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Model Card for My Sentiment Analysis Bot : Intel Workshop

Model Description

  • Purpose: For Classifying Emotions from text.
  • Model architecture: Distilbert model
  • Training data: Text examples with labels corresponding to emotions such as ex: sad, happy, love, etc.

Intended Use

  • Intended users: Model created and deployed for learning purposes while following Intel's Huggingface Optimization Workshop.
  • Use cases: Sentiment Analysis, Social Media Comment Filtering, Review Filtering.

Example Sentences

  • Input: Winning the lottery has filled me with an indescribable joy that makes me want to sing and dance! -- Type of Sentiment: Happy

  • Input: Saying goodbye to my beloved pet was the hardest thing I've ever done, and the sadness feels like a heavy weight on my heart. -- Type of Sentiment: Sad

  • Input: The blatant injustice of the situation infuriates me to the core. How can anyone stand by and allow such unfairness? -- Type of Sentiment: Angry

  • Input: I can't believe it - I actually got the job! This is a complete shock, but an amazing one! -- Type of Sentiment: Surprised

  • Input: The storm raging outside is terrifying. The howling wind and crashing thunder make me feel uneasy and unsafe. -- Type of Sentiment: Fearful


  • Known limitations: This deplopyment is done for learning purposes. This is not trained on a big dataset and is not that accurate. Causes erroneous results.


Software Optimizations

  • Known Optimizations: Outside of my beginner level understanding. I followed tutorial steps.

Ethical Considerations

  • Ethical concerns: Created for Learning purposes only,may not be monitored, improved. Use with caution.

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