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Anime Faces Generator (StyleGAN3 by NVIDIA)

Generated Faces

This is a StyleGAN3 PyTorch model trained on this Anime Face Dataset.


Demo on Spaces is not yet implemented.

You can run the model pickle file locally using the instructions in this generator-script-only subset of the StyleGAN3 repo:

Dataset & Model Details

The Anime Face Dataset was created by Mckinsey666.

Training was done in Paperspace Gradient on a free RTX-5000 instance with the following parameters:

  • Configuration: stylegan3-t
  • GPUs: 1
  • Batch Size: 8
  • Gamma: 0.5
  • Final tick: 102
  • Final fid50k_full value (this pickle): 9.26043547642206.

Train your own StyleGAN3 on PaperSpace or Colab

You can use the notebooks here for a ready-to-use training pipeline https://github.com/akiyamasho/stylegan3-training-notebook

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