Beginners BBQ Class Taking Place in Missoula! Do you want to get better at making delicious BBQ? You will have the opportunity, put this on your calendar now. Thursday, September 22nd join World Class BBQ Champion, Tony Balay from Lonestar Smoke Rangers. He will be teaching a beginner level class for everyone who wants to get better with their culinary skills. He will teach you everything you need to know to compete in a KCBS BBQ competition, including techniques, recipes, timelines, meat selection and trimming, plus smoker and fire information. The cost to be in the class is $35 per person, and for spectators it is free. Included in the cost will be either a t-shirt or apron and you will be tasting samples of each meat that is prepared.
"Bake me a pie or go away," I've literally had my son say that to me a few times. So, what was I to do except fulfilling his demand? Baking (not only pies), is a cooking method where tools DO actually make the man, which means that it is very hard or nearly impossible to do it successfully without proper bakeware. With years of experience under my belt, I’ve learned about and discovered what truly matters when looking for bakeware to buy, and I am going to teach you later in the article. Also, I have reviewed what I believe to be the best five non-stick bakeware sets out there, so make sure to check them out if you are in search of one. The first and most obvious reason is – because food doesn’t stick to it! I do not want to sound overly simplistic, but any chef (or mom, as a matter of fact) knows that pans that stick will absolutely mess up the outcome. People normally solve this problem by oiling up, but I don’t like it since it makes the food greasy. Using non-stick bakeware is a healthier, more convenient, and more practical way of baking. The next thing that you might not have known is that non-stick bakeware is so much easier to clean than more conventional types. It is a no-brainer really – if nothing sticks to the surface then there won’t be anything to scrub, scrape or wash off. This trait right here will save you tons of time as well as frustration, and it might motivate you to bake more often because of the hassle-free cleaning process. Just make sure to maintain the bakeware. ​Lastly, even heat distribution is another thing that you should look for, and this type of bakeware enables it. Here's the deal: heat distribution most likely won't affect the quality of the result, but it will make the bakeware heat up more quickly which will ultimately decrease the cooking time. Investing a little bit of time into research can save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run, and that is why you need to read this section carefully. Bakeware sets differ regarding materials, abilities, cost, and maintenance, so learning about some general features of these products will help you decide which type will fulfill your demands. Bakeware can be made from different kinds of materials including iron, glass, copper, steel, etc. Today I will mention only the types that are related to products I reviewed in this article. It is important to know that each material yields different cooking properties so study these paragraphs to find out which one is right for you. Carbon steel – this material is light, durable, and reacts to temperature changes very quickly, meaning that it can heat up fast. Even though is lightweight, it is a bit heavier than copper and doesn't retain heat as well as iron. It's a good choice for baking meats, veggies, bread, and cakes. Copper – it is an excellent heat conductor and doesn’t need pre-heating since it gets hot very quickly. Very light, but also quite expensive compared to other bakeware materials. Also, it isn’t the best choice for recipes that require baking under very high heat. Silicon – good for foods where sticking is an issue, such as breads, cookies, and cakes. It is light, affordable and dishes will slide out of it easily. The one downside is that it can be frustrating to wash because it is so elastic, but luckily, most of the silicon bakeware is dishwasher safe. Since you’ll be buying an entire set of products, it would be a good idea to find one that is suitable for all kinds of baking jobs. Make sure that all the basic items such as pie pan, muffin pan, loaf pan, cookie sheet, cake pan, or whatever you need, is included in the package. This is a feature that most folks overlook, and it makes a world of difference when it comes to handling the pan. It's easy to move the dish around when it's cold but taking it out of a scorching hot oven is a different story (trust me, I know). You’ll try to be cautious not to burn your fingers so it is easy not to pay attention to the contents of the pan which can lead to spillage and a messy kitchen. Look for bakeware that has nice, ergonomic handles or handling areas. Some models have silicon added to these parts for extra protection and ease of use. Not all types of bakeware can withstand the same temperatures; as a matter of fact, this trait greatly differs from product to product. Certain pans are oven safe to up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while others cannot take more than 350. This is a significant difference so pay close attention to this detail when buying a set. Now, let’s get into the meaty part of this article – the reviews. After trying out many sets, I’ve reached some conclusions and decided to put together a list of my favorite ones. Keep in mind that these are my personal choices, but they are also top rated products. Rachel Ray is a world-renowned chef and TV personality, and her famous Cucina line of products never fails to deliver. Here, we are dealing with an excellent, 10-piece set that I personally think very highly of. The material that this bakeware is made of is carbon steel, and the non-stick, latte-colored coating looks very pretty and does the job well. A thing that I didn’t like about the construction of this set is that everything is so bulky. It is not a huge issue, but folks who lack storage space will not be thrilled with these products. As far as items are concerned, the set includes two loaf pans, two cake pans, two cookie sheets, two pie plates, a muffin tin, and a plastic cake pan topper. In my opinion, this is more than enough, but I’m sure some folks are going to be disappointed because there’s no pizza pan included. The handles have silicon grips attached to them, and this is a big bonus when it comes to practicality and handling. Also, the rolled edges allow you to grab the pan more easily and move it around securely. The pan can withstand heat of up to 450 F, and I think that this should be sufficient for most baking jobs. Make sure not to go over this temperature because you could burn the pans. Copper has gained a lot of popularity in the cooking world over the last few years, and honestly, I can only say good things about it. Copper Chef is known for a plethora of cookware, and now we are taking a look at their baking set. As I've mentioned before, copper is a fantastic heat conductor, and the heat distribution in this material is as even as it gets. Personally, I find the latter feature very important because I like to have consistency in my cooking. This is a 12-piece set that consists of a 12-cup muffin pan, a cookie sheet, a loaf pan, a square pan, and eight pieces of silicon ramekin cups with lids. Ok, so I think it is a bit unfair for a company to advertise a set of twelve copper products while only four of them are actually made of this material. While the ramekin cups are lovely, they seem to be a cheap filler in this set. As far as handling is concerned, most of the products in this pack do not have handles, so you have to rely on the rolled edges for gripping. This is a big disadvantage in my opinion, and greatly handicaps the ease of use. These black, sturdy-looking baking dishes remind me of old-school bakeware sets that people used to bake with a few decades ago. However, this is a modern and versatile set that should fulfill most of your demands. The ChefLand set is made of carbon steel; it looks pretty plain but has a non-stick coating that's quite effective. One thing that this material is good at is even heat distribution, so you won’t need to worry about hotspots. The products are dishwasher safe, however, after several months of kind of cleaning, some items started to form rust on the outer edges, which is a big minus. I would recommend washing them by hand. When it comes to the items, ChefLand’s set includes a roasting pan, a round pizza pan, a large and medium cookie sheet, two round cake pans, a square cake pan, a loaf pan, an oven crisper pan, and a 12-cup muffin pan. As far as I’m concerned this set has everything covered! Most of the dishes have handles on them, and even those which don't, have a nice grip area that allows for good handling. Unfortunately, there is no silicon padding or protective surface so you will need to use gloves or cloth. This bakeware set comes to us from Sunbeam; it is a bit smaller set in terms of the number of items in it, but a worthy addition to today's list. Oh, I forgot to mention it’s cheap as chips! The material these pans are made of is carbon steel, and its non-stick features are achieved with a xylan coating interior and exterior. The black color gives it a pretty plain, non-exciting look, but I personally do not mind this. The Sunbeam set has only 5-pieces, which is significantly less than other sets we reviewed today. The dishes included are a loaf pan, a cookie sheet, a 6-cup muffin pan, and two round cake pans. One disadvantage of this set is that it cannot handle temperatures higher than 400 F, which is quite limiting because some recipes require more heat. All of the pans have handles or enough room to grab them properly and handle safely. Now as I was reading some online commentary, many people complained that pans arrived dented or bent when they ordered them, so this might be an issue. I haven’t experienced this myself, so I just want to put it out as a warning. This set differs from others I reviewed today because it is the only one that’s not made of metal. Boxiki Kitchen brings us this 3-piece silicone set that bread and cake lovers might find interesting. As I’ve said, these products are made of silicone which has its pros and cons. The good thing is that food will just slide out of it, but it might be irritating when trying to wash it by hand because it’s so bendy. A lot of people raise concerns about chemicals in this material, so you’ll be glad to know that this set is FDA approved and non-toxic. The set comes with three items – a round cake pan, a square brownie pan, and a banana bread/meatloaf pan. All of the dishes are equipped with metal handles which allows for a nice and solid grip, so you won’t have to worry about the pans slipping out of your hands. Silicone is generally oven safe up to 500 degrees F, which is fantastic and much better than some metal products, so you won’t need to worry about burning your bakeware. However, the metal handles don't seem to take high temperatures very well, and I've heard some reports of them flaking and bubbling at 400 F. I hope that the article was helpful and that it got you acquainted with the basics of bakeware. Now, the time has come for me to declare my top pick of the day, and the product that got most of my sympathies is Rachel Ray’s 10-piece Cucina Set. Its beautiful design is what attracted me to this bakeware set, but the excellent performance made an even stronger impression. Non-stick surface does its job flawlessly, and the carbon steel construction is sturdy and strong. This is a very good list, i have tested myself the Rachel Ray’s 10-Piece Cucina Bakeware Set and i’m satisfied with it, it fulfill most of my daily cooking.
Hurrah! A cooperative worldwide effort to rescue Thailand children trapped in a flooded cave rescued them all in less than 3 weeks from the time they entered the cave to the time of their rescue. It should be much easier, shouldn’t even take a heroic effort, to rescue children trapped in separation from their families at the Mexican border. These things are possible, but this week, the administration did not even meet the first deadline to get all the children below 5 years old reunited with their families. It should even be logistically possible with a cooperative world wide effort to develop economic systems that could rescue all the hungry children everywhere living in poverty. In the U.S. alone, 1 in 5 children live in poverty, according to a recently released United Nations report. Such inequality and poverty is a direct result of economic policies that are chosen by elected leaders. The solution is to elect different leaders than the ones in power now. Please consider carefully when you vote this November.
Learn the fundamentals of Flash as we guide you through this comprehensive introduction to the leading interactive-design program. We will show you how to draw and animate your own graphics. This is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in creating enhanced web output. After we give you a complete tour of the Flash environment, we will take you from a blank canvas to being able to produce your own graphics and animations. You will see how it easy it is to import your own audio and video, add simple interactivity, and then publish your projects in a variety of formats. This 2-day Introduction course helps you learn about the tools and features available in Adobe Flash CC. We will help you understand how this industry-leading program takes interactive design to a new level. We will guide you in learning the work area and the best practices for creating Flash content. Plus, you will get the hands-on experience you need to create your own projects. Our goal is for you to be able to create simple visual projects that are ready to use for the web. This course is intended for designers and developers who are new to Flash and who want to learn the interface and commonly used features. If you are considering this Flash CC Design Introduction 2 Days Course but would like further information simply send us your query quickly & easily with the form below. Whether you would like to check date availability, pricing, course suitability or just need further information about a course send us your query and we will get you a swift reply, usually within 2 business hours! Your course covered everything I needed to know and also gave really useful tips and advice making me feel more confident about using the program.
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How to unblock ABC Go UK outside US? Watch ABC in the UK on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac. ABC is geoblocked outside US. In order to bypass geographic restrictions and access ABC in UK, you have to spoof/change your online location. VPN and Smart DNS allows you to watch ABC in the UK. If you try to watch ABC shows online in the UK, you get the following error message: “You appear to be outside the United States or its territories. Due to International rights agreements, we only offer this video to viewers located within the US.” That basically means you cannot watch any of ABC’s shows in UK due to geo-restrictions. VPN enables you to trick ABC into thinking you are in USA by giving you an American IP address. VPN allows you to unblock all US channels in the UK. Watch ABC, NBC, CBS, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Showtime, or HBO Go. VPN apps can be installed on Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, or Mac. Thanks to VPN’s data encryption, your ISP will not be able to see what you are doing online. Your Internet speed will drop by around 10 to 15% when using VPN. I am currently using ExpressVPN to unblock WatchABC in the UK. You can use any of the three VPN providers in the table below to watch ABC outside US. There is an alternative way to watch ABC outside US. Smart DNS also allows you to remove geoblocks and access US channels in the UK. You do not get a new IP address when using Smart DNS. Therefore, you will still appear to be in the UK for all websites apart from the ones you are trying to unblock. Smart DNS can be setup on Apple TV, Mac, Smart TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android, iPhone, iPad, or PC. No effect on Internet speed with Smart DNS. No traffic encryption either. You can still use all local UK apps and sites while unblocking US channels with Smart DNS. Your IP address is left unchanged. No need to install or download software. Smart DNS can be configured directly on your device. All you need is access to your device’s network settings. Some ISPs uses transparent proxies or DNS hijacking. Either method might prevent Smart DNS from functioning properly. There are quite a few Smart DNS services available. Not all of them help you to unblock ABC outside US. Unlocator allows you to unblock and watch ABC in the UK. You can check the list of 214 channels they allow you to unblock. So, you can either use VPN or Smart DNS proxy to unblock and watch ABC in the UK. Keep in mind that you still need a valid American cable subscription in order to sign into ABC. Even if you are outside the US.
So many things happening this weekend! The highly anticipated PBS Kids in the Park festival is tomorrow, Saturday, June 21. But there are lot of other events for families to enjoy this weekend as well. Also on Saturday, check out the free Summer Solstice Celebration at the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s 100 Acre Woods. The Windsor Park Neighborhood Association will also celebrate the solstice with a festival in Fletcher Park from 12 p.m.-11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, you can experience Native American culture through myriad experiences on offer at the Eiteljorg Indian Market and Festival. Saturday, the Irvington Folk Festival features its Children’s Day from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Ellenberger Park.
It is possible to erase up to 4 HDD / SSD at the same time. IDE HDD connection is also possible with dedicated adapter. HDD / SSD is exchanged from the order in which erasing is completed, and asynchronous erase function which can erase newly is installed.Five types of erase algorithms are installed. The erasing method can be selected according to the application. HDD copy function installed. It is possible to copy one HDD data to up to three HDDs simultaneously. Data delete contents can be printed with the attached dedicated printer . It is also possible to output text data of work log to USB memory. Dedicated carrying case with waterproof / dustproof specification is included, which can contain the main body and all accessories. This product is compatible with SATA 6 Gbps HDD / SSD, but the internal transfer speed is up to 130 MB / sec. 2.5 “HDD and 3.5” HDD can not be connected at the same time.
