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SPLADE CoCondenser SelfDistil

SPLADE model for passage retrieval. For additional details, please visit:

MRR@10 (MS MARCO dev) R@1000 (MS MARCO dev)
splade-cocondenser-selfdistil 37.6 98.4


If you use our checkpoint, please cite our work:

  doi = {10.48550/ARXIV.2205.04733},
  url = {https://arxiv.org/abs/2205.04733},
  author = {Formal, Thibault and Lassance, Carlos and Piwowarski, Benjamin and Clinchant, Stéphane},
  keywords = {Information Retrieval (cs.IR), Computation and Language (cs.CL), FOS: Computer and information sciences, FOS: Computer and information sciences},
  title = {From Distillation to Hard Negative Sampling: Making Sparse Neural IR Models More Effective},
  publisher = {arXiv},
  year = {2022},
  copyright = {Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International}
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