Task Categories: token-classification
Languages: English
Multilinguality: monolingual
Size Categories: 100K<n<1M
Language Creators: found
Annotations Creators: crowdsourced
Source Datasets: original
Licenses: cc-by-4.0
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Dataset Card for broad_twitter_corpus

Dataset Summary

This is the Broad Twitter corpus, a dataset of tweets collected over stratified times, places and social uses. The goal is to represent a broad range of activities, giving a dataset more representative of the language used in this hardest of social media formats to process. Further, the BTC is annotated for named entities.

See the paper, Broad Twitter Corpus: A Diverse Named Entity Recognition Resource, for details.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards


English from UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand; bcp47:en

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

Feature Count
Documents 9 551
Tokens 165 739
Person entities 5 271
Location entities 3 114
Organization entities 3 732

Data Fields

Each tweet contains an ID, a list of tokens, and a list of NER tags

  • id: a string feature.
  • tokens: a list of strings
  • ner_tags: a list of class IDs (ints) representing the NER class:
  0: O
  1: B-PER
  2: I-PER
  3: B-ORG
  4: I-ORG
  5: B-LOC
  6: I-LOC

Data Splits

Section Region Collection period Description Annotators Tweet count
A UK 2012.01 General collection Expert 1000
B UK 2012.01-02 Non-directed tweets Expert 2000
E Global 2014.07 Related to MH17 disaster Crowd & expert 200
F Stratified 2009-2014 Twitterati Crowd & expert 2000
G Stratified 2011-2014 Mainstream news Crowd & expert 2351
H Non-UK 2014 General collection Crowd & expert 2000

The most varied parts of the BTC are sections F and H. However, each of the remaining four sections has some specific readily-identifiable bias. So, we propose that one uses half of section H for evaluation and leaves the other half in the training data. Section H should be partitioned in the order of the JSON-format lines. Note that the CoNLL-format data is readily reconstructible from the JSON format, which is the authoritative data format from which others are derived.

Test: Section F

Development: Section H (the paper says "second half of Section H" but ordinality could be ambiguous, so it all goes in. Bonne chance)

Training: everything else

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

[Needs More Information]

Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

[Needs More Information]

Who are the source language producers?

[Needs More Information]


Annotation process

[Needs More Information]

Who are the annotators?

[Needs More Information]

Personal and Sensitive Information

[Needs More Information]

Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

[Needs More Information]

Discussion of Biases

[Needs More Information]

Other Known Limitations

[Needs More Information]

Additional Information

Dataset Curators

[Needs More Information]

Licensing Information

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Citation Information

  title={Broad twitter corpus: A diverse named entity recognition resource},
  author={Derczynski, Leon and Bontcheva, Kalina and Roberts, Ian},
  booktitle={Proceedings of COLING 2016, the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: Technical Papers},


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