Grace. What is it? What does it mean? How do you get it and how do you KNOW you got it? Honestly, I don’t know the answers to these questions. I have no way of describing something I don’t understand BUT believe deeply in my soul that it exists. How do you get these graces? Sanctifying grace is IN your soul. It’s the free and underserved gift from God. Actual grace would come from our knowledge and belief of all things right and wrong – following the Ten Commandments, making sure we follow a path that is pure and justified. Justified means to be sinless, and to be sinless means you are in favor with God. When you are baptized you are sinless and therefore have favor with God. When you go to reconciliation, you are once again sinless and in favor with God. You are in a state of grace. Once sanctifying grace is in your soul, you can increase it by every good action you do – receiving Communion, saying prayers, performing corporal works of Mercy. The most important thing to think about is NOT what you are going to do or how you are going to do it but to recognize God’s love. The reason you can do any good work is because God LOVES YOU FIRST in Grace. You must continually seek God’s grace, continually respond to the actual graces God is working within you, inclining you to turn to Him and do good. Have I answered the question as to what Grace is? I’ve read through all the study guides provided to me and compiled all the information, but I don’t believe that I’ve properly explained what Grace is. To me Grace is a feeling. Sometimes it’s butterflies in the stomach, and it takes my breath away. I feel this way every time I think of my husband. We met and married 38 years ago. I see God’s grace in our meeting, getting married, and living our life together as husband and wife. Sometimes it’s a jolt, like an electric shock and then an overwhelming wave of love, like the enormous amount of love I felt when I held my first baby in my arms for the first time. This happened again with my 2nd and 3rd child, and then God blessed us with twins to make 4 and 5. Then sometimes it feels like a raging fight going on inside me, making hard decisions that breaks my heart in two. I have no power to stop things from happening and my only recourse is just to constantly pray. Mostly it’s a feeling of ultimate peace and an over-whelming calmness that comes over me at different times during the day when God allows me glimpses of HIS love for me: when my dog and cat are doing something cute together; when I see the birds eating the seed I put out for them; when a certain little girl comes over to the house and calls me “Grandma”. I just breathe a sigh of thanksgiving and relax in the comfort of His hand. Where does Grace come from?
Sellers who are non-residents (eg. foreigners living abroad and Japanese citizens living abroad). Buyers, both local and overseas residents, who are buying real estate in Japan from a non-resident. If the seller of Japanese real estate is a non-resident, depending on the situation, the buyer must withhold 10.21% of the sale price and pay it to the tax office, with the remaining 89.79% paid to the seller. The buyer is responsible for paying the 10.21% to the tax office by the 10th of the month following the transaction. It is your obligation to make this payment to the tax office by the deadline. If you are currently living overseas, you will need to appoint a tax representative or accountant to pay this on your behalf. You will need to appoint a tax representative in Japan to file a final tax return to have the remainder returned to you (less any taxes that may have been owed). *If the payment of deposits and mid-term payments also meet the conditions for withholding tax, the tax must be withheld and paid by the buyer at each payment. The above information has been provided as a general guide only. For more details on this tax, and for other detailed tax questions, please consult with the tax office or a specialist tax accountant.
Originally, from Chicago, now living in Hong Kong, Jeanne studied improvisation in Chicago. She holds a B.S. in Anthropology from Loyola University of Chicago and an M.S. in Historic Preservation from the School of the Art Institute. She has performed, presented and conducted workshops in the US, Europe and Asia. Ms. Lambin’s workshops have been described as “amazing,” “powerful,” and “great fun.” Her work has been featured in the Hong Kong’s Top Notch Storytelling Festival, Liar’s League Hong Kong, Literary Death Match, the Art’s House World Voices Presents, the Moth Chicago, Story Lab and This Much is True. Ms. Lambin is a proud to be a founding member of Improv for Humanity and co-creator of The Quest: Improv for Transformation.
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The High brightness is being compared to 350 Watts conventional xenon light source that can be utilized for critical illness like laparoscopy without any problem and with utmost ease. It has an extended service life, which means it can easily last for 60000 hours at a max, which is 120 times of xenon. This further emphasises that one doest not need to change the bulb for a number of years and can be used for a long time. We have an extensive range of power from 100 to 240 V / AC; 50 / 60 Hz. The perfect colour temperature ranges from 5000 K to 6500 K, and the colour rendering is over 70. It does not gives out light in the Ultra Violet or Infrared Rays. The customized connector, it accepts fibre light directs with dynamic and on the go areas varying from 3 mm to 10 mm in diameter or span. It helps saves half the energy i.e. it will be more than 50%. It is considered environment friendly.
It’s kind of hard to tell from the picture, but Miss Fancy Nancy is sitting in a chair that is upholstered with children’s b ook covers (well, not literally I hope, but with fabric that has children’s book covers on it). From where I sit I can see The Giving Tree, The Story of Ferdinand, The Hobbit, and one of the Narnia books. It is much better if you go look at the real cover of Fancy Nancy and the Dazzling Book Report. So, when I live in my house in the English countryside, and I am sitting in my personal library, this is what I am going to be sitting on.
Cyrsti's Condo: The Right or Wrong Person for the Job? The Right or Wrong Person for the Job? I really don't know how many times I have sworn myself off the "allure" or lack of it from Caitlin Jenner. Of course I know the non negotiables. Without a doubt she is the biggest public relation's splash ever in the transgender community. Now we have a former Olympic hero along with Navy Seal Kristin Beck as recent "coming out" stories. In fact, Kristin is running for US Congress. I am sure Jenner's life will ever allow her to ever experience the everyday lives we live as transgender women. Can you imagine the paparazzi crowding into a women's restroom with her? After watching her last show rater intently (and knowing it's a glossy over produced Kartrashian show) I couldn't see the emotion in Jenner. Again, I don't know all the facts about her, except she went out and bought the best plastic surgery money could buy. Again, maybe that's why I can't see any emotion in her face-she can't move it!!!! Plus, I have no idea how long she has been back on HRT. It took me three years on hormones to begin to see the world in a different way. When I watch Jenner, I wonder if she has passed over (no pun intended) to the feminine side much at all. She tries to overtalk most people and doesn't want to listen for the real problems-typical male. Then again, maybe I am just watching the true quandary of a Mtf gender transition play out with Jenner. I don't question the pure persistence and strength it takes to jump the gender fence. It will be interesting to see in the years to come what happens with Jenner. Will a "softer-gentler" Caitlin truly begin to enjoy a life in the girls sandbox? Or, will the ego trip of doing it still be more important?
New research from the University of Illinois in Chicago suggests that fetal exposure to a commonly used chemical which is found in products such as water bottles, soup can liners and paper receipts, can increase the risk of prostate cancer later in life. Exposure of the fetus to the chemical BPA in utero has been linked to several kinds of cancer, including prostate cancer, in rodent models in the past. The new findings show that human prostate tissue could also be susceptible. "The safety of BPA has long been a contentious topic of debate and this is not the first time that it has been linked to some types of cancer. However, research in this area is fraught with difficulties because it relies solely on testing the impact of the chemical in cell or animal models. It is therefore difficult to draw conclusions as to what might happen in real-life and as such we cannot make a definitive link between BPA exposure and prostate cancer in later life based on the results of this study. This study highlights that much more needs to be done to identify the lifestyle and environmental factors that put men more at risk of prostate cancer so that we can start to reduce the number of deaths from the disease."
OpenWRT that use -Os to make small binaries. OS X. I don't know enough about the other platforms to say. Here's the Debian docs on the topic.
October is breast cancer awareness month. What can you do to keep from needing to wear the pink ribbon? Dr. Patrick and Ross talk about changing your thinking from being treated at the bottom of the cliff or stopping before you fall off. You’ll have to watch to get it.
When you confirm your enrollment at the school of choice, your decision seems final. However, that’s not always the case. There are plenty of college students who transfer from two-year colleges to four-year universities and from four-year universities to different schools. If you’re thinking of making a switch in universities, you’re not alone. In fact, the schools listed below have some of the highest acceptance rates for transfer students!
As the co-founder of Lonely Planet, Tony Wheeler has inspired generations of intrepid travellers to explore the four corners of the planet. But in an age where travel is more accessible than ever, what does it really mean to have been ‘everywhere’? Join Tony as he reflects on the most accomplished adventurers he knows, the unticked destinations on his wish list, and the challenges and rewards of visiting some of the world’s more remote and difficult destinations.
best year ever | The Jamestown Comet. Resolving for a better new year. Well, the holidays are upon us once more and 2016 is nearing an end. It’s safe to say that the past year has certainly been filled with remarkable change. What did 2016 mean to you? Was it an end or a beginning? Did you experience triumph or tragedy? If you’re like most, it was a mixture of both. Sometimes it’s hard to discern the difference. What some see as catastrophe, others view as a success. It really depends on your perspective. Of course, the New Year is always a good time to make a change for the better in your own life. But be aware that most statistics show that only around 46 percent of resolutions continue past six months. At the same time, people who set a goal based on a resolution are 10 percent more likely to succeed than those who do not. However you do it, in order to change your life for the better you have to get up and take the first step. And, sometimes attitude is everything where life changes are concerned. You have to stay positive, dismiss the naysayers and keep motivated and moving forward. So, whether you start because of a resolution or just because you think now is a good time, your potential success or failure rests largely with your motivation. Additionally, remember that you can’t force someone else to change either. If they want a different life, they have to take the steps toward that end. For example, suppose Lisa is dating Mike and she’s having a tough time because he is addicted to role-playing games. Lisa wants to eventually marry Mike, but she cannot handle the gaming. Lisa believes, however, that she can change him, help him to see the error of his ways. She believes that she can set a resolution to reform him with love – or a rolling pin (just kidding, she doesn’t bake – she actually uses a frying pan). Mike is never going to change because someone else wants him to do so. If he wants to quit playing he will have to do it for his own reasons. I am certainly no psychologist, but I do know that for any New Year’s resolution to be successful, the desire to change has to come from within. I may be wrong, but I think the motivation for change at the start of a new year comes from a deep desire in all of us for a fresh start. Most people want to strive for something better, no matter what our situation. Of course, there are still people out there who simply don’t care and are either complacent or resigned. For some, the new year offers an opportunity to get “it” right – whatever your particular “it” happens to be at the time. In any case, it’s up to you to make those choices and follow through. If you don’t, you have no one to blame but yourself. You can get things moving by creating a list of the things you want to accomplish in the coming year. For the record, I’d leave out a lottery jackpot and focus on more realistic expectations, like finishing your education or pursuing a career change. Then figure out what it takes to reach those milestones and make a plan to get there (the “make a plan” part is pretty important). You will likely have a great deal of work to do and, for some at least, a long-term goal may require multiple short-term steps. Be patient, work hard and stay focused. Incidentally, staying focused may indeed be the biggest challenge you face. The aforementioned plan is vital. Lay it out, be consistent, stick to it one step at a time, rather than trying to do everything all at once, and you can be successful. A New Year’s resolution can be either a step towards improving your life or it can be a fruitless, frustrating endeavor that causes you stress and worry. It all depends on how committed you are to the kind of change you want in your life. However you do it, the choice rests with you. Gery L. Deer is an independent columnist and business writer. Listen to the Deer In Headlines podcast free at MyGreeneRadio.com.
There’s a lot of vague, fluffy talk about self-care. I’m a fan of practical, tangible, actionable. If you are too, this is for you. Magnificent Mornings is the live workshop I lead all about discovering and creating your ideal morning routine, one that allows you to show up as the best version of yourself, with ease. Can’t make the live version or just prefer to go at your own pace? Then this self-paced version is for you. This cooking guide includes 29 simple, easy, stress-reducing recipes that are all plant-based and gluten-free. You’ll learn a bit about my philosophy in the kitchen and my tips and tricks for converting recipes to meet dietary restrictions quickly and easily.
In fact, there are currently over a million international students studying in the United States. India and China are by far the two largest contributors, with 47% of all students for the 2015-2016 school year. The visa application process can be confusing though, especially when English isn’t your strong suit. We at TransparentCareer have laid out each type of visa used by international students, and the application process for each visa. F1 Visa– These are the most common type of visas, and are used for bachelor and graduate school degrees, as well as training programs in the English language. The first step is to check whether the university you’re interested in is verified by the United States government – you can’t get an F1 visa for non accredited universities. Take a look here to see if your school is verified. The first step is to apply to universities where you want to study. Upon acceptance, the university will provide you with a form I-20. Keep in mind – you can’t transfer once you select a school. Make sure it’s the right fit for you! You’ll then have to go to the site of the US embassy closest to you, and pay a non refundable application fee. Find the embassy closest to you here. You’ll then have to prepare for an interview – the sooner you can set this up the better. The interviewer will require proof of intent to return to your country after you complete your education (such as family, home job offer) as well as a passport and the form I-20 provided by your school. The interview will also require proof of financial sufficiency to fund your education. If you need advice on how to finance your education, take a look at this guide. Depending on your school you may also have to provide test scores such as the SAT, GMAT, or GRE. J1A Visa– J1A visas are for those looking to temporarily stay in the US for a work or culture exchange program, such as to be an au pair, international camp counselor, or for specific medical training. To be accepted, you have to be sponsored by a nonprofit or government organization. You can find a list of all approved organizations here. After applying and being approved by an organization, they’ll provide you with a DS-2019 form to fill out. Then you have to apply for a J1A visa at your nearest US embassy. A Sevis I-901 fee must then be paid (sometimes by your sponsor), along with a Nonimmigrant Application Processing Fee of $160. You must then schedule an appointment with the embassy, giving plenty of time in case anything goes wrong. Bring along the DS-2019 form provided by your sponsor, as well as your passport, a 2×2 photo, and any additional documentation that may be required depending on the nature of your program. You can find the types of documentation on the J1A government site. M1A Visa– This is visa for vocational training in the US. There must be a specific program/school when you apply for the visa, and you’ll have certain requirements and forms you might have to fill out for the school before applying for a visa. You aren’t allowed to work while studying in the US, so you must prove to the school that you have enough money to stay in the US while getting your training. If approved by the school, they’ll give you a form I-20 to fill out, which you’ll need next when you set up a meeting at your nearest US Embassy. You’ll also have to pay an application fee, and bring your passport, a photo (with rules provided by your consulate), a DS-160 form, and a DS-157 form if you’re a male between the ages of 16 and 45. H1B Visa- H1B work visas are for those that have completed a higher form of education and want to work in America – it’s the most common way for foreign students to stay and work in the US after graduation. These visas have to be filed by your employer, so if you’re hoping to stay in America after graduation you should start the job search as soon as possible. Approvals are done through a lottery system, and start to fill up quickly after the government’s fiscal year starts – typically October 1. You may file up to 6 months in advance, so filing as close to April 1 as possible is ideal. There are a total of 85,000 visas issued this way each year, and the first 20,000 are reserved for those with master’s degrees or higher levels of education. The remaining 65,000 are available to those with bachelor’s degrees, along with those that didn’t make it past the first round with a master’s or higher level of education. A lot of controversy has stirred up around H1B visas recently after the election of Donald Trump, who has claimed on numerous occasions that he wants to get rid of people who got into the US unfairly. According to Forbes, the top 10 companies that sponsor H1B visas received 25,000 visas in 2014, which is nearly 30% of all issued H1B visas. Of these 10 firms, half were firms based in India, typically working with call centers. Trump and others supportive of a crackdown claim that firms are submitting multiple applications for one person in order to game the system. 236,000 applications were received last year for the 85,000 positions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there were 236,000 applicants. While we haven’t seen what a Trump presidency will look like yet, stopping people from abusing the system may provide more opportunities for foreign students looking to work in the US after graduation. Check out our industry career guides on Finance, Consulting, and Tech to help you decide which is the best fit for you. Looking to stay in the states after graduation? You’ll need to get a great job first. TransparentCareer offers free data on career pathing, salary negotiation, and compensation. Sign up for free here.
