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Strange quirk: This model seems to need a context size of EXACTLY 4096 ONLY. I'm assuming this is a dares_ties effect?


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Named after a charming daughter of Echo and Pan in Greek myth, Iambe-20b-DARE-v2 is an improved DARE merge building on my recent experiments.

Iambe is intended to have the best realistically possible understanding of anatomy and of a scene's state for a 20b merge, while remaining personable and authentic in "voice".

Update Methodology

Noromaid and the general "no-robots" vibe didn't come through like I'd hoped in v1. My hypothesis is that the "soul" MythoMax and Noromaid have is probably distributed widely over many low-value deltas, due to the "ephemeral" nature of such a thing.

My old base model was likely giving DARE conniption fits, so I replaced that with a truly vanilla 20b base model.

CleverGirl was updated to the DARE version, as Sir Hillary said, simply because it was there.

Without a large base of dare_ties models to compare to, I'm basically feeling my way through this intuitively, so here's to good results!


merge_method: dare_ties

  • base_model: athirdpath/BigLlama-20b-v1.1

  • model: Noromaid-20b-v0.1.1

    weight: 0.38 / density: 0.60

  • model: athirdpath/athirdpath/Eileithyia-20b

    weight: 0.22 / density: 0.40

  • model: athirdpath/CleverGirl-20b-Blended-v1.1-DARE

    weight: 0.40 / density: 0.33

int8_mask: true

dtype: bfloat16

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