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HF-version model for PRIMERA: Pyramid-based Masked Sentence Pre-training for Multi-document Summarization (ACL 2022).

The original code can be found here. You can find the script and notebook to train/evaluate the model in the original github repo.

  • Note: due to the difference between the implementations of the original Longformer and the Huggingface LED model, the results of converted models are slightly different. We run a sanity check on both fine-tuned and non fine-tuned models on the MultiNews dataset, and show the results below:
Model Rouge-1 Rouge-2 Rouge-L
PRIMERA 42.0 13.6 20.8
PRIMERA-hf 41.7 13.6 20.5
PRIMERA(finetuned) 49.9 21.1 25.9
PRIMERA-hf(finetuned) 49.9 20.9 25.8

You can use it by

from transformers import (
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained('allenai/PRIMERA')
model = LEDForConditionalGeneration.from_pretrained('allenai/PRIMERA')
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