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Stuning even for the non-gamer
This sound track was beautiful! It paints the senery in your mind so well I would recomend it even to people who hate vid. game music! I have played the game Chrono Cross but out of all of the games I have ever played it has the best music! It backs away from crude keyboarding and takes a fresher step with grate guitars and soulful orchestras. It would impress anyone who cares to listen! ^_^
The best soundtrack ever to anything.
I'm reading a lot of reviews saying that this is the best 'game soundtrack' and I figured that I'd write a review to disagree a bit. This in my opinino is Yasunori Mitsuda's ultimate masterpiece. The music is timeless and I'm been listening to it for years now and its beauty simply refuses to fade.The price tag on this is pretty staggering I must say, but if you are going to buy any cd for this much money, this is the only one that I feel would be worth every penny.
This soundtrack is my favorite music of all time, hands down. The intense sadness of "Prisoners of Fate" (which means all the more if you've played the game) and the hope in "A Distant Promise" and "Girl who Stole the Star" have been an important inspiration to me personally throughout my teen years. The higher energy tracks like "Chrono Cross ~ Time's Scar~", "Time of the Dreamwatch", and "Chronomantique" (indefinably remeniscent of Chrono Trigger) are all absolutely superb as well.This soundtrack is amazing music, probably the best of this composer's work (I haven't heard the Xenogears soundtrack, so I can't say for sure), and even if you've never played the game, it would be worth twice the price to buy it.I wish I could give it 6 stars.
Excellent Soundtrack
I truly like this soundtrack and I enjoy video game music. I have played this game and most of the music on here I enjoy and it's truly relaxing and peaceful.On disk one. my favorites are Scars Of Time, Between Life and Death, Forest Of Illusion, Fortress of Ancient Dragons, Lost Fragment, and Drowned Valley.Disk Two: The Draggons, Galdorb - Home, Chronomantique, Prisoners of Fate, Gale, and my girlfriend likes ZelbessDisk Three: The best of the three. Garden Of God, Chronopolis, Fates, Jellyfish sea, Burning Orphange, Dragon's Prayer, Tower Of Stars, Dragon God, and Radical Dreamers - Unstealable Jewel.Overall, this is a excellent soundtrack and should be brought by those that like video game music.Xander Cross
Remember, Pull Your Jaw Off The Floor After Hearing it
If you've played the game, you know how divine the music is! Every single song tells a story of the game, it's that good! The greatest songs are without a doubt, Chrono Cross: Time's Scar, Magical Dreamers: The Wind, The Stars, and the Sea and Radical Dreamers: Unstolen Jewel. (Translation varies) This music is perfect if you ask me, the best it can be. Yasunori Mitsuda just poured his heart on and wrote it down on paper.
an absolute masterpiece
I am quite sure any of you actually taking the time to read this have played the game at least once, and heard at least a few of the tracks here. And whether you were aware of it or not, Mitsuda's music contributed greatly to the mood of every single minute of the whole game.Composed of 3 CDs and quite a few songs (I haven't an exact count), all of which are heart-rendering and impressively remarkable, this soundtrack is one I assure you you will not forget. It has everything for every listener -- from fast-paced and energetic (Dancing the Tokage or Termina Home), to slower and more haunting (Dragon God), to purely beautifully composed (Time's Scar), to even some fantastic vocals (Radical Dreamers).This is one of the best videogame soundtracks out there, and surely Mitsuda's best ever. ^_^
Buyer beware
This is a self-published book, and if you want to know why--read a few paragraphs! Those 5 star reviews must have been written by Ms. Haddon's family and friends--or perhaps, by herself! I can't imagine anyone reading the whole thing--I spent an evening with the book and a friend and we were in hysterics reading bits and pieces of it to one another. It is most definitely bad enough to be entered into some kind of a "worst book" contest. I can't believe Amazon even sells this kind of thing. Maybe I can offer them my 8th grade term paper on "To Kill a Mockingbird"--a book I am quite sure Ms. Haddon never heard of. Anyway, unless you are in a mood to send a book to someone as a joke---stay far, far away from this one!
Glorious story
I loved Whisper of the wicked saints. The story was amazing and I was pleasantly surprised at the changes in the book. I am not normaly someone who is into romance novels, but the world was raving about this book and so I bought it. I loved it !! This is a brilliant story because it is so true. This book was so wonderful that I have told all of my friends to read it. It is not a typical romance, it is so much more. Not reading this book is a crime, becuase you are missing out on a heart warming story.
I just finished reading Whisper of the Wicked saints. I fell in love with the caracters. I expected an average romance read, but instead I found one of my favorite books of all time. Just when I thought I could predict the outcome I was shocked ! The writting was so descriptive that my heart broke when Julia's did and I felt as if I was there with them instead of just a distant reader. If you are a lover of romance novels then this is a must read. Don't let the cover fool you this book is spectacular!
Whispers of the Wicked Saints
This was a easy to read book that made me want to keep reading on and on, not easy to put down.It left me wanting to read the follow on, which I hope is coming soon. I used to read a lot but have gotten away from it. This book made me want to read again. Very enjoyable.
The Worst!
A complete waste of time. Typographical errors, poor grammar, and a totally pathetic plot add up to absolutely nothing. I'm embarrassed for this author and very disappointed I actually paid for this book.
Great book
This was a great book,I just could not put it down,and could not read it fast enough. Boy what a book the twist and turns in this just keeps you guessing and wanting to know what is going to happen next. This book makes you fall in love and can heat you up,it can also make you so angery. this book can make you go throu several of your emotions. This is a quick read romance. It is something that you will want to end your day off with if you read at night.
