[ "A clock that blends in with the wall hangs in a bathroom. ", "A very clean and well decorated empty bathroom", "A bathroom with a border of butterflies and blue paint on the walls above it.", "An angled view of a beautifully decorated bathroom.", "A blue and white bathroom with butterfly themed wall tiles." ]
[ "A panoramic view of a kitchen and all of its appliances.", "multiple photos of a brown and white kitchen. ", "A panoramic photo of a kitchen and dining room", "A wide angle view of the kitchen work area", "A kitchen that has a checkered patterned floor and white cabinets." ]
[ "A graffiti-ed stop sign across the street from a red car ", "A vandalized stop sign and a red beetle on the road", "A stop sign that has been vandalized is pictured in front of a parked car.", "A red stop sign with a Bush bumper sticker under the word stop.", "A street sign modified to read stop bush." ]
[ "Two people carrying surf boards on a beach.", "Two teenagers at a white sanded beach with surfboards.", "The two people are walking down the beach.", "A couple at the beach walking with their surf boards.", "A guy and a girl are walking on the beach holding surfboards." ]
[ "a bathroom with toilet and sink and blue wall", "a blue bathroom with a sink and toilet", "Clean indoor bathroom with tiled floor and good lighting.", "White pedestal sink and toilet located in a poorly lit bathroom.", "A sink and a toilet inside a small bathroom." ]
[ "An empty kitchen with white and black appliances.", "A refrigerator and stove are in a small kitchen area. ", "Small kitchen in a personal home with dual sinks.", "A small kitchen with sink, stove and refrigerator.", "A small kitchen with several appliances and cookware." ]
[ "A white kitchen filled with pots, pans and dishes.", "A white kitchen in a home with the light on.", "A white kitchen without doors on the cabinets.", "A kitchen with a tile floor has cabinets with no doors, a dishwasher, a sink, and a refrigerator.", "A white square kitchen with tile floor that needs repairs " ]
[ "A hotel bathroom with stone counter and mirror", "The vanity contains two sinks with a towel for each.", "A clean restroom with towels and washcloths laid out.", "The bathroom counter is stocked with towels and supplies.", "There is a clean bathroom counter and sink." ]
[ "silver balls laying on the ground around a smaller red ball. ", "Silver balls are lined up in the sand as people mill about in the background.", "Silver balls on sand with people walking around. ", "People standing around many silver round balls on the ground.", "Several metal balls sit in the sand near a group of people." ]
[ "A kitchen with brown cabinets, tile backsplash, and grey counters.", "A clean, organized, kitchen cabinet and countertop area.", "A kitchen with wood cabinets and granite counter tops.", "A kitchen has red bricks lining the counter.", "A kitchen contains black countertops, brown cabinets, and a red and white tile blacksplash." ]
[ "A family carrying a surfboard to the ocean.", "A person holding a surf board on a beach. ", "A surfer, a woman, and a child walk on the beach.", "A family standing next to the ocean on a sandy beach with a surf board.", "A man getting ready to surf as lookers walk by" ]
[ "A group of people are riding the bus.", "There are only a few people in the bus.", "six people on a bus at night time", "A few people sit on a dim transportation system. ", "random people sitting in a public tranport bus." ]
[ "A person walking outside in the rain with a green umbrella. ", "An individual covers himself under an umbrella on a rainy day.", "A man walking in the rain crossing a street while holding an umbrella.", "A student walks in the rain with a green umbrella.", "A person, protected from the rain by their umbrella, walks down the road." ]
[ "A modern hotel bathroom with accessories set out.", "A demonstration of a well maintained hotel bathroom", "The bathroom with a toilet has an interesting sink.", "A clean, mediocre motel bathroom with a nice sink.", "A bathroom with a toilet, sink, mirror and shower stall." ]
[ "A woman having a slice of bread with jelly.", "A set table with silverware, glasses and a bottle of wine.", "Two women preparing food in a kitchen, one at the sink and one at the table", "A woman sitting at a table with win and bread.", "A women who is tearing off a piece of bread." ]
[ "A person is taking a photo of a cat in a car.", "A cat stuck in a car with a slightly opened window.", "A cat standing on a car seat looking out the car window.", "A cat sitting on top of the passenger seat of a car.", "A cat peeking out a car window that is rolled down" ]
[ "Woman walking down the street past a wig shop.", "A storefront with two bicycles and a woman walking past.", "Two bicycles and a woman walking in front of a shop", "A woman walks by a couple of shop windows.", "A woman passing a store front wearing a long blue coat" ]