Barbara Brown Taylor is the Butman Professor of Religion at Piedmont College in rural northeast Georgia. An Episcopal priest since 1984, she is the author of twelve books, including the New York Times bestseller An Altar in the World. Her first memoir, Leaving Church, met with widespread critical acclaim, winning a 2006 Author of the Year award from the Georgia Writers Association. Barbara lives with her husband on a working farm in the foothills of the Appalachians. We are so fortunate to be welcoming Barbara Brown Taylor to the 2013 Festival of Homiletics. You are sure to come away inspired and motivated following an evening spent with one of the best known preachers in the United States.
The court system in Sheridan, Arkansas is a government institution of Arkansas to settle disagreements involving residents of, or events that occurred in, Sheridan. If you are involved in a lawsuit, or any legal dispute, in Sheridan, Arkansas, it's very likely that you will have some contact with the court system. Jury Duty: If you a U.S. citizen, and an adult resident of Sheridan, chances are you've interacted with the courts in Sheridan by being called to jury duty, at least once in your life. If you receive a letter informing you that you have jury duty, you have to show up at the court on the appointed date, where you will sit in a "juror pool," waiting to be called into court for an upcoming trial. During the jury selection procedure, you may be eliminated as a possible juror, at which point, your service is complete. If you end up on the jury, you must show up every day for the trial, or risk being held in contempt of court. Filing a Lawsuit: When you decide that you need to sue someone in Sheridan, Arkansas civil court, it goes without saying that you're going to spend a lot of time dealing with the judicial system. Even if your case doesn't go to trial (and, statistically, it probably won't), the proceedings can drag on for months. Settlement conferences, disagreements over discovery, and many other issues not directly related to the merits of your lawsuit are going to be overseen by the Sheridan, Arkansas court. Being Sued: Likewise, if you're the defendant in a lawsuit, you're going to have a lot of work to do in Sheridan, Arkansas's courts. You and your attorney will have to draft and file an answer to the lawsuit, and plenty of other documents, as well. Furthermore, there are many hearings that usually occur before a trial, to resolve procedural and evidentiary issues. Divorce: Most divorces in Sheridan, Arkansas are fairly quick, and don't require a lot of involvement from the courts. Some, however, can get combative, and the local court system may be obligated to resolve disputes between the parties. Most people don't have to go to court in Sheridan, Arkansas unless they're dealing with some perplexing legal issues. Thus, it's prudent to consult with an experienced civil attorney in Sheridan, Arkansas if you feel that you will be encountering the court system in the near future.
Enjoy your family. Enjoy your friends. Make lots of special memories.
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The Western Shoshone call themselves Newe, “The People,” and they refer to their ancestral lands as Newe Sogobia, “The People’s Land.” After living on these lands for thousands of years, the Newe have spent the last 400 defending them from invasion and environmental destruction. Today, the U.S. government occupies much of the Newe Sogobia, using it as a domestic nuclear war zone. The Nevada Test Site was illegally seized from the tribe in the 1940s to use for nuclear weapons testing and as a dump for highly radioactive nuclear waste. Releases of radiation from the detonation of over 1000 nuclear weapons above and below the ground have resulted in cancer clusters and contamination in the communities downwind of the site – and beyond. Newe homelands have been turned into a National Sacrifice Area, or permanently poisoned lands. The latest threat to the Newe is the planned nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain located within the Nevada Test Site. The repository will accept over 75,000 tons of fuel rods and other high-level waste across roads and rails from 39 states and place it in a giant hole in the earth found to be seismically unstable and in contact with ground water. Plutonium, the most deadly man-made substance on earth, has a radioactive half-life of 250,000 years, and its nearby storage portends an unparalleled toxic peril for the next 12,000 generations living in the region. Wherever Corbin Harney raises his voice, be it in song, in prayer, or in speech, be it at his homeland, at the UN, or in faraway Kazakhstan, his message is informed with the calm authority imbued him by the earth. In 1994, Corbin Harney founded the Shundahai Network (Shundahai is the Newe word for “peace and harmony with all creation”), a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking the nuclear chain by building alliances with indigenous communities and environmental, peace and human rights movements. They seek to abolish all nuclear weapons and end all nuclear testing, advocate phasing out nuclear energy and ending the transportation and dumping of nuclear waste, and promote the principles of Environmental Justice. Their campaigns and events incorporate the values of community building, education, spiritual ceremonies and nonviolent direct action. I ask for moisture to fall upon us so the grass will start to grow. what we humans tramp down. we tramp it down so it’s flat on the ground. together we have to ask for the rain to come down, so the grass will continue to grow. Corbin Harney’s spiritual strength has become a fountainhead of inspiration for environmental activists around the world. His solution to end the Nuclear Age: we must live in vital, spiritual connection with the earth!
Located near I-90 and just off Route 62, Niagara Falls Boulevard, in the hub of the area’s dominant retail corridor. Across from the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls, recently expanded to 700,000 sf, making it one of the largest outlet centers in the country. The only Wegmans in the Niagara Falls trade area.
Honesty time. I have some hoarding tendencies in regards to a few things in my life. Number One hoarding problem would go to cute notebooks. Number Two hoarding problem would go to paper calendars. Number Three hoarding problem would go to office supplies and last but certainly not least… Number Four hoarding problem would go to FONTS! (I know, I’m super coooool with my hoarding.) Today, I am sharing my new Favorite Fall Fonts. And guess what, they are all FREE. What are your favorite fonts? Share them because I’m always looking for new ones! If you liked these FAVORITE FALL FONTS, you might like these fonts, too! These are adorable! Thank you so much for gathering those up! LOL. Sounds like you are a complete office/craft hoarder. =) Happy weekend!
That must be frustrating , just when you are getting used to another one. My computer has lasted a number of years now, but getting slow with clutter. Mine covers me, for that kind of mishap. Glad I mentioned it, then. I didn't when I bought mine from Argos a couple of years ago.......*sigh.
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Mondal, K.C.; Kostakis, G.E.; Lan, Y.; Powell, A.K.
Police Brutality - ACTS Law Firm in California | Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP. We place a lot of trust in the police that they will protect us and help keep us safe. That is why it is unfortunate when that trust is violated and as a result normal citizens become victims of police brutality and abuse. Just because a police officer has a badge and a uniform does not give him the right to do whatever he wants. In such instances victims of this kind of mistreatment are entitled to sue for compensation of any damages. If you are a victim of police brutality in Los Angeles, seek legal help immediately from the attorneys at Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP. We will aggressively fight for your rights and your rightful compensation. Our team of Los Angeles police brutality lawyers has represented individuals and families throughout southern California. We are familiar with handling these types of cases and our expertise in the legal aspects regarding this matter will help you in getting the highest settlement for your case. In many instances, a police officer will act out in a way that is not only unnecessary but also illegal. It is important to understand your civil rights when you get into a confrontation with an officer. If you have personally experienced police misconduct including any of the following, it is very important that you contact our attorneys today. The Los Angeles police brutality attorneys at Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP would like to hear about your case in detail and provide you with advice on the best possible course of action. We can provide you with a careful explanation of your rights and help you get the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.
It is the largest tourist attraction in the region, with over 70 buildings, and more than 110,000 museum pieces. We enter through the visitors centre and step out into a Village of yesteryear. The street with the old post office, barber, butcher and general store will bring back memories for many, however, there is much more. Including an exhibition from World Expo ’88. Enjoy a morning tea break among the 4 hectares of lawns. After our visit back in time, we will head to the sea side for lunch at the Beachmere Tavern. You will have a choice from five selected meal options including dessert, tea or coffee. Now we are full and relaxed it’s time to re-board the coach for a leisurely scenic route home via D’aguilar, Mt Mee, Dayboro and Samford Valley.
I think this is one of the most interesting pieces of researching in epidemiology and profound effects on society I have ever seen. I wrote about Kevin Drum’s original work on the connection between lead in the environment and crime rates (I’m not linking to my piece, his piece is linked to in the Brookings piece). This is one of those things where the evidence is so clear, but the conclusion just seems too easy, that contingents in sociology believe it too good to be true. I think it’s fascinating, your mileage may vary.
Seane Corn and Colleen Saidman Yee explore how yoga gives us the tools to make mindful decisions and change the world. Rodney Yee explains his teaching philosophy, how yoga empowers him to directly touch life, and what he thinks is the most important thing to ask a new student. Kino MacGregor discusses how the different roles played by home practice and study with teachers combine in our own personal yoga journeys. Elena Brower shares her philosophy with Beryl Bender Birch, from the one sutra every new teacher needs, to her hope for asana in the world. Join us for a lesson in the role of choice, change and faith in the practice of yoga when Beryl Bender Birch interviews professor Dr. John Campbell Ph.D.
The city of Augusta is located in Georgia near the state's border with South Carolina. It plays host to the Masters Tournament, the most lauded tournament in professional golf. Augusta is known for the Masters, but there are several other fascinating sides to this city. Here are five things you never knew about Augusta, home of the Masters. Augusta was Georgia’s capital briefly during the American Revolution and then again from 1785 until 1795. In 1788, the Georgia state convention ratified the U.S. Constitution in the city. Georgia was the fourth state to ratify the Constitution and the first in the Deep South. Augusta wasn’t chartered as a city until 1798, so it was actually Georgia’s capital city before officially becoming a city itself. President Woodrow Wilson, who was in office from 1913 to 1921, was born in Virginia but grew up in Augusta. Born in 1856, Wilson lived in Augusta from 1858 to 1870. His father was the pastor of Augusta’s First Presbyterian Church and his family owned a beautiful manse on Seventh Street. Wilson spent the “formative years of his life” in the city. He lived in Augusta during the Civil War and the Reconstruction before going to college in North Carolina. Today, you can visit his boyhood home, which is a National Historic Landmark and the oldest Presidential residence in the state. Guided tours begin on the hour every Thursday through Saturday. Augusta has been either the hometown or burial place of 10 Confederate generals — Brig. Gen. Edward P. Alexander, Maj. Gen. Ambrose R. Wright and Gen. Marcellus A. Stovall, among others. “When the South needed generals during the Civil War, it often turned to Augustans,” the Augusta Chronicle says. Today, you can see monuments all over the city that have been dedicated to these men. The Masters wasn’t always called the Masters; the title didn’t come about until 1939. The tournament began in 1934 and was originally known as the Augusta National Invitational. That name didn’t sound quite prestigious enough, however — so in 1939, the name was changed to the Masters. The first-in-flight brothers from North Carolina brought their airplanes to Georgia. The Wright Flying School was in business from 1910 to 1916. During that time, it taught 119 people to fly Wright airplanes. The main location of the school was in Alabama and then moved to Ohio. Trying to take advantage of the warm winters in the South, the Wrights also opened a seasonal facility in Augusta in 1911. It was run by Frank Coffyn, an aviator who was a member of the Wright Exhibition Team after the Wright brothers taught him to fly.
North Central Service Train No. 115 collided with the vehicle around 6:10 p.m. near Touhy Avenue and Mannheim Road, said Metra spokesman Michael Gillis. The train struck the back portion of the car, dragging it and pushing it into a tree. Two of the car's passengers were taken to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, while the other injured passenger was transported to Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, Gillis said. Their injuries do not appear to be life threatening. No one on the train was hurt.
We do most of the work here in our own lab so please be patient if we can’t fit you in right away. We often spend as much time in our lab as we do with you! If you are just starting a new job or have other scheduling issues, please call. We will do our best to work with you! If you have a loved one who is unable to travel, we can also come straight to their home or place of residence. We serve many of the surrounding areas including Monroe, Mill Creek, Lake Stevens, Granite Falls, Marysville and Everett.
Hair updo styles. Pictures of updo hairstyles. Are you looking at a more sophisticated hair updo style for your wedding or prom? If so, we have a great collection of examples that will help you find the right look. Our examples focus on women who have somewhat longer hair that can be used in dramatic fashion. Here you will find a number of updo hairstyles from those close to casual to others that push the boundaries and make an unforgettable impression. The first row of examples is highlighted by the third photo which features a complicated pinned up style, yet has enough play to make it attractive. The second photo is a great example of how bangs can be used to really highlight the face while still having the rest of the hair updo pinned back. Naturally, augmenting your hair with natural decorations such as flowers can make for a great way to set your style apart. In the second row we see more classic examples of sophisticated wedding and prom updo styles. While the first example is perfect for those with very curly hair, the third and fourth are pure classic updo’s perfect for more formal occasions. If you have long, thick hair, then you might want to try the example in the second photo to highlight your face. The third row is a great combination of pulled back styles along with loose, more casual feel. The second example does require some work and spray, but the results are perfect for weddings. For younger women, especially those attending the prom the first and fourth photos provide excellent examples of what can be done. For the final row we have another combination of both casual and pinned up hair that you can choose from when attending the wedding or prom. In particular, the third photo shows a dramatic style indeed. Portfolio 3 showcases delicate up-dos mainly for long straight hair. Picture number 1 and 2 are beautiful examples of straightforward updo’s incorporating hair accessories that are fit for the most magnificent wedding. Picture number 10 is a gorgeous and sophisticated low chignon with the hair neatly pinned back away from the face.
I was watching TV with Devin the other day and we were watching some of the filler programing between shows on PBS. We don't have cable so the only kids shows the kids can watch outside of Saturday morning is on PBS and TVO. Rather than have commercials these networks show these short 2 minute filler … Continue reading Humanism on PBS?
Copyrighted works of writing, art, or music. Trademarked brand names and logos. The trade dress of your business, which includes unique visual aspects of your website as well as products, packaging, and even building architecture. Trade secrets, including proprietary processes and methods, algorithms, patterns, client lists … any information you would closely guard to keep it out of the hands of competitors. Do you know the value of your intellectual property? If you really think about the scope of your business, you probably have more intellectual property than you first thought. List your most important IP assets, and ask yourself two questions. First, do I have sufficient protections in place, given the value of this IP? Second, how much am I willing to spend to defend this IP? If a competitor should infringe on your intellectual property rights, you will want to react quickly to avoid potential losses and to collect compensation for any financial damage that may have already occurred. At the same time, you need to take a cost-effective approach to protecting your IP, considering the financial investment and future revenue at stake. No longer is it necessary for one to key-in a password of letters and numbers in order to gain access to computers, smartphones, or other electronically-secured information. The use of one’s facial features, fingerprints, and even their iris for electronic security purposes is becoming more common, yet concerns pertaining to personal privacy and use of stored information is now facing legal challenges. More and more companies recognize the value of using the Internet to grow and strengthen their business. Whether for communications, marketing, e-commerce, research, or other purposes, online activity among employees and customers has expanded exponentially. However, with this growth comes the increased threat to information moving along or stored by electronic means. Hand-held devices have taken on an increased presence among business operations throughout a variety of industries. From tracking inventory to recording important statistics and other real-time data, the threat to the information stored on these devices is no less real. This may complicate matters for cyber professionals charged with protecting intellectual property.
