromptu dunk competition among themselves during their pregame shoot-around -- bouncing balls off the floor and backboard before slamming them into the hoop .
On the first live finale for " Top Chef " ( Bravo at 10 ) , a champion is crowned in Miami .
Nor is it an inner sanctum of the body .
In Britain , which has been described as an " elective dictatorship , " the next government , likely to be the Conservative party , will inherit a fiscal mess .
Now people are just getting relief for the people in the badly affected areas .
Salguero Urmeneta 's wife , Blanca Cruz , said that he was making his first or second visit to the restaurant , and that he didn 't frequent the place because " it 's a bad influence .
On September 23 , the US journal Science reported data from three probes -- NASA 's Cassini and Deep Impact , and from Chandrayaan-1 -- to aver that water particles had been found on the Moon .
Among her most recent gigs was one at last year 's Glastonbury festival , where she arrived in a helicopter and wore diamond-encrusted wellington boots .
Armstrong , who won the Tour de France seven straight years after overcoming testicular cancer , posted a tweet about 11 : 15 p.m.
Both teams scored in the 10th .
( CBS ) Mocking the fat physiques of baseball players is a time-honored tradition .
And the finds are not confined to 3000 BC .
The apparently successful hit -- U.S. officials acknowledged that conclusive proof may be impossible unless a body is recovered -- was regarded by U.S. and Pakistani analysts as a devastating setback for the coalition of 13 Pakistani Taliban factions Mehsud had commanded .
( Other examples include the rabbit-shaped Nabaztag , which delivers information aloud , or by flashing colors , and the Ambient Orb , which translates information about traffic data and so on into a variable glow . )
Each time she 's refused to sign any of them , because she said they often called for policies that were too narrowly focused or unrealistic in their simplicity .
In addition , he holds a win over current UFC interim heavyweight champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira on his resume .
Coming just after the third government rescue of Citigroup , the AIG decision could fuel mounting public anger .
And on Monday , nine people were wounded , two seriously , in a similar gunfight in Beirut between the two camps .
Palin said in her AP interview she is eager to begin life as a private citizen .
Investigators from Britain 's Serious Organised Crime Agency are looking into the use of the cloned British passports in the attack .
Perhaps not , but that still makes it difficult to explain to outsiders why the Greek government has identified at least 580 job categories that are deemed to be hazardous enough to merit retiring early -- at age 50 for women and 55 for men .
WASHINGTON ( AP ) - U.S. Defense officials say North Korea has begun fueling a rocket for its controversial launch of a satellite .
Prosecutor Mark Gadsden said : " The boy described the defendant being very friendly and giving him sweets .
Use proper measuring tools .
A French comedy set for an English language remake produced by Will Smith , has been seen by more than 20 million people and is on track to become France 's most popular film ever , its producers said Wednesday .
408 .
Tucson police homicide investigators are assisting , Mejia said .
The aftermath ?
" It is unfortunate .
What is Paro ?
The scandalous marriage getaway has now become a tourist attraction and a sort of ' wedding theme park ' .
It sounded like enthusiastic banging of desks .
It 's a glorious April morning on Brighton Pier .
And the official database would not likely contain sensitive information of the sort that could influence a campaign-unless examiners had a question about the passport applicant or the authenticity of that person 's documentation .
The Johnson campaign has also taken a different approach to advertising .
Ma 'a Nonu , who is not a tactical kicker , has been restored as inside centre which Carter said would make it easier for him to prepare for the Test .
William & Mary shot 36 percent in the contest ( 18-for-50 ) , while Drexel shot 32.7 percent ( 17-for-52 ) .
Syngenta declined to give financial details of the simultaneous acquisition of privately-held Synergene Seed & Technology Inc. and Pybas Vegetable Seed Co .
King was meant to have been paying it .
Both Jo Kae and Daisi have learnt some English - but not enough to deal confidently with shopping , say , or the arrival of an official letter .
When Garvey Rich went on JDate -- an online dating service for Jewish singles -- he didn 't necessarily expect to meet " the one . "
He said he asked if he could use the lavatory in business class , but was denied .
Not only was he Jewish , but he refused to join the Communist Party , and his career was severely hampered by censorship and persecution .
The problem is that partisan appointments have a history of backfiring .
The victim , Allen Tahiraj , was shot once in the abdomen about 3 a.m. in front of 1640 Ocean Parkway , near Avenue P in the Ocean Parkway section , during a loud quarrel of unknown origin , investigators said .
And what he said at this MacWorld was the same thing : Apple believes that , based on their research , people want to own their music but want to rent movies because the comsumption patterns of each are different .
Still , she is concerned that investors will not have the patience to build these companies .
Natural gas futures fell 14.3 cents to $ 6.930 per 1,000 cubic feet .
The release did not state whether Sewell or any of the others will play for the Cavaliers in the fall .
Crisanto Niere , a balding , gap-toothed drug dealer who impersonated Jackson in the YouTube dance , " is sad his idol died , " the station quoted an unnamed prison official as saying .
The family were due to check out of the hotel tomorrow .
Made into a successful HBO miniseries last year but naturally Obama is reading the book .
" Ford is committed to focused negotiations at a more detailed level with Tata Motors concerning the potential sale of the combined Jaguar / Land Rover business , " said Lewis Booth , Ford executive vice president with responsibility for Ford Europe .
" Size provides a decisive competitive advantage in addition to price - even more so with motorcycles than with cars because there is considerably less space available , " Remde added .
Her step-father , Carl Probyn , saw his step-daughter being snatched from a bus stop in 1991 .
It is the first time staff will have open access to the network which contains information about children 's schools , parents and GPs .
For instance , courts have said that until legal wrangles over land ownership are settled , they can 't touch the homes of some of Alexandra 's oldest residents , the inhabitants of the neighborhood 's original 6,000 houses .
2 , Dec .
In other signs of Pakistan 's precarious stability three days before legislators elect a successor to Pervez Musharraf as president , snipers shot at the prime minister 's limousine near Islamabad and government troops killed two dozen militants in another area of the restive northwest .
A bomb squad found no explosives in the car and flights continued despite the incident .
Morandi articulated painting as its own subject matter .
That of course puts a question mark against why globally-focused companies need to be headquartered in London , particularly if any of the major global banks make good on thinly-veiled threats to move operations to Hong Kong or Singapore .
Meanwhile two envoys for the Dalai Lama are on their way to Beijing for talks .
After the attack Monday , the authorities found nine unexploded devices , a gun and four knives at the scene , along with a handwritten note left by one assailant indicating a desire to die during " jihad , " according to Mr. Shi .
The report is the culmination of the National Standards Project , a multi-year project that began with more than 6,400 research abstracts about autism treatments and concluded with a comprehensive National Standards Report .
History has established their authority to speak on the subject .
Across Kashmir , shops and offices were shut down in strikes and public transport was squeezed off the roads by marchers who filled the streets chanting , " Down with India , " and " We want freedom ! "
US stocks rallied on Wednesday , buoyed by comments from the Federal Reserve that the recession-mired US economy is stabilising as it announced a scaleback in its massive pump priming effort .
Two of its young stars also won acting awards in shortlists that included such famous names as Rowan Atkinson , Sheila Hancock and Maureen Lipman .
Posted by Gwen Robinson on Oct 30 11 : 09 .
" Those were very smart trades because they caught the top of the dollar bounce each time , " says one western banker who deals closely with the fund .
It is a popular pilgrimage for Australians keen to walk the route used by Australian soldiers to fight the Japanese during the Second World War in 1942 .
Prices have trended higher in the Midwest and Southeast partly due to production delays caused by Gustav , said Tom Kloza from Oil Price Information Service ( OPIS ) , which provides the data for AAA .
Scrutiny on Sunday also focused on the developer and the contractors involved in the work .
Bruce A. Thomas , Q.C. is a founding partner in Thomas Gold Pettingill LLP and was appointed a Queen 's Counsel in 1978 .
Europe is China 's largest trading partner .
Until recently , Pakistan had a strong civil society , an independent judiciary and a vibrant active press .
The cost of filling an average car could reach £ 84 next year , one consumer body will say today .
PITY the executive whose life is filled with crammed planes , missed connections and a workday that begins early and lasts as long as the Internet connection holds up .
Bill posed no threat to oil installations in the Gulf of Mexico .
Skulking on the sidelines is a mystery man with a spit curl who claims to have found a solution to America 's depleted reserves in something called Fluid Karma , which will light up the country by harnessing the ocean 's power .
Bain and THL maintain that they intend to close the deal .
All of the country 's four mines were closed in the first few months of this year and jobs were lost there and at the high-security granite-clad building that houses Mr Magetse 's employer , the Diamond Trading Company Botswana .
They were also given further grounds for encouragement in their pursuit of Eto 'o yesterday , with the Cameroon striker 's agent indicating that it would be difficult for Barcelona or the player to turn down a substantial deal , although that prospective transfer is likely to take longer to conclude .
Thandie Newton dressed as one of the world 's best-known sex symbols - Cleopatra - to launch a short film competition .
And by the way , we 've really got the status quo , which Admiral Mullen and General McChrystal say is not succeeding , or we can implement this new strategy , which is really an old strategy called counterinsurgency , or we 'd better get out .
Utley homered for the second consecutive game , providing the big blow in a five-run fifth inning , and the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Nationals , 8-5 , Wednesday night in Washington to move back atop the National League East with their fourth victory in a row .
It was hugely intriguing .
When Fergie started into her ballad " Finally , " my heart sank a little bit .
Fans and players , some near tears , thanked each other for enduring , " wrote Mitch Albom on the Free Press ' website .