[ "A kitchen counter is illuminated by a hood light", "Green tiled backsplash highlighted by low overhead lighting.", "A back splash is added to the wall in the kitchen.", "A picture of a sink top with dim lighting.", "A kitchen sink next to an empty counter with a tiled wall." ]
[ "A bicycle is parked by a bench at night.", "A bike and a bench on the side of a street.", "A bike on the platform of a public transportation stop at night.", "A bicycle leans on a bench at a subway stop.", "A bicycle parked next to a bench in a train station." ]
[ "A brown horse is grazing in the grass.", "A large hours is eating grass in a field. ", "A brown horse grazes in an open field next to trees.", "A brown horse is grazing grass near a red house.", "A skinny horse is grazing in a field." ]
[ "A blurry bicycle riders goes by a black car.", "A person on a bicycle is riding in front of a car. ", "A black car is near someone riding a bike.", "A man rides a bike past a black car in a parking lot.", "A blurry bike rider zooms past a new Mercedes. " ]
[ "a group of men standing around while one seems angry at the others. ", "A man attempts to separate men during a fight at a street basketball game.", "A group of people playing a game of basketball.", "Several athletes appear to be having a disagreement.", "This is a pick-up game of shirts and skins basketball" ]
[ "A toilet, sink, bathtub with shower, mirror and cabinet\n", "A small bathroom painted white with an empty shower.", "In the bathroom there is a shower, sink, and toilet.", "A bathroom with an over the toilet cabinet. ", "White bathroom with glass shelves and wood sink." ]
[ "A clean kitchen with a phone and laptop on the counter.", "A phone lies on the counter in a modern kitchen.", "A phone and a computer on a kitchen counter.", "A nicely decorated kitchen with metallic refrigerator and blue counter.", "A kitchen with a countertop that includes an Apple phone." ]
[ "A man riding a bicycle on a road carrying a surf board.", "A man on a bike carrying a surfboard under his arm.", "a surfer rides his bike down the street", "A man rides a bike down the street while holding a surfboard. ", "A surfer riding his bike to the beach." ]
[ "The chain of a red fire hydrant is the focus.", "A fire hydrant and the chain attached to it.", "A closeup of a red fire hydrant including the chains.", "A fire hydrant with chains is painted red.", "A red fire hydrant wrapped in a red chain on a sidewalk." ]
[ "A man standing in the kitchen with his arms crossed", "Man standing in a kitchen with his arms crossed.", "A man folds his arms in a kitchen.", "young man with folded arms standing in the kitchen ", "A man standing in a white kitchen with his arms folded." ]
[ "A person riding a very high bike on the road.", "A woman in a nun costume is riding a bike next to a bus.", "Sister on her bike trying to race the bus.", "A nun riding a very tallk bike next to a purple bus.", "A purple bus and a man dressed as a nun on a tall bicycle." ]
[ "An herb that is in front of a toaster oven.", "An evergreen sprig is sitting on top of an appliance.", "This is a toaster with a green stem from a tree in front of it.", "A microwave is next to sage or some kind of spice.", "A vegetable in front of a toaster oven." ]
[ "Lady carrying a purse walking along side a man.", "A city sidewalk with storefronts on the right.", "Two people leaving a building to walk down the street.", "A man and a woman stand on the sidewalk lined with street lights.", "A city sidewalk is lined with lamp posts" ]
[ "Clean bathroom that is brightly colored and has a window", "An empty bathroom painted yellow with an open window.", "This is a photo of a small hotel bathroom", "A pristine bathroom sits waiting to be used", "A toilet sits next to a sink in a bathroom." ]
[ "A man in shorts standing at the kitchen sink.", "A man working at a kitchen counter in a room illuminated by sunlight.", "A man standing in a kitchen with a baby and dog.", "A man in a kitchen with his family in a house.", "A man is washing dishes in the kitchen sink." ]
[ "A man stands behind a granite kitchen countertop with industrial lighting overhead.", "A man standing in a kitchen with granite countertops.", "An old man in the middle of his kitchen.", "A man leaning forward on a counter top.", "A man stands in the middle of his granite counter-topped kitchen." ]
[ "A white van parked with a seagull standing on top of it.", "A white van sits outside of a white building.", "Seagulls flying overhead while trucks sit in a parking lot.", "A white van parked out side of a large white building.", "A seagull perches on top of a van.", "Single seagull sits on a white van with others flying in background" ]
[ "The overhead view of a tiled bathroom with a tub, shower, toilet, bidet, and sink.", "A bathroom dimly lit with a bathtub and a shower", "A modern bathroom contains many glass and tile pieces", "A bathroom with a white toilet and a white bath", "A bathroom with bathtub, shower, bidet, toilet, and sink." ]
