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EVA-Fusion 2.22 - You are (Not) HD

for an art project of mine

model init model lr bs acc total steps training samples training resolution models trained
eva-fusion-v2 compvis 1-4 2.057e-06 1 1 8,000 1,143 (captioned just "picture in the style of evangelion") 512x384 (4:3) unet
eva-fusion-v2.1 eva-fusion-v2 1.313e-06 1 1 10,000 + 560 (hand captioned) 512x384 (4:3) unet
eva-fusion-v2.22 "you are (not) HD" previous models + compvis1-4 + wd1.3 at various ratios x x x x x x x

for generating let me suggest Whatchamacallit, suggested in the negative prompt: "blurry jpeg, multiple views, simple background, black and white reference sheet".

it wasn't trained on black and white character sheets, it was barely trained on any grayscale images, I do not know why it leans heavily towards them sometimes.

link to ckpt file: https://huggingface.co/crumb/eva-model-ckpt/blob/main/test%20model%205.ckpt

I also recommend "in the style of Evangelion" in the prompt

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