Nick: You look absolutely gorgeous and have a lovely smile. Nick: Would love to get to know you a bit more. How about we meet up for a drink sometime? Jane: Hmmm... You're shooting a bit above your range aren't you? Nick: Why would you think that hon? Jane: Because I'm not that desperate. Nick: That was a bit below the belt. Nick: You're nice but you're not THAT hot. Jane: Oh is your poor little dick shriveling at the thought? Nick: Actually I'll take it back. Forget about the drink. Nick: Forget I ever wrote to you. Jane: Bye loser! Nick: Fucking bitch! Jane: You're welcome!
Nick finds Jane pretty and invites her for a drink to get to know her better. Jane rejects Nick and is unpleasant to him. Nick suggests Jane to forget about their conversation.
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Kaylin: <file_gif> Kaylin: that's what appears when you type in Cynthia Kaylin: 😂😂 Kaylin: <file_gif> Kaylin: 😂😂 Amir: hahahahaha Amir: you're killing me Amir: really looks like her with that crazy hair Amir: 😂😂😂 Kaylin: <file_gif> Kaylin: Joel Kaylin: hahahahaha Amir: hahahahaha Amir: I soooo don't feel like tomorrow Kaylin: tomorrow be like Kaylin: <file_gif> Amir: 😂😂 Amir: and it's way to early.. Kaylin: I'v set three alarms just in case Amir: lol Amir: I guess I better do the same 😫
Kaylin has set her alarm for tomorrow.
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Kate: I've just heard you want to sell your flat?! Rob: That's true. Do you want to buy it? Kate: Ha ha! I wish.. Rob: I'll give you a discount ;) Kate: Sure. You moved in a year ago or so?! Why do you wanna sell it? Rob: We're thinking about having a baby and it is too small. Kate: It's not that bad. Mine is smaller and I have two. Rob: There's no room for a cot in our bedroom. Kate: You're right. So are you looking for two bed now? Rob: Three bed would be perfect so that we won't have to move out again when we decide to have another baby. Kate: That's sounds reasonable. Rob: I know. It just the prices.. total madness!!! Kate: I can only imagine. It's getting more expensive year after year. Rob: I've got a friend who's relocating to another city so want to sell his flat ASAP and offers a good price. We're seeing him tomorrow. Kate: Good luck with that! ;) Rob: Fingers crossed! ;)
Rob wants to sell his flat, because it's too small. Rob will meet a friend tomorrow who has a flat to sell.
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Pedro: batman or superman?? Alex: honestly.. neither Pedro: WHAT?? Alex: i honestly like the flash Pedro: whats so good about the flash :P Alex: duuude, he can do almost anything Pedro: not anything Alex: yea im sure batman can run as fast -_- Pedro: superhuman speed? thats your pitch? Alex: that speed opens up the whole multiverse for him.. you seriously dont get how powerful he can be Pedro: yeah i get your point
Alex prefers the Flash to Barman and Superman thanks to his speed.
[ 2, 0, 39690, 1001, 3829, 5, 7462, 8, 2618, 3829, 5, 2422, 397, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Jane: Hey Martin: Whats up Maria: Hey Jane: Anyone going to Value Village? Jane: I am getting halloween costumes with my sister Jane: If anyone wants to join Connor: I got mine today so thanks Connor: At Value Village Jane: I am going with u ok? priv msg Jane: ok ok
Connor bought his halloween costumes at Value Village where Jane plans to get her and her sister's costume.
[ 2, 0, 35903, 16, 164, 7, 11714, 6389, 19, 69, 2761, 4, 11472, 300, 39, 5179, 1722, 14102, 14690, 2 ]
Val: it's raining! Candy: I know, just started... Val: r we going? we will be wet Candy: maybe wait a little? see if stops Val: ok. let's wait half h and than see Candy: god idea, I call u then Val: great :)
It's raining, so Val and Candy will wait half an hour before they go.
[ 2, 0, 243, 18, 31832, 4, 25575, 8, 3767, 32, 164, 7, 2067, 457, 1368, 8, 87, 192, 114, 2 ]
Tim: The situation there is terrible now John: I know and, honestly, I don't think it's gonna change any time soon Jeremy: why? I think the world's attention is now on Kongo really John: exactly, too much money involved John: everybody wants it's resources, they are crucial for the US, for China, for everybody Alice: for our smartphones John: Exactly Alice: yes, I'm not very positive either Tim: yup, just the same story all the time John: Ebola, war, militias, diamonds... Tim: Hard to say what should be done John: Surely the elections were not done properly Tim: this for sure
The situation in Kongo is terrible because of its resources and politics.
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Paula: Can we meet with the new person soon? Ralph: Sure. In an hour okay? Paula: Perfect.
Paula and Ralph will meet the new person in an hour.
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Mary: Hello, I think you've left your credit card at our shop Jenny: Thank you for getting in touch! Thank you so much! Mary: No worries :) Jenny: When can I pick it up? Mary: Whenever you come, it's safe with one of our cashiers :)
Jenny has left her credit car at the Mary's shop.
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Victoria: yo Victoria: are you free this weekend? Rosemary: let me see... Rosemary: yeah Victoria: <3 Victoria: let's record the drums? Rosemary: you see Rosemary: there's a problem Victoria: yeah? Rosemary: namely, i don't have a working laptop atm Victoria: XD Victoria: i have a tablet but it has 2gb ram, so probably not enough for recording Rosemary: but does it have all the software? usb ports? windows? Victoria: yeah it's running windows 10 Rosemary: still 2gb is probably not enough Rosemary: so we need to borrow it from somebody Victoria: yeah, any ideas? Rosemary: actually i have a few Rosemary: i'll get back to you later Victoria: okay, thanks! Victoria: but don't forget xd
Rosemary and Victoria would like to record the drums this weekend. Rosemary doesn't have a working laptop, whereas Victoria's tablet doesn't have enough memory for recording. Rosemary will try to borrow a laptop from somebody and will get back to Victoria later.
[ 2, 0, 38672, 8, 3199, 22501, 32, 164, 7, 638, 5, 21072, 42, 983, 4, 3199, 22501, 630, 75, 2 ]
Josh: I need to buy an iPad? Josh: do u think apple it's a good choice? Brian: Nope, u gonna pay to have the sign of apple on yr fucking iPad. Josh: so what would u recommend? Brian: u mean brands? Brian: Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony Brian: depends on yr budget.. Josh: let's say 2000.. Brian: what about this ? <file_other> Brian: or this <file_other> Brian: actually, if u want samsung I can get it cheaper for u Josh: oh, good Brian: call me after work, ok? Josh: ok
Josh wants to buy a tablet and doesn't know which brand he should choose. According to Brian, other brands are better than Apple and he can get a Samsung tablet cheaper. Josh will call Brian after work to talk about it.
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Breonna: Melissa so are you ok with men acting like pigs and grabbing you whenever they feel like it? Melissa: Of course not! Breonna: So why you’re saying this? Melissa: No one is saying men should behave like animals. Its that kind of thinking that makes men afraid to just be masculine in general though. Not all men are pigs. Hailey: Thank you! I had a friend get yelled at by a girl for 5 minutes because he held the door for her and said “Ladies first”. Melissa: Poor him. Christine: Men aren't allowed to be men? how? Hailey: Yeah, I felt sorry for him. Holly: Melissa yes this! Michelle: not one of those fruit loop "feminists" speak for me!!! In fact MOST women cant stand them. gtfoh with your pussy hats, your metoo crap, you "screaming" at Potus through your vaginas etc. Dont try to shove your thinking on everyone. how about HIMTOO!!! i LOVE OUR strong REAL MEN!!!! TOO BAD IF ANY OF THOSE CRAZY CAT LADIES DONT LIKE IT
Michelle is not in favor of contemporary feminism movement.
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Daisy: going home? Lisa: not yet Daisy: please be back before 11 pm Lisa: ok
Lisa isn't going home yet. Daisy wants her to be back before 11 p.m.
[ 2, 0, 32259, 26351, 40, 28, 124, 137, 365, 4751, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Timmy: Who do u wanna invite? Gemma: Well, there's u and ur date :) Timmy: Not sure about the date, but I'll be there :) who else? Gemma: I was thinking about Lona and Michelle. Timmy: Still thinking ur getting invites to their weddings? Gemma: It's not like that. Timmy: Sure it is ;) just don't wanna admit it ;) Gemma: Fine! I want to come to their wedding receptions! Timmy: There we go :) was it so hard? Gemma: Yes. Timmy: And u think u can change their minds? Gemma: Dunno.
Gemma will invite Timmy and his Date, as well as Lona and Michelle to her wedding.
[ 2, 0, 23031, 4783, 8, 14435, 1916, 32, 164, 7, 226, 4488, 8, 6145, 18, 3312, 4, 14435, 1916, 2 ]
Alan: Can you send me the file with budget estimation Allison: Done Alan: Sorry, not this one, estimation for current year, not for next year Allison: Sorry for the mistake, sent it to you Alan: Thanks. Tell me, do you know, why we doubled the costs in the line "other expenses" compared to last year Allison: It was when our boss had to come back from Japan for the convention Alan: I see, I see...
Allison send Alan budget estimation for this year. Extra other expenses are boss's trip to Japan, for a convention.