[ "A black cat making an angry face while sitting on the bathroom floor ", "a black cat sitting next to dirty clothes on the bathroom floor", "a black cat sits next to laundry on the floor", "A cat sitting on a bath rug next to a pile of clothes.", "A black cat sits on a bathroom floor next to some laundry." ]
[ "A television reflected off a mirror near a counter top.", "A hotel bathroom that has technology in the mirror.", "A bathroom with a TV near the mirror", "A flat screen TV sits next to a box of tissues and a remote control.", "A TV is behind glass in a bathroom." ]
[ "A public restroom toilet has been photographed in sepia", "A toilet is equipped with support bars for the disabled.", "Toilet paper on the floor below a public toilet.", "A bathroom toilet is surrounded with silver handrails.", "A restroom with the toilet in the corner." ]
[ "Man riding on a very old version of a personal bicycle. ", "A man in a yellow coat rides an old-fashioned bicycle", "Photo of a man riding an old styled bicycle near what appears to be the Golden Gate Bridge.", "A man on an old-fashioned bicycle, biking across a bridge.", "A man rides a bicycle across the river. " ]
[ "A kitchen with a pets food dishes on the floor.", "A kitchen sink, counter, pots, and a dog dish.", "A very clean kitchen with some animal food on the ground.", "There is a small kitchen with wooden cabinets and pet bowls on the floor.", "There is some pet food in the floor in an empty kitchen" ]
[ "A young boy is standing on a surfboard in the water.", "A young boy is standing on a surfboard and riding a wave.", "A surfer rides his surf board on some very small waves.", "A young boy is standing on a surfboard in the ocean. ", "A young boy surfing in low waves." ]
[ "A kitchen with several brass pots and pans on stove tops.", "A restaurant kitchen with bowls and pans ready for the night.", "A kitchen with some old fashioned kitchen ware.", "A kitchen with copper pots on pot racks and on the stove", "The top of a kitchen cabinet covered with brass pots and pans." ]
[ "two females sitting on a bench one is being the arms for the other.", "A girl trusts another girl to shave her while sitting back to back.", "A woman is shaving her face while sitting on a wooden bench.", "two girls sitting on a bench eating lunch", "A girl demonstrating the act of shaving sitting on a bench." ]
[ "A plethora of kites flying in the sky next to some mountains.", "assorted decorations laying around on a plastic tarp", "The sky is full of colorful kites along a mountain.", "A large kite in the shape of the bottom half of a woman.", "The parachutes fly through the sky next to each other." ]
[ "A bathroom with a sink, cabinet, mirror and picture.", "A modern bathroom sink and wall deco is shown. ", "A bathroom sink and cabinet featuring everything white", "A bathroom in white has a cupboard above the sink.", "A white pedestal sink below a white cabinet in a white bathroom. " ]
[ "A boat in the water with a raft and a bike loaded at one end of it", "A small boat with a raft and bike strapped to it in a body of water.", "A boat has a raft and a bicycle on it.", "A bike and a raft sit atop a boat on the water.", "The front of a boat with a raft and bicycle on it." ]
[ "Some antique cars sit in a garage with some bicycles", "Bicycles, cars and a trash can in a garage.", "A garage filled with old cards and old bicycles.", "Clutter blocks antique cars from leaving the garage", "A garage with bicycles, cars and a garbage can." ]
[ "A man balancing a bike on a bench.", "a man does a trick on a bike on a bench", "A young man rides his bicycle on top of a cement bench.", "A man on a bicycle performing tricks on a bench.", "A man jumping his bicycle onto a bench." ]
[ "Two children sitting down, one with his arm over the other.", "One kid has his arm wrapped around the other kid", "A boy places his arm around a friend.", "A boy holding his arm around the shoulders of the girl sitting next to him. ", "Black and white image of two children paying attention. " ]
[ "A car has multiple bikes hooked onto it's roof.", "A car with a bunch of bicycles strapped to its roof.", "A car is loaded down with many bicycles attached to it's roof.", "A car with several bikes on a bike rack. ", "A compact car with bicycles mounted on the roof. " ]
[ "A crisp neutral bathroom embellished with modern treatments.", "A tan bathroom with black curtains and towel", "Curtains hanging in a bathroom window beside a toilet.", "A bathroom window reveals a snowy day outside.", "The toilet is next to a curtained window." ]
[ "A kitchen scene with stainless steel appliance and a checkered pattern floor.", "Silver and white colored personal kitchen with yellow tiling.", "A picture of some appliances stove, dishwasher, refridgerator and microwave, in a kitchen.", "A modern lighted kitchen with stainless steel appliances.", "A kitchen with new age appliances and equipment." ]