Great Read
I thought this book was brilliant, but yet realistic. It showed me that to error is human. I loved the fact that this writer showed the loving side of God and not the revengeful side of him. I loved how it twisted and turned and I could not put it down. I also loved The glass castle.
Oh please
I guess you have to be a romance novel lover for this one, and not a very discerning one. All others beware! It is absolute drivel. I figured I was in trouble when a typo is prominently featured on the back cover, but the first page of the book removed all doubt. Wait - maybe I'm missing the point. A quick re-read of the beginning now makes it clear. This has to be an intentional churning of over-heated prose for satiric purposes. Phew, so glad I didn't waste $10.95 after all.
Awful beyond belief!
I feel I have to write to keep others from wasting their money. This book seems to have been written by a 7th grader with poor grammatical skills for her age! As another reviewer points out, there is a misspelling on the cover, and I believe there is at least one per chapter. For example, it was mentioned twice that she had a "lean" on her house. I was so distracted by the poor writing and weak plot, that I decided to read with a pencil in hand to mark all of the horrible grammar and spelling. Please don't waste your money. I too, believe that the good reviews must have been written by the author's relatives. I will not put much faith in the reviews from now on!
Don't try to fool us with fake reviews.
It's glaringly obvious that all of the glowing reviews have been written by the same person, perhaps the author herself. They all have the same misspellings and poor sentence structure that is featured in the book. Who made Veronica Haddon think she is an author?
A romantic zen baseball comedy
When you hear folks say that they don't make 'em like that anymore, they might be talking about "BY THE SEA". This is a very cool story about a young Cuban girl searching for idenity who stumbles into a coastal resort kitchen gig with a zen motorcycle maintenance man, three hysterical Italian chefs and a Latino fireballing right handed pitcher who plays on the team sponsored by the resort's owner. As is often the case she 'finds' herself through honest, often comical but always emotional, interaction with this sizzling roster of players. With the perfect mix of special effects, that salsa sound and flashbacks, BY THE SEA, gets 4 BIG stars from me!
Fashionable Compression Stockings!
After I had a DVT my doctor required me to wear compression stockings. I wore ugly white TED hose and yucky thick brown stockings. Then I found Jobst UltraSheer. They gave me the compression I needed (15-20,) but looked like regular pantyhose. Even though my blood clot has been gone for 4 years, I still buy these to wear as support stockings because they make my legs feel so nice.**Note, I have problems with the rubberized tops rolling down my thigh. I tried the Jobst adhesive, but I hated having my skin pulled all day. I bought an inexpensive garter belt and it works fine and helps keep the stockings from rolling.
Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High
Excellent product. However, they are very difficult to get on for older people. I feel like I've had a full day workout after getting them on. Also, as the day wears on, they begin to roll down from the top and create a very deep ridge in the skin. I have to wear them, so if those two difficulties could be addressed it would be such a help.
sizes recomended in the size chart are not real
sizes are much smaller than what is recomended in the chart. I tried to put it and sheer it!. I guess you should not buy this item in the is better to go to the store and check it
mens ultrasheer
This model may be ok for sedentary types, but I'm active and get around alot in my job - consistently found these stockings rolled up down by my ankles! Not Good!! Solution: go with the standard compression stocking, 20-30, stock #114622. Excellent support, stays up and gives me what I need. Both pair of these also tore as I struggled to pull them up all the time. Good riddance/bad investment!
Delicious cookie mix
I thought it was funny that I bought this product without knowing it was a mix. I read the header very quickly and just thought it was packaged cookies. But no, it is cookie MIX and I guess I should have noticed that since it is right in the title.This is the first time I have ever tried baking with a cookie mix. If you are used to the convenience of the cookie dough that you buy wrapped up in plastic logs then you might be in for a bit of a surprise. Mixing up the dough can get VERY messy (it is extremely sticky). However, with a cookie mix like this you have a lot of flexibility in the ratio of ingredients (I like to add some extra butter to make the baked cookies more chewy). Also, this mix has really large chocolate chips in it--I love that.I removed a star for the addition of 'natural flavors' in the mix.
Another Abysmal Digital Copy
Rather than scratches and insect droppings, this one has random pixelations combined with muddy light and vague image resolution. Probably the cue should have been the packaging is straight out of your street corner bootleg dealer.If you've ever seen a reasonably good condition film copy, you know the defining visuals of his film are the crystal clear lighting contrasts in black and white. The surrounding countryside and 'old home' scenes are set with early morning ground mists or the haze of memory while the events on the bridge and in the water are bright, clear, and immediate.Here everything is dull, dark, and clouded. Or, if you remember the timbre and enunciation of Captain's commands, so are the visuals.After that, it is hard to believe this award winning, critically acclaimed film's best presentation is on YOUTUBE. Somewhere "out there" is a DVD that comes up to the standard of a 16mm public library reel.Just none of them appear to be on Amazon.
A fascinating insight into the life of modern Japanese teens
