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viVoice: Enabling Vietnamese Multi-Speaker Speech Synthesis

For a comprehensive description, please visit This dataset is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 and is intended for research purposes only.

Key Features and Statistic 📊

  • All audio is cleaned from noise and music.
  • Clean cuts are made at the beginning and end of sentences to eliminate any unnecessary silences or disruptions, while avoiding cutting in the middle of words.
  • Sourced from 186 YouTube channels, with channel IDs included for transparency.
  • Number of samples: 887,772
  • Total duration: 1,016.97 hours
  • Sampling rate: 24 kHz
  • Number of splits: 1 (train only)
  • Size: 169 GBs
  • Gender distribution of speakers: 61.3% ± 3.02% male (manually estimated from a sample of 1,000 with a 95% confidence interval)
  • Estimated transcription error rate: 1.8% ± 0.82% (manually estimated from a sample of 1,000 with a 95% confidence interval)
    • This metric is for quick reference purposes only; users of this dataset should carefully inspect it to ensure it meets your requirements.
    • The error rate only accounts for sentences with mistranscriptions (more or fewer words than expected).
    • Other errors, such as missing punctuation or incorrect but phonetically similar words, are not counted.
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