[ "A woman takes a selfie in front of a restroom mirror.", "A woman takes her picture in the mirror in the bathroom.", "A woman taking a self shot at an ornate mirror and sink.", "A lady talking a self portrait in a fancy bathroom.", "A woman takes a photo of her reflection in a bathroom mirror." ]
[ "A young woman walking down the street while talking on her cell phone", "A female student is talking on her phone while walking.", "A woman walking and talking on a cell phone.", "Two young women walking while one is on a cell phone", "Two young woman walking by a fire hydrant, one talking on cell." ]
[ "A man on top of a snowy mountain with skis.", "A group of skiers stand atop a snowy peak.", "Skiers are standing at the top of a snow-covered mountain.", "A man poses for a picture on top of a snowy hill.", "Group of skiers atop a mountain looking over edge." ]
[ "A stuffed animal is laying on the bed by a window.", "A teddy bear lying face down on a bedspread covered mattress in front of a window", "A white teddy bear is laying on a bed in a dimly lit room.", "a white bear laying on a bed with someone's hand on the other side", "A bed with blue bed spread on it in front of a window." ]
[ "A bathroom with a sink shower and toilette.", "Bathroom shot of an open toilet and sink.", "A wooden toilet seat sits open in an empty bathroom.", "A bathroom with a toilet and a sink.", "An empty bathroom with the toilet seat up." ]
[ "A decorated table covered with plates of food and vegetables. ", "A buffet of different types of food sitting on a buffet table.", "The two banquet tables held a variety of meats, dips, and pastries.", "A display of many prepared food dishes arranged decoratively on serving table. ", "A buffet table at a restaurant, covered with food." ]
[ "A man using his bicycle to go down a street.", "A person with a backpack on riding by on a bike.", "A man with a backpack rides a bicycle.", "A man riding a bike down the street at night.", "a picture of a man riding a bicycle at night" ]
[ "A person is sleeping on the same bed as three cats", "Three cats sleeping with their owners on a bed.", "Two black cats nap as a white cat lays on a sleeping person's chest.", "Thee cats sleeping on a bed with a person.", "Three cats are sleeping on a bed with a person. " ]
[ "A man in a courtyard reaches out to catch a Frisbee.", "A man extends his hand out to catch a frisbee.", "College student playing frisbee on a campus lawn.", "A young man playing a game of Frisbee.", "A man has a frisbee in mid air just out of his hand." ]
[ "A game of croquet is being played in a back yard.", "Two guys and a girl playing croquet in the yard.", "A group of people playing a game of croquet.", "A group of friends enjoy a game of croquet on a grassy fenced in field.", "A group of four people playing croquet on a lawn." ]
[ "This is a restaurant kitchen with two industrial ovens.", "A person standing in a kitchen next to an oven.", "A chef opens up an oven in a kitchen.", "Two ovens in use in a professional kitchen .", "There are two ovens in a kitchen restaurant, and one of them is being used." ]
[ "a woman standing beside a clean kitchen island", "A woman standing behind the island in the kitchen", "A woman is standing at the island counter in a kitchen. ", "A woman making something in a kitchen. ", "A woman stands in the kitchen, surrounded by wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances." ]
[ "An a kitchen is being cleaned and decluttered.", "A dirty kitchen that looks to be under construction.", "Dirty kitchen with cleaning supplies placed allover the counters.", "The corner of an empty kitchen with cleaning products all over the counter.", "A kitchen being prepared to get newly painted. " ]
[ "A person standing in front of a large body of water as the sun sets.", "Man standing like a shadow in front of the ocean.", "A person is standing in front of the ocean at sunset. ", "The silhouette of a person standing in front of a sunset over water. ", "A dark profile of a person set before a sunset on the beach." ]
[ "A bathroom with two sinks and a closet. ", "A master bedroom with a closet and attached bathroom.", "An empty bathroom with a large mirror and sink.", " A bathroom under construction with a double sink vanity that has a mirrir and light strip over it", "A white bathroom with a walk in closet is shown." ]
[ "The bathroom door next to the laundry room is open.", "Through the door view of a small white bathroom. ", "A small bathroom containing a step, toilette and sink.", "A set of stairs lead to a toilet and cabinet in a bathroom.", "The bathroom has a toilet, sink, tile floor and wooden panels on the outside." ]
[ "A free-standing bathroom near an open door and table.", "A bathroom scene with open double doors, double sinks and a bathtub.", "Double doors open into a bathroom with a footed tub.", "There is an Asian inspired bathroom with double doors.", "a bathroom with the door open and a tub" ]
