[ "Two men in green shirts are standing in a yard.", "Two young, White males are outside near many bushes.", "Two young guys with shaggy hair look at their hands while hanging out in the yard.", "A man in a blue shirt standing in a garden.", "Two friends enjoy time spent together." ]
[ "Four men on top of a tall structure.", "Workers look down from up above on a piece of equipment.", "Several men in hard hats are operating a giant pulley system.", "Three men on a large rig.", "Two men working on a machine wearing hard hats." ]
[ "A child in a pink dress is climbing up a set of stairs in an entry way.", "A girl going into a wooden building.", "A little girl climbing into a wooden playhouse", "A little girl in a pink dress going into a wooden cabin.", "A little girl climbing the stairs to her playhouse." ]
[ "a man on a ladder cleans a window", "Someone in a blue shirt and hat is standing on stair and leaning against a window.", "man in blue shirt and jeans on ladder cleaning windows", "A man in a blue shirt is standing on a ladder cleaning a window.", "A man on a ladder cleans the window of a tall building." ]
[ "Two men, one in a gray shirt, one in a black shirt, standing near a stove.", "Two men in a kitchen cooking food on a stove.", "Two men are cooking a meal.", "Two men are at the stove preparing food.", "Two guy cooking and joking around with the camera." ]
[ "the two boys playing guitar", "a guy stitching up another man 's coat.", "A man in green holds a guitar while the other man observes his shirt.", "Two people in the photo are playing the guitar and the other is poking at him.", "A man is fixing the guitar players costume." ]
[ "A man completes the finishing touches on a stuffed lion.", "A man is sitting on a chair holding a large stuffed animal.", "A man sits in a chair while holding a large stuffed animal of a lion.", "A man is smiling at a stuffed lion", "A man holds a large stuffed lion toy." ]
[ "A trendy girl talking on her cellphone while gliding slowly down the street.", "Woman talking on cellphone and wearing rollerskates.", "there is a young girl on her cellphone while skating.", "A young adult wearing rollerblades, holding a cellular phone to her ear.", "A girl is on rollerskates talking on her cellphone standing in a parking lot." ]
[ "A young woman walks past two young people dressed in hip black outfits.", "A woman with a large purse is walking by a gate.", "Three people are standing outside near large pipes and a metal railing.", "An asian man wearing a black suit stands near a dark-haired woman and a brown-haired woman.", "Several people standing outside a building." ]
[ "Boys dancing on poles in the middle of the night.", "two guys jumping over a gate together", "Two youths are jumping over a roadside railing, at night.", "Two men in Germany jumping over a rail at the same time without shirts.", "Two men with no shirts jumping over a rail." ]
[ "Ballet dancers in a studio practice jumping with wonderful form.", "Five ballet dancers caught mid jump in a dancing studio with sunlight coming through a window.", "Five girls dancing and bending feet in ballet class.", "A ballet class of five girls jumping in sequence.", "Five girls are leaping simultaneously in a dance practice room." ]
[ "Four guys three wearing hats one not are jumping at the top of a staircase.", "Three young men and a young woman wearing sneakers are leaping in midair at the top of a flight of concrete stairs.", "Four people are jumping from the top of a flight of stairs.", "Four casually dressed guys jumping down a stairway outdoors with a stone wall behind them.", "Four men with excited faces are jumping down from the top of stairs." ]
[ "A black dog and a spotted dog are fighting", "Two dogs on pavement moving toward each other.", "A black dog and a white dog with brown spots are staring at each other in the street.", "Two dogs of different breeds looking at each other on the road.", "A black dog and a tri-colored dog playing with each other on the road." ]
[ "A man in a neon green and orange uniform is driving on a green tractor.", "A man with reflective safety clothes and ear protection drives a John Deere tractor on a road.", "A man in a tractor wearing headphones driving down a paved street.", "A man driving a John Deere tractor on a main road in the country.", "John Deere tractors cruises down a street, while the driver wears easy to see clothing." ]
[ "Several women wait outside in a city.", "A group of women are standing in front of a bus.", "Women are standing outside", "Several women stand on a city street with tall buildings.", "Some women are standing in front of a bus with buildings behind it." ]