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Helen: are you home? Debbie: yes Helen: can you bring me my laptop? Debbie: to work? Helen: yes, i have forgotten to take it Debbie: you have this presentation today? Helen: yes, and without my laptop i cant do anything
Helen has left her laptop at home and needs it for the presentation today. Debbie will bring it to Helen's work.
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Ola: Hello Kate, sorry for not keeping in touch properly. As expected, we have hardly any connectivity here in Cuba. But we're doing fine and enjoying our trip. How are the things at home? Kate: At long last! Started to worry. Nothing new happening, if you disregard all that Xmas craze. Momo has recovered from her injury and frolicking again. Kate: <file_photo> Kate: Good old Momo! Yes, it is your scarf! Ola: NO!!! It's one of my favorites! The one from Laos! Kate: Too late. Momo thinks it belongs to her now. Get yourself a new one. They surely have nice ones there. Ola: Not at all. Only cheapish cotton blouses with horrible multi-coloured embroidery or some equally horrible crochetted tops. No shawls or scarfs. Ola: <file_photo> Kate: Wait a sec! Kate: <file_photo> Kate: Isn't it similar?! Mum would probably like it. Why don't you? Ola: Not a bad idea. But the quality is usually crappy. Kate: And if you go to some boutique shop or something? Not at a market as in your pics? Ola: I might try and find some. Would you like one too? Kate: Not really. And Mum would prefer to be the only one with an authentic Cuban blouse :)) Ola: OK I'll have a look. Greets to everyone at home pls. Kate: Take care!
Ola is in Cuba and is enjoying her trip. She has problems with connectivity there. Momo has recovered from her injury. Ola doesn't like the clothes in Cuba. Ola will try to find a blouse for mum in Cuba, as Kate suggested.
[ 2, 0, 673, 2560, 8, 10631, 139, 32, 11, 8455, 4, 10631, 139, 34, 4609, 31, 69, 1356, 8, 2 ]
Charles: How can you tell that someone has gluten intolerance? Karen: You can have coeliac disease which makes it impossible for you to digest gluten or be allergic to gluten. From what I've heard, being allergic is far worse, because you have an allergic reaction that can be lethal, while being intolerant can make feel you some unpleasant symptoms, but I don't think may lead to your death Jack: Why are you asking? Is there something wrong? Charles: Hm, I don't know, I feel that I may be allergic or something Monica: Do you have any symptoms? Check those articles: Monica: <file_other>, <file_other> Karen: I think that you may have a very very light allergy at best, otherwise you would have known - trust me Karen: When it comes to intolerance... I know it's very hip to be gluten intolerant, but I don't believe that suddenly half of the population is gluten intolerant. Unless you have a coeliac disease, I think you're fine Jack: My friend was told that she may be intolerant or allergic and she did a blood test - she's absolutely fine Charles: I may do it as well. I feel weird recently, bloated and I gain weight even though I don't eat much Karen: But do you feel differently after eating gluten? Jack's right, you should do a blood test first, but you can test it yourself. Stop eating gluten for a month and see if you feel better Monica: I did the same thing with lactose, I wasn't feeling great after drinking coffee with milk, etc. I stopped eating it and I'm much better now Jack: But did it happen suddenly or were you always like this? Monica: It just happened, I was all right until I wasn't. I don't know how it works, but it happens Charles: I think it's the same with me. I was fine, but recently it's a real nightmare Karen: You should quit eating gluten and see, otherwise you should look for a different explanation. Maybe it has nothing to do with food? Charles: I had a basic blood test and everything's fine. My GP said all my problems are linked to my diet Karen: It may be, but I'm not so sure. Although, changing your diet and eating healthier can't do you any harm Monica: You should read the articles I sent you, check the symptoms and what you shouldn't eat Charles: Thanks! I'm really worried, because it's getting worse and I have no idea what's happening with me
Coeliac disease makes it impossible to digest gluten. Charles feels bloated and gained weight recently. Monica stopped eating lactose. Charles had a blood test.
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Ginger: need some sugar Ginger: desperately!!! Phylis: <lol> Phylis: I'm baking a pie Phylis: come if u want :D Ginger: be right there!!!
Ginger needs to eat something sweet. Phylis is baking a pie. Ginger will come to Phylis shortly.
[ 2, 0, 17297, 4360, 354, 16, 14814, 10, 11637, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Joe: This job is wearing me up Tim: Oh no! I thought you love it Joe: I do, but because of it they give me more work Sam: Shit, this sucks man, don't let it burn you out Tim: Exactly, like my friend Terry Joe: What did he do? Tim: Quit eventually, but he had trouble sleeping, constantly tired, and turned out to have an ulcer Joe: Fuck! I gotta slow down
Joe's job is wearing him up. Tim's friend Terry quit his job because he was burned out.
[ 2, 0, 18393, 18, 633, 16, 2498, 123, 159, 4, 2668, 18, 1441, 6840, 6602, 142, 9, 24, 4, 2 ]
Lincoln: Heeyyy ;* whats up Fatima: I talked to Jenson, he’s not too happy ;p Lincoln: the place sucks?? Fatima: No, the place is ok, I think, we can go there, it’s about Alene Lincoln: typical, dont worry about it Fatima: He thinks she may have a depression :[ Lincoln: nothin new, everyone has it, she needs a doctor then Fatima: But she won’t go ;/ Lincoln: so she’s destroying her life fuck it its not your problem Fatima: It is, they’re both my friends! Lincoln: you better think what to do if they break up Fatima: Ehh yes Ill have a problem ;// Lincoln: both blaming each other and talking with you about it, perfect Fatima: Alene is just troubled… She’d been through a lot… Lincoln: everyone has their problems, the question is are ya doin sth about them Fatima: She has problems facing it, don’t be surprised :[ Lincoln: then it is her problem Fatima: You are so cruel at times… o.O Lincoln: maybe, for me its just a common sense Fatima: Why can’t everyone be just happy??? Lincoln: youll not understand, you had good childhood, nice parents, you have no idea Fatima: Probably, true… Well I can be just grateful o.o Lincoln: do that and stop worrying about others, youre way to bautful for that <3 Fatima: :*:*:*
Fatima is worried about Jenson and Alene. Alene has issues. Lincoln doesn't want Fatima to worry about others too much.
[ 2, 0, 574, 37654, 8, 11289, 4261, 32, 164, 7, 213, 7, 726, 2552, 18, 317, 4, 726, 2552, 2 ]
Madison: <file_other> Madison: I saw this offer today Adam: Thailand?? Madison: Exactly Adam: Not to expensive?? Madison: Tickets cost pretty penny, but the rest is extra cheap Taylor: And children under 12 --> 50% off Jordan: Seems ok
Madison considers buying flight tickets to Thailand as she has found a cheap offer with 50% discount for children under 12.
[ 2, 0, 34570, 794, 10, 9130, 904, 452, 4, 6438, 701, 1256, 20879, 6, 53, 5, 1079, 16, 1823, 2 ]
Matthew: so is there any after party planed after the wedding? Kristina: after the wedding? I think it will last till the morning... Matthew: haha, i mean on the next day :D Bart: i think Mark said there is something planned Bart: at their house probably Matthew: oh thats good Matthew: better atmosphere and everything, more chill Kristina: that's great, i 've been to an after party like this one Kristina: they had leftover food from the day before, lot's of liquor Kristina: it was so much fun Bart: yes that's pretty much what they are going to do i think Bart: are you guys going? Kristina: i definitely am Matthew: yeah me too, that's why i asked :) it's Mark's wedding so i am gonna party till i drop Bart: <file_gif> Kristina: hahahah that's how i imagine Matt there Matthew: that will be me :D
Mark is planning an afterparty after his wedding. It's going to take place at their house on the next day.
[ 2, 0, 33667, 8, 8811, 32, 164, 7, 10, 537, 71, 5, 3312, 23, 1190, 18, 790, 4, 252, 2 ]
Cole: hey roomie XD XD Luis: dude we are in the SAME DAMN ROOM Cole: its funny XD Luis: -_- Cole: pass me my pillow xD Luis: not until you say it to my face Cole: dude cmon Luis: ... Cole: oh youre not gonna talk to your roommate now Luis: im not gonna text an idiot whos practically sitting just a few inches from me -_- Cole: xD
Cole and Luis are sitting in the same room and yet they're texting each other.
[ 2, 0, 25370, 354, 630, 75, 236, 7, 1067, 7, 7139, 142, 37, 16, 2828, 95, 10, 367, 4877, 2 ]
Ludo: hi mum, did you arrive at school? Mum: yes , i'm in front of the door: you 're room 112 with Hugo and Charles. Ludo: and do you know my class number? Mum: yes class 3, as Hugo and Charles Ludo: good, so cool Mum: I'll show you the picture of the listing, but i couldn't manage to see the room. Ludo: Ok no problem Mum: the building is quite big and there is also a huge garden, you'll have room enough Ludo: Yes i saw Mum: i have to go, meeting is starting Ludo: ok thanks Mum: don't wait for me
Mum is at school in front of the door. Ludo's rooms is 112 and his class is class 3. The same goes for Hugo and Charles. The building is big and has a big garden. The meeting is about to start.
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Brook: something happened yesterday, you need to come and see Gyle: is it bad? Brook: you better come home Gyle: On my way
Brook wants Gyle to come and see what happened yesterday.