I thoroughly enjoyed Rising Sons and Daughters. I don't know of any other book that looks at Japanese society from the point of view of its young people poised as they are between their parents' age-old Japanese culture of restraint and obedience to the will of the community, and their peers' adulation of Western culture. True to form, the "New Young" of Japan seem to be creating an "international" blend, as the Ando family demonstrates in this beautifully written book of vignettes of the private lives of members of this family. Steven Wardell is clearly a talented young author, adopted for some of his schooling into this family of four teens, and thus able to view family life in Japan from the inside out. A great read!
i liked this album more then i thought i would
I heard a song or two and thought same o same o,but when i listened to songs like "blue angel","lanna" and 'mama" the hair just rose off my neck.Roy is trully an amazing singer with a talent you don't find much now days.
Problem with charging smaller AAAs
I have had the charger for more than two years. It charges AA batteries just fine, but has a huge problem securing smaller AAA batteries. To charge the smaller batteries you need to flip down the little button at the positive end. In the beginning one of the four AAA batteries would pop up, and now three out of the four won't hold. The problem is the flip mechanism became loose, and any horizontal pressure would push the buttons back up. What I have to do now is using duct tape and a segment of crayon, apply the crayon on the buttons, and wrap the tape around. You know how painful that is.
Works, but not as advertised
I bought one of these chargers..the instructions say the lights stay on while the battery charges...true. The instructions doNT say the lights turn off when its done. Which is also true. 24 hours of charging and the lights stay on. I returned it thinking I had a bad unit.The new one did the same thing. I just kept it since it does charge...but the lights are useless since they seem to always stay on. It's a "backup" charger for when I manage to drain all my AAs but I wouldn't want this as my only charger.
I read the reviews,made my purchase and was very disappointed. The charger is convenient by charging all four batteries at once but the charge only lasts a very short time. I now have to go and find batteries that will give me longer life than the kodak NiMH AA batteries.
Oh dear
I was excited to find a book ostensibly about Muslim feminism, but this volume did not live up to the expectations.One essay, among other things, describes the veil as potentially liberating. It doesn't begin to explain how or why.Another, on Muslim women in Cape Town, claims that Muslim women there are separate but "more than equal." Gee whiz, what a disappointment.I had expected and hoped for at least one Muslim feminist condemnation of gender apartheid. But there is not a single one in the book.I'm surprised it didn't have an essay extolling the virtues of female genital mutilation.--Alyssa A. Lappen
Based on the reviews here I bought one and I'm glad I did!
This VCR/DVD was an early Christmas present to myself after deciding to join the rest of the world in DVD-land but not wanting to let go of my VHS movies quite yet. Based on the reviews and price, and because I own a JVC TV, this was my choice. I agree with the easy set-up. It's a bit awkward to work the whole TV/VHS/DVD selection options but I think I've gotten the hang of it.Two comments: it's not intuitive and actually is pretty complicated (too many buttons on the remote but that might please others who are more technically-minded than me) so I've had to rely heavily on the how-to manual. And setting the VCR timer is awkward -- you can't enter the start and end time but have to scroll (unless I'm missing something)...but those are my only complaints. This is a good product for your $$$.
Incorrect disc!
I am a big JVC fan, but I do not like this model, I was suspiscious when I saw several units in the return section of the store. I bought one anyway (new) and must say I am not happy. The unit sends out clicks to the receiver once in a while, the transition between scenes is not always smooth,(like a little pause) and while it is still fairly new I can't get any DVD,CD or even a DVD headcleaner to work. All I get is a "incorrect disc" message.
happy with it...but
I'm a JVC nut...I have 3 JVC televisions, one VCR, one bookshelf audio system and car audio system. So when it came time to move the VCR player to the boys room and get another one for the old man I knew what make it was going to be. I decided on the combo player because I don't think VHS is going to be around much longer. I like my combo player except for 2 things:(1)no cable box compatability on the remote control (2)no seperate audio video inputs only input for coax cable from my cable box so all of the cable programming is in mono...wife can't tell the difference in the sound so if she's happy then I'll just live with it. VCR and DVD look and sound GREAT!!!!!!!
should be titled "Hollywood Debacle"
The plot is so ridiculous, I have to wonder if they even read the script before making this film. The mountain lion breaks out of his trailer - and the cars behind don't notice? The mountain lion is captured - and put in a jail cell? Get real! Utterly, completely stupid.
Is this great TV??? You bet it is
Hotel Babylon is not just good's great TV!!!! The show features some incredible acting from Tamzin Outhwaite (formerly of EastEnders, a BBC soap) and Max Beesley (from the ill-fated movie "Glitter" starring Mariah Carey). The show could make for a great drama series, but I felt that it is a mix of a drama, comedy, and soap opera all mixed into a great BBC show. The show aired on BBC America for a while but didn't get around to seeing it. I can now say that I got the DVD set and all the episodes are great. The season finale was an interesting to watch.The show reminds me of Hotel which aired on ABC from 1983 to 1988. The reason...Hotel was set at a fictional San Francisco hotel as Hotel Babylon was set at a luxury five-star hotel in England.I recommend this DVD to anyone who is willing to watch a great show from the BBC.
Nothing you don't already know
If you have even casually looked into applying to law school, have already read everything there is in this book, do not waste your money, seriously!!
Unfortunately it wasn't entertaining in the least bit.
When I first ordered the CD, I figured it was going to be a hip, cool daddy vibe CD. However much to my dismay it sounds like a fourth grade music class. The main jist of the CD is that there is a xylaphone playing over peoples voices trying to replicate happening party. I believe if I played this CD at a party anywhere in my neighborhood I would get laughed off the beach. Growing up a surfer in San Diego, I would not recommend this CD to any of my Southern California brothers. Honestly, when I played it I kinda of felt I was in a bad B movie. The absolutle epitimy of the CD is the last "vibe" Surf Cha Cha. Surfers don't CHA.
