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Feature Description
Name en_spacy_pii_distilbert
Version 0.0.0
spaCy >=3.4.1,<3.5.0
Default Pipeline transformer, ner
Components transformer, ner
Vectors 0 keys, 0 unique vectors (0 dimensions)
Sources Trained on a new dataset for structured PII generated by Privy. For more details, see this blog post
License MIT
Author Benjamin Kilimnik

English PII in Flair

This is the large 5-class NER model for English trained on protocol trace data generated by Privy

F1-Score: 0.9522

Predicts 5 tags:

tag meaning
PER person name
LOC location name
ORG organization name
DATE_TIME dates and times
NRP nationalities, religious and political groups

Uses distilbert embeddings.

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Dataset used to train beki/flair-pii-distilbert