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Contributed by

antoiloui Antoine Louis
2 models


BelGPT-2 (Belgian GPT-2 πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ) is a "small" GPT-2 model pre-trained on a very large and heterogeneous French corpus (around 60Gb). Please check antoiloui/gpt2-french for more information about the pre-trained model, the data, the code to use the model and the code to pre-train it.

Using BelGPT-2 for Text Generation in French

You can use BelGPT-2 with πŸ€— transformers library as follows:

import torch
from transformers import GPT2Tokenizer, GPT2LMHeadModel

# Load pretrained model and tokenizer
model = GPT2LMHeadModel.from_pretrained("antoiloui/belgpt2")
tokenizer = GPT2Tokenizer.from_pretrained("antoiloui/belgpt2")

# Generate a sample of text
output = model.generate(

# Decode it
decoded_output = []
for sample in output:
    decoded_output.append(tokenizer.decode(sample, skip_special_tokens=True))


Below is the list of all French copora used to pre-trained the model:

Dataset $corpus_name Raw size Cleaned size
CommonCrawl common_crawl 200.2 GB 40.4 GB
NewsCrawl news_crawl 10.4 GB 9.8 GB
Wikipedia wiki 19.4 GB 4.1 GB
Wikisource wikisource 4.6 GB 2.3 GB
Project Gutenberg gutenberg 1.3 GB 1.1 GB
EuroParl europarl 289.9 MB 278.7 MB
NewsCommentary news_commentary 61.4 MB 58.1 MB
Total 236.3 GB 57.9 GB