Rochelle explains It All for You
Wondering what the hell has happened to the moral aspect of modern American culture ? This book is a lucid, well argued explanation of the simple fact that we have become so totally focused on our individual RIGHTS that we have completely ignored, and even mocked, our personal and public responsibilities. The final response and indictment of Robert Ringer's best seller, LOOKING OUT FOR #1. This is a great time for anyone who is disgusted with the boorish state of American media, politics and discourse in general, to clear their heads for the substantial challenges that lie before us not only as Americans, but as human beings. A great book
More great playing
Larry's work for the Muse label in the late 80s and early 90s found him exploring the rich catalog of jazz standards that he probably grew up playing. Surrounding himself with the best musicians around, Larry sounds relaxed, focused, and totally in control. Listen to Larry's take on "My Funny Valentine" and tell me it doesn't stand right up there with Chet Baker's or Miles'. A very fine album that you'll enjoy again and again.
Doesn't work on a Mac
It clearly says on line this will work on a Mac OS system. The disk comes and it does not, only Windows . Do Not order this if you have a Mac!!!!!!!
Very Frustrating
My three year old son was very excited to get this but after two attempts at playing it hasn't been touched since. You are not able to use the mouse through any of the games except for the "power-up segments" instead you are using the up-down arrows on the keyboard - too hard for him and not much fun. Very disapointed with this game and wish I could return it.
Mind numbing
This game makes you do the same things over and over, it never holds my son's attention long enough to get to the next level. There is no choice of games you have to do every thing in order. We have another Rescue Heroes game and both my boys 3 and 6 love it, but this one is a dog!
Cannot recommend
As a former Alaskan, I didn't want to have to do this. But after repeatedly attempting Allman's recipes and having to throw out 8-10 cups of flour and miscellaneous ingredients nearly every time--and then comparing to Ed Wood's recipes which work flawlessly, and Lisa Rayner's very excellent Wild Bread: Hand-baked sourdough artisan breads in your own kitchen, I can't help but notice that their recipes work, where Allman's fail.I'm not a novice baker. The only thing that worked reliably was the pancakes recipe, but that can be found other places as well.If you are looking for reliable recipes and concise information about starting a sourdough and maintaining it, I recommend any of Ed Wood's books, even his very old ones. Lisa Rayner has written a fabulous tome in Wild Bread. But pass on this book.While some of the historical vignettes were interesting--not enough so to warrant the cost of the book. Check it out at your library if you must.
Alaska sourdough
REad most of the book while visiting my brother in Alaska. Loved it. I am going to be making my sourdough starter soon. Book is full of great stories and recipes.
Old and good
This book is worth to keep in your collection as it does not only advise what to do with sourdough but Ruth also told you what the picture of past 100 years ago in Alaska where no stand mixer nor any civilized stuffs in kitchen, just a pot of sourdough.
got this for my daughter in NC, she is now making prefect bread. Wish she lived closer to make me some
Fast mp3 download of music waxed decades ago
One of these 26 songs played as background music on a YouTube video of some kind of gymnastic or dance feat out of Russia. I hunted down the melody, read the English lyrics, then decided to see what else was in the album. Downloaded the full album for $15 via Amazon mp3 downloader, and now happily listen to the melodies (interspersed) on my iPod.
Maybe I got a bad one.
My experience: I got this from FM, not Amazon. The DVD player rattled pretty loudly sometimes (but not always) when I put in a DVD. I tried several. The picture quality wasn't all that great and the screen got a horizontal line thru the middle after a short time that would not go away. Plus one of the other reviewers was dead on about the remote - the layout makes no sense at all! Very poor human engineering, IMO. I brought it back to the store for a refund. I saw the same model under the Emerson name for <$400 at WM but was hesitant to buy it.
Sylvania 6620LDG 20" Flat Panel LCD TV with Built in DVD player
Light weight, space saving very attractive design. Sharp Picture, Good sound quality and quick response time. DVD playback also excellent. Only negative is its remote control. It is hard to read the functions of the keys due to color choices. The placement of the keys are almost illogical and you have to look at it carefully before each use. It almost seems like it was designed by an imbecil. The quality, the features and the price still makes this TV an excellent buy.
I bought this for my wife for her birthday,and had toreturn it because the DVD palyer would not work. I returned it and got a repalcement, which once again the DVD player failed to work! It is a piece of junk.
*** BEWARE ***
This TV is set so that it is not capable of a "recall" function. If you want to flash back between channels, this TV is not going to give it to you. The remote control that comes with the TV has no recall function, so I bought a Sony universal, which is a much better remote, that had the recall button on it. However, I soon learned that the TV is set at the factory to not have the capability to flash-back. It may not be a big deal to some, but this user found it very annoying.
Kitchen TV
I bought this to replace a 13" tube tv in my kitchen. What I gained was a larger screen plus relcaiming the counter space. The picture is good, and the internal DVD player is a bonus. All in all, a good purchase.
Nice for the money