[ 2, 0, 27827, 1102, 2350, 4, 272, 14143, 40, 283, 184, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Peter: Did you hear what happened at school today? Jack: No? Peter: There’s been kind of an emergency, gas leak or something. Jack: Oh, I hope it’s nothing serious. Did they called fire units? Peter: Yep, three engines and ambulance. It turned out to be a drill. Jack: It’s better this way than the other.
There was a drill at the school today.
[ 2, 0, 970, 21, 10, 1123, 9324, 23, 334, 452, 4, 345, 58, 130, 8186, 8, 9121, 23, 5, 2 ]
Taylor: Tomorrow, 8 PM, my house Harry: Lol, what’s up? Taylor: My parents are away, 10 people confirmed already :D Harry: Im sooo in Taylor: You better, you’d miss the party of the year!
Harry will go to Taylors party tomorrow at 8pm.
[ 2, 0, 32799, 18, 1041, 32, 409, 6, 158, 82, 1474, 416, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Will: I hate ques. Will: I'm standing in a line longer than the post office itself. Will: In order to just send a damn letter in XXI century. Will: Damn Chris: What a time to be alive :D Chris: Lines are the part of everday life of any person living in a big city. Chris: There is nothing special in it, but I hope you'll think twice next time you decide to send a traditional letter. Will: The best think about my XXI century comment is that the line consists almost entirely of elderly people who don't have bank account and pay their bills via post office paying cash. Will: Where is digitalisation when you need it? Chris: Haha. Hang on there.
Will had to stand long in a queue at the post. Chris believe it is part of life in a big city. Will believes it is because of old people, who do not use the internet.
[ 2, 0, 17485, 16, 2934, 11, 10, 516, 1181, 87, 5, 618, 558, 1495, 11, 26166, 100, 3220, 4, 2 ]
Lydia: <file_photo> Camila: Say whaaaaat? Lydia: Would you believe it? Camila: But how? Lydia: I added him on Facebook. He accepted my invitation. I viewed his profile aaaand... "engaged"! Camila: What a bastard... But I don't get it... He knew you would see it. Lydia: I don't know... Maybe it's a sort of open relationship? Camila: Does he still write to you? Lydia: Yes, but I'm trying to ignore him. Camila: Gosh... If this girl knew... Lydia: Yeah... I'm embarrassed now. Camila: You shoulnd't, you didn't know. It's not your fault. And nothing happened. You two just texted. Lydia: But how... It was so dirty. Camila: C'mon, how would you know. I can't believe he is still texting you, now... When you know everything... Lydia: That's weird, I know. Do you think I should talk to him? Camila: I wouldn't pull any punches. Lydia: But we work in the same company. I don't want it to be awkward. Camila: You're kidding? You should talk to him. It's not fair what he's doing and it cannot be like that anymore! Think about this girl! Lydia: Yeah, you're right. This scumbug will regret that he met me.
Lydia has exchanged sexual messages with him. Lydia does not feel like pursuing the affair because he is engaged. Lydia will have a word with him because what he is doing is unfair.
[ 2, 0, 574, 41883, 355, 123, 15, 622, 4, 91, 3903, 69, 10021, 4, 264, 794, 39, 4392, 10, 2 ]
Sean: Friendly reminder of trade deadline today. Let's get those last minute trade request sent. Rick: So does John get Lamar Jackson or is he scrambling for another qb?? Sean: Nick needs to really think about rolling with Blake. John needs a QB! John: I think I would have rights to Lamar but I think the consensus is that he's on waivers so he's open. I guess I'm just hoping RGIII and Brock play or just wait... Rick: Crazy it happens though! he one thing in the chart that isn't addressed. We could vote and go from there. I just want you to lose a player and Nick not to get Lamar. John: In 15 years I've never seen a ream trade a big time RB or WR for a QB this late n the season do anything in the playoffs. That ends their season. Of course a one QB team isn't worth anything either. I have t take my chances. Sean: Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Rick: people's evidence #658 why the QB rule doesn't work. John: I might have a way to drop the rule completely next year. Sean: I guess we will have to talk about after the season. Rick: Nobody liked my IR suggestion a couple of years ago. That solves a large percentage of the issue tho Sean: 1 QB not 2 for a 14 league... John: as I said, we can look at if after the season. I just wouldn't want to make it any easier. What has made the league so great its that it has been really difficult so far.
Sean reminds the guys about trade deadline today. Rick wants to vote. John will look at it after the season.
[ 2, 0, 25285, 6, 4434, 8, 610, 236, 7, 120, 5, 94, 2289, 721, 2069, 1051, 4, 610, 1072, 2 ]
Tricia: The cake is still not ready. Zandra: Which cake? Tricia: For your daughter’s birthday, Tam ;) Zandra: Oh, of course, there are so many of them, I don’t even know what’s going on. Tricia: Sure thing, you need a hand ;] Zandra: Thank you so much, what would I do without you… Zandra: But what about the cake, the party is tomorrow! Tricia: You finally realized that… ;) Tricia: They promised to have it tomorrow at Tricia: Zandra: . Zandra: The party starts at Tricia: , it’s way too late! Tricia: I’ll send Erwin to get it, he’ll deliver it to us by bike ;D Zandra: Bike… God save us all… Tricia: He’s a good driver and has a special bag, it will be ok, I promise :* Zandra: Ok, how about the rest? I have all decorations, starting with them in the morning after kids go to grandma Zandra: I know nothing about the food and outside attractions Tricia: Food I’m taking care of, outside thing will be done by a company, they come and organize everything, don’t worry Zandra: You’re the best, I have to make for it <3 Tricia: Nooo, no way, it’s nothing. Tricia: I know it’s not easy for you with 4 children. Zandra: Noo, it’s not, but I regret nothing :* Tricia: And that’s the most important thing!
Zandra's daughter, Tam, has a birthday tomorrow. The party starts at Tricia's place, so Erwin will deliver a birthday cake by bike. Zandra is taking care of the decorations, Tricia of the food and a company of the outside attractions.
[ 2, 0, 1301, 19432, 18, 1354, 18, 4115, 16, 3859, 4, 20, 8492, 16, 45, 1227, 4, 2393, 16488, 2 ]
Perry: have you thought about holiday yet? Marlow: Asia? Perry: you mean in July or August? Marlow: w/janet we thought about September it's cheaper i guess Janet: yeah but we need to check the weather and everything Forster: Cloete wanted to go to the mountains so i guess that's my plan Perry: frankly we have no idea. went to seaside last year Marlow: Asia could be the place 2go. Janet would be cool yeah? Janet: sure thing. Would be gr8 2go 2gether Perry: dunno if we can afford. Need to talk to Nina Janet: why not meet 2nite over beer and talk? Perry: super but not 2day no. cinema :):) Janet: oh I forgot you won the tickets right? Perry: yeah but we could meet 2moro evening if ur free Janet: do we have plans Marlow? Marlow: no i dont think so Forster: could we come over too Perry: yeah fantastic. byob tho Forster: sure thing 8 pm is fine? Perry: perfect for me Janet: gr8 for us. we can visit pa first Marlow: fine by me. let's do it guys!
Perry, Marlow, Janet and Forster discuss their holiday plans. Marlow would like to go to Asia, others will think if they can join. The friends will meet tomorrow at 8 pm to discuss that.
[ 2, 0, 20823, 1506, 6, 1127, 5481, 8, 286, 3121, 32, 2053, 59, 2317, 11, 1817, 11, 550, 50, 2 ]
Freddie: Nanna, are you coming to visit us soon? Winnie: Oh darling, Nanna has broken her leg, you'll have to visit me instead. Freddie: I forgott. Well come soon. Winnie: Good, ask Mummy and Daddy and they will come when they can. Freddie: Yes love you. Leg better soon? Winnie: Yes, quite soon. Tell mummy to ring me. Bye darling xxxxx
Winnie has broken her leg and will not visit any time soon. Freddie will ask mummy to call Winnie up.
[ 2, 0, 487, 4057, 34, 3187, 69, 2985, 4, 13220, 40, 283, 7, 825, 69, 1010, 4, 2, 1, 1 ]
Ollie: Okay, Kelly! Ur up nxt! Kelly: Me? I don't wanna. Mickey: C'mon! Jessica: Yeah! What's yours? Kelly: Fine. It's a sculpture garden in Finnland. Ollie: What's scary about sculptures? Wait! Do they resemble vampires and stuff? Mickey: Nah, I'm sure they look rly nice. Kelly: It's not the sculptures, it's the amount of them and their faces! Jessica: Faces? What faces? Kelly: Well, they resemble ppl in different activities like hugging, training, doing sport and so on. But the faces are just morbid and there's like a hundred of them. All staring at you! Ollie: Another one? Mickey: Certainly! Jessica: Well, Ollie, ur turn! Ollie: Nagoro village in Japan! Mickey: Y? Ollie: Well, maybe it's not scary, but it similar to Kelly's place. It's just creepy as hell. Jessica: Bt y? Ollie: Imagine a village with ppl living in it. And in the same village u have these human-sized figures. And there's more of them than the ppl that actually live there! Kelly: Creepy AH! Mickey: WTF?! Y would ppl even do that? Jessica: Idk. Idc. Never. Going. There. Ollie: See! Mine was the worst! Jessica: Bt not the scariest! Ollie: Point taken. Mickey: Listen, guys, fun talking to u, bt gotta go. Kelly: Yeah, me too. Bye! Jessica: Bye! Ollie: Cu!
