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BRIA 2.3: Text-to-Image Model for Commercial Licensing

Bria AI 2.3 is our groundbreaking text-to-image model explicitly designed for commercial applications. This model combines technological innovation with ethical responsibility and legal security, setting a new standard in the AI industry. Bria AI licenses the foundation model with full legal liability coverage. Our dataset does not contain copyrighted materials, such as fictional characters, logos, trademarks, public figures, harmful content, or privacy-infringing content.

For more information, please visit our website.

What's New

Bria AI 2.3 is a premium model which improves the generation of illustration, art, and human faces compared to BRIA 2.2.


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Interested in BRIA 2.3? Purchase is required to license and access BRIA 2.3, ensuring royalty management with our data partners and full liability coverage for commercial use.

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Key Features

  • Legally Compliant: Offers full legal liability coverage for copyright and privacy infringements. Thanks to training on 100% licensed data from leading data partners, we ensure the ethical use of content.

  • Patented Attribution Engine: Our attribution engine is our way to compensate our data partners, powered by our proprietary and patented algorithms.

  • Enterprise-Ready: Specifically designed for business applications, Bria AI 2.3 delivers high-quality, compliant imagery for a variety of commercial needs.

  • Customizable Technology: Provides access to source code and weights for extensive customization, catering to specific business requirements.

Model Description

  • Developed by: BRIA AI

  • Model type: Latent diffusion text-to-image model

  • License: Commercial licensing terms & conditions.

  • Purchase is required to license and access the model.

  • Model Description: BRIA 2.3 is a text-to-image model trained exclusively on a professional-grade, licensed dataset. It is designed for commercial use and includes full legal liability coverage.

  • Resources for more information: BRIA AI

Code example using Diffusers

pip install diffusers
from diffusers import DiffusionPipeline
import torch

pipe = DiffusionPipeline.from_pretrained("briaai/BRIA-2.3-BETA", torch_dtype=torch.float16, use_safetensors=True)

prompt = "A portrait of a Beautiful and playful ethereal singer, golden designs, highly detailed, blurry background"
negative_prompt = "Logo,Watermark,Text,Ugly,Morbid,Extra fingers,Poorly drawn hands,Mutation,Blurry,Extra limbs,Gross proportions,Missing arms,Mutated hands,Long neck,Duplicate,Mutilated,Mutilated hands,Poorly drawn face,Deformed,Bad anatomy,Cloned face,Malformed limbs,Missing legs,Too many fingers"

images = pipe(prompt=prompt, negative_prompt=negative_prompt, height=1024, width=1024).images[0]

Some tips for using our text-to-image model at inference:

  1. You must set pipe.force_zeros_for_empty_prompt = False
  2. Using negative prompt is recommended.
  3. We support multiple aspect ratios, yet resolution should overall consists approximately 1024*1024=1M pixels, for example: (1024,1024), (1280, 768), (1344, 768), (832, 1216), (1152, 832), (1216, 832), (960,1088)
  4. If you need speed - try the BRIA 2.3 Fast which achieve comparable quality with 75% reduced inference time
  5. For 2.3 (not Fast) use 30-50 steps (higher is better), the Fast model works well with just 8 steps
  6. For 2.3 (not Fast) use guidance_scale of 5.0 or 7.5, for the Fast models use 1.0
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