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This model is an Arabic language sentiment analysis pretrained model. The model is built on top of the CAMelBERT_msa_sixteenth BERT-based model. We used the HARD dataset of hotels review to fine tune the model. The dataset original labels based on a five-star rating were modified to a 3 label data:

  • POSITIVE: for ratings > 3 stars
  • NEUTRAL: for a 3 star rating
  • NEGATIVE: for ratings < 3 stars

This first prototype was trained on 3 epochs for 1 hours using Colab and a TPU acceleration.


Here are some examples in Arabic to test :

  • Excellent -> ممتاز(Happy)
  • I'am sad -> أنا حزين (Sad)
  • Nothing -> لا شيء (Neutral)


If you have questions or improvement remarks, feel free to contact me on my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yahya-ghrab/

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