I think we should be able to play in a sport if we have a grade C. I think i would be not fear for student that have a good grade like c to play in a sport. If we had a D or an F i would understand that but a C i nothing. Not a lot of kid get A or Bs and if we do. Some of those kids don't like to play a sport they like to do all there homework not that i am saying that a bad C grade people do there homework to. If there is only 1 out of 4 percent of student that get A and B, They all don't like the same sports and some don't like to do sports so it wouldn't be a hole team in that sport. that means you would have to cancel all the sport teams in the school. That why you should let C student play an a sport.Some schools require summer projects for students; these projects need to be student designed. When teachers plan a project some students don't enjoy completing the assigned task. For students to learn they have to be interested in what they are doing. There are many ways to assign a school project, it could be hands on, writing, individually, in groups etc. Each student has different skills, they should do a project that best fits that skill to succeed. Summer projects need to be student designed so that they are more motivated to complete the assignment, to have fun with the assignment and to have interest in the task.
Summer projects need to be student designed to enhance motivation. When students are motivated this encodes the topic in their memory. When students are motivated they get better grades, the project is better quality and students do the project to their best ability. As a student when a project gets assigned and I am not interested in the assignment I try to get it done as quickly as possible and put no effort into it. I end up getting a lower grade. Students will also want to keep working on the project if they are motivated to complete it. With more time spent on the project this equals better quality and higher grades. Students won't procrastinate if the project interests them and will be motivated to start the project early. As a student in High School lots of students procrastinate when given a project. If projects were student designed this would motivate them to learn about the topic.
Summer projects need to be student designed so that they have fun with it. If they had fun with the assignment then they would have a memory of their experience. If schools made learning fun they are more likely to remember the topic of the project. If students were in a group for the project this would enhance team work skills if they had fun. As a student I found out that if I had fun learning about a certain topic I remember it more clearly and can connect it to other things in life.
Summer projects need to be student designed to have students have interest in the topic. This would help students explore their interests that they never knew they were interested in. This may help students what they want to do after graduation. Chances are if a student is really interested in what they learned in class then they might explore that topic outside of school. When I had a project assigned to me that I was interested in I enjoyed completing the project and continued to learn more about it outside of school. Summer projects that have students interested is a key to success in their academic career.
In conclusion, summer projects need to be student designed so that they look forward to working on the assignment, enjoy completing the task and continue learning about the topic outside of school. Some people say that projects should be teacher designed they are wrong because students then dont get the freedom of doing what they enjoy most. It also isn't equal to all students. For example, a teacher assigns a research paper on a certain topic, some students have a love for writing and it is their strength and others don't like to write. This is why student designed projects are important.聽Driverless cars have been argued and talked about for years. There are many aspects that make the driverless car seem irresistable. However, there are a few concerns about driverless cars that are completely understandable. Driverless cars are a positive asset for this country. These cars will shape our future and change our world for the better. There have been many bumps in the road for the developement of driverless cars. This will not deter the developers though and many people are still working on them today. Not only will they help form our future, they will help improve the present.
Currently, only a few companies are working on driverless cars. Some of these companies include, General Motors, Google, and BMW. The birth of driverless cars started with special tracks that the cars could drive on. In the late 1950s, General Motors worked on a car that would run on a certain road. This road sent radio signals to the car itself and this is how the car would drive. This supported the idea that we didn't need a smarter car; we needed a smarted road. This system worked incredibly well; however, this idea was too expensive. After the reality of special tracks failed, engineers started working on smarter cars. This created a problem at first because the technology was not yet advanced enough to create driverless cars.