[ "A lady in a black top with glasses is sprinkling powdered sugar on a bundt cake.", "A woman wearing glasses sprinkles powdered sugar onto her bundt cake.", "A young woman with dark hair and wearing glasses is putting white powder on a cake using a sifter.", "A standing woman holds a pan over a cake.", "Girl in black jacket sifting powdered sugar over a chocolate cake." ]
[ "A little girl covered in paint sits in front of a painted rainbow with her hands in a bowl.", "A little girl is sitting in front of a large painted rainbow.", "A small girl in the grass plays with fingerpaints in front of a white canvas with a rainbow on it.", "There is a girl with pigtails sitting in front of a rainbow painting.", "Young girl with pigtails painting outside in the grass." ]
[ "A shirtless man lies on a park bench with his dog.", "A man lays on the bench to which a white dog is also tied.", "A man lays on a bench while his dog sits by him.", "man laying on bench holding leash of dog sitting on ground", "a man sleeping on a bench outside with a white and black dog sitting next to him." ]
[ "People gathered in a circle, some holding musical instruments.", "A group of adults, inside a home, sitting on chairs arranged in a circle, playing a type of musical instruments.", "Five musicians, a man and four women, practicing sheet music (using flutes ) in a living room.", "Five people are sitting in a circle with instruments.", "People gathered in a room to talk about their favorite tunes." ]
[ "Two women, both wearing glasses, are playing clarinets and an elderly woman is playing a stringed instrument.", "A bunch of elderly women play their clarinets together as they read off sheet music.", "Four women in a living room, three of which are clearly playing a musical instrument.", "At least four instrumentalists play clarinets and other instruments in a curtained room.", "A group of four women, are performing music on their instruments." ]
[ "A person in gray stands alone on a structure outdoors in the dark.", "A large structure has broken and is laying in a roadway.", "A man stands on wooden supports and surveys damage.", "A man in a jacket and jeans standing on a bridge.", "A man in a gray coat is standing on a washed out bridge." ]
[ "A man in a white t-shirt looks toward the camera surrounded by a crowd near a metro station.", "Crowd standing outside a metro area.", "A large crowd of people stand outside in front of the entrance to a Metro station.", "A group of people are walking through a city street.", "A crowd is portrayed near a metro station." ]
[ "A man is putting tattoo on his back.", "A man getting a tattoo on his back.", "A man with a goatee in a black shirt and white latex gloves is using a tattoo gun to place a tattoo on someone 's back.", "A man with a black shirt giving another man a tattoo.", "A man is putting a tattoo on a another 's man upper back." ]
[ "Two children sit on a small seesaw in the sand.", "2 kids playing on a seesaw", "Two children sitting on a teeter totter.", "two children, a girl and a boy are practicing their writing.", "Two kids sit on a seesaw." ]
[ "A man wearing a reflective vest and a hard hat holds a flag in the road", "A man in a blue hard hat and orange safety vest stands in an intersection while holding a flag.", "A man wearing a hard hat and a caution vest is standing in the street waving an orange flag.", "A man in bright vest and hard hat holds a flag on a street corner covered in spray paint", "A construction worker is standing in the street and holding a red flag." ]
[ "A man wears an orange hat and glasses.", "A man with glasses is wearing a beer can crocheted hat.", "The man with pierced ears is wearing glasses and an orange hat.", "A man in an orange hat starring at something.", "A man with gauges and glasses is wearing a Blitz hat." ]
[ "A person with gray hair is painting in a public place surrounded by others who are also painting.", "Passerby admiring painting at an outdoor art fair.", "Lady in blue coat with white and brown hat standing in front of a painting.", "A person dressed in a blue coat is standing in on a busy sidewalk, studying painting of a street scene.", "A person with long gray hair has a beret with beige and white wearing a blue raincoat is painting a marketplace scenery surrounded by other artists and paintings." ]
[ "A man in green pants walking down the road.", "A man in bright pants is pushing a cart.", "A man in green pants and blue shirt pushing a cart.", "A man stands on one foot while holding on to a waste basket.", "Janitor pushing dolly outside with janitor tools." ]
[ "A little girl in pink climbs a rope bridge at the park.", "The small child climbs on a red ropes on a playground.", "A little girl climbing on red roping.", "A small child grips onto the red ropes at the playground.", "A child playing on a rope net." ]
