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Dataset Card for LFID Magnetic Field Data

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Dataset Summary

A description of the dataset:

The gufm1 model is a global geomagnetic model based on spherical harmonics, covering the period 1590 - 1990, and is described in the publication: Andrew Jackson, Art R. T. Jonkers and Matthew R. Walker (2000), “Four centuries of geomagnetic secular variation from historical records”, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A.358957–990,

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Data Fields

The dataset has dimension (181, 361, 401) whose axes represent co-latitude, longitude, time, and whose values are the radial magnetic field at the core-mantle boundary (radius 3485km) in nT. The colatitude takes values (in degrees): 0,1,2,3,…180; longitude (degrees) takes values -180,-179,….180; and time is yearly 1590, 1591, …1990.

Dataset Creation

The native model representation is converted into a discrete dataset in physical space and time, using the Python package Chaosmagpy

Source Data

Additional Information

Dataset Curators

The dataset was initially created by Angela Fan, Ethan Perez, Yacine Jernite, Jason Weston, Michael Auli, and David Grangier, during work done at Facebook AI Research (FAIR).

Licensing Information

The licensing status of the dataset hinges on the legal status of the data which is unclear.

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