Consider using a buying agent. Estate agents always act in the interest of the seller, because the more money they get for a property, the higher their commission payment. A buying agent can act on your behalf and make sure that you acquire your dream property for the cheapest possible price. If you are a first time home buyer, it is a good idea to not see more then six or seven homes at a time. It might be tempting to try to see more at once, however, if you do see to many then it will make it tough for you to take it all in. It will also make it to hard to remember everything.
Show of hands for everyone that's been confused by the relationship between Wes and Annalise on How to Get Away with Murder . Since the first episode of the series, Annalise has taken a liking to Wes and no one knows why. Is Wes Annalise's son? Is Annalise attracted to Wes? A lot of theories have been thrown out into the ring. On Thursday's episode of HTGAWM, Annalise told Eve "it's him" when speaking about Wes, so basically I'm taking that as a big thumbs up on the mother/son relationship, even though that seems too easy for a show this convoluted. During an intimate scene between Eve and Annalise, who go way back, Eve questions why Annalise is protecting Wes, who is just a student. Annalise tells Eve that Wes is not just some student. "It's him," Annalise tells Eve, who immediately knows what she's talking about. You know who doesn't know what she's talking about? Me. And everyone else in this world who is too emotionally and mentally invested in this god forsaken show. Eve tells Annalise that she is a very good person, making it seem like whatever secret correlation Wes and Annalise have has caused distress on Annalise. So all signs point to Wes being Annalise's son. But, how does that fit into Wes' life timeline? We know that Wes had a rough start as a kid. He didn't have a father in his life and his mother killed herself when he was a young teen, but what if Annalise's connection to Wes comes before all of that? One Reddit user believes that Annalise could be Wes' biological mother, but gave him up for adoption as a baby because she got pregnant at a high point in her career where she didn't want to take care of a baby. Now, she brought him back into her life the only way Annalise Keating knows how (manipulation, power, etc.) and is finally being the mother figure she never got to be for him. It's a stretch, but it's also possible with the few clues we have been given. My only concern with the mother theory is that it almost seems too easy. For a while, people have been speculating that Wes and Annalise are related. Hell, I think one of the other students made a joke about it at one point. Because of this, I'm not sure if the producers would write in such an expected storyline. They're so good at steering their viewers one way with bait, and then switching directions at the last second. What if we are only on the bait part, and we're still waiting for the switch?
This is the naamyaa directory listing for Barclays in Skelmanthorpe. Below you can find address, contact details and opening times for this branch. We do not have any extra information about Skelmanthorpe Barclays. We are a web directory listing all the main banks and their branches in the United Kingdom. The goal of this website is to quickly provide you with the details necessary to get in touch with any bank branch in the UK. This page has all the details for Barclays branch in Skelmanthorpe including address, telephone number, opening times and any extra information we have. if you see an error, please inform us via email.
What’s wrong with this sentence? It’s active, complete, and properly punctuated…What could it be? ‘In terms of’ is one of the worst stock phrases in formal business writing. Its horror lies within its utter ambiguity. What does it mean, exactly? How does it relate to the matter at hand? In the above example, what does it imply: that the meeting can be translated into ‘terms’? What terms? How would these terms make the meaning of the sentence any clearer? ‘In terms of’ confuses, rather than clarifies, your sentences and their meaning. So, we don’t want to hear any more of these ‘in terms of the meeting’ type sentences.
Prospective tiny home buyers in Bullhead have options as to how to build, or who can build their tiny home. The first step for most of us is identifying the right tiny home floor plan that will best fit our needs. Since there are so many variations and options available, doing a little homework and research can go a long way. Fourth, does the Bullhead AZ area offer the environment, property and amenities that you need. Will you need to drive too far for work each day? Too much traffic? Will you have enough privacy? Will you be close enough to a grocery store or gas station? There are many factors that make the best location for a new tiny home, make sure you think of the location and how it will influence your new tiny home lifestyle.
In 1972, snow storm covered the Andes Mountains, the small plane of 40-seat was flying through it. The destination was in Chile, but the weather was not so bad even when the plane touched the sky from Uruguay. After that, the jet jumped heavily in the air, when it was calm to hit the hill and hit it in the other side, many of the 40 people had died in the death country and the rest of them were busy playing the last game with sure death. One of them was Petro Alguta. The crowd of dead bodies lay down all around. There are many human bodies in the same way that they are covered in rice. They did not even die, have survived. But nobody knows how long it can be possible to survive in the cold. Petro's the same condition. The next passenger was dead soon. Petro has gone out of the broken door by removing the dead bodies, along with a few others. In the question what would happen, a passenger suddenly lit torch of light, He said, "Do not worry, the news of the crash of the plane has reached Chile, from where the rescue team came. After several days have passed, no one is seen. Meanwhile, a few more people have died in the blaze. Then a few young people survived but then he fought with death, but again, how did this situation go away? Meanwhile, the coolness of the cold is rising, the cutting of the wind is blowing like a carrot but no one has left the cold, no one will survive, but death is sure. Meanwhile, the man's food and the last tension of the water quickly burnt down in the face. No one can survive the end of the meal. Without food, it is impossible to survive in this cold if there is no magic. Meanwhile, Petro looked at a glimpse of the clock and 13 days had passed but no one else was seen. They are forgetting the rest of the world, so no one is coming to save them. Then everyone decides to live if they have to eat and if there is no food then dead friends are the only hope. The first was vomited, most of the people then started eating meat of man like a madman, and then they started eating meat. Petro's fate was a friend's cut hand and thighs. Petro was biting his bite. On the day that the people became angry they became a monster. About 25 years after that terrible experience, Petro wrote a book named in to the Mountain. He gave a detailed account of that time. He wrote today and when I look at that day, if I did not do that work then maybe I could not see today's day. Think of what a terrible experience is that a group of civilized man eats their Fellow traveler to save lives. In fact, the people who were killed were not forced to eat meat in the day that they were killed, but see that many people are alive today because of the dead people. Petro Alguata is one of them. Petro said from her own experience that on the day nobody was thinking that they were eating meat but everyone thought that friends had saved them even after. Thus, after a whole 72 days, finally a rescue team comes; they come alive to 16 people. These 16 people, who were living under that mountain, ice, and humankind, were the miracles. All of the dead did not die in the crash; many were killed due to severe cold and lack of food. It is also said that there are murders in order to survive because all the people suspected that due to food, there was a condition in the absence of food that anyone could wait for the dead body. When there is a high level of food, it is also common to kill any living person and it has happened to food. Based on this incident, in 1993, a movie, named Alive, was built.
An example method involves providing, with a network management module of a network management system, current reroute statistics in a data structure based on the rerouting of the data from a logical circuit that has failed to a logical failover circuit in the network. The current reroute statistics include a committed information rate corresponding to the logical circuit in the network. The logical circuit is identified by a first logical circuit identifier. The logical failover circuit is identified by a second logical circuit identifier. The first and second logical circuit identifiers are renamed until the logical circuit has been restored from failure. Updated reroute statistics are provided, with the network management module, based on a change in a status of the logical circuit resulting from the committed information rate having been exceeded. This patent arises from a continuation of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 14/537,019, filed on Nov. 10, 2014, now U.S. Pat. No. 9,148,365, which is a continuation of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 14/286,396, filed on May 23, 2014, now U.S. Pat. No. 8,953,435, which is a continuation of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 14/040,054, filed on Sep. 27, 2013, now U.S. Pat. No. 8,737,196, which is a continuation of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 13/690,839, filed on Nov. 30, 2012, now U.S. Pat. No. 8,565,074, which is a continuation of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 12/254,233, filed on Oct. 20, 2008, now U.S. Pat. No. 8,339,938, which is a continuation of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 10/829,584, filed Apr. 22, 2004, now U.S. Pat. No. 7,460,468, all of which are hereby incorporated herein by reference in their entireties. This patent is related to U.S. patent application Ser. No. 10/348,077, entitled “Method and System for Obtaining Logical Performance Data for a Circuit in a Data Network,” filed Jan. 21, 2003, and U.S. patent application Ser. No. 10/348,592, entitled “Method and System for Provisioning and Maintaining a Circuit in a Data Network,” filed Jan. 21, 2003. This patent is also related to U.S. patent application Ser. No. 10/745,117, entitled “Method And System For Providing A Failover Circuit For Rerouting Logical Circuit Data In A Data Network,” filed Dec. 23, 2003, U.S. patent application Ser. No. 10/745,047, entitled “Method And System For Automatically Renaming Logical Circuit Identifiers For Rerouted Logical Circuits In A Data Network,” filed Dec. 23, 2003, U.S. patent application Ser. No. 10/745,170, entitled “Method And System For Automatically Identifying A Logical Circuit Failure In A Data Network,” filed on Dec. 23, 2003, and U.S. patent application Ser. No. 10/744,921, entitled “Method And System For Automatically Rerouting Logical Circuit Data In A Data Network,” filed Dec. 23, 2003. All of the above-referenced applications are expressly incorporated herein by reference. Periodically, failures may occur to the trunk circuits or the NNIs of network circuits in large-scale networks causing lost data. Currently, such network circuit failures are handled by dispatching technicians on each end of the network circuit (i.e., in each LATA) in response to a reported failure. The technicians manually access a logical element module to troubleshoot the logical circuit portion of the network circuit. The logical element module communicates with the switches in the data network and provides the technician with the status of the logical connections which make up the logical circuit. Once the technician determines the status of a logical connection at one end of a logical circuit (e.g., the host end), the technician then must access a network database to determine the location of the other end of the logical circuit so that its status may also be ascertained. If the technician determines the logical circuit is operating properly, the technician then accesses a physical element module to troubleshoot the physical circuit portion of the network circuit to determine the cause of the failure and then repair it. If, while troubleshooting a network circuit, the technician determines that a network circuit will be “down” (i.e., losing data) for an extended time period, the technician may manually reroute the data from a failed network circuit to an available unused or “backup” network circuit while the failed network circuit is being repaired. As discussed briefly above, the network management module 176 may be configured to automatically reroute logical circuit data from a failed logical circuit to a logical failover circuit in the data network 2. During the reroute of logical circuit data, the network management module 176 may also be configured to rename the logical circuit identifier assigned to a failed logical circuit to the logical circuit identifier assigned to a corresponding logical failover circuit until the failed logical circuit has been restored. An illustrative method detailing the renaming of logical circuit identifiers is presented in co-pending U.S. patent application Ser. No. 10/745,047, entitled “Method And System For Automatically Renaming Logical Circuit Identifiers For Rerouted Logical Circuits In A Data Network,” filed on Dec. 23, 2003, which is expressly incorporated herein by reference. The logical operations 500 continue from operation 505 to operation 510 where the network management module 176 generates a table for presenting the current reroute statistics generated at operation 505. It will be appreciated that the table may be presented in an electronic format so that it is graphically displayed on one or more display terminals of the network management module 176. FIG. 6A is a table presenting current reroute statistics which may be generated for rerouted logical circuits in the data network 2, according to an embodiment of the invention. The table will be discussed in greater detail in the description of FIG. 6A below. At operation 525, the network management module 176 generates updated reroute statistics based on the received updated trap data and then updates the table (generated at operation 510) at operation 530. FIG. 6B is a table presenting updated reroute statistics which may be generated for rerouted logical circuits in the data network 2, according to an embodiment of the invention. The table will be discussed in greater detail in the description of FIG. 6B below. The logical operations 500 then continue at operation 535. FIG. 6A is a table 190 presenting current reroute statistics which may be generated by the network management module 176 for rerouted logical circuits in the data network 2, according to an embodiment of the invention. As shown in FIG. 6A, the table includes a LOGICAL CIRCUIT ID column 52, a REROUTE STATUS column 54, a LOGICAL FAILOVER CIRCUIT ID column 56, a # HOPS column 58, a UTILIZATION column 60, a QUALITY OF SERVICE (QoS) column 62, and a REROUTE PERIOD column 64. The LOGICAL CIRCUIT ID column 52 lists the logical circuit IDs for logical circuits belonging to one or more network circuit customers in the data network 2. The REROUTE STATUS column 54 lists whether or not each of the logical circuits in the LOGICAL CIRCUIT ID column 52 is currently being rerouted. The LOGICAL FAILOVER CIRCUIT ID column 56 lists the logical circuit IDs for logical failover circuits which may be utilized for rerouting data from the logical circuits listed in the LOGICAL CIRCUIT ID column 52. The # HOPS column 58 lists the number of hops taken by data being communicated through the logical failover circuits identified in the LOGICAL FAILOVER CIRCUIT ID column 56. The UTILIZATION column 60 lists the utilization percentage of the logical failover circuits identified in the LOGICAL FAILOVER CIRCUIT ID column 56 by rerouted logical circuit data. The QoS column 62 lists the quality of service offered for rerouted data by each of the logical failover circuits identified in the LOGICAL FAILOVER CIRCUIT ID column 56. The REROUTE PERIOD column 64 lists the amount of time the data from each of the logical circuits identified in the LOGICAL CIRCUIT ID column 52 has been rerouted to the logical failover circuits identified in the LOGICAL FAILOVER CIRCUIT ID column 56. providing, with the network management module, updated reroute statistics based on a change in a status of the logical circuit resulting from the committed information rate having been exceeded. 2. The method of claim 1, further including generating a billing report including the updated reroute statistics. 3. The method of claim 1, further including generating the updated reroute statistics based on restoration of the logical circuit from the failure. 4. The method of claim 1, wherein the current reroute statistics and the updated reroute statistics include the first logical circuit identifier for the logical circuit and the second logical circuit identifier for the logical failover circuit. 5. The method of claim 1, wherein the current reroute statistics include a current utilization of the logical failover circuit. 6. The method of claim 1, wherein the current reroute statistics include a number of hops taken by the logical failover circuit. 7. The method of claim 1, wherein the current reroute statistics include a quality of service parameter for the logical failover circuit. 8. The method of claim 7, wherein the quality of service parameter is at least one of an unspecified bit rate, a variable bit rate, and a committed bit rate. providing updated reroute statistics in the data structure, the updated reroute statistics based on a change in a status of the logical circuit resulting from the committed information rate having been exceeded. 10. The apparatus of claim 9, wherein the operations further include generating a billing report including the updated reroute statistics. 11. The apparatus of claim 9, wherein the updated reroute statistics are generated based on restoration of the logical circuit from the failure. 12. The apparatus of claim 9, wherein the current reroute statistics include the first logical circuit identifier for the logical failover circuit and the second logical circuit identifier for the logical failover circuit. 13. The apparatus of claim 9, wherein the current reroute statistics include a current utilization of the logical failover circuit. 14. The apparatus of claim 9, wherein the current reroute statistics include a number of hops taken by the logical failover circuit. 15. The apparatus of claim 9, wherein the current reroute statistics include a quality of service parameter for the logical failover circuit. 16. The apparatus of claim 15, wherein the quality of service parameter is at least one of an unspecified bit rate, a variable bit rate, and a committed bit rate. providing, with the network management module, updated reroute statistics in the data structure, the updated reroute statistics based on a change in a status of the logical circuit resulting from the committed information rate having been exceeded. 18. The machine accessible storage device of claim 17, wherein the operations further include generating a billing report including the updated reroute statistics. 19. The machine accessible storage device of claim 17, wherein the updated reroute statistics are generated based on restoration of the logical circuit from the failure. 20. The machine accessible storage device of claim 17, wherein the current reroute statistics include the first logical circuit identifier for the logical circuit and the second logical circuit identifier for the logical failover circuit. Don Ryan, The Telco Handbook for New Technicians-An Introduction to Telco Technology and Troubleshooting, Oct. 27, 2000, [retrieved from http://www.darkwing.net/aaron/telco.doc, accessed on Nov. 2, 2006], 67 pages. United States Patent and Trademark Office, "Notice of Allowance," issued in connection with U.S. Appl. No. 14/281,476, on Feb. 12, 2015 (8 pages). United States Patent and Trademark Office," Notice of Allowance," issued in connection with U.S. Appl. No. 14/040,042, Sep. 11, 2014 (9 pages).