In 2013, BMW had developed a car that could handle driving up to twenty-five miles per hour. The driver still had to pay attention to drive occasionally and the car wasn't perfect. Google had been working on a car that could drive itself since 2009. In the reading it talks about how the technology to create driverless cars was not there. Sebastian Thrun, founder of the Google Car project mentions, "There was no way, before 2000, to make something intersting." He is refering to the driverless cars. The cars made in 2009 were suprisingly successful. However, the cars were not one hundred percent driverless. The google cars still needed a driver that could take over in certain conditions. This brought up the arguemtn, would people want a driverless car that they had to drive. However, in a few years the technology should be able to make these cars almost completely driverless. The argument of allowing driverless cars is on-going. There are many facts that make using driverless car seem like a good idea
One of the facts that support the driverless car is that by using driverless cars, we would use half the fuel of today's taxi system. This means we would save more money, and save the planet at the exact same time. The driverless car would have more flexibility than a bus as well. You would call the car to your house and then let it take you wherever you needed to go. A driverless car would allow for shorter travel times because the driver would be able to take breaks. This would result in the driver arriving places quicker. Driverless cars would decrease the amount of crashes as well. These cars would eliminate human error while driving. Stop lights would not be run, and police wouldn't have to chase after cars because they would have to go the speed limit. This would cause the crime rate to go down as well. The last thing needed to have driverless cars on the road is making in legal in more states. A passage from the reading states, "California, Nevada, Florida, and the District of Colimbia have led the country in allowing limited use of semi-autonomous car." The cars driven in these states have been relatively sucessful. The rest of the country should use this as an example and consider allowing driverless cars.
Driverless cars are an idea of the future. However, that future is closer than many believe. These cars will limit gas, reduce crime rate, and decrese travel time. Driverless cars are an incredibly brilliant idea for America and soon the whole planet. The technology will soon allow for completely driverless cars. This will improve the world. Driverless cars are a positive asset for this country. Hopefully, driverless cars will be incorporated in daily life soon. In conclusion, instead of stressing out about driving, people will be able to sit back and let the car drive.The author of "The Challenge of Exploring Venus", uses many scientific facts, data, and explanations to support their idea of exploring Venus. In the passage, many examples are given of why scientists would want to explore the possibilities of the contents of Venus despite all the dangers. The text gives some support like declaring it the most Earth-like planet, the possibility of supporting life forms, and multiple explorations to Venus that have been successful.
Venus' relation to Earth is significant because it is the closest example of another planet like Earth. The author claims that Venus is even called Earth's twin and that not only is it like Earth in its density and size, but also in the distance between the two planets. Even though the planet is very similar to Earth there are challenges to get accurate data on the planet because of the many spacecrafts that were unable to withstand the harshness of the planet. As technology advanced, the author claims that more and more missions to Venus occured, and even around the time of World War II there was a spacecraft that survived in Venus conditions for about three weeks. Venus' conditions are very harmful to the life on Earth but there may have been a possibility that life could sustain on the planet. The author describes Venus as a planet mostly covered in large oceans that could have suppported life growing there. All of these examples that the author has given supports his idea of the need to explore Venus tremedously and gives very convincing evidence and data that supports his idea.
Although Venus is a very harsh planet and there may not be any possibility of life, it would still be worth it to explore this planet and how it works. The author explains in detail what Venus is like and supports his ideas with scientific facts and data. There is a possibility that life could sustain on Venus but that is unknown unless the option is explored. Wow, from the mar really look like humans face. It have eyes,nose, and mouth. It weird that on mar there is nothing and it shape like that is really weird. Most people think there is alien who live there do. They say it maybe it for living thing for alien. I think it just a natural land form because there is no alien monument.
First, The face of the mar really is popular for other. It even appear on hollywood film, books,magazines, and radio. Maybe it just not close enough to see if it flat or it like mountian. It show a lot of stuff going on on mar. Mar is really history for people in may 24,2001.
Next, I think it just natural land form because on the shadow it look like pyramid. If you look at the shadow and you can see it not it have to much pointing on the top. The eyes waht they call it might be the whole for some water. the mouth can be just a crack on it.
Finally, if we can go look closer scientist NASA might catural n tell. They just look at the front they won't know how it shape like to look side to side. Scientist NASA will have to look closer so they can tell if there is alien or not. It depend on to look closer. It just landform because it did have no alien monument.
Conclusion, this is all about face of mar well it truth, but if you look at the shadow it show only triangle. it will be better for scientist to look closer instead just making up stories about unmasking the face on mar. It just natural for land to have mountain, and there is no such an alien. according to ther text"There was no alien monument after all".How would you feel if your child stopped going to school and started from home?