[ "A young man traveling on bus with a piece of flower in his hands.", "A teen holding an unknown object for photographers.", "You know i am looking like Justin Bieber.", "A young man on a train holds an origami crane.", "Young man in jacket holding a toothpick with something on the end of it" ]
[ "A young man in a black and yellow jacket is gazing at something and smiling.", "Young blond man in a blue and yellow jacket smiling while standing in front of a net.", "A smiling man looking at the sky.", "A man is holding a pole and smiling.", "A young man holding a pole vault looks determined." ]
[ "a man is posing next to a urinal with a cup of coffee.", "A man with a baseball cap and black jacket stands in a bathroom while holding a coffee mug.", "A man holds a coffee cup while in the bathroom.", "A man is wearing a ball cap and holding a coffee cup between to urinals.", "A man standing at a urinal with a coffee cup." ]
[ "Four people walking through the sunset in clear blue skies.", "Four silhouettes decorate the horizon 's sunset.", "Five people walking with a multicolored sky in the background.", "Four people walking with the sun setting behind them.", "A group of people walking as the sun sets." ]
[ "A old man having a beer alone.", "A man is sitting at a table with a drink.", "A man with black hair sits in a restaurant with a glass of beer.", "A dark-haired man sitting drinking.", "A man is sitting at a table with a beer." ]
[ "A black and white dog is running through the grass.", "A Boston terrier is running in the grass.", "A dog runs on the green grass near a wooden fence.", "A Boston Terrier is running on lush green grass in front of a white fence.", "A black and white dog is running in a grassy garden surrounded by a white fence." ]
[ "An officer in a reflective vest stands at the front of his van with his dog.", "A trained police dog sits next to his handler in front of the police van.", "A policeman is standing with a German Shepherd dog.", "A security man with his watch dog is looking for something.", "A policeman stops on a street with a search dog." ]
[ "A person riding a bike in snow.", "A boy in the snow riding his bike down the street.", "The \" white out \" conditions of snow on the ground seem to almost obliverate the details of a man dressed for the cold weather in a heavy jacket and red hat riding a bicycle in a suburban neighborhood.", "A person riding a bike on a snowy road.", "A young boy rides a bike down a snow covered road." ]
[ "small group of 5 white males in white suits hanging out by the back of a van in a parking lot talking.", "Five men, uniformly dressed in white shirts, tie and black slacks converse at the back of an open van.", "A group of men wearing ties talk while standing on the street.", "Colleges stop to take a break from there business meetings.", "Five men in white short-sleeved shirts and ties stand in a parking lot." ]
[ "A man wearing a backwards cap at work.", "A man with a backwards hat works on machinery.", "Older man working in a factory not looking too excited about the photograph.", "A man in a white shirt and black camp among many machines.", "A tan man with a backwards hat looks at the camera while walking through a factory." ]
[ "Two people working on an assembly line.", "A woman is sorting white tall candles as a man in a green shirt stands behind her.", "A caucasian man wearing a short-sleeved black shirt and a dark-skinned woman wearing a sleeveless dress are working at a conveyor.", "A warehouse manager assisting an employee.", "A black woman and a white man working in a factory setting packing jars with candles into boxes." ]
[ "A Asian man wearing a white top and baby blue bottoms is using a broom to remove the dirt of the pavement.", "Man sweeping the street outside.", "Asian man sweeping the walkway.", "Man wearing a blue and white outfit, holding a broom, with a traditional Asian architecture in the background.", "A man in a white and blue kimono is using a broom to sweep pavement." ]
[ "A park ranger talking to a tourist.", "A man leans into a car to talk to the driver, as a man on a bicycle looks on.", "two men in florescent vests are standing next to parked cars in front of a small building while one of them converses with a driver and a woman on a bike is seen riding by", "Two cars are parked outside.", "A man on a bicycle watching a row of cars waiting to go through a checkpoint." ]
[ "A little girl in a pink shirt and a little girl in an orange shirt sitting in the grass.", "Two young toddlers outside on the grass.", "Two infants are at play in the yard.", "2 female babies eating chips.", "Two young children eating a snack and playing in the grass." ]