Kelly is scared of sculpture garden figures in Finnland, she finds figure's faces morbid. For Ollie it's Nagoro village in Japan, it's creepy.
[ 2, 0, 673, 890, 324, 8, 2826, 32, 164, 7, 7729, 11104, 3375, 11, 1429, 4, 384, 890, 324, 2 ]
Lilly: sorry, I'm gonna be late Lilly: don't wait for me and order the food Gabriel: no problem, shall we also order something for you? Gabriel: so that you get it as soon as you get to us? Lilly: good idea! Lilly: pasta with salmon and basil is always very tasty there
Lilly will be late. Gabriel will order pasta with salmon and basil for her.
[ 2, 0, 574, 10758, 16, 164, 7, 28, 628, 4, 8719, 40, 645, 18236, 19, 14140, 8, 32394, 13, 2 ]
Mika: Dear Linda, would you like a few plants For your garden? All perennials.It would be a shame to throw them onto the compost heap. Linda: Hello Mika: A nice offer, thank you, but I won't manage to do any gardening before leaving. Mika: What a pity!
Linda refuses to accept plants for her garden from Mika. She would not be able to plant them before leaving.
[ 2, 0, 574, 8865, 351, 75, 109, 143, 23230, 137, 1618, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Luke: Hey sis, send me the pic of the parrot you painted yesterday? Gina: <file_photo> Gina: If you want better quality I need to send you PDF file. Luke: It's ok. This parrot looks fantastic!!! I can't believe you've discovered your talent so late! Gina: Haha thanks? <file_other> Catch a PDF. Luke: Thanks!
Luke is amazed by Gina's talent for painting. Gina sent Luke a PDF file with a picture of the parrot she painted yesterday.
[ 2, 0, 34899, 1051, 18887, 10, 1345, 9, 5, 2242, 12179, 37, 10122, 2350, 4, 18887, 40, 2142, 123, 2 ]
Michael: Sorry I can't make it today :( Tom: well, ok... are you sure? Michael: I'm really sorry, can't leave the office before 8pm Tom: it's okay, call me tomorrow Michael: I will. Sorry again
Michael can't leave the office before 8 PM, so he's unable to meet with Tom. Michael will call Tom tomorrow.
[ 2, 0, 14009, 64, 75, 989, 5, 558, 137, 290, 4751, 452, 4, 1560, 40, 486, 988, 3859, 4, 2 ]
Daniel: Hi sis. Daniel: Just wanted to let you know that I passed driving license exam Daniel: It went well :D Kate: Congratulations!!!! Kate: :) :) :) Kate: Dad will be proud!
Daniel has passed driving license exam.
[ 2, 0, 18322, 1595, 5, 1428, 4385, 10743, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
James: hi girls! When are you flying to Japan? Mary: in a week! unbelievable 🎉 Patricia: I can't believe either. Patricia: I am also increasingly scared Mary: you're such an alarmist! James: But scared of what?? Patricia: the long flight, earth-quakes Patricia: God, and tsunamis! James: hahaha, you're really a damn alarmist James: this is so exaggerated, are you serious? Patricia: James, I almost never travel, I'm afraid really James: Listen, nothing will happen. First of all the earthquakes happen rarely, even in Japan and only in certain places James: it's not like the whole country is shaking all the time Mary: I'm telling her this all the time, but it's pointless James: And, most of all, Japanese have amazing architecture because of their experiences with earthquakes. Their cities are super safe Patricia: What about tsunamis? James: Are you going to be at the coast even? Patricia: Mary, are we? Mary: I doubt. maybe for 2 hours somewhere close to Tokyo James: So I don't think the next tsunami in Japan will happen exactly at that place and time, relax and enjoy James: Japan is really an amazing country. Patricia: Thanks James :)
Mary and Patricia are flying to Japan in a week. Patricia is scared of long flight, earth-quakes and tsunamis. James is comforting her. Mary tried to comfort Patricia too with no effect.
[ 2, 0, 18276, 45127, 16, 4731, 7, 1429, 11, 10, 186, 4, 264, 16, 8265, 9, 20396, 8, 44227, 2 ]
Derek McCarthy: Filip - are you around? Would you have an Android cable I could borrow for an hour? I'm almost out of charge and I have a power pack but forgot my cable😭 Tommy: I am in Poland but can ring my wife and she will give you one Tommy: Do you want me to? Tommy: 67 glenoaks close Derek McCarthy: That would be great if you could!! Otherwise I'm sitting here in the dark for an hour <emoticon_smile> Tommy: Put it in gps and start driving Derek McCarthy: <emoticon_thumbup> Tommy: She might be at work for next 15 min but will help you for sure Derek McCarthy: Thanks a lot mate Tommy: Sent her msg. She will give it to you. Approx time when she will be at home is 8:15 pm Derek McCarthy: Thanks again!! What's your wife's name again?? Tommy: Paulina
Derek McCarthy will pick up an Android cable from Tommy's wife at 8:15.
[ 2, 0, 495, 37623, 9469, 40, 15658, 8880, 39, 3208, 6129, 13, 41, 1946, 4, 8880, 16, 11, 6508, 2 ]
Mary: hey, im kinda broke, lend me a few box Carter: okay, give me an hour, im at the train station Mary: cool, thanks
Mary ran out of money. Carter is going to lend her some in an hour.
[ 2, 0, 43732, 40, 15658, 2708, 10, 2233, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Jen: I think I'm through with the dickhead. He's being a pain again. I'm going to tell him to move out. Jane: Did he at least give you back the money he owes you? Jen: No. He's freeloading and said he has no intention of giving back my money because I don't deserve it with the way I act. Jane: He has a nerve doesn't he? How dare he?!!! Jen: I've learnt to hate him with a passion. He's like vermin that you can't cull. Jen: Abusive, nasty, annoying, irresponsible. He disgusts me. Jane: Get rid of him! I told you right from the beginning that he's no good. Jen: Yeah you were absolutely right.. as always. Jane: I hate to say it but I can smell a fucktard a mile away. Jen: I seem to pick them, don't I? Jen: Sometimes I think it is my fault. If only I could be a better person, if only, if only.... Jane: You know that way of thinking will get you nowhere fast. It's self defeating. That's what the abusers want you think that you're bad and you deserve every bit of abuse that they dish out. Jen: What if he doesn't leave? I'm afraid of asking him to leave 'cause it will only cause another fight. Jane: You can't spend your whole life walking on eggshells. Jen: Yeah, you're right... but how do I get out of this mess? Jane: I think you've got to cut your losses and just move on. Jen: Easier said than done. Jane: I know. You've gotta do it Hon. If you don't things will only get worse. Think of how much worse they've already got since you met him. Jen: Yeah you're right. Sometimes I just don't have the strength. Jane: I believe in you. Please do it! Remember I'm always there for you.
Jen is about to break up with her boyfriend. Jane knew from the beginning that they were not a good match. Jane is going to support Jen.
[ 2, 0, 31106, 16, 5800, 19, 69, 1931, 12, 9902, 18028, 4, 264, 1072, 123, 7, 517, 66, 4, 2 ]
Harry: heyyyy are you there?? Cindy: Yes dear what is it? Harry: Can you call Ela and tell her i need to talk urgent please pick my call. Cindy: what happened now? an other fight :O Harry: please tell her Cindy: MAN! you guys... am i some kind of a messenger service here? Harry: PLEASEEEEEEEEE ? Cindy: ok doing.... but thats the last time. Harry: Yes like always:P Cindy: Hate you seriously man. Harry: Thank you Cindy: Done you can call her now.
Ela is not taking Harry's phone calls. Cindy calls Ela at Harry's request.
[ 2, 0, 347, 2028, 219, 1072, 3268, 7, 486, 1448, 102, 8, 1137, 69, 59, 41, 97, 1032, 4, 2 ]
Luke: wow I got my ass kicked surfing today. 0 waves, 3 wipeouts and 1 surfboard to the head! (can't wait to go back though :D) Ken: Yaaaay welcome to the tumble dry club - some days is great others just a knock about Summer: I almost lost my tooth one time ;) Hopefully next time is better! Luke: low tide is 2:22PM tomorrow. I'll be out there Eric: I thought mid tide is generally the best ? Luke: Oh yeah? Yesterday was low tide. I thought that's best cuz you can see the rocks Eric: Seeing rocks is a bad thing. I mean, you want to be aware of where they are for sure. But rocks in your vision = no bueno Luke: well I'd rather seem than** run into them. When the tide is out you're not surfing over the rocks
Luke will go surfing at 2:22 pm tomorrow.
[ 2, 0, 34899, 300, 39, 8446, 5836, 22184, 452, 4, 321, 6995, 6, 155, 20011, 4518, 8, 112, 11641, 2 ]
Allison: Hey girls! Maya: hey! Sarah: hey, why you so cheerful? Allison: Guess what! Allison: I've got a scholarship! Maya: no way! you have made it! Sarah: shut up! Allison: yeee, and it is the highest posible rank i could get Maya: we so proud, when do we celebrate!? Sarah: <file_gif> Allison: Whenever you want! thank you <3
Allison has got a scholarship.