[ "An empty kitchen has walls painted white. ", "A house with a white decorated kitchen. ", "A large kitchen featuring a counter top and refrigerator.", "A kitchen area with a microwave and refrigerator.", "a large kitchen decorated with white flowers and books " ]
[ "A multicolored kiosk for cyclists in a city", "A colorful tent is stationed on a bike lane.", "A biker rides through a tent in a bike lane.", "Colorful tent on a street is a stop for bicyclists.", "A shelter area for people on bicycles to warm up from the cold." ]
[ "A kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, and counter.", "A very clean kitchen with the light on.", "Two kitchen stools sitting in front of an island in a kitchen\n", "A picture of a kitchen area with refrigerator and stove.", "A kitchen counter with chairs, refrigerator, and cupboards. " ]
[ "Two dogs stand in a kitchen beneath their owner.", "Two stands standing on the floor by their owner's legs", "A photo on a kitchen floor with a person's legs and two dogs.", "Person standing in the kitchen with two dogs at their feet.", "Two dogs with a woman in the kitchen." ]
[ "A woman smiles at a man who is wearing a colorful sarong.", "Man and woman with group of scissors on table.", "A man in a pink sarong showing scissors to a woman with wine.", "A shirtless man wearing a pink towel in the kitchen with a woman drinking wine.", "Man dressed in a wrap in a personal kitchen." ]
[ "Woman riding a bicycle down an empty street.", "A woman in green is riding a bike.", "A woman bikes down a one way street.", "A woman on a bicycle is going down the small town street.", "a woman wearing a bright green sweater riding a bicycle" ]
[ "A family is playing a karaoke video game.", "Kids and their moms are singing karaoke at the table.", "A family watches while two boys play a singing game.", "A family watches two boys singing into microphones.", "A family sits at a table together enjoying each other's company" ]
[ "Hikers climb up a snow-covered mountain in the winter.", "Skiers of all ages skiing down a slope and gathering at the bottom.", "A group of people are skiing on a mountain.", "A crowd of skiers prepare to ski down snow covered slopes.", "Many skiiers are gathered at the base of a hill, while several travel down it." ]
[ "Towels stored under a bathroom sink with a glass countertop.", "A table with towels on top of it placed under a mirror.", "A bathroom vanity with towels folded under the sink.", "Towels are neatly stacked on a shelf in the bathroom.", "A pedestal sink with vanity sits below a mirror." ]
[ "Large modern bathroom with jacuzzi in a house.", "A nice bathroom with a standalone shower and a shower curtain.", "A modern bathtub in a bathroom is displayed.", "Different types of tiles are on the walls, floor and tub.", "A view of a fancy spa like bathroom with a blue tiled tub." ]
[ "A bathroom with a toilet, sink, and bathtub.", "A small bathroom with a white toilette and bath tub.", "A bathroom with toilet and bowl for sink.", "A bathroom contains a toilet, sink, and bathtub.", "The white bathroom has orange, blue, and gray accents." ]
[ "A man and woman celebrating a special occasion, about to blow out a candle.", "Loving couple pose together behind a fruit-adorned cake.", "A man and woman smiling in front of a cake.", "A married couple posing in front of a piece of birthday cake.", "An older woman preparing to blow out the candle on her birthday cake standing besides an older man " ]
[ "A young man jumping his skate board over a cement seating area.", "A man in a blue shirt and jeans doing a trick on a skateboard. ", "A skateboarder is airborne as he does a trick. ", "Boy riding skateboard and doing trick in air.", "A young man performing a trick on a skateboard," ]
[ "A bicycle leaning against an old white building.", "A bicycle leaning against a building near a window.", "A bicycle with a basket is parked at the side of a building", "A bicycle parked against the side of a stone house.", "A bicycle is parked up against a white stucco building." ]
[ "A black colored keyboard for a computer system.", "A black computer keyboard with lcd panel and numeric pad.", "A computer keyboard, with black keys and white lettering.", "A wireless keyboard compatible with role playing games.", "A black computer keyboard with a bunch of keys on it" ]
[ "A very clean bathroom is shown with wood cabinets.", "A mid sized bathroom with toilette, shower and vanity mirror above a sink.", "A bathroom has a green and white striped shower curtain.", "The yellow flowers sits atop the counter in a clean bathroom.", "A very clean bathroom with the lights on." ]
[ "People with surf boards going into the ocean.", "A group of surfers wade into the sea.", "Guys on their way to surfboard at the beach", "Surfers waiting for the right wave to ride.", "Two boys with surf boards walking out into the ocean." ]
