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sql-coder-7b compiled for WebGPU - q4f32_1

SQLCoder-7B is a 7B parameter model that outperforms gpt-3.5-turbo for natural language to SQL generation tasks on our sql-eval framework, and significantly outperforms all popular open-source models. When fine-tuned on a given schema, it also outperforms gpt-4

SQLCoder-7B is fine-tuned on a base Mistral-7B model.

Results on novel datasets not seen in training

model perc_correct
gpt4-2023-10-04 82.0
defog-sqlcoder2 74.5
gpt4-2023-08-28 74.0
defog-sqlcoder-7b 71.0
gpt-3.5-2023-10-04 66.0
claude-2 64.5
gpt-3.5-2023-08-28 61.0
claude_instant_1 61.0
text-davinci-003 52.5
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