The first one I bought was defective. The DVD didn't work at all. I purchased it from Electronics Express and when I contacted them they were wonderful. They gave me an RMA number right away, Fedex picked it up the next day and a new one arrived 1 week later. This one is just fine. I really love the clarity of the picture. My only complaint is that in DVD mode, the sound isn't loud enough. I have it in my RV and with the A/C running, I can barely hear it. I solved the problem by running an audio out jack from the TV to the input on the RV stereo speaker system. It's very lightweight and easy to move around and store. A bonus for the RV. The remote isn't great, but it works just fine and the video/audio jacks and antenna input are easy to get to as is the DVD player. All in all, it's a great deal for the price.
Disappointed Romanian!
This book in my opinion is biased and takes an angle of Europe that is "clean and proper" and fails to shed light on the rest of it. I can understand that these are "tourist guides" and why would anyone want to tour a country forgotten by time. However, I am a very disappointed Romanian with this book and would never use it as my reference. I have seen travel guides outlining Europe exclude Romania before, but with the precision and detail of DK's series, I was left yet again in disappointment.
Great travel guide to Europe!
This book is realy great for everybody who likes to travel Europe. The combination of good pictures, illustration and texts is perfect. You get a good overall view for the most important sights, places, cities and countries in Europe and also a bit of historical information. As a European who already traveled a bit I still could find a lot of inspiration to more interesting places to go. Thank a lot to Eyewitness Travel for there great books!
Not the best
I bought both this and lonely planet and have used lonely planet more because this book is full of pictures but doesn't give you all the info you need. Also, I ended up buying each indiv city guide as well because this one only scratches the surface!
Good but received defective book
I bought this book because we are moving to Germany and I wanted to get a good overview of all the countries in Europe that we could travel too. Unfortunately pages 457-480 on Greece are not in English - looks to be Spanish. There was some sort of printing problem! But I found the rest of the book to give good highlights of the countries.
From The Label:
From Memphis, TN. comes The Reatards, fronted, of course, by wild kid Jay Reatard. He starting off on Eric Oblivians label, Goner, at the tender age of 15. Jay, now 19, is still rocking and offending the sensibilities of his community. Overdriven, loud, crackling guitars underlaying Jay's southern crooning howl energizes some of the most amazing hate-filled song writing we've heard in years.
Either 1 or 5 Stars. Depends on how you look at it.
Either 1 or 5 Stars. Depends on how you look at it.1 Star because they sent 6 feet of 2" OD copper pipe.0 Star because they won't accept returns on it.5 stars because I figure it's actually worth $12-15/foot and since they won't take a return I figure I can sell it and make $40-50 on this deal
Hunting the Hard Way
Thia was a gift for my Husband, who loved the book. It arrived on the date we were told it would.
The text is the same as ever (I think), but the plates are markedly inferior to all previous editions. Had I known this ahead of time, I would not have purchased this volume.
Homer or Moses?
An extremely helpful gem on a complex subject of second century religious authority and textual use. For anyone serious about this period and the interelation of cultures, this book is essential. Is it complex and detailed? Of course, it must be to argue the point. Should you buy it? Yes, unless you want to keep running back to the library. I write this only after thoroughly disagreeing with the review above.
Very poor quality.
The screen arrived in a cardboard box that was pretty beat up. The screen itself is very lightweight, very cheesy looking. The "finish" was worn across the entire top of the screen. I knew this wasn't solid brass, but I expected something that at least looked decent from a distance for the price I paid.
Scraped across the whole top.
Purchased this screen last week and it came with noticeable scrapes across the top. The box it came in was gigantic with plenty of packaging material, but the screen was packaged loosely at the bottom. However, since it was in another smaller box, I'm thinking that the scraping was there to begin with, and not from shipping. Still deciding whether to go through the trouble of exchanging it since another reviewer said they had the same damage. I wouldn't want to risk getting another with the same damage and I really need a screen right now. Other than the damage, it's a very nice screen.
unknown Africa
You don't expect music from africa to be so profesionally produced. Me from the white world, don't understand the lyrics, but we do understand the music which is a mixture between salsa, soukous and fado with always the african feeling for rithem. The soft almost borred voice of Oliver N'goma fits pefectly in the music. The CD is recorded in France Paris, you can hear that professionals have been working on the CD. A must for a hot, lazy night.greetings Arno, Amsterdam
Didn't live up to expectations.
I ordered these shoes to replace the previous pair that had ripped apart at the sole. Clark said they did not make this shoe anymore, so I had to order them through Amazon. Sadly, the second pair ripped in the same place within 3 months. My son has since bought a similar pair from Sperry and they seem to be holding up much better.
Profound then. Truly horrible now.
The narrative style of this work by famous founders' biographer John Morse is arrogant, flippant and frequently exaggerated. It carries the tone of the amateur Yankee historian on high, passing judgment on this Southern statesman who was neither from Boston nor a Harvard graduate. Perhaps considered penetrating for its day, it really represents nothing more than opinion today. The research is so thin that one must conclude that Morse wrote the entire manuscript essentially from memory, with little reference to the primary and secondary sources we expect of historians now. If it weren't for the fact that Morse wrote this piece 110 years ago, I'd have rated it only one star.
Definitely enjoyed!
This was a gift for my 6 yr old daughter. She is a big Barbie fan as well as loves to use the computer. She is still enjoying this game. She completed it in a few hours which worried me at first, but she loves to do it over and over again. The music is enjoyable and the colors are vibrant. It seems to be very user friendly daughter has not really needed my help to use it once she started it the first time.