To determine your torso length, measure the distance between the C7 vertebrae and the top of the hip bone. Use the sizing charts below to find the pack that will best fit your body. To determine your waist size, measure along the iliac crest on top of the hip bone. Use the sizing charts below to choose a pack that will best fit your body type. Women's Fit: Slightly shorter torso and more curved straps designed to fit the female body.
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"At this point, we're more concerned about the risk of a downgrade than a default," said Terry Belton, global head of fixed income strategy at JPMorgan Chase. In a conference call with reporters Tuesday, Belton said the loss of the country's AAA rating may rattle markets, but it's "better than missing an interest payment." Even with a deadline to raise the U.S. debt limit less than a week away, many investors still believe Washington will pull off a last-minute deal to avoid a catastrophic default. Washington has until Aug. 2 to raise the country's $14.3 trillion borrowing limit or risk missing a payment on its debt. President Barack Obama and Congressional Republicans have failed to reach an agreement to raise the debt ceiling and pass a larger budget-cutting package. Politicians have tied raising the debt limit and spending cuts together. But at least one credit rating agency has already made it clear that unless that agreement includes at least $4 trillion in budget cuts over the next decade, the country's AAA rating could be lost. Right now, the proposals under discussion cut around $2 trillion or less. Standard & Poor's warned earlier this month that there was a 50-50 chance of a downgrade, if Congress and President Obama failed to find a "credible solution to the rising U.S. government debt burden." S&P said it may cut the U.S. rating to AA within 90 days. Passing a $4 trillion agreement could prevent a downgrade, S&P said. The other chief rating agency, Moody's Investors Service, said the U.S. government would likely keep its top rating if it avoids a default. Spokesmen from both Moody's and S&P said they wouldn't comment beyond their recent reports. Belton estimates that borrowing costs would rise between 0.60 to 0.70 points. That may not sound like much. But mortgage interest rates, which have hovered around 4.5 percent for the last several weeks, could rise by at least that amount, to more than 5.1 percent. And for the federal government, it eventually means an extra $100 billion in interest payments to Treasury holders like China each year. "That's a huge number," Belton said. That $100 billion a year that could be spent elsewhere on everything from education to infrastructure. An increase in interest rates could soon become a drag on other parts of the economy, experts say. State governments and insurance agencies would also be downgraded — and states are already having financial troubles. Business confidence could sink again, leading to prolonged high unemployment. But some investors aren't unhappy about the thought of a U.S. debt downgrade. Don Quigley, manager of the $1.5 billion Artio Total Return Bond fund reasons that such a move could provide a buying opportunity. He believes that a downgrade would immediately send the yield of the 10-year bond up to 3.15 percent from its current level of about 3 percent. If the economy sinks further in part because of higher interest rates, investors would very likely return to buying bonds, Quigley said. That's what they've done during the last several years both during the financial crisis and recession, and again the last several months as the economic recovery has slowed. Treasurys would keep their allure, in part, because there are few alternatives for large foreign buyers looking for a market big enough to handle massive investments. "The German market is not big enough and Japan has its own problems," Quigley said. A cut to the U.S. credit rating could hit stocks harder than bonds. A study by Janney Montgomery Scott looked at rating changes to countries over the past decade. After Spain was downgraded in 2009, Spain's stock market fell 8 percent in three months. A cut to Japan's credit rating in 2011 knocked the country's stock market down 3.4 percent in three months. The study, released in April, suggested the S&P 500 would fall 6% after a U.S. downgrade, erasing all its gains for the year.
William: Hello, I'm William Kremer and this is The English We Speak. Wang Fei: Hi there. I'm Wang Fei. William: So, Wang Fei, today is 3 May. William: Do you know what 3 May is? Wang Fei: Hmm… a Tuesday? William: Yes, it's a Tuesday, but it's not just any Tuesday. Today is World Press Freedom Day. This is the day that the United Nations has chosen to highlight the importance of a free press around the world. Wang Fei: A free press. So, newspapers that are free to write anything they think the public need to know and TV news that can report anything? William: Yes they can report anything, including things that look bad for the government! Scandals. Wang Fei: A scandal, so something very bad that damages someone's reputation. William: Exactly. And one of the most famous scandals from American history is the Watergate scandal of the early 1970s. Wang Fei: Watergate… that was why President Nixon had to resign wasn't it? William: Exactly, yes, because he was shown to have lied to the American people and basically obstructed the course of justice. The whole thing started when five men were arrested for breaking into an office block called Watergate. This was where the Democratic Party had their headquarters. Later on, the men were linked to the campaign to re-elect President Nixon, who was in the Republican Party. Wang Fei: Well, this is very interesting but what has it got to do with The English We Speak, William? William: Well, because Watergate was such a massive scandal, Wang Fei, the word -gate is now sometimes used as a suffix to suggest that something is a scandal. So, to give you an example from last year, when Gordon Brown was trying to get re-elected as British Prime Minister, he was overheard calling an old lady a "bigot" – a very strong word for somebody who is intolerant and close-minded. Anyway, this was a big scandal and it came to be known in the media as 'bigotgate'. Wang Fei: Bigotgate. That sounds almost a little bit funny. William: Yes, you're right. I think using -gate on the end of a word can make it seem a little humorous. This term -gate is used more in the USA, but another recent example from the UK is 'Climategate' – that was when some emails and other documents from a university in England led to people asking questions about the way that scientists researched climate change. Climategate. Wang Fei: So, can we use –gate in normal English conversation too? Man A: Have you seen Mark recently? Man B: Mark – he hasn't spoken to me since beergate! Man A: Beergate? What do you mean? Man B: We had a big argument because I said Mark never bought a round of beer in the pub! He got very upset and went home. Wang Fei: So in that example, the speaker coined the word beergate to describe an argument about paying for beer! William: Yeah, which is obviously very silly. But of course, this suffix -gate is used in very serious situations too. And it was thanks to members of the free press, including the Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, that the public came to know about Watergate. Wang Fei: Yes. Check our website this week for more information and learning English programmes about World Press Freedom Day. Goodbye.
This past summer a pregnant woman was punched in the face while walking along a street in Brooklyn. She was knocked out, but, fortunately, no lasting harm came to her or to her baby. The assailant, a 33-year old man, was quickly apprehended in what seems to be a completely random act of violence. No question that the attack was terrible, but is the neighbor’s conclusion accurate? Should we – all of us – fear everyone? I guess, on the one hand, that we might be safer if we do: if we assume that every person, in every situation is trying to hurt us for no reason at all, we will always act to protect ourselves. We will never approach a stranger to say hello or ask if they need help; we will never even smile at them as they walk by. We will always lock our doors, our windows, our cars, and we will always ask ourselves if we are leaving ourselves open to attack – on the street, at work or school, on the bus or train, at the mall, in the park… but is that how we want to live? Years ago, before 9/11, I gave a sermon in which I asked how many people at that Yom Kippur service knew anyone personally who had been murdered. Out of 900 people in the room, four raised their hands. Now I ask you the same question: with the exception of the vile, calculated attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, how many friends, relatives or acquaintances of yours have been murdered, or even suffered serious injury, at the hand of a stranger? I spent a lot of time thinking about this before realizing that the answer, for me, is exactly zero. A relative died in World War II, and a college roommate was killed by a rival for his girlfriend’s affections, but not a single friend, relative or acquaintance of mine has been murdered or seriously hurt by a stranger. When I consider how many thousands of people I have known over the course of my life, that’s seems pretty amazing. But is it so amazing? If we listen to the news it sounds like people are being punched in the face every day, on every street corner. However, if we remember that over 8 million people live in New York City, and another 8 ½ million live in New Jersey, then our chances of being punched by a random stranger on one day in August seem to be around 16,500,000 to one. And since it hasn’t happened again since that day, the chances are hundreds of millions to one. But you wouldn’t know that from the news. The job of any news organization is not, actually, to give us the news; it is to make us watch or listen or click or read, so they can sell whatever it is they sell to stay in business. Our job is to ask ourselves whether the reports of random violence are relevant to us and whether we should adjust our lives in response. If someone told me that a knife-wielding lunatic was seen in my development, you can be sure I would bolt the doors. But hearing that a man in Brooklyn punched a pregnant woman, despicable as it was, does not lead me to the conclusion that I “have to be afraid of everyone.” It doesn’t even mean that every person in Brooklyn has to be afraid of everyone. From the TSA farce at airports to security cameras monitoring cars at Freehold Raceway Mall, we are told to be afraid all day, every day. News reports make it sound like we are lucky to get through a single day without harm. But our life experiences do not bear this out. Yes, bad things happen in life. But far, far fewer than we imagine. The news has its place and purpose, but we should not let it define our lives for us. “Fear everyone” is a terrible motto to live by. We deserve better.
This is the tenth maintenance release of the 1.4.x series and brings over thirty bug fixes and improvements. * when the component's environment is built out. * override does, much like a constructor. * should be used to configure such things as visibility and enabled flags. * processing workflow. It is a better practice to push changes to state rather than pull.
Although the official language of Jamaica is Standard English, many Jamaicans also speak Patois which is a separate dialect/language. Jamaican Patois (also known as “Patwa”, “Patwah” or “Jamaican Creole”) is the language that is used by most Jamaicans in casual everyday conversations while Standard English is normally reserved for professional environments. "Jamaican Patois is a separate language from Jamaican English." Jamaican Patois is a strange language in that it has many borrowed words from many different languages, for example, English, Spanish and some West African languages. However, the pronunciations of these words are very similar to Jamaican English. One thing to keep in mind as you learn Jamaican Patois is that it is not a strict, rule-oriented language where there is a "right way" and a "wrong way" to say things. Some words can be pronounced and spelled differently but still mean the same thing (e.g. both ‘Pickney’ and ‘Pickeney’ translates to ‘Child'). The important thing is whether or not what you are saying can be understood. It's actually quite difficult to acquire the accent of a Jamaican, unless you've lived in Jamaica for many years, and even then, speaking patois fluently is not guaranteed. But with a little practice, you will be able to have at least a basic understanding of Jamaican Patois. Let us now take a look at some of the grammatical features of Jamaican Patois. Sentences in Jamaican Patois are built like English sentences in that, there is a subject, a predicate (or verb), and an object. However, there is no subject-verb agreement in Jamaican Patois. The verb does not change with the subject. Let us look at the table below. However, in Jamaican Patois a word can be pluralized by adding 'dem' to the end word or, inserting 'nuff' or a number at the beginning of the word. There is no differentiation in the use of pronouns to show gender. The pronoun 'im' can mean both or either 'he' or 'she'. There is no distinction between subject and object. The copula is a connecting word; for example, in Jamaican Patois the copula is the letter 'a' which is used for the particle as well as for the continuous tense. In Standard English it is never acceptable to use double negatives such as 'nobody does not'. However, in• Jamaican Patois double negatives are accepted. By now you probably have a basic understanding on the differences between Jamaican Patois and Standard English, for a more detailed guide, you can check out our how to speak Jamaican Patois series.
What is a Termite Bond? What are Bonds Good For? What is a Termite Bond? What are They Good For & are Bonds Worth the Cost? >> What is a Termite Bond? What are They Good For & are Bonds Worth the Cost? Wondering how much is your termite bond? You found termite damage to your house, went through the whole process of hiring an exterminator to inspect the damage, then had several treatments to take care of the problem. This shouldn’t be the end of your efforts to eradicate termites from your home, however, since a house with previous termite damage is likely to experience a recurrence of the infestation at some point in the future. People in places like Alabama are fond of saying, “There are two kinds of houses: those with termites and those that will have them.” How can you keep up with extermination costs that potentially recur every year? Look into the benefits of a termite bond. What is a termite bond? It is a contract or guarantee entered into between a homeowner/business owner and their exterminator. After a building is treated for termites, a bond ensures future inspection and treatment at no cost to the customer beyond the bond renewal fee. Will the cost of the bond amount to less than the expected expenses should reinfestation occur? Does the bond cover both inspection and full retreatment? Will the bond cover any damages related to termites causing future damage to the house? Are you in an area with different kinds of termites? If so, will a bond cover all types of termites returning in the future? If retreatment is needed and the new infestation is more extensive, will the company cover measures beyond the initial service (i.e. if only liquid is used the first time will they cover fumigation in the future)? In order to understand how a termite bond works, you should know the basics of the termite extermination process. The first step is a thorough inspection to determine the type of termite, location of the infestation, and the extent of the damage. All of these factors taken together will determine the method used. Serious infestations usually require fumigation. In fact, a lot of title companies require fumigation before a home with any kind of termite damage is sold to a new owner. Typically, termite fumigations take around three days to complete. The basic termite bond should cover a yearly inspection and, if termites return, future extermination costs. Initial extermination may be as low as $1,500 for a small area and basic treatment, and a large home with a significant problem can cost up to $5,000 to treat. In the first case, a bond fee of $200 per year may not be worth it, especially if you live in an area with infrequent infestations. Wise Geek features a concise article on termite bonds that recommends comparing the annual cost of a bond with the price of re-extermination for your house. You cannot assume a termite bond will cover any and all damages caused by future infestations. Some bonds are for extermination costs only while others promise to repair a limited amount of damages to your house if the termites return within a certain time frame. The kind of termite in your house can affect the bond as well, says Orkin; if the initial treatment was for one type of termite and another kind re-infests your house, the bond may not apply. This may also be the case if the first time you have an issue in your basement, for example, but the next time find termites on the outside of your foundation. If you have questions about termites bonds because you are buying or selling a house, look closely at the bond’s transfer limitations. For buyers purchasing a home with a previous termite problem, make sure the bond can and is transferred to you as the new homeowner. This way you are not on the hook for extermination costs that should have been covered by the previous owner. You will, however, need to take on the responsibility of the bond’s annual fees to continue the contract with the exterminator. As a home seller, you should invest in a bond to increase the chances you will sell a home with termite damages. Homeowners’ insurance does not cover termite damage– a reinfestation too soon after the sale of your house could leave you paying the new homeowners’ extermination bills. Savvy buyers may not even consider buying from you without a bond in place. With a transferable bond, you can hand off the agreement to the new homeowner, they take on the cost of the bond, and you don’t have to worry about the termites coming back to a home you no longer own. If you’ve recently had your home exterminated for termites and did not arrange for a bond with your pest control company, you may want to contact them and see if you can still sign an agreement. If you are buying or selling a home with previous termite problem and don’t know have never heard of a termite bond before, definitely educate yourself and make a termite bond part of your home buying or selling process. Just make sure the terms are agreeable to you and the needs of your house. In answer to the question, “What is a termite bond?” you could say simply it is a contract that guarantees future treatment if termites return. Another way to see it is an added form of insurance that protects the value and condition of your house and other buildings. You will need to decide for yourself if the continuing, nominal cost of a termite bond is worth it; many people who live in areas where termites are a constant problem and go through having to pay for termite extermination once see the value in it.