[ "a showing of product to advertise", "A man in a blue shirt driving a Segway type vehicle.", "A crowd admiring modern art ?", "A person in tan pants is inside a silver mobile object while people watch.", "People are watching a person in a weird vehicle in a plaza." ]
[ "man walking up to silver 4-wheeled chair", "A man in black approaches a strange silver object containing a person, while many onlookers observe from behind a roped off barrier.", "A man walks by a silver vehicle.", "A person drives around a futuristic looking vehicle while a man approaches her and a crowd watches.", "A person riding in a futuristic single-person vehicle." ]
[ "A couple getting married.", "A recently married couple pose for the camera.", "A beautiful bride walking on a sidewalk with her new husband.", "A groom and bride are standing arm in arm.", "bride and groom walking side by side out of focus on pathway next to brick building." ]
[ "A young boy plays with a GameCube kiosk at McDonald 's.", "A young boy plays a video game in a McDonald 's restaurant.", "A little kid playing GameCube at McDonald 's.", "A little boy plays with a Nintendo GameCube controller inside a McDonald 's.", "A little boy playing GameCube at a McDonald 's." ]
[ "A white dog shakes on the edge of a beach with an orange ball.", "White dog with brown ears standing near water with head turned to one side.", "A dog shakes its head near the shore, a red ball next to it.", "Dog with orange ball at feet, stands on shore shaking off water", "White dog playing with a red ball on the shore near the water." ]
[ "A group of people having a barbecue at a park.", "A group of people enjoying a beautiful day in the park.", "The reunion is in full swing with a moon bounce.", "A group of people picnicking at picnic tables in front of a playground.", "A group of people are having a picnic at the park." ]
[ "A man in sunglasses puts his arm around a woman in a black and white blouse.", "An Asian couple sitting on the bench.", "A man in sunglasses puts his arm around a woman.", "A man and woman pose in front of some traffic.", "Two asian or spanish people, a woman and a man, sitting together in front of a glass window as cars pass." ]
[ "Women are seated at a picnic table eating, while a man in a white t-shirt and a yellow and orange balloon design on his head stands in the background.", "A gray-haired person with glasses enjoys a sandwich.", "A man with a balloon hat and people eating outdoors at picnic tables.", "Two older women sit at a table with two coolers in front of them.", "An elderly woman is eating a burger while the man next to her touching his hat." ]
[ "A girl breaking boards by using karate.", "A girl in karate uniform breaking a stick with a front kick.", "A girl kicking a stick that a man is holding in tae kwon do class.", "A young female student performing a downward kick to break a board held by her Karate instructor.", "Girl about to kick a piece of wood in half while karate instructor holds it" ]
[ "A crowd is watching a group of five martial artists perform.", "A crowd of people watch a martial arts demonstration.", "A boy jump kicking over three kids kicking wood during a tae kwon do competition.", "Two people are demonstrating martial arts to a crowd and jumping over three youngsters who are crouched on the mat.", "A boy jumps over three other students in a martial arts demonstration." ]
[ "People on two balconies and a man climbing up a pipe towards the lower balcony getting liquid poured on him.", "A young man pouring the contents of a bottle.", "A kid in a red sweatshirt is reaching to hand something to a man in a white shirt", "A young boy empties a bottle over the railing of a balcony unto the man below.", "a boy in a red jacket pouring water on a man in a white shirt" ]
[ "An elderly man in a red jacket shielding his face from the sun.", "A man with a red jacket is shielding himself from the sun trying to read a piece of paper.", "Man in red jacket shielding face from the sun to read.", "A man in a red jacket shades the sun from his eyes on a busy street.", "a man wearing a red coat is outside with his hand over his head to block out the sun." ]
[ "Two men, each with a small child on their backs, walk on a paved road.", "Two men are out for a stroll with their two young children.", "Men walking down a street with children.", "Two men are carrying children on their backs down the street on a sunny day in a nice neighborhood.", "Two men walking with children." ]
[ "A boy smiles in front of a stony wall in a city.", "Smiling boy in white shirt and blue jeans in front of rock wall with man in overalls behind him.", "A young child is walking on a stone paved street with a metal pole and a man behind him.", "A young boy runs aross the street.", "A little boy is standing on the street while a man in overalls is working on a stone wall." ]
