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Info: I've tested the model a little more and it's working pretty poorly at times. I will adjust the ratios in the future.

GPT-J-6B based difference merge of skein and pygmalion. (0.8pyg + 0.2skein) + 0.6(skein - gpt-j)

I wanted pygma to be a little bit more verbose and I think this model succeeded in that. (Maybe even a little too much.) Warning: This model is NOT suitable for use by minors. It will output X-rated content.

https://huggingface.co/PygmalionAI/pygmalion-6b https://huggingface.co/KoboldAI/GPT-J-6B-Skein https://huggingface.co/EleutherAI/gpt-j-6B

license: apache-2.0

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