Introducing the Multi-Language feature of the new iScripts eSwap barter network software and iScripts SupportDesk help desk platform! Included in the software are English, French, Spanish, and German as well as the open capability for any other language of your choosing. What are the benefits of your site? BRANDING. Your message is important. Create it once and keep it consistent. Branding, marketing and content can be the same quality for your total reach without compromising time or quality. Your website will appear in different search engines, to a different audience who will be typing in different search terms to find products and services that you offer. SALES. As internet globalization continues to flourish, the importance of a message and product communicated in various languages to a greater buying audience directly impacts sales. There are plenty of ways to receive online payments to US bank accounts from foreign countries, and, therefore, merchants’ opportunities for sales are big. TRAFFIC. If your website is translated into many languages, it will have an increased flow of traffic. If you know how to put this traffic to work, then you will probably use ads more efficiently and will receive more CTR from search engines and will increase the overall dollar amount per day. More traffic means more clicks. Similarly, more clicks mean more revenue. COMPETITION. Are your competitors taking advantage of a multi-lingual site? If they are, they may be eating your lunch and capturing customers that you are not reaching. If they are not, you have the unique opportunity of offering your products and services to an entirely untouched market. CREDIBILITY. Bring credibility to your site. Since professional language services are not cheap, having a website professionally translated to many languages brings credibility and respect to its owners. It would be very nice to have a good translator on the sit. Unfortunarely, when I used these translators into Russian *my native language), the results were laughable. It was a source of a really good time for me and my wife. I don’t know about other languages, but Russian was pathetic.
If you're a leaseholder of a property from us, you can find out more about what your leasehold includes and what to do if you want to make changes. Conditions may differ if you are a shared ownership leaseholder - please see our shared ownership agreements page for more information. have held the lease for at least two years. It may also be possible to negotiate a lease extension on an informal basis outside the terms of the 1993 Act. We will give you more information on this when you apply. You can usually choose to buy the freehold if you have a leasehold house. If you don’t have that right, you will be able to extend your lease by 50 years. You need to serve us with a notice if you want to apply for a lease extension. Before proceeding, please contact us to find out more about the full process. To extend your lease, we will need to agree a premium. You will make an offer stating how much you will pay for the new lease and this will normally be based on a professional valuation. You will need a solicitor to act for you in agreeing the new lease. You will have to pay our administration and legal costs (pdf, 353KB) from the date you give us official notice that you want to extend your lease. This is the case whether your application is successful or not. We may also require you to pay for our own valuation if we cannot agree a premium. More information can be found in the Government’s Guide to Your Rights and Responsibilities document, on the LEASE website or from your legal advisor. Can I change, add to or improve my home? You need our consent to carry out structural alterations and improvements to your home. We don't need to know about minor works such as redecoration or plumbing repairs. As a 100% leaseholder, you are normally entitled to sub-let your home without our permission. Any tenant that lives in your home must however, abide by the same terms and conditions laid out in your lease and you are responsible for ensuring that they do so. If you are going to sub-let, please contact us and make sure that we have a record of your permanent residence and current phone numbers and email addresses to reach you on. It is important that we are able to contact you in the case of an emergency. If you will be using a managing agent to look after the letting of your home, please provide us with their details as well. If all else fails we will apply to the courts or a tribunal for either forfeiture of the lease or repossession of the property. Failure to comply with the covenants of the lease could result in the loss of your home. Do I need to inform you if I'm selling my flat? There is an administration charge for the information supplied; please ask your solicitor to contact us to confirm the current fee. You will need to ensure that your service charge account is clear to the end of the month in which you are completing the sale. You will also need to clear any additional charges that may be outstanding in respect of major work costs. On completion of the sale, we will require confirmation of the sale from the purchaser’s solicitor, so we can recognise them as the new leaseholder. This is called a Notice of Transfer. Until we receive this documentation from the purchaser's solicitor we will be unable to close your account. Once the sale has completed, if you pay via standing order, please ensure you cancel your service charge payments. If this applies to you, it’ll apply for up to 21 years from the date the last shares were bought. Whether we buy back your home will depend on our plans within your area at the time you wish to sell.
"The central issue in this debate is the belief in the existence of a Supreme Being. Julian Huxley, grandfather of Thomas Huxley and one of the foremost evolutionists of his day, was an unabashed atheist. He pointed out in 1959 that Darwin's real achievement was to 'remove the whole idea of God as the Creator of organisms from the spear of rational discussion' (Tax and Callender 1960, 3:45) The belief in a Supreme Being may at once be recognized as the one essential characteristic of a theistic religion. It is perhaps surprising , however, to find that the belief in a nonexistence of a Supreme Being is also considered to be a (nontheistic) religion. Thus, atheism was formally declared to be a religion by the United States Supreme Court in 1961, together with Buddhism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism, and others that do not teach a belief in the existence of God (Bird 1979). The Atheist Church of America and the American Ethical Union, for example, are both bona fide tax-exempt religious organizations." I am preaching regarding a YouTube site entitled "Top 80 Best Short Atheist Quotes About Atheism and Religion" or "Best Short Atheist Quotes - Atheism & Religion" . I guess this is the best they have based on their words. Oh well! I try to deal with as many as I can in 30 minutes of my program. SO here it goes. By the way, there aren't any atheists. They don't exist in reality.
Date: June 22, 2016, 3:46 p.m. Date: July 15, 2015, 8:50 p.m. Created: July 15, 2015, 8:50 p.m. Created: June 22, 2016, 3:46 p.m.
Hi my name is Dan Shipper I’m a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania and over the past 7 months I’ve been covered in TechCrunch (here), Mashable (here), TheNextWeb (here) and others for projects I’ve built both as a solo developer and with a team of my friends. The absolute best way to get coverage from any media outlet is to know someone who works there, or know someone who knows someone who works there. Journalists, especially tech journalists, get pitched every single day by hundreds of people. Their inboxes are overflowing with emails talking about “amazing,” “world-changing,” “life-altering” startups. That means that your absolute best chance to get coverage for your project is to email everyone you know and ask them if they know anyone who writes for a big blog. Don’t be afraid to ask – the worst anyone can say is no. If you don’t know anyone who knows anyone that writes for a tech site, don’t worry. Compile a list of every tech site you can think of, write a pitch and email all of them. The chances of success are low, but you may get lucky. This is how we got covered in Mashable. If you have a product with traction, excited users, funding, or a really good story you’ve just beaten out 90% of the other cold emails that these blogs get. The most important part is showing in your email that you have a great story to tell that would appeal to the blog’s audience. And keep it short – generally your emails won’t be read past the first few sentences. We got on TechCrunch by creating a Twitter account called YC Y U NO and making fun of a bunch of YC startups. Seriously. Now, we had no idea when we did it at first that it would lead to getting on TechCrunch. We did it on a whim just for fun. But for some reason people really seemed to like the tweets we were coming up with, a bunch of YC founders started following us as well as a few TechCrunch writers. From there we DMed one of them and they agreed to write a story about us and our new project. Get the names of some writers that you admire, or think would be interested in covering you and see if you have any LinkedIn or Facebook connections. I know a lot of people who use this as a first step in getting coverage. You might be surprised at how many connections you have that you didn’t know about. A journalist isn’t going to risk their reputation or their site’s reputation covering an app, or startup that doesn’t have amazing design. If anything is even a little bit off with how your site looks, if it doesn’t look professional and current, they won’t cover you. The design doesn’t even have to be complex. My design for WhereMyFriends.Be which was covered on Mashable was actually really minimalist. But it has to inspire enough confidence from the writer to go out on a limb for. I think the most important thing to realize is that it’s not some insurmountable feat to get coverage. Tech sites are run by real people too, and if you show them that you have a great story, and a great product your chances of success increase exponentially. Persistence doesn’t hurt either. That being said, don’t pin your hopes on coverage. It’s a huge rush to get it, but the road to success doesn’t always start with TechCrunch and in fact often doesn’t. A few days ago I put together a small app in Rails called DomainPolish. When I was finished with it I posted it to Hacker News. It made the bottom part of the front page for a little while – at one point there were as many as 30 people concurrently on the site. I waited for the sales to roll in. None came that Friday night. On Saturday too, there was a fair amount of traffic coming onto the site but, still, no sales. Then Sunday came. It was about 4 in the afternoon and I was thinking about what kind of project I wanted to work on next. The first sale came in. I went nuts. Then another sale came in and I was happy as can be. I had set a goal for myself to make $5 that weekend and I had fulfilled it. And then the person who made the second sale emailed me. He wanted to write a blog post about the service. I said “Sure!” and waited to hear what he had to say. Well the blog post came out in about an hour, and he loved the service! I was so happy. And then he submitted it to Hacker News. Suddenly I was getting emails left and right saying that I had made sales as it climbed the front page. By the end of the night the blog post had referred 1500 people. I had sold 32 plans. That’s cool. But what was even more cool was to look at how that conversion rate changed (and ultimately number of products sold went down) when I had far more traffic but without social proof. Two days after the blog post I decided to write an account of my experience creating the site. After I wrote it I posted it to Hacker News. Soon the visitors were pouring in, and it stayed as the number one story for at least a few hours. By the end of the night my blog post had referred almost 3000 people – 49% more visitors coming to the site from my blog post, than from the blog post written by someone else. But the number of products sold from a blog post written by me was actually 50% lower than the number of products sold from a blog post written by someone else. When someone wrote about me I sold 32 plans. When I wrote about myself I sold 15 plans. What does this say? Social proof matters. Your traffic will convert better if there’s someone credible on the other end saying they love your product. Ad campaigns and blogging about yourself are very valuable tools, but in the end they can’t compete with the power of social proof. Hi my name is Dan Shipper and I’m a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. This is the story of how I created DomainPolish a site to get on-demand, inexpensive focus groups to review your website and ended up making $350 with it in two days. It all started when we found out we had made it to the TechStars NY Wildcard Round. The way the TechStars Wildcard works is they take 10 teams who they really liked, but whose idea they weren’t fond of, and give them a week to come up with a new idea with the understanding that at least one of the teams will make it into the program. While we were deciding which idea we wanted to pitch to TechStars, my teammate Jesse Beyroutey (fantastic blog here) started using Amazon Mechanical Turk to get feedback about them. He would post a short description of the idea, and then ask the turks (as they’re called) to give us their thoughts. I was surprised at some the high quality comments we got, and I was fascinated by the power of the concept. There are a lot of awesome things you can do with a distributed, on-demand workforce of people gathered over the internet.
this 15 and 1/2" ling necklace is a Y shaped. The white beads are 4mm round and it features gold tone findings. In the center there is a piece that can swing making it appear like aY shaped necklace. This has a gold tone twist closure.
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You rely heavily on your heating and air conditioning system, so what should you do if something happens and it involves maintenance or repair? If you are in the Marco area, why not listen to your friends and neighbors and call Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning to offer a hand. As you’ll notice from our customer satisfaction ratings, you won’t need to look much further to find a dependable, reliable and qualified company. When your HVAC system isn’t working properly, it can be a large distraction to your daily life. And when something happens on the coldest or hottest day of the year, it makes you even more anxious to get it working correctly so you can rest easy in your home. Which is why our expert technicians will work as quickly as possible to identify the problem and discuss options with you. One of the best ways you can keep your system working efficiently is to arrange regular maintenance. We’ll assess your HVAC system to make sure it’s running properly and look for any indications of possible issues to help reduce the chance of a surprise breakdown. And you’ll have the option to ask us any questions about your system or your overall home comfort. Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning can also assist if you are in the market for a newer, more efficient HVAC system. It can be a little intimidating looking at all the different sizes and features. Every home is unique, and your needs might not be same as your neighbors. We’ll examine your home and chat with you about what you want to get out of your HVAC system. We can promise you’ll find a system that meets your needs and budget. Whether it’s an emergency, a regular checkup or you have questions about a new HVAC system, we’re happy to help you. You can call us at 239-908-6991 or if it’s more convenient, you can arrange an appointment via our website or chat with us online. We think your home comfort should be a priority and we hope you do, too!
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Why Buy With Faith Quintana? My website has the best online tools to search for your home! In fact, this site is better than Zillow, Trulia and the many other real estate websites out there because I am directly connected to my local MLS! What does that mean for you? Accuracy & Advantage! When you search homes here, you get the most up to date homes & properties available with the most accurate information! AND, if you set up an account, you will get alerted of NEWEST Property matches BEFORE any other site has them! First, start by trying one of our Search tools in the menu. Try the Advanced search to choose specific options & customize your results based on all of the things you wish for in your new home. Second, Save your Search and you will be set up for auto alerts when a new home hits the market that matches! You can also try the Map search which offers a unique perspective by allowing you to use the polygon tool on the side to create boundaries on a map around the areas you want to live in. Already know the address of the property you want? Try the Address Search. OR if you have the property ID you can use the Listing Search to search by MLS#. Find a home you like? Simply click on the Schedule a showing button and send me an alert. I will schedule the time and confirm with you once it is set up! Once you have started searching be sure to check out your My Account page so you can manage your Saved Searches & Favorite properties. The My Account feature has a ton of great tools designed to cater directly to you and provide you with a home buying experience. And it’s Mobile friendly! Lenders normally require that you insure your home. Home Insurance Policies cover the costs to fix any damages that might occur to the home. The price of this insurance is dependent on a home’s age, location and value and the insurance company you choose. Be sure to call around and get several quotes or ask us for a list of vendors I work with. Insurance agents will oftentimes be able to take your information over the phone and get back to you the same day with a quote. Once you choose a company to insure your new home, the cost of that policy is normally added into your closing costs and sent into an escrow account to be paid to the insurance company directly the first year. Before the home is legally transferred to you, the closing process must occur. During this phase, you will sign all of the mortgage documents, pay closing costs, and sign various other legal documents & in most cases I will be there to help you through it all. Once all of the papers are signed, the keys to your new home are yours! The only thing left to do is move into your humble abode. This may occur immediately after the closing or at the date set in the closing documents.