Schools are offering distance learning for students to learn and attend classes from their house.
This may seem like a brilliant idea for students to have classes over a online or video call, yet going a public or private school is more likely to help your child grow in becoming a more intelligent person.
Also, you hear your child come home and they tell you something bad or how they dont like being at school, but your child tells you about something that they learned in school that they did know the other day. If your child went to school from their house, they could end up hate being at home so much and stop doing their work.
Most students would not benefit from being able to attend classes at home or over a screen.
Therefore, I strongly believe that students attending classes from home is not the best interest for their ability to learn.
To start off, students need an environment where they can go to for 5 days of of the week, know what they are doing, and know who to talk to when they have an important question.
Most of the time, students are always asking for help in some type of way, and if your child can not get in touch of the聽teacher who is helping her online, will you be able to help her or answer her questions?
A computer is the same thing as a phone, and most parents don't want their child on his/her phone all the time.
Giving your child the ability to do his/her class work over a computer would make them so excited for the first week, yet your child will be more interested聽with the fact of being able to be on a computer all day instead of sitting in a class room.
The student will stop wanting to learn or end up wanting to go back to school because they can't understand anything.
Furthermore, letting a student take their classes over a screen or call is not doing the best for them nor for yourself.
On the other hand, others believe that having their child stay home to do his/her class work can keep them out of trouble.
I do not disagree with the fact that it could keep them out of trouble, but students going to school is not the cause of them misbehaving.
The main cause of children getting into trouble is them trying to get attention form someone, he/she could feel left out, be getting bullied, or are not in the right state of mind and are being rebellious聽because they are not being seen for the person they want to be.
Making a child stay at home and do their school work over a video call is not going to stop them from getting into trouble.
School a place to learn, while home is a place to be loved and with family.
Being able to be thought something from face to face interactions are more precise than leaning the same way聽some from someone over a screen that might not even know that they are teaching. Therefore, wanting your child to have their classes over a computer because you think it can keep them out of trouble, is not look out for the best way for your child to grow into a smarter human being.
Offering students to attend his/her classes at home by a video conferencing is not their best way to benefit them in education.
As I stated before, students having the opportunity to stay at home and do their work online will most likely excite them at first, yet they will be more interested聽to the fact of being on a computer then their class work. Students are always getting their phones took in class and being able to stay home and be on their phone and a computer at the same time is like giving a four or five year old聽two cookies instead of one.
Also, is will cause students to misbehave more if they don't have rules about the work.
School has rules and if students dont follow the rules, they get punished for misbehaving.
Are you able to control your child if he/she decides that they don't want to do their work or misbehave in any type of way that they do at school?
Having the ability to give your child the opportunity to work from home is a wonderful gift, but it is not the most effective way of keeping your child on the right path of learning.聽Driverless cars could be the step toward a new world and new gerneration.
The driverless cars are not always a good thing though, because people feel the freedom of driving and love driving.
People also could have driver less taxi cabs, because of that over thousands of people would loose there jobs as a taxi driver.
There are people who agree with driverless cars, because if they are on a long trip and they have been driving all night and they fall asleep, and with the driverless car they are still safely on there way to there destiantion.
driverless cars will change the world, but sometimes that is not a good thing.
As I mentiond before there are tons of taxi and bus drivers across the United States and the world.
Now imagion all of those people who are working to support there family, and now they get fired because the new driverless taxi or driverless bus came out and took them all out of the job.
People would not get to experience the freedom of driving.
Driverless cars are not the worst idea of all.
Think of it like this you are handy capped or just at an old age where you should not be driving with the driverless car it helps them get to there destination saftly, or even if you were driving and you were playing with the radio and there was an accident in front of you and the car took over and started driving.
Think of it as the back up plan incase something happens.
My oppinion on the driverless cars are split I mentioned the good and bad of driverless cars, but if I had to choose I would say I do not want driverless cars.
My reasoning is I love that feel of freedom, and the feel of the open road.

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