Learn how to prompt with bloom properly! Create chatbots, with different personalities use bloom as Linux terminal, code generation and more!

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I am a developer of an open source mobile text editor called Maker+ Ci. I have built a AI chat interface on top of Maker+ Ci called chatLink which uses files stored in M+ to set context/pre-prompts for the bloom model which is the LLM that chatLink is using. So in chatLink the user can easily select the file that they want to set as context, which tells bloom how to behave when a prompt is submitted in chatLink. I have created lots of cool prompts for bloom, including using it as a terminal, mental health chatbot, Ai personal assistant, chatbots with different personalities such as the intj personality and the infp personality and the most recent one which is a qna model built from prompts and no fine tuning. You can jump between all these different contexts in chatLink easily. I’m happy to share all these different prompts including teaching how to use Maker+ Ci and chatLink which are both open source. If you are interested please join my discord https://discord.gg/DyqZjpuXtT and feel free to come and ask any questions you like about how to work with bloom in your own projects or how work with bloom in Maker+ Ci and chatLink there.

Any online demos available?

what is CPU

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