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It's a roleplay model! Trained on ~50k examples of human written roleplay sessions. Not a hint of gpt-flavor writing. Very creative and very able to roll with the punches.

Does tend to speak for you more than it should and has a very, very strong bias towards speech in quotes.

Uses ChatML prompt format, with optional length suffixes:

Enter roleplay mode. You are Steve.

Steve is a nasty little man and solves all his problems by punching people in the face.<|im_end|>
<|im_start|>Gundalf, Gandalf's cousin with a gun
Gundalf runs frantically up to Steve and begins yelling. "We have a big problem, Steve!"<|im_end|>
<|im_start|>Steve (Length: short)
"What is it now Gundalf? Do you want me to punch you in the face?" Steve asked, looking down at him. He was pretty sure that this guy wasn't worth the trouble of punching him in the face, but he didn't like to leave loose ends hanging either.

"There's been an incident," Gundalf said quickly, "A dwarf has stolen some gold from Smaug."

"Well I don't care about any of those things," Steve responded, turning away. <|im_end|> 

Built with Axolotl

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