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                  rows_plus_one = list(itertools.islice(ds, rows_max_number + 1))
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                  for key, example in ex_iterable:
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                  yield from self.generate_examples_fn(**self.kwargs)
                File "/tmp/modules-cache/datasets_modules/datasets/axiong--pmc_oa/0b977a7015cada6b1b8e52c51645620c79f02cc799a5c93ad9d2cbd2b3038e6c/", line 139, in _generate_examples
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              FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ''

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PMC-OA Dataset

News: We have released the PMC-OA dataset. You can choose the subset specifically.

P.S. There's something wrong with the huggingface dataset viewer when the dataset scale gets large. So we sample a subset of it to visualize it directly on web. Click PMC-OA-Demo to view it.


Model Zoo

Check it out if you want to load model pretrained on PMC-OA directly.

We plan to release more models pretrained on PMC-OA. Feel free to reach us if the model you want is not included in model zoo for now. Also, we express our thanks to the help from the community.

Model Link Provider
ViT-L-14 @ryanyip7777

Daraset Structure

PMC-OA (seperated images, separated caption).

  • images folder
  • pmc_oa.jsonl: dataset file of pmc-oa
  • pmc_oa_beta.jsonl: dataset file of pmc-oa-beta

- train.jsonl: metafile of train set - valid.jsonl: metafile of valid set - test.jsonl: metafile of test set

The difference between PMC-OA & PMC-OA-Beta lies in the methods of processing captions. In PMC-OA, we utilize ChatGPT to help us divide compound captions into seperate ones. While PMC-OA-Beta keeps all the compound ones without division.


A row in pmc_oa.jsonl is shown bellow,

    "image": "PMC212319_Fig3_4.jpg",
    "caption": "A. Real time image of the translocation of ARF1-GFP to the plasma membrane ...",

Explanation to each key

  • image: path to the image
  • caption: corresponding to the image
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