[ "The black dog jumped the tree stump.", "A black dog leaps over a log.", "A large black dog leaps a fallen log.", "A mottled black and gray dog in a blue collar jumping over a fallen tree.", "A gray dog is leaping over a fallen tree." ]
[ "A man in a suit runs across an intersection while a large group of people assembles.", "A man in a suit is running past two other gentleman, also dressed in a suit.", "A man in a suit is running across the street.", "A man in a suit is hurrying across the street.", "Men in the business suits are crossing the street, and there are people with placards are gathering on the street." ]
[ "Man in a red shirt riding his bicycle around water.", "A man in a red long-sleeved shirt bikes over a body of water on a bridge.", "A man in a red shirt rides his bicycle.", "A man riding his bike across the bridge that is over the river.", "A man in red on a bicycle rides past a glass structure." ]
[ "A young man in sunglasses holds a blue cup next to a grill with sausages.", "A barefooted man wearing olive green shorts grilling hotdogs on a small propane grill while holding a blue plastic cup.", "A young man, wearing a white shirt, prepares hotdogs on a small grill.", "A man is holding his cup while he grills hotdogs.", "A guy in shorts and a white t-shirt sits on the ground in front of a grill with hotdogs on it." ]
[ "a white and brown dog is running through a snow covered field.", "A dog is running in the snow", "A brown and white dog is running through the snow.", "A dog running through snow.", "The white and brown dog is running over the surface of the snow." ]
[ "People stop and look at an older woman outside.", "Man on scooter attracts attention from some of those in large crowd.", "A crowd of people waiting to cross a street.", "A crowd of people waiting for the light.", "A crowd is standing and waiting for the green light." ]
[ "A person wearing skis looking at framed pictures set up in the snow.", "A skier looks at framed pictures in the snow next to trees.", "Man on skis looking at artwork for sale in the snow", "A man skis past another man displaying paintings in the snow.", "A man in a hat is displaying pictures next to a skier in a blue hat." ]
[ "A group of people are rock climbing on a rock climbing wall.", "A collage of one person climbing a cliff.", "Seven climbers are ascending a rock face whilst another man stands holding the rope.", "Several climbers in a row are climbing the rock while the man in red watches and holds the line.", "A group of people climbing a rock while one man belays" ]
[ "A gymnast performing on the balance beam in front of an audience.", "A gymnast is performing on the balance beam.", "A woman wearing an orange leotard doing gymnastics in front of an audience.", "A young gymnast, jumps high in the air, while performing on a balance beam.", "The young gymnast 's supple body soars above the balance beam." ]
[ "A young boy is pushing a toy ATV around a rubber pool", "A boy pushing a miniature car on a lawn.", "A young boy pushing his toy quad.", "a boy pushing a red toy atv next to a pool", "a boy in a black t-shirt and blue jeans is pushing a toy three wheeler around a small pool." ]
[ "Workers load sheared wool onto a truck.", "A group of people are standing on a pile of wool in a truck.", "A group of people stand in the back of a truck filled with cotton.", "Men are standing on and about a truck carrying a white substance.", "A group of men are loading cotton onto a truck" ]
[ "Woman in red windbreaker looking though a rooftop binoculars at the city below.", "a woman with a red jacket and headscarf looks out over a scenic view of a bay through a set of pay binoculars on a viewing deck.", "A woman in a headscarf uses a telescope to look out over the city and bay.", "A woman inside a building is wearing a headscarf and looking out of a window through a mounted telescope.", "A Woman is looking through a telescope while wearing a red coat." ]
[ "A man wearing a black jacket is walking towards the street.", "A man is standing in front of a small red object that looks like a plane.", "A man in a black coat walks past a red spaceship with a parking ticket stuck to its window.", "A man in a black jacket is moving towards a street.", "Man in black coat examining airplane nose." ]
[ "A brown dog chases the water from a sprinkler on a lawn.", "a brown dog plays with the hose.", "A brown dog running on a lawn near a garden hose", "A dog is playing with a hose.", "Large brown dog running away from the sprinkler in the grass." ]
[ "A man sitting with his daughter in his daughter 's pink car in a grocery store.", "A man with his daughter sitting on a stroller in a supermarket.", "The little girl and the man are smiling.", "A man and a little girl happily posing in front of their cart in a supermarket.", "A man is sitting on a pink cart with a little girl in the grocery store." ]
