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I'm using BLOOMZ to generate text and intend or desire it to be "unending" in that I want to suppress the stop token. I can easily remove it from the result text but I'm also storing the output's tensor data. I was hoping there was a way to remove the stop token from the results without re-encoding the text.

For example;

  1. Encode input text into tensors
  2. Generate text (results_text)
  3. Remove input text from results_text
  4. Save results_text + input tensors (at this step)

In step #4 I want to remove the stop token from the input tensors I have collected in my variable. But my mind tells me I need to decode, remove it, re-encode it when I'm sure there is a way to represent the tensor or remove it from my variable another way?

Silly me, I used skip_special_tokens=True to achieve what I was after.

If I skip special tokens I get a stop and repeated input text in my output.

Prompt + Additions + Stop Token + Prompt + NEW TEXT
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Do you want the model to not stop?
In that case you can set min_new_tokens=X in model.generate so it generates for your desired length. 👍
Or do you want to remove the stop token from the generation?
If so setting skip_special_tokens=True is the way to go

I'm really looking for open-ended fragments, but when it decides to stop it stops. I'm using max_length now, I've not tried max_new_tokens on generate yet. Seems I might still accidentally reach the end if the new tokens/length is less than what the model considers 'done'.

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Ah I meant min_new_tokens, sorry - I.e. you can set min_new_tokens to force a minimum number of generated tokens during which the eos token is ignored.

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