[ 2, 0, 3684, 4060, 34, 300, 10, 10560, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Mike: <file_photo> Mike: woke up like this :/ Emma: omg what is this??? Emma: allergy? Mike: no idea... probably Mike: but no idea to what :/
Mike suspects he might have had an allergic reaction to something.
[ 2, 0, 15827, 13356, 62, 19, 41, 26465, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Ben: Where are you? Emma: at the rare of the bus Ben: why? Emma: there are some free seats here Emma: so I can have a nap even Ben: good idea Emma: when are we going to arrive to NY? Ben: around 4.30 PM Emma: if traffic is not crazy Ben: right, we will see Emma: could you come here and wake me up around 4.15? Ben: sure Emma: thanks! Ben: sleep well Emma: I'll try
Emma is about to take a nap in the back of the bus to New York. Ben and Emma will be there around 4.30 pm. Ben will wake Emma up 15 minutes prior to their arrival.
[ 2, 0, 16750, 1916, 16, 23, 5, 3159, 9, 5, 2353, 3202, 4, 1664, 40, 3874, 69, 62, 198, 2 ]
Ralph: Hey brewski, did you hear that decent polish joke? Andrew: No? Ralph: How do you sink a polish battleship? Andrew: Umm, shoot it, bomb it? Whatever. Ralph: Put it in water. Hahaha Andrew: Dude, that’s gotta be the worst joke ever. It got my mouth so dry, that now I have to take a sip of water.
Ralph told Andrew a joke.
[ 2, 0, 19843, 34, 7, 185, 10, 19998, 9, 514, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Jesse: can i borrow your razor? Stig: what happened to yours? Jesse: i broke it. fell right out of my hands
Jesse broke his razor and wants to borrow Stig's.
[ 2, 0, 42268, 1090, 2263, 312, 1023, 18, 26700, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Ed: Sinners!! Sex is for married people Valerie: double sin if it’s anything but missionary style! Chris: Then you go get married & leave us all alone Lor: You better hope all non sin living is worth it or your consciousness after death is going to be butt hurt for eternity lol Atnee: Ed, take it easy Jessica: And the only purpose for sex is to make babies! !! That's it, hahaha 😂 Atnee: Lol Ed: Valerie , triple sin if you enjoy it! Jessica: And only for procreation. :-))) And not to be enjoyed. :-))) Matt: Ed, Ok. See you in hell !! 😂 Ed: Matt , No you won’t. I don’t even look on the direction of another man
Ed, Valerie, Chris, Lor, Atnee, Jessica, Matt are laughing at the sinfulness of the sex without marriage.
[ 2, 0, 5404, 6, 3767, 23834, 6, 1573, 8, 2150, 32, 7594, 59, 2099, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Abby: Have you talked to Miro? Dylan: No, not really, I've never had an opportunity Brandon: me neither, but he seems a nice guy Brenda: you met him yesterday at the party? Abby: yes, he's so interesting Abby: told me the story of his father coming from Albania to the US in the early 1990s Dylan: really, I had no idea he is Albanian Abby: he is, he speaks only Albanian with his parents Dylan: fascinating, where does he come from in Albania? Abby: from the seacoast Abby: Duress I believe, he told me they are not from Tirana Dylan: what else did he tell you? Abby: That they left kind of illegally Abby: it was a big mess and extreme poverty everywhere Abby: then suddenly the border was open and they just left Abby: people were boarding available ships, whatever, just to get out of there Abby: he showed me some pictures, like <file_photo> Dylan: insane Abby: yes, and his father was among the people Dylan: scary but interesting Abby: very!
Miro speaks Albanian with his parents. His family left Albania illegally in 1990s.
[ 2, 0, 448, 4712, 174, 18923, 5, 527, 9, 39, 1150, 567, 31, 28849, 7, 5, 382, 11, 5, 2 ]
Jacob: Emily!! stop the busses .. I am not on my way.. Emily: Hurry up!! the busses are about to leave.. Jacob: Count to 10 and i will reach the parking lot Emily: 10..9..1 where are you...
Emily is waiting for Jacob while the buses have almost left.
[ 2, 0, 41884, 16, 45, 15, 39, 169, 4, 91, 40, 1338, 5, 2932, 319, 23, 158, 4, 2, 1 ]
Mark: what are we doing tonight? Daniel: It's supposed to rain so the river bank parties are not an option Mark: casino? Daniel: don't you have enough after the last time? Mark: I will totally get mine this time Daniel: hahaha ok Mark: predrinks at your place? Daniel: my sister is visiting Mark: Hannah??? Daniel: yes Mark: I haven't seen her for like 14 years!! she hot? Daniel: dude that's my sister Mark: all right all right drinks at my place Daniel: okay!
Daniel's sister is visiting him. Daniel and Mark will meet at Mark's place for drinks.
[ 2, 0, 10006, 8, 3028, 32, 164, 7, 5, 4908, 827, 1799, 3422, 4, 1190, 40, 120, 103, 12574, 2 ]
Drade: Mum he got out of the group chatting room Marenda: I am sure he is angry! Marenda: Why did you act that aggressively? Marenda: You know your brother's temper Drade: I just said what he had said was wrong! Marenda: Apologize and send the invitation to him Drade: Why should I? Drade: I didn't say anything wrong!!!!! Drade: He failed in his business, didn't he? Marenda: But did you have to talk about it? Drade: He acted like an asshole first Marenda: Language! No need to talk about it more
Drade told her brother in the group chatting room that what he had said was wrong. Marenda thinks that he got out of it because he became angry, as he is short-tempered. Drade refuses to apologise and invite him again, since she feels that she is not the one to be blamed but him.
[ 2, 0, 14043, 1829, 18, 2138, 300, 66, 9, 5, 333, 23280, 929, 4, 925, 1829, 11184, 8, 1051, 2 ]
Julia: Hey, what time are you getting home? Bert: 8-ish. Why? Julia: I was wondering if we should wait for you with the dinner? Bert: Yeah, that would be nice of you. I'll try to get there on time Julia: Ok. Call me if you're running late Bert: I will. xx
Julia will be waiting for Bert with the dinner. Bert is coming home around 8.
[ 2, 0, 387, 2399, 16, 562, 184, 23, 290, 4, 11450, 40, 2067, 13, 123, 19, 5, 3630, 4, 2 ]
Leah: <fIie_others> Kristi: What is this?(?_?) Leah: If you go to this link, you can get 20% discount coupon <3<3<3 Kristi: What coupon is this? (@_@;) Leah: All the items on this online shop. Leah: Havent you talked to me that you needed new trainers? Kristi: You remembered! Yes I did! (*^0^*) Leah: I have a favor as well_(._.)_ Leah: Put my ID onto the reference code. “Direndia45”∩(·ω·)∩ Kristi: What can you get if I do that? Leah: I will get some accumulated money for the shopping next time.(*_*)(*_*)(*_*) Kristi: Alright. (^.^) Kristi: You smart consumer! (^_-)-☆(^_-)-☆
Kristi needs new trainers. Leah has a link for a discount coupon at an online store.
[ 2, 0, 10350, 895, 40, 120, 291, 207, 6720, 22939, 13, 70, 5, 1964, 15, 5, 804, 2792, 4, 2 ]
Boris: Due to the number of PTO requests this week, we had to decide who will be allowed to take off based on seniority. Sarah: I understand. Boris: Unfortunately, you are too low on the totem pole and we will have to deny your request. Sarah: Oh, that's too bad! Is there any compromise? I really wanted to have some time with my family. Boris: I can give you first choice of dates the week after, but that's the best I can do. Sarah: What if someone cancels? Boris: That is a rare, but yes, I will come to you first. Sarah: Thank you. Boris: Again, I'm very sorry. Sarah: Could you amend my request for the following week, Monday through Wednesday? Boris: Certainly. That should be no problem. Sarah: That's great, at least I'll have a long weekend! Boris: Very true. No problems from my side. Sarah: Do I need to initial the change? Boris: Yes, please come see my assistant at your earliest convenience. Sarah: Certainly, no problem. Boris: Thank you for being so flexible. Sarah: Sure, I understand we can't all be off. You are just trying to be fair. Boris: That's it exactly. Sarah: Thank you again for explaining it so well. Boris: My pleasure. Have a nice holiday and enjoy your time off. Sarah: Thank you!
On the following week, Sarah will get her time off from Monday to Wednesday.
[ 2, 0, 387, 26787, 34, 10, 319, 9, 221, 6390, 5034, 42, 186, 4, 91, 40, 283, 7, 4143, 2 ]
Bailey: <file_other> Bailey: .... Mikaela: oh :( Mikaela: shame it's now ... Bailey: yeah maybe it's for the better:D Mikaela: u think? Bailey: yeah i've already got like a ton of fabric in my closet Bailey: and i keep buying new stuff Mikaela: i had to buy a box at ikea! Bailey: ur lucky you only have one... Bailey: my closet got too small and now the fabric's creeping onto the shelves Bailey: 4 boxes so far... Mikaela: but you're like the master level, so it's a completely different story:D Bailey: i hope u won't ever get to this point ;D Mikaela: hahaha oh i hope i will ;D
Bailey has plenty of clothes but she keeps buying new ones and she even had to buy four extra boxes for clothes at Ikea. Mikaela has the same problem, but she only had to buy one extra box.