[ "A bathroom sink and counter with a large mirror above it.", "A wood bathroom vanity with a granite countertop.", "This is a bathroom sink in a hotel", "An indoor bathroom with reflective marble counter tops", "A hotel room bathroom sink and tissue dispenser. " ]
[ "A kitchen, with sink, stove, and a white cabinet.", "Small, clean kitchen with a large white cupboard. ", "A large kitchen cabinet or pantry in a small kitchen.", "A kitchen with a over stove and toaster oven including a microwave.", "A kitchen cupboard in a kitchen with a stove and a sink." ]
[ "An un occupied bathroom with a shower toilette and sink.", "A clean bathroom with sink, toilet and shower.", "A door leading to a bathroom with a sink visible.", "A small bathroom showing the sink and toilet area.", "A door opening to a bathroom with orange shades and matching rug." ]
[ "A car is parked in a empty parking lot.", "A silver sedan is parked in a plaza lot on a cloudy day.", "The shopping plaza has many stores and one parked car.", "a small strip mall with a few cars in the parking lot", "A silver car parked in a shopping center parking lot." ]
[ "A closed shower curtain in a tiled bathroom.", "A bathroom has a large shower curtain with design.", "A bathroom with a toilet bowl and shower curtain.", "A bathroom with a close shower curtain next to a toilette.", "A white shower curtain with a spiral pattern hanging in the bathroom." ]
[ "A person holding a chihuahua sleeping on it's back in their arm. ", "A small dog taking a nap on the arm of a person.", "A little dog is laying on a man's arm.", "A person holding a small sleeping dog in their arms.", "A small dog cradled in his loving owner's arm as he falls asleep." ]
[ "A nearly empty house with a bicycle mounted on the wall.", "A view of a hallway in a house.", "There is a hallway leading to a door where bicycle tires are showing.", "A house hallway with all the bedroom doors open.", "A hall opening onto a bathroom, bedroom, and two other rooms." ]
[ "The boy is inspecting the wire for a project.", "A teenage boy is in a field looking at a wire.", "A boy is outside with his dog in a field surrounded by a sign and other items.", "A young guy checking on a wire as he holds onto a dog leash.", "A boy building something with wires and poles." ]
[ "Soccer fan is showing his support by dressing up. ", "A man in a parade has red and white face and umbrella.", "A man with a painted red and white face is standing in the street.", "A young person with red and white face paint holds an umbrella.", "a person with their face painted standing in the street" ]
[ "A light is on in an empty, clean bathroom.", "A shiny bathroom has an old fashioned bathtub and gold walls.", "A bathroom is lit by a light over a sink.", "A spacious bathroom with a fancy bathtub and sink.", "A small bathroom has separate tub and shower." ]
[ "Two dogs are laying down next to each other.", "Two dogs were captured in a photo with the lighting of the image altered.", "Two dogs are resting together on the floor.", "Two doge have their paws out in an overexposed picture.", "Two dogs sitting one the ground looking at something." ]
[ "Shopper crossing a street in the downtown of a city.", "A person crossing at a crosswalk with bags in his hands.", "A city street scene with cars and a person crossing the street.", "A woman crossing a city street while carrying groceries.", "A man is crossing a city intersection carrying bags." ]
[ "Multiple cyclists riding their bikes on the street.", "A group of bike riders race down a busy street.", "A group of bikers round a turn on a road. ", "Cyclists competing in a race round a corner. ", "A peleton of cyclists leaning into a turn" ]
[ "An unfurnished kitchen in a tropical house hold.", "An empty and very clean white and tan kitchen.", "A kitchen filled with many cupboards and lots of counter space.", "A clean kitchen that is empty and white.", "unused kitchen stove, sink and counter topsand cabinettes" ]
YAML Metadata Warning: The task_categories "paraphrase-mining" is not in the official list: text-classification, token-classification, table-question-answering, question-answering, zero-shot-classification, translation, summarization, feature-extraction, text-generation, text2text-generation, fill-mask, sentence-similarity, text-to-speech, text-to-audio, automatic-speech-recognition, audio-to-audio, audio-classification, voice-activity-detection, depth-estimation, image-classification, object-detection, image-segmentation, text-to-image, image-to-text, image-to-image, image-to-video, unconditional-image-generation, video-classification, reinforcement-learning, robotics, tabular-classification, tabular-regression, tabular-to-text, table-to-text, multiple-choice, text-retrieval, time-series-forecasting, text-to-video, image-text-to-text, visual-question-answering, document-question-answering, zero-shot-image-classification, graph-ml, mask-generation, zero-shot-object-detection, text-to-3d, image-to-3d, image-feature-extraction, other

