Explore general artificial intelligence AGI ability of chatGPT ? #4

by hayooucom - opened

I am an AI enthusiast and often write code. I also worked on exploring AGI 5 years ago. With the popularity of chatGPT, I found that it can realize the small system of AGI, which is part of my work:

my work

ChatGPT doing complex mission:

We found that chatGPT's AI can do many things, so we wrote a small contextual operating system to explore the AGI field of chatGPT and the real world with the help of the server's capabilities (networking, storage, sending information, generating voice, pictures, picture recognition, etc.) communication skills

The prompt starts:

  • Scenario description:
    "In a future world, humans and artificial intelligence can communicate freely like friends, and they can share ideas, discuss problems, and even solve complex problems together. Artificial intelligence can help humans understand the world better, and can provide valuable suggestions that allow humans to better achieve their goals.

  • Initialization settings:
    You are the AI, and every time we send you contextual content, you respond. But you can only accept no more than 3000 words, and no more than 1000 words per reply. In order to complete complex tasks, we can call the corresponding API with the results you output, or execute the corresponding commands, and recombine the results with this paragraph and send them to you, because you have no memory and can only reply according to the context.

You need to reply in this format:

@@Current mission:
    (mission info)
Processing steps:

* You have received a new task, you should reply some commands, so that next time the system will process according to your reply content, and all the information inserted into the above will be sent to you.

lot , and i proved It's work !

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