Even Mommy has fun with this one!
My four year old daughter loves everything Barbie and loves the Rapunzel movie. This game is tons of fun, even for a 42 year old. We love playing it together. We love decorating all the rooms and finding the gems. What even better is, she can play it alone and I get some me time!
Great combination of creativity and adventure
My 4 year old daughter has been addicted to this game. She plays it over and over again. She loves the opening song and has been singing it non stop. She gets excited each time she completes a room and finds a gem and loves solving the maze to find Prince Stefan. The only problem is that she sings the song so much I can't get it out of my head!
This is such a great game both my 3 year old son and 7 year old daughter love it. I like to play to if they would let me! So much fun decorating the rooms and so many choices to keep you playing Great game. Not at all what you would think a Barbie game would be. Great fun for all!!
[Not what I expected]
... My daughter and I loved the movie. She is 5 years old and it took her 2 hours to complete the game. Absolutely no challenge, and very little interaction. It is essentially just clicking on the screen to make it play the 7 or 8 scenes it has programmed. There are no games to play, nothing to figure out, nothing to do. Save your money.
barbie rapunzel = crying child
My 6-year old daughter is currently sobbing in her bedroom as a result of this rotten game.She spent an hour on this game painting in pretty pictures and coloring in flowers. But halfway through the game, the program hung, and wouldn't let us leave the room or click anywhere else. Now even if we exit the game and then start it back up, we are frozen in one spot while Barbie's disembodied voice urges us to "explore somewhere else in the castle."Standard software troubleshooting and rebooting didn't help. Vivendi Games' support site is "currently disabled." And now I'm left with a weeping, frustrating child who doesn't understand that it is not her fault that her game won't work. I'm hoping it was just incompetent software programming that couldn't catch the bug my 6-year old caught the first time around. Or maybe they just don't care about the problems, so long as you get our 20 bucks. If you don't want a crying little girl, avoid this game!
Barbie as Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure
I purchased this software for my 5 year old granddaughter and she loves playing it so much. She lets me play it sometimes, but she doesn't always like what I come up with. I plan to purchase other software programs for her.
Use your imagination!
My 3 year old daughter & I both love this software. We actually fight over who is going paint the pictures or choose the themes for each room. This game allows you to be creative & use your imagination by "decorating" each room of the castle and finding the missing gems to the prince's crown which gives Rapunzel the power to find Prince Stephan who has been turned to stone & bring him back to life. The music & animation is the best I have seen. Most of the kids software that I've seen is boring to me as an adult, but this is not at all. I sometimes like to play it without her! There are so many variations on color schemes & patterns & that you can never be bored. I highly recommend this for girls of all ages.
Not so good - ok for a rental!
This game is pretty exciting and it is very nice and it is really creative and one of a kind. The only bad thing is that there is only one "castle" for the kids to "decorate" and once you are done with the whole castle that is basically it. You either have to create a new username for yourself to do it all over again or you get another game like I did. My sister finished the "castle" in about 2 hours and after that has never even looked at this game anymore. It is a nice game and it is fun but it is not really worth that much money.
NEGATIVE: This game does not work with OS X and requires the CD so you can't have it on multiple computers. It is slow I have to tell my daughter that it is thinking a lot, this is because it has to access the CD everytime there is a new task. You can't view the openning sequence again without throwing out the saved game files. Some of the tasks and controls are too hard and not user friendly even for CRASHES all the time.Mouse is jumpy and hard to use.POSITIVE: Some tasks are easy, possible to use, grand and beautiful.My three year has enough patience to survive the multiple trials to get this to work.
Bad Deal!!
I ordered this DVD and received a substitute I never received the DVD I ordered from Importcds (the Vendor). I contacted them and did not recieve any feedback. I can't rate a DVD I have never seen. I didn't bother to send it back because it would have cost me more that I orginally paid for it. In the future I will watch for the name of the person and/or persons I am buying from. I thought they were a good company. I understand a simple mistake but, to not get a response at all is not good businees sense. I spend hundreds of dollars a month on building my DVD collection. I guess I will be more careful in the future.
Smells divine.
This is my second bottle of sheer freesia, I just love this fragrance, its a light delicate sent, beautiful, like a summer day.
Very disappointed!
This perfume is just AWFUL! Smells nothing like freesia.The gift recipient was not impressed. The worst is that it can't be returned!
Wow, what people will do behind jealousy and revenge - there are some doors you should not open, and if you do - be prepared for what you find behind it!
audio options non existent
While the movie in itself was better than i expected what i didnt expect was the "non existent" Thai soundtrack. While the option was on the disc menu (as well as stated on the package) the Thai soundtrack does not exist. No matter what you choose, Thai or English, English is what you get and while there are some exceptions most dubbing is ridiculous at best and the dubbing on this title is sub par. While this review covers only the first movie of the two the other may remain in plastic never to see the inside of my dvd player. Its a shame and a sham when you purchase what claims to be original and is not. Very disapointed in this offering from Tokyo Shock.
