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This repository contains the mapping from integer id's to actual label names (in HuggingFace Transformers typically called id2label) for several datasets.

Current datasets include:

  • ImageNet-1k
  • ImageNet-22k (also called ImageNet-21k as there are 21,843 classes)
  • COCO detection 2017
  • ADE20k (actually, the MIT Scene Parsing benchmark, which is a subset of ADE20k)
  • Cityscapes
  • VQAv2

You can read in a label file as follows (using the huggingface_hub library):

from huggingface_hub import hf_hub_url, cached_download
import json

REPO_ID = "datasets/huggingface/label-files"
FILENAME = "imagenet-22k-id2label.json"
id2label = json.load(open(cached_download(hf_hub_url(REPO_ID, FILENAME)), "r"))
id2label = {int(k):v for k,v in id2label.items()}

To add an id2label mapping for a new dataset, simply define a Python dictionary, and then save that dictionary as a JSON file, like so:

import json

# simple example
id2label = {0: 'cat', 1: 'dog'}

with open('cats-and-dogs-id2label.json', 'w') as fp:
    json.dump(id2label, fp)

You can then upload it to this repository (assuming you have write access).

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