Dataset Card for One Billion Word Language Model Benchmark

Dataset Summary

A benchmark corpus to be used for measuring progress in statistical language modeling. This has almost one billion words in the training data.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

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Dataset Structure

Data Instances


  • Size of downloaded dataset files: 1.79 GB
  • Size of the generated dataset: 4.28 GB
  • Total amount of disk used: 6.07 GB

An example of 'train' looks as follows.

This example was too long and was cropped:

    "text": "While athletes in different professions dealt with doping scandals and other controversies , Woods continued to do what he did best : dominate the field of professional golf and rake in endorsements ."

Data Fields

The data fields are the same among all splits.


  • text: a string feature.

Data Splits

name train test
plain_text 30301028 306688

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

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Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

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Who are the source language producers?

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The dataset doesn't contain annotations.

Personal and Sensitive Information

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Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

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Discussion of Biases

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Other Known Limitations

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Additional Information

Dataset Curators

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Licensing Information

[More Information Needeate this repository accordingly.

Citation Information

      title={One Billion Word Benchmark for Measuring Progress in Statistical Language Modeling}, 
      author={Ciprian Chelba and Tomas Mikolov and Mike Schuster and Qi Ge and Thorsten Brants and Phillipp Koehn and Tony Robinson},


Thanks to @patrickvonplaten, @lewtun, @jplu, @thomwolf for adding this dataset.

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