[ 2, 0, 34535, 9422, 18, 16198, 300, 350, 650, 8, 122, 5, 10199, 16, 31250, 2500, 5, 14169, 4, 2 ]
Diane: how long do you have to work tonight? Ross: about 2 hours, why? Diane: I just wanted to do something maybe Ross: I think I'll be worn out after all hat work, baby Diane: We can just chill at home, don't worry Diane: I just wanted to prepare Ross: OK Ross: Then just to be safe let's say it will take me 3 hours Diane: but you just said 2! Ross: Damn it, Diane, don't start again Diane: what am I starting?! Diane: you're impossible Ross: can't you understand that this is important to me?! Ross: my career depends on it! Diane: Well, if your career is the most important thing in the world then I wouldn't want to disturb! Ross: ...
Diane is not happy with Ross prioritising work over spending time with her.
[ 2, 0, 495, 26789, 34, 7, 173, 13, 132, 722, 3422, 4, 4012, 40, 28, 10610, 66, 71, 70, 2 ]
Ann: What should I prepare 4 my dad's birthday? Fiona: How old is he? Ann: turning 50 Fiona: wow, a round birthay, it must be sth big Ann: I know, but I don't have any idea Fiona: surprise party? Ann: My dad hates dose Fiona: ok, so what does he like? Ann: I don't know, he watch a lot of military movie Fiona: well, a movie ticket is probably not what you thought of Ann: not even close Fiona: Maybe some event. U know like bungee jumping or parachute jump Ann: that would be nice but he's afraid of heights Fiona: damn, maybe sth you can do together Ann: well I was plannig dinner with the whole family, but that's not enough Fiona: yes, there should be sth special also Ann: I know, but I'm out of Fiona: Let me think. Nothing with heights but maybe sth on the ground? Racing? Horse riding? Ann: ok, it's a good direction. Maybe some team play, we could go with the whole family Fiona: u said he likes military... maybe paintball? Ann: I don't know how my mum will react but I like it :D Fiona: I guess she's not into military Ann: not really, no. But it's dad's birthday so she has to accept it. Thx for the help Fiona: no problem
Ann doesn't know what she should give to her dad as a birthday gift. He's turning 50. Fiona tries to help her and suggests a paintball match.
[ 2, 0, 20767, 16, 1884, 10, 2755, 4115, 537, 13, 69, 4252, 4, 1405, 4252, 16, 6023, 9, 16889, 2 ]
Marek: bro, check this out Marek: <file_picture> Adam: whoa, that's some fine piece of ass Adam: where did you find it? Marek: that's the best part Marek: I didn't find it Marek: I made it in she shopping mall, on the escalator! Adam: ? what? Marek: pretty cool, isn't it Adam: dude, that's creppy Adam: one thing is to send me pic of nice ass, it's always appreciated Adam: but another is to walk around and take pictures on your own Adam: like some creep Adam: think about it, she might have been someone's sister or daughter Marek: dude Marek: this is some guy's ass Marek: I'm a gay, remember? Adam: shit
Marek sent Adam a photo of man's bottom. Marek made this photo in the shopping mall, on the escalator.
[ 2, 0, 448, 1322, 330, 156, 24, 11, 10, 3482, 9367, 6, 15, 5, 27196, 2630, 6, 8, 362, 2 ]
Jay: Bro. Have you heard that diamond is in Kenya? Joe: Yeah man. I know what you are thinking Jay: 😂😂 Joe: Bro. I dont have some cash to buy some tickets for the event. Jay: Come on! Stop worrying about cash. Jay: I will lend you then you can refund later. Joe: Okay. Jay: And guess what? Joe: What Jay: I have convinced Ruth and Paulette to accompany us Joe: Really? Jay: Do i look like i am joking😏😏 Joe: It's game on bro!!!!!! Jay: Yeah. You know me. Jay: But it is time you start paying me. Jay: I can't be hooking up you with new girls every time we have a concert.😂 Joe: 😂😂 cut the crap Joe: Just wait next time. I'll be the one doing the connections. Jay: Okay. Can't wait.
Jay will lend Joe money for the ticket for the event. Ruth and Paulette will accompany them.
[ 2, 0, 27918, 34, 7013, 10871, 8, 24692, 13476, 7, 20453, 3309, 23, 5, 4192, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1 ]
Natalia: should we book this flight before it gets more expensive? Harriet: yes, let's do it today Lara: yup!
Natalia, Harriet and Lara will book flight tickets today.
[ 2, 0, 40676, 6956, 6, 33268, 8, 21696, 40, 1040, 10, 2524, 452, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Ethan: ok I’m back Dustin: <file_gif> Ray: hey. How was the meeting? Ethan: boooriiiiing Dustin: <file_gif> Ethan: all the more that I’m all sore after yesterday Ethan: <file_gif> Ray: again? how often do you go to the gym bro?;D Ethan: oh you know. I usually try every other day Ethan: but this week I’ve trained every day Dustin: whaaaa Ray: you’re crazy Ethan: some guys always go every day and they live Dustin: yeah right. I’m so proud of myself if I go twice a week ;D Ray: exactly! Ethan: no pain no gain Dustin: so u training tonight? Or maybe Dustin: <file_gif> Dustin: ? :D Ray: all riiiight :D now you’re talking;D Ethan: I was going to… Ethan: but you know… Ray: 8pm my place? Dustin: perfect Ethan: how bout 9pm? I have to pick up the kids Ray: Ok, we’ll be waiting Dustin: we will. Not sure if the magic potion will xD Ethan: Ok I’ll text Sam to pick them up ;D Ethan: see u at 8 Ray: <file_gif>
Ethan was at the gym yesterday. This week he has been training every day. Ethan and Dustin will come to Ray's place at 8pm.
[ 2, 0, 717, 5652, 8, 15170, 32, 529, 23, 290, 4751, 23, 5, 6545, 4, 15926, 16, 12867, 71, 2 ]
Hugh: <file_photo> Julia: is that your son? He's lovely! Joan: What a cutie! Congrats! Hugh: Thanks!
Hugh shares a photo of his son with Joan and Julia.
[ 2, 0, 725, 12967, 11210, 11450, 10, 1345, 9, 39, 979, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Jane: I may be 10 min late. Sorry. Alex: Ok. I'm by the left entrance. Jane: The bus is running late. I've just passed the supermarket. Alex: No worries. I'll be waiting for you. Jane: Thnx Alex: Did you remember to take the file with the xerox copies? Jane: Yes. I hope it will be useful. It's quite a brick. Alex: Hope so too Jane: We'll do fine :-) Alex: No other choice. Seems like it's our last chance of getting through to them. Jane: Maybe they will be convinced after they've seen our materials.
Jane will be about 10 minutes late. Alex is waiting at the left entrance and they are going to attend a meeting. This might be the last opportunity for Jane and Alex to get through to them.
[ 2, 0, 35903, 189, 28, 158, 728, 628, 4, 2618, 40, 28, 2445, 13, 69, 23, 5, 314, 7266, 2 ]
Abdellilah: Where are you? Sam: work Abdellilah: What time you finish? Sam: Not til 5 Abdellilah: Are your bringing him over tonight: Sam: No in the morning: Abdellilah: ok, what time? Sam: About 9. Is that ok? Abdellilah: ok - see you then
Sam won't finish work till 5. Sam is bringing him over about 9 am. Sam will see Abdellilah in the morning.
[ 2, 0, 13112, 417, 1641, 718, 895, 40, 836, 1960, 81, 3422, 23, 59, 361, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1 ]
Tony: <photo_file> Amy: Sweet little cat <3 Lucas: Adorable!!
Tony sent a photo of his cat to Amy and Lucas.
[ 2, 0, 26156, 11210, 6918, 10, 1345, 9, 10, 4758, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Miriam: heyo Miriam: when do you get back? Pegah: hey hey Pegah: I'm in class till 15:00 and then I work from 17:00 till about 21:30 Pegah: so I'll be back at 22:00 D: Miriam: oh damn Miriam: that's late! Pegah: I know :( but I need as many shifts as possible Pegah: I'm gonna be a zombie all week :( Miriam: ok, well I asked coz I invited a few people over Miriam: and was hoping you would be there too Pegah: awwww Pegah: well I can have a cup of tea with you when i get back lol Miriam: I'll save you some wine as well :)
Pegah is in class till 15:00. She will work from 17:00 till around 21:30. She will be back at 22:00. Miriam invited people over and wants Pegah to come. Pegah will have a cup of tea with her when she gets back. Miriam will save Pegah some wine.
[ 2, 0, 510, 3733, 895, 16, 11, 1380, 6612, 379, 35, 612, 8, 172, 37, 1364, 31, 601, 35, 2 ]
Nathalie: have you thought about the holiday? Pauline: me & tony are into greece really Jacob: anywhere warm and sunny. greece cool Anthony: greece is warm sunny and cheapish Nathalie: i guess cob we ok w that Jacob: sure thing Pauline: so august as we said? Jacob: thats the thing. we need to be back by aug 10 Anthony: what?? why?? Nathalie: sis wedding Pauline: your lil sis getting married?!? lol Jacob: she's not little. seen her tony? Anthony: worth a look? Nathalie: shut up assholes. shes my sister for fucks sake Pauline: idiots Jacob: come one just kidding. we love you Anthony: we have no choice XD
Nathalie, Pauline, Jacob and Anthony are thinking about spending holidays in Greece together in August. Jacob and Nathalie need to be back by August 10 because of Nathalie's younger sister's wedding.