Dataset Card for "coco_captions"

Dataset Summary

COCO is a large-scale object detection, segmentation, and captioning dataset. This repo contains five captions per image; useful for sentence similarity tasks.

Disclaimer: The team releasing COCO did not upload the dataset to the Hub and did not write a dataset card. These steps were done by the Hugging Face team.

Supported Tasks


  • English.

Dataset Structure

Each example in the dataset contains quintets of similar sentences and is formatted as a dictionary with the key "set" and a list with the sentences as "value":

{"set": [sentence_1, sentence_2, sentence3, sentence4, sentence5]}
{"set": [sentence_1, sentence_2, sentence3, sentence4, sentence5]}
{"set": [sentence_1, sentence_2, sentence3, sentence4, sentence5]}

This dataset is useful for training Sentence Transformers models. Refer to the following post on how to train models using similar pairs of sentences.

Usage Example

Install the 🤗 Datasets library with pip install datasets and load the dataset from the Hub with:

from datasets import load_dataset
dataset = load_dataset("embedding-data/coco_captions")

The dataset is loaded as a DatasetDict and has the format:

    train: Dataset({
        features: ['set'],
        num_rows: 82783

Review an example i with:


Data Instances

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Data Splits

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Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

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Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

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Who are the source language producers?

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Annotation process

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Who are the annotators?

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Personal and Sensitive Information

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Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

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Discussion of Biases

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Other Known Limitations

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Additional Information

Dataset Curators

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Licensing Information

The annotations in this dataset along with this website belong to the COCO Consortium and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

Citation Information

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Thanks to:

  • Tsung-Yi Lin - Google Brain
  • Genevieve Patterson - MSR, Trash TV
  • Matteo R. - Ronchi Caltech
  • Yin Cui - Google
  • Michael Maire - TTI-Chicago
  • Serge Belongie - Cornell Tech
  • Lubomir Bourdev - WaveOne, Inc.
  • Ross Girshick - FAIR
  • James Hays - Georgia Tech
  • Pietro Perona - Caltech
  • Deva Ramanan - CMU
  • Larry Zitnick - FAIR
  • Piotr Dollár - FAIR

for adding this dataset.

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