In 1980, Deng Xiaoping started China’s first special-economic zone in a coastal village that was nothing to look at. Today, Shenzhen is a teeming collage of huge skyscrapers, thriving industrial parks, 10 million people, one of the world’s busiest ports, and some of the biggest manufacturing and outsourcing industries anywhere…It’s the center of Chinese experimentation. There, officials can test what works and what doesn’t: which corporate tax rates offer the best balance of attracting foreign investment while filling government coffers in Beijing, which labor standards make the most sense, which corporate-governance standards are most advantageous, which immigration procedures are optimal, which regulations stay or go. Outsourcing? See 2 above with the addendum that Dongmen continues to grow. One of the more recent examples was Foxcomm’s decision to move its manufacturing base out of Shenzhen and turn the Bantian campus into a research and development center. Leaving aside Pesek’s shaky grasp of fact, his larger point, that Japan needs strong government intervention to grow the economy is based on the idea that tall skyscrapers, industrial parks, corporate tax rates, and immigration laws that work for industry are signs of economic success. Has he completely missed the fact of growing inequality throughout China more generally, but Shenzhen in particular? The question of growing inequality is particularly relevant because preferential policies have predicated Shenzhen’s competitive advantage. The most famous of the quotations in this regard was Deng Xiaoping’s decision to “allow a few to get rich first”. More to the point, in Shenzhen wages for manual labor remain more or less what they were over 15 years ago, while white collar salaries continue to rise. Meanwhile, the price of housing has gone up even faster than white collar salaries creating a situation in which most young people are trying to figure out if they will be able to purchase a home. This entry was posted in noted, shenzhen elsewhere and tagged deng xiaoping, japan, neoliberalism, response, shenzhen, special economic zone, william pesek. Bookmark the permalink. ← what has shenzhen’s significance been in post mao china? The economic free zone concept isn’t unique to China – you can find them all over the developing world, in places such as the UAE, Egypt, etc. Thank you for joining the conversation. Yes, there are industrial processing zones and industrial parks and tax free zones all over the world. In fact, China learned from Singapore and Malaysia and Taiwan before establishing Shenzhen and the other four SEZs. And that’s part of my point: Today most of the world has heard of Shenzhen, but not the Zhuhai, Shantou, Xiamen, and Hainan SEZs; even in China, the rate of SEZ success (if we are judging by neoliberal economic indicators) is limited to Shenzhen, even though there are now special zones of various flavor all over the country. Chongqing and Chengdu’s contrasting styles to development–with a mention to income inequality. Curious as to your thoughts on the Chengdu v. Chongqing, and any tie-in to Shenzhen. Thanks for the English summary of Shenzhen’s top firsts. Hi Michael, thanks for the links to the nytimes view of Shenzhen. About Chongqing, all I know at the moment is how many Shenzhen based architectural firms are working there. I’m thinking a visit would be enlightening!
How much does an ISES individual membership cost? Annual rate * = annual rate for people residing in lower-income countries. How can I become an ISES Member? If you are subscribed to our mailing list, you already have an account in our membership system. If you are not subscribed, enter your e-mail address and name in the subscription form in the footer of this website. Once logged in, click on "Buy Membership". Please update your contact details and preferences by clicking on Edit in the menu. This is important to determine the correct membership category. Once your account is set up, you will have access to the Members Area of the ISES website. Already an ISES Member? We may have two differing e-mail addresses in our system for you. Please contact us at members [at] ises [dot] org to resolve this issue. Please note that there are additional Gold Member, who have chosen to remain annonymous. If you are a Gold Member and would like to be listed here, please contact members [at] ises [dot] org.
ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. - Commissioners in St. Johns County voted unanimously to postpone any legislative action against a localized ban of a substance that the DEA has classified as a "drug of concern." According to a report by the St. Augustine Record, 19 speakers during a Tuesday night commission meeting defended their right to use kratom, speaking about the health benefits they'd recieved while battling fibromyalgia and anxiety. Commissioners agreed to table any action until at least May, after the Legislative session. ORIGINAL STORY: Could drug with opioid-like properties be banned in St. Johns County? The FDA has warned people against using kratom, saying it has properties similar to those of opioids. It's legal in the U.S. aside from Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. There are no restrictions on kratom in Florida, expect in Sarasota County, where it's banned.
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A fairly cold last half of January meant that I went through quite a bit of wood. Just to be safe, I had some replenishment delivered. I wonder will this satisfy the valentine desires for warmth and ambiance ?
Can You Have A Heart Attack With A Pacemaker? A pacemaker is not a cure. It will not prevent or stop heart disease, nor will it prevent heart attacks. However, we offer you the best monitoring services to lessen the chance of heart attacks. Rhythm Management Group provides you monitoring and information if you Can You still Have A Heart Attack With A Pacemaker.
I've been intending to get out there and paint what I see as it gets warmer, but there just isn't much out there yet. Wet, brown grass, the old lavender stalks we never trimmed in fall, pine trees, and bittersweet. I don't care if it's pretty, I'm not painting bittersweet, because I'm convinced it wants to eat my yard and my house and me alive and I just don't like that. So that doesn't leave much yet, but thank god it's Skunk Cabbage to the rescue! And what better plant to start off with than something that literally heats itself out of the snow? Skunk cabbage is one of the first plants you'll see in Spring here in New England, especially if you have any moist, boggy areas near you. You'll see the liverish-colored protective buds shooting up through the snow before most other plants, because it won't take no for an answer--it produces it's own heat (60 degrees!) and melts its way through that white crap. Who needs Spring when you can make it yourself? Eventually you'll see the yellow clump of complex flowers and then all the cabbagey leaves. Of course, it gets its name because it smells like skunk. Or decaying flesh. Or both. I guess when you smell that bad it hardly matters.
Whether you choose a fully bespoke pair of shoes, or choose something ready to wear, you can be assured that your shoes will be made by one person, Thomas Wandall, from beginning to end. They are made here at the workshop in Richmond, California, always of the finest quality materials, using the best techniques vetted by two thousand years of shoemakers (that is, traditional techniques with a few modern innovations). For fully bespoke shoes, you may choose from among several styles, leathers, toe designs, decorative details, and soles. Of course, the shoe is made after a careful measurement of your feet, a discussion about your fit and style preferences, and an assessment of your stance and gait. When Tom is not making custom shoes for specific individuals, he makes ready-to-wear shoes using the same quality materials and hand techniques. If there’s a display pair in the shop that you fancy, and if you are fortunate enough that they are in your size, you could walk out of the shop wearing your new favorite shoes. In addition to men’s-style dress shoes (for men or women), Tom also makes leather sandals in a variety of styles. Sandals are rarely made without a custom fitting, so there are generally no ready-to-wear sandals. make an appointment for a personal consultation.
Wild space Adventures were recently received support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) BIG2 grant. This grant facilitated the development of a new project designed to grow our team. The focus of the project was on using outdoor and adventurous activities to support those suffering from emotional, physiological or psychological trauma. As part of this project the Wildspace team were able to work with young people from all over the UK, including some of those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, to try and make a positive difference to their lives.
I believe that focusing on your health and mental health is one of the most important things a person can do. I did. Now I'm in debt. I started getting sick in September 2017. I decided to take charge of my health, including my mental health. I got a new PCP. I was referred to seven different specialists. I have had tests upon tests. I have had surgery. I have been put on several medications. I have insurance (thank God). The co-pays and medical bills are piling up. I'll have to get a job or two to keep up. I'm about 4k in medical debt. If you could participate in this campaign, I would genuinely appreciate it.
I love crafting and creating communities! I love the crafting community because of the focus on sharing and learning as well as making. Right now I'm mostly into weaving, but I also do crochet, embroidery, natural dyeing/ shibori, and macrame. You can find my latest projects @the.weekend.weaver or on May 6th at the Bat Haus market.
Wages & salaries for Computer software engineers, applications in Salinas, CA ? The BLS estimates that in Salinas, CA there were around 100 employed in the field of Computer software engineers, applications. Computer software engineers, applications in Salinas, CA earned 17% more than average for Computer software engineers, applications in the United States. Computer software engineers, applications in Salinas, CA earned 153% more than the average worker in Salinas, CA. Computer software engineers, applications in Salinas, CA earned 119% more than the average worker in California. Computer software engineers, applications in Salinas, CA earned 145% more than the average worker in the United States.
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So here are the rules to enter! Make sure you are a fan of my page, then go check out Summit Spice and Tea. Show them some love! Then come back here and leave a comment on this post to enter. Please spread the love and support local by sharing this post on your page! Just come back and leave a second comment that you shared it on your FB page (extra entry for sharing 😀 ). If you don’t have FB just leave a comment here 😀 Easy Peasy! Comments close at 9 PM and I will I will randomly draw the winners from the comments. Unfortunately comments after 9 can’t be counted. If you don’t see your comment right away, don’t worry, there is a spam filter and all comments must be approved 😀 Good Luck and have fun!
GreenSpaces is an undertaking by the experienced management team of the Paharpur Business Centre & Software Technology Incubator Park (PBC-STIP) and EcoTrust Capital Advisors. Established in 1990, PBC-STIP is a Government of India approved Infrastructure service provider and a private Software Technology Park (STP). PBC-STIP is one of the first fully serviced office spaces in the country, based on “Green building” and “instant office” concepts. It provides 50,000 square feet of office space in various modules, operates over 28 different in-house support services, and is one of the most sought after commercial spaces in the National Capital Region (NCR). Clients have included – Canon, Microsoft, Intel, Shell, 3M, KFC, Mobil, British Telecom, etc. It has achieved five international certifications – ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; ISO 22000:2005; OHSAS 18001:2007 & SA 8000:2001. PBC-STIP is also a participant to the UN Global Compact. It is rated by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Government of India as one of the healthiest buildings in Delhi to work in.
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Here are several examples of my work in charcoal portraits. If you like what you see and are interested in commissioning me to do a portrait for you, feel free to contact me and we can discuss it. A dramatic charcoal portrait of yourself or someone you love is something that will always be appreciated, and can be passed down as a treasured heirloom. I don't do it for a living, so I have no set procedure or pricing. But I won't do it for free! The following images are between 80 and 120 kilobytes in file size. The slightly annoying animated picture above of the greatest composer of the 20th century (Shostakovich) was drawn in the Paint program that comes with Windows. It's a very basic program (why else would Microsoft give it away with their operating sysem?), but you can still do some effective drawing with it provided you have the patience. I drew this with the mouse in five sessions, saving a copy at the end of each session. Then I imported the folder containing these five files into the Imageready program of Adobe PhotoShop and created an animation out of the drawing process simply by running each file sequentially. It's interesting to see the drawing process through time lapse images. I don't know about you, but the power of the computer opens up worlds of fun for me!
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Just took a “Trophy of a Lifetime” What’s Next? You have just harvested a trophy of a lifetime maybe it will even make the Boone and Crocket or Pope and Young record books, now what? This experience may not be encountered again for many years for most hunters, so you need to be made aware of the questions a taxidermist will ask you and what you need to Mounted Whitetail Deerask them before contacting a taxidermist. You also know that you will have the animal mounted by a reputable taxidermist. Selecting a taxidermist can be almost as challenging as harvesting your new trophy. What Room will Display the Mounted Animal? Where are you going to hang your new trophy mount? The room in which the mount will hang is a contributing factor on the pose you will select for the mount. There are so many poses available! If your ceilings are around 8′ high or a basement den, the ceilings are not likely to be vaulted. How tall are the antlers? A full upright taxidermy pose might require the mount to hang low on the wall. There are three basic form poses – upright, semi-sneak, and full sneak. With an upright form, the neck is in a vertical position almost parallel to the wall. The semi sneak form has the neck and head down at approximate 40 degree angle off the wall. The full sneak pose has the neck at almost 85 degrees from the wall. For a low ceiling, a semi sneak or full sneak may be the better choice for your new trophy mount. Time to Interview The Taxidermist! Where can I see some of your work? You need to look at their work very close. Look at the eyes, is it a natural look or does it look like the animal is bug eyed? Feel the back of the head between the antlers and slide your hand down the back of the neck. Do you feel the Stitches they used to sew the hide together? Has the hide shrunk? You will not notice this with true tanned hides. Found your Taxidermist ”Enjoy” your Trophy! The return time of your trophy mount is not as important as the above questions if you feel you have found the right taxidermist to do the mount for you. It should still be around 1 year, but 1 1/2 years is not uncommon! The Last this is the cost of the mount. How much is it worth to you? If you think you have found the right person to mount the animal the actual cost should not impact your decision. After all you get what you pay for!! Be Prepared buy a Quality Knife! Your knife is your best friend when you are in the outdoors and trying to survive. The survival knife is a tool that can be used in so many ways; it is the most invaluable tool you may possess. There are literally hundreds of different knives to choose from but you should be choosing one before you leave for the outdoors. Buy a Survival Knife that fits YOU! Size: You want your knife to be small enough to carry but large enough to be used to cut branches from trees, butcher meat and even for digging. Sharpness: Your survival knife should be sharp at all times especially when you first purchase it, if it isn’t sharp then, then it never will be. Balance: Your knife should have a good balance to it, meaning the blade and handle will complement each other. When you swing the knife, the weight if the blade should be doing a lot of the work. Try a few knives and you will notice how they differ in balance and pick the one that best suits you. Good Handle: The handle of the outdoor knife should be comfortable to use and preferably made of wood as this means it won’t slip as much. If possible try and get a knife that is fixed blade. This means that the blade of the knife doesn’t fold in. A fixed blade knife is more reliable and safer to use as some folding knives don’t lock well or can slip and cause injury. Always make sure your knife has a good sheath, leather is the best kind, and that it is sheathed when not in use. A Good “Sharpening Stone” is a Must! The proper care and maintenance of your knife is extremely important and should be a daily ritual when it is in use. Sharpening the blade is essential and the best way to do this is to purchase a sharpening stone. Diamond sharpeners and other type of sharpeners are good but none of these do as good a job as a sharpening stone in the hands of someone who knows how to use one. Your knife’s blade should be sharpened to a point that is not too steep and is still thick enough not to chip. To properly use a sharpening stone, it is best to dampen it first and then move the blade over the stone in a circular motion on angled so that you are removing the burrs and chips from the cutting edge, you will feel it when you get that perfect angle. When Sharpening the blade it must be simultaneously flipped to get the best cutting edge possible. A sharpened blade should have no burrs and the angle of the cutting edge should be constant. Your knife is your best friend when in a survival situation. Choosing the right Survival knife and maintain it by keeping it very sharp knife sharpener are lessons that should be learned before heading to the great outdoors for some Outdoor Survival fun.