[ 2, 0, 487, 2681, 337, 324, 6, 3173, 8, 5747, 32, 164, 7, 4644, 13, 5, 2317, 4, 252, 2 ]
Steve: BTW, USA won last night! Gulab: I forgot to check! Steve: England playing tomorrow at 2:00! Gulab: That's right, Croatia? Steve: Yep.
USA won last night. England is playing against Croatia tomorrow at 2.
[ 2, 0, 133, 2805, 351, 94, 363, 4, 11437, 16, 816, 3859, 23, 132, 35, 612, 4, 2, 1, 1 ]
Louis: Hey, hows your day? :D Cheryl: Okaaay… I guess Louis: Aha, someone’s feeling a bit down, am I right? Cheryl: yea, sort of… Louis: Go on, tell me what happened Cheryl: I…just had an argument with my mom Louis: Jesus what again Cheryl: I forgot to close the window when I was leaving home! Louis: And that’s it? Cheryl: No, not only… Ya know, wouldn’t be that bad, but I got angry, started screaming and everything ;/ Louis: not a good idea, babe Cheryl: I knoooow  Louis: Was it really bad? Cheryl: I suppose yea, she kicked me out xd Louis: WHAT Cheryl: I mean I don’t have to move right now, but she gave me time till the end of the year Louis: I’m sorry… Cheryl: Naah, don’t be, I believe it’s for good. I couldn’t stand her anyway xD
Cheryl had an argument with her mom. She forgot to close the window, got angry and started a fight. Her mom gave her time till the end of the year to move out.
[ 2, 0, 347, 1843, 4360, 56, 41, 4795, 19, 69, 3795, 4, 264, 18774, 7, 593, 5, 2931, 77, 2 ]
Cathy: Just realized I left my sunglasses at yours Broke: Yes, they are waiting for you to pick them up Cathy: Might come round at 10 tonight if that's alright Broke: Yeah okay, see ya
Cathy will pick up her glasses tonight at 10.
[ 2, 0, 347, 17543, 314, 69, 17510, 23, 17806, 18, 317, 4, 264, 40, 283, 1062, 23, 158, 3422, 2 ]
Samantha: How are you doing today? Robyn: better, but I really exaggerated with bier last night Samantha: was it really only bier? Robyn: sure, why? Samantha: I don't know, your eyes, behaviour Robyn: you want to say I took drugs? Samantha: I'm only asking, I don't have anything against drugs Robyn: but I have and I never take them Samantha: ok, sorry, I didn't intend to offend you Robyn: I just drank too much, that's eat Samantha: much too much Robyn: yes, I lost control a bit Robyn: I am sorry for that Samantha: important that you feel better today
Robyn drank too much beer last night and lost control. She is feeling better today.
[ 2, 0, 18776, 3892, 26044, 19, 741, 906, 94, 363, 4, 264, 24313, 350, 203, 8, 685, 797, 4, 2 ]
Mike: Let's go for a beer Tom: Now? Mike: Yes Ben: Ok
Mike, Tom and Ben will go for a beer.
[ 2, 0, 15827, 8, 1664, 32, 164, 13, 10, 4437, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Michelle: i love kelly, she's so sweet Jared: i like her too, i like her a lot Jared: do you mind if i ask her out? Michelle: of course not! why would i? Jared: well... you and i used to go out, and she's your bestfriend Michelle: nonsense, you should ask her out! :-D
Jared and Michelle used to go out together. Now he'd like to ask Kelly, Michelle's best friend, out. He gets her permission.
[ 2, 0, 863, 6537, 8, 6145, 341, 7, 213, 66, 6, 8, 79, 18, 39, 275, 18028, 4, 2, 1 ]
Tom: we're few meters from you, can't you see us? Jeffrey: lol, nope Elena: c'mon, the red jacket!
Elena is wearing the red jacket and Jeffrey can't see her nor Tom.
[ 2, 0, 19663, 5460, 8, 24816, 32, 367, 7679, 31, 1560, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Zack: Dude have you seen the new Jersey Shore season? Dwayne: Didn't even knew a new one came out xD Zack: Ahahah no surprise there. But yeah I watched a couple of episodes and it was hilarious. Dwayne: It's the original cast? Zack: Yep. Snooki, J-Wow, Pauly D, Ron, The Situation, Deena and Vinny. Dwayne: I herad The Situation was having some bad legal problems.. Zack: Yeah and he still is. Dwayne: How come he's doing the show? Zack: I have no idea but he is really diferent now. Dwayne: I highly doubt that xD Zack: No dude really, he's super funny and a nice guy now. Dwayne: Damn it seems I have to check it out, that sounds interesting ahaha Zack: Check it out! Season 2 is almost there so we will have some more episodes to watch after we finish the first season. Dwayne: Alright. I'm gonna start watching, I will let you know what I think afterwards :p Zack: ahahah do that!
Dwayne will watch the new season of "Jersey Shore" on Zack's advice. The first episodes of the new season are hilarious. Season 2 is upcoming.
[ 2, 0, 1301, 2990, 3996, 10, 891, 9, 7585, 9, 5, 92, 3123, 10291, 191, 4, 20, 1461, 2471, 2 ]
Kimberly: Hi Laura :) Laura: Hey Kim :) Kimberly: Do u remember if I left the cafe yesterday with my umbrella? Laura: I'm not sure... Laura: I remember you arriving with it. It was a pinkish-blue one, right? Kimberly: Yes, with a flower motive. Kimberly: I got it as a present from my Mom a few years back. Kimberly: It's not worth anything, but it's about the sentimental value. Laura: I understand, maybe try calling the cafe? Laura: Maybe a customer found it or a waiter? Laura: Here's the number: 613-785-4329. Kimberly: Thanks! It's worth a try :)
Kimberly might have left her umbrella she got from her mother at the cafe yesterday. Laura gives her the cafe's phone number to check with the staff.
[ 2, 0, 18806, 1943, 352, 314, 5, 16381, 2350, 19, 69, 16676, 4, 264, 300, 24, 25, 10, 1455, 2 ]
Grace: i didn't get to talk to you a lot at the party last night Audrey: i know, i really wanted to catch up with you! :-( Audrey: what's going on in your life? Audrey: anything new? Grace: not really, i'm excited about graduating soon Grace: i think i'll apply for grad school but i'm still not sure Audrey: you always have liked school lol Grace: i've also thought of taking a year off Audrey: that also sounds like a good idea!!! Audrey: let me know when you make up your mind lol
Grace and Audrey didn't manage to talk at yesterday's party. Grace is about to graduate. She doesn't know if she will apply for a grad school or take a gap year.
[ 2, 0, 15536, 4450, 399, 75, 120, 7, 1067, 7, 25478, 10, 319, 23, 5, 537, 94, 363, 4, 2 ]
Jose: merry christmas! Ricky: Merry Christmas! Amanda: Happy holidays! Amanda: And a happy new year Ricky: 2019 will be awesome!! Ricky: So many adventures to come!! Jose: I can't wait for the summer to come Amanda: Me too!! Ricky: I'm excited to go to Cuba Jose: I'm more than happy to be your guide Amanda: 2019 will bring us lots of traveling Jose: Cuba, Mexico, Thailand! Amanda: And more!
Jose Ricky and Amanda are very enthusiastic about the new year as they will travel a lot during the summer of 2019.
[ 2, 0, 500, 14963, 6, 10641, 8, 3071, 32, 2283, 13, 954, 4, 252, 40, 213, 7, 8455, 6, 2 ]
Jason: What are you doing this weekend? If you're bored maybe we should do something, but we also MUST create the video! Dory: My friend is coming over the day after tomorrow Jason: Yay! How long will s/he be staying? Dory: She. around a week. gotta get the house ready. So how is the movie coming along? Jason: We've had 2 months and now we're down to 2 weekends... Dory: Have you started? Jason: I purchased the app in which to video and to edit and Lucy has a script. We just have to produce something now. Dory: So you're virtually done! Jason: Haha, something like that
Jason wants to meet Dory over the weekend. Dory's friend is going to stay with her for a week. Jason has been working on a movie with Lucy for the past two months. Jason bought a video-creator app.
[ 2, 0, 24434, 6, 16498, 8, 14309, 32, 164, 7, 1045, 10, 569, 13, 5, 1569, 4, 3262, 3584, 2 ]
Tim: Hey, you have a few minutes? Joe: Sure, what's up? Tim: I'm thinking about inviting a few people from work over and I kinda thought that maybe some boardgames would be a cool idea. Tim: And I wanted to consult the expert on the matter :) Joe: As you know I'm always happy to share my expertise with anyone willing to listen. You will just need to stop me when I get too wound up :D Tim: Haha :) Ok, So I know you ran the local club - any tips how to organize a newbie gaming evening? And what games to bring? Joe: yeah, sure - just a few general tips :) Joe: Start games before you start drinking :) And don't bring any game that is either over-complicated, requires too much time to explain, or god forbid encourages direct conflict - you know, the plotting-scheming stuff. So no Game of Thrones :) Joe: Or alternatively you can chose some cooperative games - like Arkham Horror, Robinson Crusoe, Pandemic Tim: Got it :D Joe: Also would be great to know what theme they all like - if there is one. And if not then there are some 'vanilla' games - like Codenames or Catan. Any idea what they might be into? Tim: Not really - there are some guys who I know like sci-fi and comic books, but no idea about the girls... Joe: The best way - just talk with them - might be surprised by their tastes and experiences. Maybe some of them are already into gaming? There are nerds in every walk of life :) Tim: Yeah, I know, all too well :) Tim: Anyway, thanks for the tips - co-op games sound like a good idea for a start. Joe: yeah, and then if the idea sticks you can roll out the big guns :) Tim: Will do that :)
Tim wants to organise a board games night for his colleagues. Joe has some good ideas and tips on where to start.