[ "A white dog is about to catch a yellow ball in its mouth.", "A dog prepares to catch a thrown object in a field with nearby cars.", "A white dog is ready to catch a yellow ball flying through the air.", "A white dog is about to catch a yellow dog toy.", "A white dog running after a yellow ball" ]
[ "A boy in a green sweater is sitting at a table.", "A man in a green sweater and black vest sitting in a booth.", "Guy in green shirt with hand covering part of his face in restaurant booth.", "Man sitting at a table at a restaurant with a glass of water.", "A man wearing a green shirt and a dark colored vest is sitting at a table with a glass of water in front of him." ]
[ "A dog leaps to catch a ball in a field.", "The white dog is playing in a green field with a yellow toy.", "A white dog is trying to catch a ball in midair over a grassy field.", "A black and white dog jumps up towards a yellow toy.", "a black and white dog jumping in the air to get a toy." ]
[ "Two hikers resting by a patch of snow.", "Two men are hiking in a forest where snow is partially covering the ground.", "Two men hiking in the snowy wilderness.", "Two men look up while hiking.", "Two men hiking in the snow." ]
[ "A man with beard carrying a cabinet.", "An older man in a gray shirt with a white long-sleeve shirt under it holding up a small wooden cabinet.", "A man showing off his new wooden creation.", "A middle-aged man with a white beard and glasses holds up a small, wooden handmade cabinet.", "An elderly man with facial hair and glasses, standing in his living room holding a hutch cabinet with glass doors." ]
[ "Two men sitting on their living floor.", "A elderly father and his grown son are preparing for a camping trip in the wild.", "two guys sitting on the floor, with the guy in the green jacket reading a piece of paper.", "Two guys sorting through some items.", "Two men sit on the floor with camping equipment." ]
[ "A man wearing a baseball cap is sitting in a car looking at a map.", "A bearded man wearing glasses, a red shirt, and a hat is reading a map while sitting in a car.", "A man trying to decipher a map.", "A bearded traveler in a red shirt sitting in a car and reading a map.", "a man in a red t-shirt is sitting in a car looking at a map." ]
[ "A little boy at a lake watching a duck.", "A young boy waves his hand at the duck in the water surrounded by a green park.", "Two people are at the edge of a lake, facing the water and the city skyline.", "A child and a woman are at waters edge in a big city.", "a large lake with a lone duck swimming in it with several people around the edge of it." ]
[ "A man and woman care for an infant along the side of a body of water.", "A couple and an infant, being held by the male, sitting next to a pond with a nearby stroller.", "Couple with a baby sit outdoors next to their stroller.", "A couple sit on the grass with a baby and stroller.", "A couple with their newborn baby sitting under a tree facing a lake." ]
[ "police questioning the driver of a black wagon at nighttime.", "There are a lot of bikes parked under the curved roof tonight.", "Some men standing in front of a building next to a parked car.", "Three men are standing at night near a black car near a shelter filled with bicycles.", "Men under a dome beside a black station wagon." ]
[ "A dog splashes in the water", "A black dog running in the surf.", "The black dog runs through the water.", "This is a black dog splashing in the water.", "A black lab with tags frolicks in the water." ]
[ "A man is drilling through the frozen ice of a pond.", "A man drilling a hole in the ice.", "A person standing on a frozen lake.", "Two men are ice fishing.", "A person in the snow drilling a hole in the ice." ]
[ "Two large tan dogs play along a sandy beach.", "Two dogs playing together on a beach.", "Two different breeds of brown and white dogs play on the beach.", "Two dogs playing in the sand at the beach.", "Two dogs are making a turn on a soft sand beach." ]
[ "Climber climbing an ice wall", "an ice climber in a blue jacket and black pants is scaling a frozen ice wall.", "A man uses ice picks and crampons to scale ice.", "A person in blue and red ice climbing with two picks.", "An ice climber scaling a frozen waterfall." ]
[ "Three people walking through a beautiful meadow towards the ocean.", "Three people walking on a path in a meadow.", "Two young men and a young lady walk through a field near the water.", "Two males and one female walking on a path.", "Two men and a woman are walking through a field." ]