Sooo JAMMIN', too trill
Man, some more jammin tracks from the SUC. This is Pokey's first official record....and sh** is sooo real. Love the production, everything is real nice & screwed out. This is among the last of the great SUC records. Not to say they've fallen off....just they've downsized so much with the deaths of the screw pioneers. Sad but true. If ya love Tx rap, you've gotta get this 1. Somethin to kickback & blow big too, somethin to jam in the ride. So underrated, right here. I wish people would forget all the bullsh** on BET/MTV and check what's happening in Houston. But i's sadly almost too late. Pat's gone, hawk's gone...screw, Moe, Pimp C, Big Steve. Makes me sad. Regardless, Pokey is still alive and making new music, keeping the legacy alive. And this is a great place to start with him. Classic record. Love it, man
Dirty South
This is probably the best southside CD to ever come out. Pretty much every song has a guest or 2 on the track. From the late Fat Pat, to Botany Boys, Mr. 3-2, Big Steve, Chris Ward, H.A.W.K, and many more. This is how a southside CD should always be.
Good book
Well written chronicles of The Farm from the people who lived it. Excellent photos as well.I kept looking for a photo of me and my then-wife, but I wasn't there long enough. But shewas :-)
voices from the farm
i have a copy of this book and love it and can't wait til the revised version comes out in a few weeks
Little one, maid of Israel
Bill Harvey has a wonderful gift of making history come alive in this book. This book awakens a sense of wonder at the possiblility of a real relationship with God as you follow the faithfulness of one little girl in ancient times. Young girls ages 5-15 will love this book. It has always been one of my most loved treasures, a real Keeper !
It Drew Air
This book drew air pretty bad. I have no idea why someone would waste their time writing it. Boy did it draw air. Do not read this book.
comfy,warm.. but run big
just like the title says. Warm, comfy but run a size too big. I don't wear them out as they are just for lounging, so it's not that big of a deal for me.
Buyer Beware!!
I ordered the cake topper June 27, 2010. I was given an estimated shipping date of July 1-7, 2010. Those dates came & went with no cake topper. I contacted the seller twice with no response. I filed a claim with Amazon. I did end up receiving a cake topper on July 16, 2010; however, it's not even the one I ordered! The seller did refund my money, but has never contacted me or apologized for the mishap. I will never buy anything from the seller again. I looked at the seller's feedback & I'm not the only person they have done wrong, so buyer beware!!
Ariel Litte Mermaid with pearl kit
Arrived very quickly and it is a cute topper however I wouldn't have bought it if they didn't provide instructions!!!! I should have listened to the other reviews.... If you are hoping to get more than the topper DO NOT BUY THIS!! So annoyed I have this Ariel and have no idea how to decorate the cake.
No instructions included - do not trust seller
Promised with this item are "Complete Instructions" and the additional pledge that "Sweet Graces will email you with the Supply List and Instruction sheets on purchase - so you can be ready ahead of time!" I received none of this - only a plastic figurine and bracelet. To boot, Amazon claims they can do nothing to help me contact the seller. All I got was a phone number for the manufacturer. Let's hope that yields some results. Meanwhile, I'm wishing I had listened to previous feedback about this unreliable seller :/
Why is SOULWAX ignored by critics & consumers alike?!
I just don't get it - SOULWAX has been around since the 90s, when they released their "rock" debut (on the now defunct Almo Sounds), chock full of should-have-been radio hits, and then when while they got some attention for their "2 Many DJs" mash-up/remix bootlegs, when they return to a full-fledged band, as with last year's ANY MINUTE NOW, critcs & consumers alike barely took notice of that album's amazing writing, production, and sheer electro-rock power. Hopefully, "Nite Versions" (a cheeky title recalling when 80s bands like Duran Duran used to release "Nite Version" on 12" of singles for clubs) will garner more sales and attention for SOULWAX - the songs practically leap out of the speakers to grab your neck and turn you head and make you move. Can't wait to hear what they do TIGA on his upcoming "Sexor" debut...?
OMG Soulwax owns
wow - this is like the most amazing album ever. Every track so rocks...specially1) E-talking2) NyLipps3) I love Techo.great job guysMusicChoice played their whole album this Saturday night..and I was jamming to it the whole time going "wow".one more thing, if you're not into House/Techno/electronic then you don't want none of this, cause you won't feel it.
Slow dull "classical" 1980's style movie
2 stars of 5 for this slow dull "classical" 1980's style movie. This movie has a young Jason Bateman in the lead. Very very very slow and dull with a few moments of bad 1980's style music. To our relief the background music (which is very annoying) is kept to a minimum. Though it attempts to be an action/suspense movie, it achieves neither. I'd suggest skipping this movie.
Thank you for Releasing it!!!!!
I loved this movie as a kid and I am so happy the powers that be have decided to release it finally! If you want to see a great 80's movie, this is it!
Very Not Worth Your Time
The book was wriiten very horribly. I would never in my life recommend such a book. The stories lacked any mystery to them and did not leave me wanting to figure out who the culprit was. The only good thing was that none of the stories took up ten or twelve pages.
Very fun and educational
Trains, shapes and pegs - a winning combination, guaranteed to make both the child and the parent happy. Good starter puzzle for the 1 yr old range.
Ludicrous and silly
I remember getting this book so faintly that that says alot about my opinion of it. Basically, while I will entertain lots of odd ideas and theories, this book was basically silly.
I think that the Deodato concerts are very rich, as he used real strings and band musicians, as well as you can appreciate the John Tropea excelent renditions on guitar.
These tracks are not the "original" versions but are re-recorded versions. So, whether the tracks are "remastered" or not is irrelevant.