Do You Need a Master’s in Education Degree To Qualify for Tenure? If you are currently an educator or you are mapping out the route that you will take to become one, you may want to know if you need a Master in Education degree to qualify for tenure. To work as a full-time, tenure-track educator, you must meet certain requirements and prove that you are skilled and passionate about your role. Tenure offers you great protection in your career but every state and educational system has their own path that you must take. Read on, and find out when a master’s is and is not required. What is a Tenure and Why is it So Important? Tenure is technically defined as the right to due process so that high schools, colleges and other educational institutions cannot legally fire a teacher or professor without providing evidence that they are not competent or they have been inappropriate, according to the National Education Association. Since evidence must be provided and there is an entire process that school officials must follow, only about 2% of professors on the tenure-track lose their job annually. To get your tenure, you must complete a probationary period and show that you are professional and competent in your role. While a professor is on probation, it is okay for the seniors in charge of hiring to fire the professor without cause at any time and go with a new faculty contract. The senior professors in charge of evaluation will work with administrators and new non-tenured faculty to evaluate their research capabilities and how they service the classroom to decide if they are deserving of tenure. If there are not recommended for tenure, the professor will lose their job and probation starts over when they begin under a new teaching contract. How Long Does it Take to Become a Tenured Educator? Only about one-third of college professors are tenured faculty, and this is a major cause for concern in the field. If you are hired on the tenure-track in a college setting, it typically will take about three years at a junior college and seven years at a four-year college to be granted tenure. If you are working in a high school, middle school or primary school, everything is based on the state law that applies to public schools. Some states have five-year requirements and others have 10-year requirements where all public school teachers are considered ‘on probation’. The average tenure-track duration in the United States is about seven years when you average the laws across the country. You might assume that getting a graduate degree is the number one way for getting through probation, but that is not always the case. A master’s degree in education will help you strengthen your knowledge on curriculum development, instruction, administration or counseling, but it is not centered around teaching specifically. It is more focused on the educational system than educating your students like a Master’s of Arts in Teaching. One drawback of having your master’s before you are tenured is that it tempts the school to let go of you and secure a contract with a young, Bachelor’s degree holding teacher who will cost less. If you wait until after you are tenured, the school cannot let you go because you decided to advance your education level. If you would like to research types of M.Ed. programs that you can take and schools that offer them, it is time to seek out accredited programs. Once you know that you do not need a Master in Education degree to qualify for tenure, start focusing on teaching first and then focus on graduate programs.
Are you looking for affordable whole life insurance in Fort Monmouth, NJ? We can help you compare the best options. Enter your zip code at the top of the page and browse through New Jersey whole life insurance providers. Comparing quotes is the most effective way to lower your whole insurance premium in Monmouth county. One of the easiest ways to get Fort Monmouth, NJ whole life insurance quotes is to use any number of the sites online. This will allow you seek out several quotes and see which one suits your specific needs. As you search online you will be able to read about the specific policies the company has available as well as get a free quote. You should seek out at least three quotes in order to find the best rates and plans that are available. You should look at Fort Monmouth life insurance as early as possible as the cost will be much lower. This will also help at later stages of life when you will not have to budget out for the premiums as they will already be paid off. This money can also be borrowed against as it has already been built up into the policy. This is all the benefits of having a policy early and does not affect the price of the quote. There are a few things you will want to consider when looking at various life insurance quotes in Fort Monmouth, NJ. We hope that this article will allow you to make the best decision when providing for your family after you are gone. It is the last act you can do that will allow them to live the life they have become accustomed to. Picking the proper lifestyle insurance policies policy is particularly crucial for people who are accountable for the income of their house. If something happens to you and you are no lengthier ready to function, existence insurance policies funds can assistance your family members. Go through this write-up for ideas on how to pick the proper coverage. Life insurance will support out your loved types that are remaining behind if you go away. Funerals these times are high-priced, and if you have daily life insurance, it will not go away the types that are nevertheless dwelling an astronomical monthly bill to pay out. It can also support pay for your children's higher education, if you are not about to do so. To conserve some funds consider switching to annual life insurance policies rates alternatively of month to month life insurance policies rates. Some daily life insurance policy providers will cost you extra fees if you pay for your premiums regular monthly, so, if achievable, spend your once-a-year premiums in a single lump sum at the beginning of each and every calendar year. When pursuing a broker to give you possibilities for your existence insurance coverage coverage, you must never accept a one particular-conference advice. This is due to the fact right after just one particular assembly, a broker has not analyzed your predicament very cautiously and considered all possibilities for you. For that reason, you need to not acknowledge the supply and keep on exploring on your personal. Try out to lead a healthy life style. The more healthy you are the less costly your daily life insurance policy will be as insurance coverage vendors suppose that you will stay lengthier. Bear in mind, you will be predicted to pay a substantial high quality on a life insurance coverage coverage for anything that shortens your life expectancy, for case in point becoming chubby, smoking, having specific treatment, and so on. You want to contemplate a joint existence insurance policy plan if you happen to be married. In essence, this is 1 mixed policy, relatively than a pair of independent procedures. The high quality is reduce on these when compared to the different ones. The protection does not alter with this coverage, it is just cheaper. When you are getting a life insurance coverage policy, you require to make sure you give precise and extensive info as soon as feasible. If you do not give proper info, your insurance coverage will be void. As a outcome, if you were to die, your coverage would be useless to your loved ones. You might want to amend your daily life insurance policies coverage if you have altered your occupation. The insurance coverage policies are intended to help your household when you move away. They consider into account how much income you are creating annually but if you do not report a alter, it may possibly be primarily based off of your previous income. If you are producing $thirty,000 much more a year that could make a large distinction in the volume of money that your family will get. Acquiring life insurance coverage is not just for prosperous individuals. In simple fact, it is most likely a lot more important for those with reduced to medium incomes than for individuals in increased tax brackets. Last bills and residing charges is not going to go absent with the dying of a family member. You want protection to make confident these costs are covered. Generating a program for the potential now is so critical! Never danger leaving your family a large fiscal problem and/or disaster when you pass. Use the ideas earlier mentioned to support you or a cherished one plan for the future so every person can stay a little easier whilst they are on this earth.
Where you’re from: I live in a place called Regensburg, one of the most beautiful towns in Bavaria (if I do say so myself)! The city is both old and new: its history goes all the way back to the 9th century and it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 for its uniquely well-preserved medieval Old Town. At the same time, the universities make it feel very young! It’s a great place to have grown up. Where and what you’re studying: I am in the final stages of gaining my Bachelor’s degree in political science and British Studies, having studied in Regensburg and Hong Kong. What is one project or activity you enjoyed at the Embassy? Being an intern in the economics department at the embassy, the tariffs on steel and aluminium introduced by the United States during my time in DC had a great impact on my work: it was fascinating watching the political process at such proximity! I also really appreciated the department itself because it covers such a wide range of topics. For example, I was able to gain insights into farming and agricultural exports, the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the US, but also the challenges of migration and developmental work by visiting various events around the city and aiding colleagues in their research. What do you think is one of Germany’s main foreign policy challenges and what should Germany do about it? I can only echo what my fellow interns have mentioned in this section: finding and preserving unity – both domestically and within the EU –, strengthening the transatlantic relationship and tackling the rise of populism around the world are issues that must be taken seriously. Likewise, making sure the art of diplomacy and skilled conversation is not lost in a world where a Tweet travels faster than actions. What are some cultural impressions you gained of the United States? I love how open and communicative people are in the US compared to Germany. Every conversation here starts with a “How are you?” – be it a random person on the street or your Uber driver. If you ask cashiers in Germany about their well-being I can guarantee all you will get are strange looks. What has been your biggest surprise with regard to living in Washington? I have never been to a place that is more political than DC! This city lives and breathes politics, be it all the government agencies and organizations that are based here, the think tanks and the events they host, or everyday life in general. When you meet somebody here, chances are they work on the Hill, for the World Bank or an NGO. As a student of political science, the atmosphere in this place is a dream! What do you miss about Germany? Apart from my family, friends and my dog I’d have to say living in a small country! It’s a weird thing to miss, I know. One of the joys of living in Europe is having so many different cultures, languages and traditions in such proximity. A four-hour drive is not considered a quick excursion as it is in the US! One thing I definitely don’t miss, however, is not being able to do your shopping on a Sunday or after 8 pm. That’s one convenience I have come to appreciate a lot and that will be sorely missed when it’s time for me to return home. What has been your biggest lesson learnt during your internship? Be prepared for lots and lots of small talk! DC is the capital of networking. I have lost count of the amount of business cards people have given me during the two short months I have been here. Having a few easy topics of conversation on-hand makes life a lot easier! What has been your biggest challenge living here? Dealing with all the single-use plastic. It is nearly impossible to avoid when doing the weekly shop and often it is utterly superfluous! It should not be possible to buy individually plastic-wrapped potatoes or pre-peeled eggs and oranges in plastic containers, yet these things are readily available at my local grocery store. I am glad, however, that DC has introduced a 5-cent plastic bag fee; it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Where do you plan to go or what do you plan to do after your internship? Sadly, even the most fun internships must end someday… I will be returning home to Regensburg and will be greeted by an exam and term papers before finally finishing by Bachelor’s thesis. After that, who knows where life will take me!
A friend and i are trying to share music between each others computer, and we cannot figure out how to import the .song file into stagelight after he sends me the file. is this even possible as of right now? and if so, are there any tutorials/posts that explain how to do it? Try this. I am assuming you are on Windows and not the Android version. 2) Create a new folder. Be sure the name of the folder matches EXACTLY with the .song file name. 3) Place the .song file in this folder. 4) You should now be able to open this song folder. Thank you so much, i had no clue the file had to be exactly the same name as the folder for it to work.
Traffic Racer is about be constantly. Traffic Racer Apk has very realistic racing environment and enough options for driving a variety of cars. Game Traffic Racer needs to be installed utilizing the below steps. The game also supplies online leaderboards. This game is completely one-of-a-kind and amazing with respect to compatibility, graphics, sound, effects and animations. Traffic Racer Apk easy and effortless game that is exciting to play. It's a simple lovely game in which you must race through traffic. As you race you need to avoid crashing, because in doing this you must start again. There are four forms of race you are able to choose from, endless, time trial, totally free ride and two-way. You should win races and make money to acquire unlock the cars readily available and try a number of the fastest car readily available in the shop. There are lots of cars to pick from and they may be easily customized. Within this game, you can drive your vehicle and collect a lot of bonuses. You need to drive your vehicle through highway traffic. You do everything that you can to not total your vehicle and get to the finish line. Overtaking different cars gives you bonus score in addition to cash. There are 17 distinct cars in the game that you may choose and a number of them are unlocked also.
numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. She attended Shanksville Stonycreek High School and was a member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Buckstown. Family will receive friends from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. until time of service at 8 p.m. Sunday at the Deaner Funeral Home, Stoystown. Rev. Robert Way officiating. Interment Lambertsville Cemetery. Contributions may be given to assist the family c/o Kay Grasser 158 Juniata St., Berlin, PA 15530, or to St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 6872 Lincoln Hwy., Stoystown, PA 15563. DeanerFuneralsAndCremations.com.
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Self Image – The idea one has of one’s abilities, appearance, and personality. Maintaining a positive self-image can be really difficult. I know, personally, I have always struggled with this. I say “self-image” instead of “body image” because I believe it’s important to love all of yourself. Your style, your taste, your views, your abilities, your personality. There is a word that I feel has maybe fallen on the back burner these days and that word is INDIVIDUAL. You are you, and there is not a single person out there who is exactly like you. That is something to celebrate, not something to shy away from. Have you ever let someone else influence how you feel about yourself or how you act? For example, maybe you use to love Japanese food, but now, since your partner hates it, you haven’t actually had Japanese food in a very long time. Or maybe you use to love the color red, but someone once said “Red is so not your color” and now every time you go to put on something red, that voice is in your head and you end up changing your mind… Now imagine if we let everyone else dictate everything about us. We would all be an absolute mess. It is important for you to really know yourself. Know what you like and dislike and stick to it. This saying is one that I keep in mind and try to live by. Know what you stand for or you will fall for anything. I can’t stress how important it is for us to love ourselves and see value in what we have to offer. If we don’t, then how can we expect anyone else to? I believe social media certainly plays a role in our mental view of ourselves. How we dress, decorate our home, exercise… social media can even influence something as simple as how we feel about our cleaning routine. I know this first hand because I have allowed other people on social media to make me feel small or inadequate before. Maybe because they have a perfectly organized kitchen or they vacuum their carpet every day and I don’t. Let me repeat – I ALLOW myself feel to small or inadequate. These other people do not in any way TRY to make me feel this way. Maybe I don’t dust my blinds, or wipe down my fridge every single day – Does that make me a bad mom or wife? NO it doesn’t. Another example from my personal experience is when some moms on social media look so “put together” and flawless in every Instagram photo, whereas I’m almost always wearing leggings and t-shirts that usually have the ever-so-glam spit-up stains on them. And let’s not forget the mom bun hairstyle that seems to be an every day occurrence. Maybe it’s just me, in this phase of life I’m in, but I have definitely allowed the perfect realm of social media to affect how I feel about myself and how I take care of my little family. Girl, you have to pick yourself up out of the slump that is comparing yourself to others. You have your own taste, your own style, your own way of doing things. I wonder, if you spent an entire week off of the socials, how would that make you feel? What would change? Like seriously… would you dress the way you wanted, would you play with your make-up and maybe find a new look that you like? Would you cook or bake something you haven’t had in a while simply because you want to? Would you sit down and read a book? Would you start to fall in love with YOU again? To kind of wrap all of this up, let me leave you with this. Having a positive self image is one of the absolute best things that you can do for yourself. I urge you, if you don’t already, get to know yourself. Who are you deep down in your core? Without influences, without outside voices, WHO ARE YOU? Once you know the answer to this, ask yourself. If you don’t like who you are, what do you need to change in order to like yourself a bit more? Now, GO DO IT. Be more thrifty, give to charity, de-clutter your home, REALLY dance like no one’s watching to your favorite song, whatever it takes. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and for reading my post! Writing this post was a process and I’m happy to have discussed a topic you all seem to have enjoyed. I would love it if you would visit my blog and check out some of my other topics! I am so grateful to Lavrax for publishing my post for all of you lovelies to read. Being positive about your uniqueness is such a good thing. Thanks for sharing.
20 top Pancake Wallpapers pics at these awesome group starting P letter. Desktop wallpapers were first introduced way back in the 1980s and have gained immense popularity since then. It is possible to come across more than 80 million sites on the web offering some sort of wallpaper.

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