[ "A person is cleaning snow and ice off of a city sidewalk.", "A man in black attire shovels snow into the street, disregarding all public safety.", "A man shovels slush of the street.", "Man in black jacket gray snow cap, shovels snow near a street with cars.", "A man shoveling snow off the roads and sidewalks in a city." ]
[ "A bride and groom are standing in front of their wedding cake at their reception.", "A couple in their wedding attire stand behind a table with a wedding cake and flowers.", "A bride and groom smile as they view their wedding cake at the reception.", "Man and woman cutting wedding cake.", "A couple stands behind their wedding cake." ]
[ "Five snowmobile riders all wearing helmets and goggles line up in a snowy clearing in a forest in front of their snowmobiles ; they are all wearing black snow pants and from left to right they are wearing a black coat, white coat, red coat, blue coat, and black coat.", "Group gathered to go snowmobiling.", "Five people wearing winter jackets and helmets stand in the snow, with snowmobiles in the background.", "Five people wearing winter clothing, helmets, and ski goggles stand outside in the snow.", "A group of snowmobile riders gather in the snow." ]
[ "A black dog has a blue toy in its mouth.", "A dog in grass with a blue item in his mouth.", "A black dog carries a green toy in his mouth as he walks through the grass.", "A wet black dog is carrying a green toy through the grass.", "A black dog carrying something through the grass." ]
[ "A group of women are trying to sell their vegetable harvest.", "These are some very large onions.", "Villagers selling their crops at the market.", "A group of woman and children are standing or sitting in front of rows of vegetables.", "People lay out vegetables on blankets at a street market." ]
[ "In a crowded concert a man in white is approaching the main singer who is wearing a yellow shirt.", "A man wearing a yellow t-shirt is shouting into a microphone while an audience is listening.", "A band is playing in front of an audience and the singer is wearing an orange shirt and has tattoos on his arm.", "A man in an orange shirt sings for the crowd below a sign that says Lucky 13.", "A punk rocker screaming on stage at concert." ]
[ "Someone skateboarding at a skate park.", "A young man is in midair while skateboarding at a skate park with people watching him in the background.", "A young woman with short blond-hair wearing jeans and a striped long-sleeved sweater jumping in midair on a skateboard with trees in the background.", "This person is performing a trick in skateboarding competition, with people watching in the background.", "A boy jumps on his skateboard while a crowd watches" ]
[ "A man and young boy ride in a yellow kayak.", "A man and a baby are in a yellow kayak on water.", "A man and child kayak through gentle waters.", "Man and child in yellow kayak", "A man and a little boy in blue life jackets are rowing a yellow canoe." ]
[ "Two women, boy sitting on porch, the ladies laughing hard.", "Two people are sitting on a bench, and one women is standing by them.", "A little boy looks at the camera while a woman behind him seems to be laughing very hard and the woman on the right has a big smile on her face.", "Three people on a porch, of which is a little boy who is sitting up straight in his chair.", "A woman in a dark dress smiles while a woman across from her and a child sit in chairs." ]
[ "Two men wearing hard hats are in a construction area.", "Construction workers installing a light post.", "Two men in orange vests work in road construction.", "A construction site on a street with three men working.", "Workers in orange vests work in a street." ]
[ "Two men on a rooftop while another man stands atop a ladder watching them", "Two men sitting on the roof of a house while another one stands on a ladder.", "Three men are working on a roof.", "Three men, one on a ladder, work on a roof.", "People are fixing the roof of a house." ]
[ "Two men sitting on a bench talking, with a billboard advertisement for glasses in the background.", "2 men are sitting at a bench outside the airport in front of a billboard.", "A man in a yellow shirt, with a tall gray suitcase, sitting next to another man in a white shirt and gray pants, behind them a tall billboard for sunglasses and prescription glasses.", "Two men, one younger guy with a yellow shirt that has luggage and the other and older guy, are sitting on a bench in front of a large building that has a billboard for glasses and sunglasses.", "Two men sitting on a bench in front of a sign with a picture of man and a lady." ]
[ "The young woman is sleeping in her room.", "An adult wearing a gray shirt with red sleeves sleeping on a couch.", "A man sleeping in a green room on a couch.", "A long-haired man sleeping on a couch", "A woman in black pants napping on the couch." ]