[ 2, 0, 23031, 16, 2053, 59, 13869, 10, 367, 82, 31, 173, 81, 13, 10, 92, 12750, 6548, 1559, 2 ]
Vincent: did you watch parks and rec Vincent: did you like it? Amanda: it was ok :-/ Amanda: i'm not a big fan of the woman who plays the main character Amanda: what's her name Vincent: amy poehler Vincent: she's so funny :-) Vincent: give the show another try Amanda: i will
Amanda will give another try to "Parks and Rec".
[ 2, 0, 10127, 5219, 3996, 6768, 8, 3872, 19196, 4, 264, 630, 75, 101, 5, 693, 54, 1974, 5, 2 ]
Adam: My friend told me he saw Tim with a guy. Nate: And? Adam: <file_photo> Nate: omg Julia: Yeah, what a shocker Adam: ??? You knew?! Julia: I thought everyone knew Nate: I had no idea Nate: Did he tell you anything? Julia: That he’s gay? God no Adam: Why didn’t you tell us? Julia: First: I assumed you knew Julia: Second: Why would I? it’s not my business Nate: I think he should’ve told us ;/ not cool Adam: yeah, I made a completely idiot out of myself defending him Julia: Against whom? I’m not surprised he didn’t tell you Nate: Well, it’s not fair, we’re his friends Julia: And? Does it change anything?
Julia knew Tim was gay, while Adam and Nate didn't.
[ 2, 0, 24671, 18, 1441, 174, 123, 2668, 794, 2668, 19, 10, 2173, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Ian: Honey, do not you know where my green folder is? Sophie: Green? Sophie: I have no idea. Ian: I was sure I left it on the dining room table. Sophie: Maybe Alex put it somewhere. Sophie: Ask her. Ian: ok, thx :*
Ian is looking for his green folder. Sophie hasn't seen it but maybe Alex will know.
[ 2, 0, 104, 6673, 324, 630, 75, 216, 147, 69, 2272, 32038, 16, 4, 2618, 314, 24, 15, 5, 2 ]
Daniel: Yo, at what time do you get out of work? Missy: At 6. Daniel: Drinks after dinner? Missy: Totally! Daniel: Cool.
Daniel will see Missy after 6 for drinks.
[ 2, 0, 18322, 8, 4523, 219, 40, 33, 925, 12935, 71, 3630, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Dixie: Can I have Jason's phone number? Jair: I dont have it Dixie: Can you ask someone else to gimme? Jair: Sure Dixie: Ty Jair: Ethan would send you in a min Dixie: K
Ethan will soon send Jason's phone number to Dixie.
[ 2, 0, 495, 24006, 40, 1394, 5957, 13, 3262, 18, 1028, 346, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Don: Hi Cindy. Have you made all arrangements? Cindy: It's about today's meeting or your trip next week? Don: Both, I suppose:) Cindy: You have meeting with management board today at 2 pm. Don: Where did you set it up? Cindy: In our conference room. Cindy: Catering will bring some tea, coffee and snacks. Don: That's good. Don: Did everybody got the agenda? Cindy: Yep. Don: How did Andy react when he saw it? Cindy: Can't say, really. Not sure if he even read it. Don: That's Andy all right. Don: And how about the trip. Cindy: I've got your plane tickets and booked the hotel. Don: Which one? Cindy: Hilton, as usual. Don: Perfect:=) Cindy: But nobody is gonna pick you up at the airport. You'll have to get a cab. Don: I think, I can manage that;=) Don: Good job, Cindy. No idea, where I'd be without you.
Cindy has made arrangements for today's meeting at 2 pm in the conference room. She also organised flights and hotel for next week's trip. Don is appreciative.
[ 2, 0, 6766, 34, 10, 529, 19, 1052, 792, 452, 23, 132, 4751, 4, 20322, 154, 40, 836, 6845, 2 ]
Ann: Are you coming home for lunch? Pete: Yes be right there Ann: Okay Pete: 20 min or so
Pete will be home for lunch in about 20 minutes.
[ 2, 0, 510, 9306, 40, 28, 184, 11, 291, 728, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Jamilla: remember that the audition starts at 7.30 P.M. Kiki: which station? Jamilla: Antena 3 Yoyo: roger that
The audition starts at 7.30 P.M. in Antena 3.
[ 2, 0, 133, 17476, 2012, 23, 262, 4, 541, 221, 4, 448, 4, 15, 3702, 4242, 155, 4, 2, 1 ]
Ursula: Haha I got a 93 on my French exam Bob: Well done girl! Jana: Wow Jana: How did u manage to do that Ursula: I just studied hard for it Jana: omg Jana: French is so hard Vaughn: I got a 65 Vaughn: I didn't study for it haha Ursula: At least you passed Vaughn: Congrats!
Ursula got 93 on her French exam. Vaughn got 65, but still passed.
[ 2, 0, 791, 4926, 5571, 300, 10, 8060, 15, 69, 1515, 10743, 4, 264, 8069, 543, 13, 24, 4, 2 ]
Brandon: Shit, I've lost my credit card! Brandon: I blocked it in the bank but it will take time before I get a new one Brandon: can you lend me $ 100 guys? Luke: sorry man, Im broke:/ Brandon: I see Ian: what a misfortune, dude Ian: I can lend you $$, no problem Brandon: thanks, dude!
Brandon has lost his credit card and blocked it in the bank. It will take some time before he gets a new one, and he needs money. Luke is broke, but Ian will lend Brandon some money.
[ 2, 0, 40468, 34, 685, 39, 1361, 1886, 4, 5790, 40, 15658, 123, 68, 727, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1 ]
Matt: Do you have Patrick's phone number? He's not picking up my calls... Matt: Is he mad at me? Mary: Sure, here you go: +44 7700 900077 Susan: He changed his number :) Matt: phew, thanks!
Mary is giving Matt Patrick's new phone number.
[ 2, 0, 32811, 16, 45, 6201, 62, 2150, 18, 1519, 4, 6470, 1714, 3499, 18, 1028, 346, 4, 2, 1 ]
Lucy: Have you thrown the garbage out? Levy: I thought you were supposed to do that as per parents order Lucy: i guess I will have to now
Levy hasn't taken the trash out because parents didn't ask him. Lucy will do it.
[ 2, 0, 25370, 4469, 34, 5629, 5, 11671, 66, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Ian: Did you hear? Kate: What happened? Ian: Mike had an accident on his motorcycle. Ian: He broke his leg
Mike's had an accident on his motorcycle and he's broken his leg.
[ 2, 0, 15827, 2263, 39, 2985, 15, 39, 10218, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
Rob: I wanna start Get off the couch challenge! Who's with me? I'm gonna start with 30 min of activity every day. Greg: way ahead of you mate! at least 60 min a day! Rob: good for you! 30 min a day is gonna be challenging for me! Greg: good luck then! Will: don't be too hard on yourself. better to be realistic. fingers crossed! Anna: i'm in! 30 min sounds reasonable! Greg: look for variety of exercises such as walking, biking, swimming whatever you enjoy! Anna: i'm gonna need lots of support from you guys!
Rob wants to start doing 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Greg is already doing 60 minutes. Anna wants to start exercising just like Rob.
[ 2, 0, 18776, 1072, 7, 386, 10, 2315, 160, 5, 16433, 1539, 4, 4275, 8, 7687, 32, 11, 4, 2 ]
Marleen: Hello my dear, I'll be leaving in half an hour to go to town. If you have any idea for a present for Rita let me know. Marleen: Text me here with your ideas for a present for her. Barry: But I've got none! I leave the choice entirely to you. Barry: I'm at home now. Marleen: Am at Kaiser's. Lovely silk kerchiefs. What do you think? Barry: One can't have too many! Marleen: But isn't it a bit too personal? Barry: Not at all. Marleen: <file_photo> Marleen: Which? Barry: The one with yellow pattern, definitely. She loves yellow. Marleen: The most expensive of the five. Barry: How much? Marleen: 39 Barry: Oh come on. Not so bad. Marleen: Shall we go 50/50? Barry: OK
Marleen will be leaving in half an hour to go to town. She will get a present for Rita - silk kerchief with a yellow pattern from Kaiser's. It costs 39, and Barley will share the cost 50/50 with Marleen.
[ 2, 0, 387, 12795, 40, 28, 1618, 11, 457, 41, 1946, 7, 213, 7, 1139, 4, 1127, 17733, 40, 2 ]

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  • Dataset: samsum

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