Introducing our new pricing

Published November 8, 2022
Update on GitHub

As you might have noticed, our pricing page has changed a lot recently.

First of all, we are sunsetting the Paid tier of the Inference API service. The Inference API will still be available for everyone to use for free. But if you're looking for a fast, enterprise-grade inference as a service, we recommend checking out our brand new solution for this: Inference Endpoints.

Along with Inference Endpoints, we've recently introduced hardware upgrades for Spaces, which allows running ML demos with the hardware of your choice. No subscription is required to use these services; you only need to add a credit card to your account from your billing settings. You can also attach a payment method to any of your organizations.

Your billing settings centralize everything about our paid services. From there, you can manage your personal PRO subscription, update your payment method, and visualize your usage for the past three months. Usage for all our paid services and subscriptions will be charged at the start of each month, and a consolidated invoice will be available for your records.

TL;DR: At HF we monetize by providing simple access to compute for AI, with services like AutoTrain, Spaces and Inference Endpoints, directly accessible from the Hub. Read more about our pricing and billing system.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We welcome your feedback 🔥