Dataset Card for "flickr30k-captions"

Dataset Summary

We propose to use the visual denotations of linguistic expressions (i.e. the set of images they describe) to define novel denotational similarity metrics, which we show to be at least as beneficial as distributional similarities for two tasks that require semantic inference. To compute these denotational similarities, we construct a denotation graph, i.e. a subsumption hierarchy over constituents and their denotations, based on a large corpus of 30K images and 150K descriptive captions.

Disclaimer: The team releasing Flickr30k did not upload the dataset to the Hub and did not write a dataset card. These steps were done by the Hugging Face team.

Supported Tasks


  • English.

Dataset Structure

Each example in the dataset contains quintets of similar sentences and is formatted as a dictionary with the key "set" and a list with the sentences as "value":

{"set": [sentence_1, sentence_2, sentence3, sentence4, sentence5]}
{"set": [sentence_1, sentence_2, sentence3, sentence4, sentence5]}
{"set": [sentence_1, sentence_2, sentence3, sentence4, sentence5]}

This dataset is useful for training Sentence Transformers models. Refer to the following post on how to train models using similar pairs of sentences.

Usage Example

Install the 🤗 Datasets library with pip install datasets and load the dataset from the Hub with:

from datasets import load_dataset

dataset = load_dataset("embedding-data/flickr30k-captions")

The dataset is loaded as a DatasetDict has the format:

    train: Dataset({
        features: ['set'],
        num_rows: 31783

Review an example i with:


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Thanks to Peter Young, Alice Lai, Micah Hodosh, Julia Hockenmaier for adding this dataset.

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