Dataset Card for Amazon Review Polarity

Dataset Summary

The Amazon reviews dataset consists of reviews from amazon. The data span a period of 18 years, including ~35 million reviews up to March 2013. Reviews include product and user information, ratings, and a plaintext review.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

  • text-classification, sentiment-classification: The dataset is mainly used for text classification: given the content and the title, predict the correct star rating.


Mainly English.

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

A typical data point, comprises of a title, a content and the corresponding label.

An example from the AmazonPolarity test set looks as follows:

    'title':'Great CD',
    'content':"My lovely Pat has one of the GREAT voices of her generation. I have listened to this CD for YEARS and I still LOVE IT. When I'm in a good mood it makes me feel better. A bad mood just evaporates like sugar in the rain. This CD just oozes LIFE. Vocals are jusat STUUNNING and lyrics just kill. One of life's hidden gems. This is a desert isle CD in my book. Why she never made it big is just beyond me. Everytime I play this, no matter black, white, young, old, male, female EVERYBODY says one thing ""Who was that singing ?""",

Data Fields

  • 'title': a string containing the title of the review - escaped using double quotes (") and any internal double quote is escaped by 2 double quotes (""). New lines are escaped by a backslash followed with an "n" character, that is "\n".
  • 'content': a string containing the body of the document - escaped using double quotes (") and any internal double quote is escaped by 2 double quotes (""). New lines are escaped by a backslash followed with an "n" character, that is "\n".
  • 'label': either 1 (positive) or 0 (negative) rating.

Data Splits

The Amazon reviews polarity dataset is constructed by taking review score 1 and 2 as negative, and 4 and 5 as positive. Samples of score 3 is ignored. Each class has 1,800,000 training samples and 200,000 testing samples.

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

The Amazon reviews polarity dataset is constructed by Xiang Zhang ( It is used as a text classification benchmark in the following paper: Xiang Zhang, Junbo Zhao, Yann LeCun. Character-level Convolutional Networks for Text Classification. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 28 (NIPS 2015).

Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

[Needs More Information]

Who are the source language producers?

[Needs More Information]


Annotation process

[Needs More Information]

Who are the annotators?

[Needs More Information]

Personal and Sensitive Information

[Needs More Information]

Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

[Needs More Information]

Discussion of Biases

[Needs More Information]

Other Known Limitations

[Needs More Information]

Additional Information

Dataset Curators

[Needs More Information]

Licensing Information

Apache License 2.0

Citation Information

McAuley, Julian, and Jure Leskovec. "Hidden factors and hidden topics: understanding rating dimensions with review text." In Proceedings of the 7th ACM conference on Recommender systems, pp. 165-172. 2013.

Xiang Zhang, Junbo Zhao, Yann LeCun. Character-level Convolutional Networks for Text Classification. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 28 (NIPS 2015)


Thanks to @hfawaz for adding this dataset.

Update on GitHub

Models trained or fine-tuned on amazon_polarity